Long Legged Lucia

Allie Haze

Gina and her friend Eva were lounging by the pool when they noticed Mrs Donna Anderson exit her back door and lounge in the sun in her white bathing suit. The two eighteen year old girls were clad in skimpy bikinis and they chuckled at the older woman’s old fashioned one piece bathing suit. Gina and her friend were confirmed lesbians. Gina was well built like a porn star with large breasts while her friend was skinny and flat chested. Gina quipped, “You know my next- door neighbor doesn’t look bad for an old broad but I’d really like to get her daughter’s pretty face between my legs. When she talks her tongue gets in the way; it’s so big. I get hot after talking to her and imagining that long tongue lapping up my hot cunt. I wonder where she is now.”

Eva retorted, “What’s the matter doesn’t my tongue satisfy you anymore? Why don’t you call her over and maybe we can have some fun with the mom and you can find out where her daughter is?”

Gina smiled and said, “You know how much I love you munching on my muff but don’t be such a greedy little pussy licker. I want as many girls and women that I can get to suck out my love juices but don’t worry baby there will always be plenty left for you. Now let’s get my neighbor over here and see if we can seduce her.”

Donna reluctantly accepted the invitation and joined the girls by the pool. She was seated in a lounge chair across from the girls and served a fruit drink spiked with plenty of rum. Donna felt extremely uncomfortable when the girls wiggled out of their suits and urged her to do the same so that they could get an even tan all over without any lines. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of the naked young girls but managed to reply, “I don’t think so; what if someone saw us?” The girls quickly took off the frightened mother’s bathing suit and assured her that it was OK. While she was being disrobed Donna could swear that the girls were touching her tits, ass, and pussy intentionally but decided that it was just her imagination.

Eva asked Donna. “Where is your daughter? I have heard so much about her that I would really like to meet her.”

Donna replied, “You must mean Connie; she is looking for a job for the summer. My husband took off with another woman five months ago and we are having trouble making ends meet right now. She should be home soon.”

Gina quickly offered, “Not to worry, if she doesn’t have any luck she can work at my mom’s Italian restaurant. The pay is good and the tips are great.” Gina caught the slim blond staring at her ripe melons and young pussy surrounded by the wild growth of thick black pubic hair. Gina pinched her own nipple, placed her other hand on her pussy, and looked straight at the nervous mother and invitingly cooed, “You like what you see don’t you?’

Donna stammered, “I ah… um …yes you are very beautiful but I have to go now!” The uncomfortable mother put on her bathing suit in record speed and fled home. She was aroused, embarrassed, and confused. She couldn’t understand why she was on fire and couldn’t believe how soaked her pussy was. Donna had never been attracted to another female in her whole life but there was no denying that Gina had her drooling over her youthful sexy body. Donna explained it away to herself by blaming it on her lack of a sex life since her husband left her.

Eva told Gina that she was slipping and lost her chance to seduce the mother of the girl that she lusted after. Gina snapped back, “Shut up bitch, it was easy to see that she was drooling over my body and it’s just a matter of time before she gives into temptation and feasts on my hair pie. Now get over here and eat my pussy.” Eva eagerly got on her hands and knees and devoured the hot, dripping, and succulent pussy that she loved so much. After every single drop of pussy juice and cum was drained from her smoldering slit Gina exclaimed, “It’s not over till it’s over. There is a woman that comes into my mom’s restaurant that is a total knockout. Her name is Lucia, she owns a Mansion where she sells lingerie to wealthy buyers from around the world, her and my mom are very good friends and mom says that both women and men melt in her presence and offer themselves to be her sex slaves. She is an Amazon that stands 6″2′, has long black hair, enormous breasts, long shapely legs, and dark eyes that draw you in like the flame draws in a moth. With her help we will soon have that bitch next-door and her daughter on their knees worshiping my horny cunt.”

Eve questioned, “How are you going to get her to help us?”

Gina called he mom at work and asked if she could get Lucia to help her seduce the lady and her daughter next- door. Gina’s mom Maria was a lesbian as well and said that it would be nice to have the two blonds next-store as sex slaves and promised to do what she could. Twenty minutes later Lucia called, was informed of the situation, and told Gina to have Donna over tomorrow at PM. Gina was told to tell her neighbor that Lucia had a great job offer for her and just make sure she is there and that she would take care casino siteleri of everything.

Much to Gina’s delight as soon as she hung up the phone it rang again and it was Donna calling to say that she was sorry for leaving in such a hurry and felt bad about it. The love starved mother felt so embarrassed and ashamed when she heard Gina say, “I understand Mrs. Anderson. You felt shame and were afraid to give in to the lust you felt. I could see the yearning in your eyes as they drank up my young inviting, tempting, and sexy frame but I want you over here tomorrow about 1 O’clock in the afternoon. A friend of my mother is coming over and has a fantastic job offer for you. Don’t be late and dress nice for the interview. Remember that first impressions are very important. Your soon to be new employer is thirty six, extremely wealthy, and quite sophisticated, so dress to impress!”

Donna was leery of the whole matter but the lure of a good job and the presence of another adult only three years younger than herself convinced her to go for it despite her fears of giving in to the sexy girls. When Donna agreed to be there Gina told her, “You won’t regret it; Lucia is very generous and a whole new world is about to open up for you.” Donna was both apprehensive and excited at the same time. After she hung up Gina shouted, “Yeah, hell yeah, tomorrow that blond bitch is going to get her first taste of pussy and I just know that she will love the Italian pussy feast she will get. After we get her hooked then we will work on her daughter. I get soaked just thinking of that long tongue snaking up my horny cunt while I hold her pretty face tight to my oozing love hole.”

The next day Donna rang the doorbell at PM sharp, dressed in a smart black dress, her hair done and looking good. She was ushered to a chair and served a very strong rum and coke. The girls sat directly across from her on the sofa. They were wearing the shortest skirts that Donna had ever seen and to make matters worse they wore no panties. Donna couldn’t keep her eyes off the young girls even though she tried. Flushed and flustered the trembling mom tried to get her mind off of the alluring but nasty girls by asking, “Where is the woman that is supposed to offer me a job? You didn’t just make up the story to get me over here did you?”

Gina smiled and spread her legs wider then offered, “Relax and enjoy the view. I know you love it. Can’t keep your eyes off me can you bitch but don’t worry she will be here anytime now. Just enjoy your drink and the scenery until she arrives.”

Donna cursed her own body for letting the young girls turn her on so much. She could feel her pussy moisten and her nipples stiffen as she said, “This drink is awfully strong. I don’t want to be drunk when she gets here.”

Just then the doorbell rang and Gina hurried to let in the luscious Lucia. Introductions were made and Donna stood to greet the stunning creature standing in front of her but wondered why she wore a long mink coat in such warm weather. Lucia asked the girls to remove her coat and was naked underneath except for her high-heels, stockings, and garter. Donna was stunned by her beauty and just trembled as the voluptuous woman took Donna in her arms, hugged her, and then kissed her full on the lips. Soon Lucia’s tongue was in Donna’s mouth and that combined with the feel of Lucia’s body pressed to her own made her quiver and feel faint. The seductive siren took charge and slowly slid her hand up Donna’s leg until she felt the sparse pubic hair and soaked pussy.

While fingering the bewitched mother Lucia stuck her tongue in Donna’s ear and murmured, “My but you are a nasty little old slut aren’t you? Your cunt is leaking like a sink with a busted pipe.” She then pushed the aroused mother back in the chair and stood proudly before her. Donna was captivated by the stunning sex Goddess. Her eyes traveled up the longest, curviest, and most beautiful legs she had ever seen. Then her gaze lingered on the, bare, puffy, and moist mound between the long lovely legs. She licked her lips and felt her own pussy flood as she marveled at the huge brown breasts with long erect nipples.

Already in a state of lust Donna looked into Lucia’s deep dark eyes and as if unspoken words were passed to her she knew that she would totally submit to whatever the bewitching sex Goddess wanted. Lucia recognized the surrender in her victim’s eyes and demanded, “Sit back down on the chair and worship my pussy with your mouth and tongue.”

Donna could barley speak but managed to mutter, “I…I have never done that before and don’t know what to do.”

The excited siren exclaimed, “A first timer! Oh, how sweet. There is nothing better than teaching a submissive slut to eat pussy. Don’t you worry baby because I will instruct you exactly how to do it. The best part is that you haven’t learned any bad habits and I can teach you just how to please me. This is wonderful.” Lucia shoved her huge tits into Donna’s face and ordered, “Suck on these first and then you can feast on my tasty slot oyna treasure.”

Donna was hand feed the lovely breasts and kissed, licked, and sucked eagerly. She felt inferior to this enticing woman with such large breasts and wished that hers were not so small but she took some solace in the knowledge that Eva’s were smaller that her own. The next thing she knew her lips were tugged from the rubbery nipples and Lucia stood up, placed one foot on the arm of the chair and pulled Donna’s face to her heated honey hole. Lucia soothingly told her to stick out her tongue and just lick.

Donna complied and was astonished to discover that she loved the taste of this Amazon’s puffy, bare, and dripping pussy. A little more authoritatively Lucia sternly ordered, “Now breathe in the aroma of my aroused womanhood, chew gently on my pussy lips, and then stick your tongue as far up my love tunnel as you can and wiggle it around. Don’t be afraid to explore with your tongue and pay special attention to my clit; suck it, lick it, and nibble on it. Yes, oh hell yes, that’s it! Don’t you dare stop you pussy slut. Lick it,, now suck the hell out of it and drink every last drop. Yesssss, do it baby, lick, suck, yesssss!”

The smell and taste of the long legged woman’s pussy was intoxicating. Her face was held so tight to the flooding pussy that Donna could hardly breathe but she didn’t care. All she could think of was pleasing the sex goddess and wanting her approval. When the object of her adoration turned and pulled Donna’s face to her ass and commanded, “Some cum and pussy juice leaked down to my ass-hole so lick and suck it clean my little sex slave slut.”

After completing her mission she kissed and licked all over Lucia’s ass, thighs, and long legs until she was certain that she had devoured every drop of the sweet savory cream that dripped from her lover’s canal. Lucia pulled Donna by the hair and stated, “From now on you will call me Mistress and do everything that I say. Do you understand me bitch?”

Donna submissively cooed, “Yes Lu… I mean Mistress. It will be an honor and pleasure to serve you.”

Lucia beamed and told her new slut, “Well said and for your first time eating pussy you did a great job. I like your enthusiasm and you took to eating pussy like a duck to water. You devoured my smoldering cunt with such fervor that it was easy to see that you loved every minute of it. Tell me just how much you loved it.”

“It’s not easy to put into words but serving you was the most exciting thing that I have ever done in my entire life. You are not only my Mistress but you are a Goddess and my mouth and tongue are ready to service your perfect body whenever you so desire. It thrilled me so much to make you cum and scream out in delight that I has several orgasms myself.”

Lucia ordered everyone to get naked and had Donna lay on the rug facing upward with her legs spread wide. Then she ordered, “All right girls one of you eat out my slut’s cunt and the other one sit on her face and then you can change positions. Do it now!”

Eva got between the blond mom’s legs and dove right in. Gina sat on her face, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, and urged, “Eat my hairy cunt you dumb bitch and look up at me while you are down there. I want to see the lust in your blue eyes as you gobble up my young cunt. Taste good doesn’t it?” Donna could only mumble as her words were muffled by the young girl’s hairy pussy. Donna marveled at how different the two pussies tasted but decided that both were good. She slurped up all of Gina’s cum as she exploded herself on Eva’s talented tongue. The girls did switch positions and didn’t notice Lucia filming them.

Just as the girls were spent and ready to come up for air Lucia put the camera away and said, “Thanks for the show girls. The contrast between my slut’s creamy white skin and your darker tone was quite erotic.”

Donna asked, “Mistress is there really a job for me?”

Lucia firmly answered, “You mean beside being my slut? Yes; you will soon learn that I mean everything that I say. I want you to clean Maria’s house two days a week and work at my Mansion two days a week. Maria works too hard at her restaurant and it will be a great help to her. I have women cleaning at my place but there is always room for one more. I will give you one thousand dollars a week and perhaps if any of my buyers want you to service them you can make some extra cash.” Donna frowned and appeared frightened so Lucia assured her, “All of my clients are female so you don’t have to worry about any men. I will talk to Maria and see what days are good for her. Here is a thousand in advance just because you are such a quick learner.”

She handed Donna the money and asked for her telephone number so she could call her and inform her what days to report to work. They exchanged numbers and addresses then Lucia kissed her goodbye and commented, “You taste and smell like pussy

After Lucia left the girls took Donna by the hands and guided her to Gina’s bedroom where they all took a nap. canlı casino siteleri After a couple of hours the girls woke up first and then roused Donna. Eva lay face up on top of Gina. The sultry Italian girls pulled their neighbor to their exposed slits and Gina announced, “Get on your knees bitch and eat out all four horny holes. Eat shit and drink cum you filthy slut.”

Donna couldn’t understand how being degraded and timidly obeying the young girls was such a turn on but it was. The more the girls humiliated her the more aroused she became. They were yelling at her, “Stick your tongue up that ass, suck that cunt you fucking pig. You love it don’t you slut? Tell us how much you like it. Talk to us you filthy perverted pig.”

Her shame only intensified her carnal lust and she reached a shaking orgasm as she submissively admitted, “Yes! I love doing these dirty thing to you nasty young girls. I adore your young juicy cunts that never stop oozing cum. I want to drink it all up and even suck it out of your tight ass holes. I’m your bitch; feed me more of your purring pussies girls. Yessss I love it so.”

“Oh you do? Well jail is where you belong for corrupting my sweet little girl and her friend.”

Donna was horrified and turned her glistening face to see Maria with her hands on her hips looking tough and very angry. She could only respond, “It’s not my fault. They seduced me and made me do it. They are not little girls because they are both eighteen.”

Maria told her, “They may be of age but from what I saw and heard you were the aggressor and it looked like rape to me. I have no doubt that a jury will convict you and send you to a prison filled with hardened women that will torture and rape you. They have no mercy for child molesters and will beat the shit out of you daily. What would you say if I did that to your daughter? I’m going to call the cops and we shall see what they have to say about this. The three of us will testify against you so who do you think that they will believe? Even if by some miracle you you were found not guilty the whole country will know what a vile pervert you are.”

Donna was scared to death and thought about her daughter and pleaded, “Please don’t call the police. Please, I am begging you. I will do anything you want, anything at all, please.”

An evil smile crossed Maria’s face and she told the frightened woman to wait for her and maybe they could work something out. The heavyset woman went into the bathroom and emerged ten minutes later totally nude. Donna was filled with fear as the large sized woman sat on a chair and beckoned Donna to sit on her lap. Maria’s tits, stomach, arms, and legs were all huge and hairy.

Maria felt her tremble and said, “Don’t worry little one Momma Maria won’t hurt you so just relax and enjoy.” The large woman stroked Donna’s hair and kissed her firmly on the lips. The woman fondled her pert little tits and exclaimed, “I just love blond girls with tiny tits. I bet you like my big ones don’t you girl?” Maria’s tits were sagging to her tummy and she had to lift one and press it to Donna’s lips and urged, “Suck it little girl and make Momma Maria feel real good.”

As she nursed on the large breast Donna couldn’t help but notice the long hair under the woman arm pits, the hair on her arms, legs, and everywhere, even on her breasts. She could only imagine what her pussy was like because her stomach hid it from view but knew that she would soon find out. After sucking the big tits for what seemed hours she was pushed to her knees and told, “Now eat Momma Maria’s big cunt and ass just like you were doing to the girls. I wanna cum in your mouth and all over your pretty face so do it really good.” Donna smelled the powerful aroma of the woman’s aroused sex and suddenly the woman moved forward on the chair, lifted her big belly, and shoved Donna’s face into her big, smelly, and hairy cunt. At first she felt sickened but soon the defiling act turned her on and she ate with vigor.

With her whole face buried in the big cunt she couldn’t see daylight but then the big woman pressed her face even harder into her hairy hole and screamed, “Yes! That’s it slut. Keep sucking Momma Maria’s cunt and drink it all up or I will spank the shit out of your skinny white ass. Drink it all up baby and stick that wonderful tongue up my hairy ass-hole. Yesssssss!”

As she was washing Donna’s face with her sticky joy juice she saw her daughter strapping on a two pronged dildo. It was black and there was a long thin one for the butt and a big fat one for the pussy. Maria didn’t want her new lover to see it yet; she wanted it to be a surprise so she lifted Donna and carried her to the bed. The big woman was on her back with her legs spread lewdly and told Donna, “Eat my pussy some more; you like it don’t you slut? You do it so fucking good that you must love it. Momma Maria is going to feed you her big, hot, and juicy cunt everyday. You can do my little girl and her friend too. Come to think of it she has lots more friends that could feed you some more young pussy and I have some friends that will satisfy your taste for some more mature cunt. Now get on your hands and knees and suck that sloppy motherfucker. That way the girls can eat you from behind.”

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