Long Days, Wet Nights


It’s been a while since I posted. Just for my readers, here’s an elevator fantasy you can get wet ( or hard) too.


The long workday was finally taking its toll on him. He is leaning up against one of the steel walls of the elevator, trying to relax his stiff muscles. His eyes – dark, midnight pools with their own glimmering moons in the centers – lock on the iPhone resting in the palm of his right hand. Indulging in a private peepshow will absolutely relax him quicker.

He glances up at the steel doors that are still open. The thrill of being caught by a noisy passenger amplifies his heart rate. His left hand disappears deep in the pocket of his black slacks as he admires the pictures saved to his photo gallery. Expanding one of the images with his thumb and forefinger, his dark eyes trace over the perfect silhouette before him. All three hundred half-naked, selfies are of the same dark, red hair, caramel skin, and hazel eyed beauty.

Colorfully clad in a variety of teasing lingerie, there were no two images of her in the same outfit. Physically captured by each seductive portrait, his eyes linger to the curvy areas of the woman’s body.

Each depiction playfully hints at the skin hidden as one hand holds up the camera and the other pulls at the clothing. Numerous images show the woman on her stomach with the camera angled out in front by her extended arm. Her back arched inward, causing her plump butt to peek over her shoulder. Her bottom lip is tightly tucked away between her teeth as her innocent eyes pierced through the photos and straight to his. The visual of this beautiful woman bending over for him and kissing the camera sends chills up his spine.

The elevator doors steadily begin to close as his body responds to the sultry self-portraits. His hand travels down deeper in his pocket, letting his fingertips brush up against his hardening length. He craves the feel her soft skin against his, her sweet mouth capturing his own, and the scent of her red hair invading his nostrils. Daring to tear a hole in the cotton prison around his hand, he presses harder to reach his naked flesh. He lets his fingers glide up the growing erection in his pants. The elevator doors suddenly pause when the wheels of a suitcase cross their path.

His head is still down, but I can feel his eyes watching my perfectly sculpted legs entering the elevator. The cutout leather pumps on my feet, announcing my presence in the space. My own cellular device is cradled between my left shoulder and ear.

Standing the suitcase in front of me, I stand on the opposite side of the elevator. My manicured fingers do not even reach out to touch the elevator buttons. My room floor has already been selected; so I am free to stand back and enjoy the soothing – maybe even rough – ride upward.

I sense his eyes hovering over my shape, but I pretend not to notice. My business call is much more important – at the moment. His dark gaze starts along the short hem of my skirt before traveling down my bare, caramel legs. His pushes his body off the elevator wall, and I can see him moving closer to the elevator buttons in front of me.

Continuing to ignore him, I move my free hand to undo the three buttons of my grey blazer. My right hand rests on the back of my hip, causally opening the blazer more. The lace of my white blouse teasingly shows off my cleavage. He pushes his left hand deeper in his pocket when I let my dark, red curls fall from my bun. The object of his attraction is now physically in front of him.

Removing the phone from my ear, I lean back against the wall after finally ending my conversation. I shut my eyes for a brief second, and I can feel his intensive gaze piercing through my eyelids. The steady rising of the elevator eases the stress weighing down on my skull. Unlike him, I have no sexual depictions of him saved to my cellular device – or in general – to calm my anxiety. There are only the mental memories I hold on to from each one of our heated encounters. His domineering lust and sexual appetite are the only reason he possesses such naughty photos of me.

I peek up to see the man standing in front of me. It is surprisingly easy for me to relay no emotion even as he cocks his head and grins at me. His existence affects me internally as the pressures of work and corporate negations reflect on my exterior. Within second, however, my surface appearance begins to relax. I fall victim to his sinister and vigorous – yet sexual and captivating – eyes. Meeting his mysterious gaze with my own dim glare, I trap my lower lip between my teeth in painful cage of pleasure.

He grins while leaning back against the wall of buttons. “Rough day?”

“You have no idea.” Unable to fix my tongue to complete a full sentence, I leave him with a simple answer I know he will punish me for saying.

“Really?” His elbow bursa escort hits the emergency stop button before he stepped closer to me. Neither of us flinches when the elevator suddenly pauses. He – being use to spontaneous actions – barely moves as the elevator drops an inch. I am simply frozen in place looking directly into his chilling eyes.

“Enlighten me.” He pulls my semi-rimless glasses from my face, partially blinding me from the event at hand.

There was no time for me to verbally respond to his inquiry of my heavy workday. His body hovers over me just before his lips meet mine. I know he can hear my heart pounding through my chest. It is desperately fighting to break free of my rib cage and land on the elevator floor. He steps closer; now I am trapped between his solid build and the stiff wall. The heat coming off of me made the air in the elevator thin.

Our teeth clash as our tongues twirl together in a lustful tug-a-war for control. Our tongues savor the flavor of the other. He enjoys the sweet champagne still lingering on my tongue; I devour the alluring traces of gin on his.

My hands reach up to touch his face, but he claims both of my wrists in a constrictor’s grip. I feel I am gaining the upper hand on our intense lip lock; the upper hand only he is allowed to possess. His hands squeeze my wrists tighter, but there is no pain to be felt.

All my senses have rushed to my tongue and lips to keep me fully active in the kiss. He hates the lack of control and clinches my wrists tighter to show me who is the boss. The constriction goes ignored, and I take full enjoyment in what I am doing to him. Our lustful dance is suddenly ended when his teeth sink into my bottom lip. The touch is light at first, but soon he applies more pressure. My lip is a prisoner to the pleasure and pain cage again. He holds my lip between his teeth for what feels like hours. In truth, he frees me after a minute.

“Speak.” He turns her body around to face the steel wall.

“First,” I fight to reclaim control of my breathing, “my meeting was delayed for about two hours.”

His hands pull my hands behind by back. He brings both of my hands together in his right one. My hands are pressed into my lower back unable to move. His lips touch the back of my neck, and I cannot help but to shiver at the sensual touch. I can feel his lower half grinding against her backside as he keeps my body stationary.

“Go on.” He whispers.

“When we were finally in the process of negotiating…” My sudden inhale becomes trapped in my throat as his left hand roams underneath my skirt.

“Keep going.”

“The meeting didn’t go as planned; we had to reschedule everything.”

Pressing his nose into my dark hair, he deeply inhales the jasmine scent of my shampoo. “What else happened?”

I part my lips to speak, but only a faint moan escapes from my throat. I gasp when his wandering fingertips brush the front of my lacy panties. He whispers in my ear for me to continue my story, but I soon surrender to his teasing touch. His probing fingers massage the sweet spot covered by white lace. My body shudders at his touch. My hips rock against his hand. His middle finger strokes up and down over the garment until my lower lips open for him. I am completely speechless and my desire begins to heavily flow between my legs. I toss my hair back and forth, as my body begs for deeper contact.

His thick fingers tighten around my overlapping wrists. “I can’t hear you.”

“The jet’s engine failed right before takeoff, and then I was forced to board a crowded commercial flight.”

The entire length of my skirt is bunched up around my waist. I part my legs to give him more access to his property. With my lower lips wide open, my slippery clit is touching my panties directly. My forehead rests against the steel wall while my faint whimpers fall to the ground. He massages my clit in a slow and seductive manner.

My juices soak through the material of my lingerie to reach his teasing digits. I can feel his large erection fighting to escape his pants. His heavy breathing invades my ear, and I can feel his increased heart rate beating against my back, through his shirt and both of our suit jackets. He is just as needy as I am.

“But now you’re here.”

“I wish I’d gotten here sooner.” I try to arch my back and push my butt out to meet his erection.

His hand finally tears the lacy garment from my body. My legs begin to violently shake, daring to fall out right from underneath me. But his strong frame keeps my body perfectly lined up with the wall. My hands are still trapped behind my back, and my face remains pressed into the elevator. Not being able to see him or his hands is beginning to drive me crazy.

My eyes remain close with my mouth hanging open. His fingers continue to tease my bare, damp flesh. bursa escort bayan I can hear him chuckling at my weak pleas for more attention.

“Is that all you did today?”


He frees my wrists, but I keep them resting on my lower back. My mind is lost in the sinful confession to my aunt and any other role model I might be letting down. The only relief I’m getting from this sin, besides the orgasms and experimental thrill, is that my tossed hair shields my face from elevator cameras.

I am brought back to the lustful guilt when his thick fingers sudden squeeze my clitoris and his other hand aggressively tugs my hair. That relief is suddenly gone; yet, my body tingles at a voyeur’s excitement of watching my body being used.

His hold on my hair becomes tighter. “Where’s your mind right now?”

My rocket came back down to the elevator, and my mouth opens wider when it touches the ground. My moist center opens up to him as he slides the first finger inside. I bring my hands up to the wall and push my lower body back against him. Soon, I feel another one of his fingers disappearing between my moist lips.

My wet walls clinch to his penetrating fingers, refusing to let him leave. The feeling is so much more intense than the light strokes he delivered over my panties. I am truly putty in his hands as he yanks my hair back, whispers in my ear, and slices his fingers deeper inside my moist box.

“What are you thinking about?” His knuckles disappeared deep inside my wet pussy, I feel his fingers pressing down on the back of my clit. Each caress and featherlike tap sends shockwaves up my spine. I can feel the last little bit of self-control inside me slipping away. He is a few strokes away from claiming the only control I have left.

The emergency phone has been ringing for several minutes. He refuses to acknowledge it; I’m too powerless to even glance in its direction.

“I’m not going to repeat myself.” I can feel him withdrawing his fingers.

“You…” He slides back inside. “I’m thinking about you.” My liquid silk covers his hand as he fondles me to a powerful release.

Our body heat continues to make the air around us thin. My legs are extremely weak, begging – no screaming – for me to give them a rest. My wet center is clinching to the air after he pulls his hand free. She wants more of him even though the other parts of my body are begging to be far away from him and his teasing ways.

I can hear the slight jingling of his belt and the undoing of his zipper behind me. I turn my head to glance at him over my shoulder. I want to tell him I cannot take anymore. Or at least tell him to wait until we reach one of our rooms so I can lie down.

When my eyes meet his over my shoulder, he offers me one of his soaked fingers. I let him trace my bottom lip before my tongue slithers out to taste my essence on him. The pungent aroma and desirable taste drives my senses wild. I want to taste him, to see him, and run my hands down his bare chest. My heart rate begins to relax when I feel his lips and tongue polishing my neck.

I suck his fingers clean and let them fall from my mouth. His pants brush the back of my calves as he lets them and his boxer briefs fall around his ankles. My hair is still tightly balled up in his right fist while his left rubs the tip of his length between my legs.

“What do you want?” Hard is an understatement and would not do his erection any justice. The large muscle has its own pulse, and I can feel it beating between my trembling legs. I desperately want him now.

“You.” I whimper, hoping to have his member inside me soon rather than later.

Without another word, his uncovered steel enters my moist channel. We both shudder at his hostile – and unexpected – invasion.

Our bottom lips fall open when his full dick enters me; yet, neither of us makes a sound. I can barely breathe as my heart expands underneath the flesh making up my chest. He buries his face between my left shoulder and neck – releasing a lengthy and heavy sigh – as my love muscles embrace his full nine inches. His entire body goes stiff behind me. He withdraws from my body without warning.

“Say it again.” He demands over the annoying ringing of the emergency phone.

“I want you.” I say the magic words, and his extensive erection plunges inside my pussy.

My hands crawl at the elevator wall – daring to chip a nail clean off – as he forces every inch inside of me. His strokes are long and demanding, causing my body to shiver as he uses my hair to control the rest of my body.

One tug and my back arches, pushing my butt out to next his strokes. Our lips lock over my shoulder, stifling the earsplitting moans I cannot control. I am rapidly approaching the edge and ready to jump right into the pool of ecstasy. I sank my teeth into his lower escort bursa lip as his strokes become more vigorous. I want him so bad.

His pulls his lip free, and his face disappears behind my head. “Do you want to turn around?”

His raspy voice falls on death ears.

I am so consumed by the hair pulling and his healthy stick that I hear nothing. Our hips connect over and over as continuous waves of pleasure course through my body. The painful beating of my heart rattles my ribcages.

My legs vibrate as his extensive strokes grinded against the back of my clitoris. His chest rests on my back as his lower half swims through my flooded depth. His own increased heart tempo echoes through my body and straight to my eardrums.

“Maybe we should finish this in the room.” He teases.

My sex refuses to free his long intruder as he struggles to pull completely out.

“Don’t you dare stop.” Shameless tears are running down my cheeks.

He pushes forward.

“You ready to cum for me?” He breathes.

His pulsing muscle brings me closer and closer to that inevitable explosion. The nails on my left hand dig into his thigh as my right claws at the solid wall in front of me. I can feel my nails chipping and cracking off my fingers.

“Yes!” My animalistic traits rise to the surface and all control is lost.

The elevator suddenly begins to move even as the emergency phone continues to ring. No longer trapped between the eleventh and tenth floors, the box begins to lower itself to the lobby. The intense beating of my heart becomes enhanced at the thought of being physically seen. Forget the fear of a leaked sex tape. My career will truly be destroyed if I am seen with my skirt up and my butt bare.

“Ready to quit?”

The second orgasm viciously shakes me. “Never.”

So overcome with lustful emotions, I take the chance of being caught. He continues to plunge deeper as my walls clinch around him. My juices ooze around him and down the inside of my legs. We are three orgasms in to the bet and not one of them was his. I press my lower half back to meet every powerful stroke. The last wave of satisfaction rolls through my entire being with an enormous amount of strength.

Each sinful wave drifts from my shaky body as I listen to his chuckles.

I soon realize he was never going to give me a point on the score board. His impressive length leaves my wet well while he is still laughing. When the doors finally open at the lobby, we are back to our opposite sides of the box. Our clothes are perfectly aligned and we are each scrolling though the data in our cellular devices. My hair is back up in its original bun with my glasses giving me back my sight. Looking up and into the lobby space, we see the hotel manager and two security guards standing before us.

“Is there a problem?” He spoke first as the three other men stare at us, puzzling what could have happened to the elevator.

“This elevator has been motionless for several minutes.” The manger’s hand reaches out to stop the doors from closing. “Do you have any idea why?”

His eyes glance up to the corner of the elevator, letting us know he can easily figure out what just happened.

“No clue.” Pulling his wallet out his pocket, my lover steps forward to flash the manger his identification. “And I trust you won’t care to know either.”

The manger met his dark eyes. “I guess there isn’t a problem. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.”

Both men step back until they are standing in their original positions.

“Goodnight Mr. King.” The manger’s voice meets our ears before the elevator doors close again.

The steel box soon begins to move. We are once again heading up to the nineteenth floor of the twenty-floor building.

“You cheated.” My eyes are down on my iPhone’s screen as I speak to him. It is evident I have not mastered breathing yet.

He chuckles. “Did you really think you had a chance of winning?”

“No…I predicted a tie.” I say more arrogant than intended.

He chuckles again while leaning against his side of the wall. “The night isn’t over yet. You think you can tie things up before sunrise.”

Our floor is fast approaching.

“No.” I tuck my phone in my blazer pocket while extending the arm of my suitcase. “I rather wait until tomorrow. That way we can start all over.”

“Starting over won’t assist you anymore than it did tonight.” He cannot cease laughing for some odd reason.

The doors open on the nineteenth floor.

Leading the way, I exit the box first with my suitcase rolling along behind me. I glance back to see he is still lingering in the elevator. While he was able to relax his muscles a bit, the bulge in his pants is still begging for attention.

“Maybe it won’t. But waiting until tomorrow will you give you some…alone time to relieve yourself.”

He finally steps out of the elevator. “I’ll be counting the minutes.”

With a grin, I head toward my room down the hallway. Even as he walks in the opposite direction, I can feel his eyes following my swaying hips.

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