Little Lace

Big Dicks

He hadn’t suspected a thing. I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom, and did. But once there I changed into my super sexy lingerie that I had just purchased. A black push up bra with some frail fabric hanging down from the cups, and tiny little black panties.

We were in his apartment. He was on the computer checking his email and when I, “needed to go to the bathroom.” I peaked over the side of the wall out of the bathroom to make sure he hadn’t moved. I was safe. My plan was to sneak over to him and start massaging his back, then I’d turn him around, whip out his dick and…well…this was the plan.

But that’s now how it went. I’m not a very sneaky person and never have I been fully graceful. As I “sneaked” towards him I stumbled over some cords and landed smack on my ass with my head on the floor and my legs spread eagle. I heard him get up and say, “Are you o…Oh…whoa.”

Not exactly how I wanted my entrance to be, but I took it. The lust in his voice had showed me that he was enjoying my outfit. I lifted my upper body, careful to keep my legs spread.

“You like?” I said, teasing his eyes as my finger traced one of my breasts.

“I like very much,” he said, almost drooling. I crawled my way to his bed, making sure to give my ass a little shake as I moved, then positioned myself on the bed so that my legs were, again, spread eagle, and my arms were under my head.

He stripped completely, then got down onto his knees in front of me and crawled on top of me. He shifted his weight to the side of me and stared at my body, his hand caressing my side and fiddling with the lace of the bra.

“You are so beautiful,” he told me. I blushed and smiled. Then he leaned down and kissed me. It was very gentle but extremely passionate. bursa escort I could feel his hand crawl up my side and then he began to massage my chest. I let out a little moan from the contact.

His hand continued down my stomach and towards the warm patch that had developed on my panties. He stroked the fire inside me and I gasped. With my mouth open he took the opportunity to kiss me deeper. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I responded quickly by sliding mine into his. We kissed so ferociously. My arms were wrapped around his neck. One of his hands was under my head for leverage as the other was stroking my soft spot, making me wetter and hotter.

Then his hand slipped under my underwear. My hips thrust up with pleasure. He started slow, teasing me, rubbing my pussy lips and playing with my pubic hair. Then he took his fingers and slowly separated my lips. He found my clit and pushed gently. I let out a deep moan. He rubbed. The fire inside me flamed as I thrust my hips into the air. He moved his hand faster. I had always melted under his touch, especially when his expert hands moved the way they did.

Passion turned to desire as my hips moved up and down. Then he quickly slid two fingers inside me as his thumb massaged my clit. I exploded and came fiercely, my moans echoing through the walls.

He slid down the bed, his face very close to my pussy, and he removed my panties. I loved the feeling of the cool air hitting my sopping lips. He took both his hands and separated my lips and dove. His tongue hit my clit immediately, causing me to arch my back in response as I let out a very high moan. He lapped up everything, his tongue working my spots. He placed his fingers back inside me and moved them in and out. His tongue on my clit and his fingers bursa escort bayan up my pussy made my body pulsate. I could feel the ripples of pleasure move my hips and arch my back as my arms clawed at the bed. I let out cry after cry of pure ecstasy.

And then I came, my toes curled and my hands reached for anything they could squeeze. His head moved up and he kissed my thighs. He continued up my stomach and reached my neck where he began to bite me. I loved it. It wasn’t hard enough to draw blood or leave a mark, but it felt so good. I moaned with the feeling as pleasure rippled down my spine. He kissed down my chest and headed for my nipples where he sucked and nibbled.

I needed to taste him. We flipped over, I hovered over his body as he laid on his back. I kissed him gently and slowly worked my mouth down his chest, sucking and licking here and there. I worked my way to his thighs where I sucked a little. I teased my tongue around his balls and licked base of his shaft, then up the shaft and ended at the head of his hard cock where my tongue spun around the tip. He moaned and let out a sigh as his hips thrust up, trying to feel more of me. I slowly parted my lips with his cock and moved my head down as far as it would go. With the parts of his dick that were still exposed I used my fingers to rub. Then I slowly moved up his cock. It felt so good to feel him twitch inside me.

My tongue played with his head again and I worked my way down to his balls. I licked the underside and mashed my face in as far as he was comfortable while I stroked his dick with my hand. I sucked softly and licked carefully, playing and tasting everything I could.

Then I hovered over his dick and stroked up and down staring. It was so majestic. Pre-cum oozed from the escort bursa tip, lubricating my hand and glistening in the light. I lowered my face and placed the tip at the end of my tongue and tasted him. Then I stiffened my lips and my whole head went down. He would thrust into my face as my mouth surrounded his cock. My tongue played with the head, swirling around it as I sucked softly. His moans just excited me more.

Then he said, “I want to be in side you so bad,” through gritted teeth. I lifted my head and smiled. I crawled on top of him and lowered my hips so that his hard dick rubbed against my wet pussy. I moaned out with pleasure every time he’d thrust up, parting my lips slightly. Then he reached under me to position his cock, I lowered myself at the same time that he thrust up into me and we both let out moans of raw desire. I threw my head back, hair whipping my face, and started to ride him. I moved up and down slowly while on top of him, trying to prolong the feeling. Sometimes I would stop and let him thrust into me.

Our movements became faster as the beast inside me took over. My wild movements through him into a frenzy. As I moved up I would tighten my pussy muscles, then on the way down I’d release and relax. These movements continued. Eventually the movements became faster and more rhythmic. Our moans increased as both of us panted. My hair flailed this way and that. My breasts smacked against his chest. Our bodies made delicious sucking sounds from the sweat and lubrication.

He exclaimed, “Oh God…I’m coming!” I could feel him throb inside me. His cock twitched and both of us were finally released in bliss as his cum claimed my pussy.

I stayed on top of him for a couple of minutes slowly moving my hips forward and back as the orgasms subsided. His hands stroked my arms up and down and I bent over and kissed him gently on his forehead.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you,” I said. And then I collapsed at his side, completely content.

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