Long Weekend Sex-Fest Pt. 05


It was a bright, sunny and very warm day. Perfect for a late summer hike. Plus we saw lots of wildlife. Particularly birds. Shame I didn’t bring my camera with me since I enjoy photographing wildlife. Especially avian, but I left it home. If I knew we were going to take a hike over the weekend I wouldn’t have.

We finally reached the stream, which is the half way point for the looping trail. Beautiful spot with a nice large pool below a small waterfall. The pool was bordered on both sides by sand bars since the water level was low. Which is typical for this time of year. The water was crystal clear as the stream is spring fed and doesn’t flow through farm land until further down stream.

We debated whether to eat lunch or take a dip first in the inviting pool. Since we were hot and sweaty from the hike we chose the latter.

Bill assured us we didn’t have to worry about being seen skinny dipping since it was private land and he can’t recall ever seeing anyone else except for his neighbor. Who along with his wife use the trail for regular walks, and the stream to swim naked also.

Off came our clothes and we all waded into the pool, which in the deepest part is barely over my head. Surprisingly the water wasn’t cold in spite of being spring fed. Kind of warm actually. Very comfortable and it felt Heavenly.

Just as Walter and Bill were getting frisky we heard voices. Then unexpectedly Bill’s neighbor and his wife appeared at the section of trail that leads towards their house.

No doubt because of the clear water they could easily see we were naked.

Bill said hello. Then introduced us. Jack and Jill were their names. I know, you think I’m making that up, but I’m not. Their names were in fact Jack and Jillian.

They both had back packs and apparently had the same brainstorm as Bill about taking a hike and having a picnic.

Jack and Jill were around the same age frame as us. Early to mid 60’s would be my guess. Both are retired school teachers, which we learned later.

“Seems we all had the same thought process today.”…Jack said. “Since we did if you folks don’t mind Jill and I would like to take a dip since we’re both pretty heated from our walk. I hope you don’t mind if we join you?”

“Not a problem.”…replied Bill. “Please do. There’s nothing that would please us more.”

With that said, both Jack and Jill stripped down to their birthday suits. When they did, and before they got fully immersed in the water, I couldn’t help but notice Jack’s insanely fat uncircumcised cock. Long too, albeit it only slightly enlarged. Made me wonder how long or big it would be fully erect.

As for Jill. She was a full breasted woman. Big busted actually. Way bigger than Rita and I. And as you would expect for her age her tits had a bit of a sag, although not excessively so. Huge aureola centered with large nipples. As for her pubic mound, it had a thin covering of dark hair as she was a dark haired woman. Which she kept cut short. Almost in a page-boy. She was also tall and as a result long legged. 5 feet 8 inches easily. Nearly as tall as Jack, who I guessed to be not quite six feet.

Both were fairly fit and trim and looked good for their age. Jack had a cute butt while Jill’s was “voluptuous”. But not overly so, nor was there any sag to her bum cheeks. Which no doubt regular walks helped keep in shape, along with her fabulously formed legs.

When we were all in the water together and up close and personal Bill reintroduced Walter and I again. Rita they already knew.

“Kind of a strange way to make a first acquaintance naked like we are, but it’s nice to meet you two.” said Jack.

“Same here.”…added Jill.

“Pleasure is ours.”…Walter and I replied.

Once the pleasantries were over we enjoyed the cooling stream for a half hour or so before we decided it was time for lunch.

Once back on shore we spread the blankets and enjoyed the light lunch we brought. Assorted fruit and cheese with prosciutto, along with a nice white wine. Pinot grigio if I remember right.

Once we consumed lunch we sat and chit chatted a bit about nothing in particular while sipping wine from paper cups.

Jill who had been unusually quiet up to that point asked me if she could ask a personal question. I said sure since you couldn’t get more personal than sitting around naked with someone.

“Are you two nice couples more than “casual” friends?”

She emphasized the casual.

I wasn’t expecting her to be that personal, but I replied truthfully…”Yes we are. Very much so. How did you know?”

“Call it “swingers” intuition. Plus the fact you were all skinny dipping together. Jack and I had a robust “swingers” life style before we both retired. But since then, which beşevler escort bayan was a few years ago, we lost touch with most of our like minded friends and it has been a while now. At least a year for sure.”

I explained how it was more recent with us. Late life thing and how it started with fulfilling a fantasy of mine.

“What would that fantasy be Lacey?”…Jill asked.

I kind of hesitated about answering, but since I mentioned it I shared it was a desire to be double ass-fucked.

“From there one thing led to another and before long we were having foursomes with two select couples. Bill and Rita being one, and our closest friends of the two.”

“From what I know of Bill and Rita, you couldn’t have picked a nicer couple to share your intimacy with.”…Jill replied.

“With Jack and I our “swinger” activities were more of an exhibitionist thing for us than a desire to have sex with other people. Although we enjoyed that part too.”

“Please explain”…I asked, since you had to be somewhat of an exhibitionist to have sex with another person in front of other people. Be it a foursome or a group.

“Simply put, we both enjoy “performing” sexual acts in front of open minded people. Kind of a fetish thing, although maybe not in the true sense of the word. The big turn on for us is being watched as we do all kinds of sexual acts.”

“Really.”…I said. “That’s interesting because in some ways I enjoy being watched as well as watching others. Although I, or we, never carried it to the next level like you and Jack apparently did. Then again, this foursome thing, or group sex, is relatively new for us and we’re still experimenting and learning.”

While Jill and I were discussing her and Jack’s fondness for exhibitionism everyone else was listening in on the conversation. Plus I could see from Bill and Walter’s cocks they were getting somewhat aroused by the subject matter.

Then Jill surprised the hell out of us by asking if her and Jack could “perform” for us since it’s been so long since they have.

“Lately we’ve been like two reformed alcoholics dying for a drink.”

Then she added…”I can’t tell you how much we’d love to given this rare opportunity, and I promise you won’t find it or us boring.”

I looked over at Jack, who didn’t show any emotion or indication he objected. If anything he gave Jill tacit approval by remaining quiet. Then I said…”I don’t know about anyone else but I would love it if you did.”

Rita chimed in…”Please do. I know it would be a thrill for you two since it’s been so long, as well it would be for us.”

Then both Walter and Bill gave them the thumbs up.

Since it was unanimous, Jack repositioned himself on the blanket perpendicular to us so we could view things better. He then leaned back on his elbows with legs spread wide and out straight.

Jill positioned herself between his legs on her knees with her ass fully raised in the air. Which made for quite a sight for Walter and Bill. She then took Jack’s semi-flaccid cock in one hand and with the other pushed back his foreskin to expose his cockhead.

Jack’s cockhead was quite large in spite of his cock being only somewhat engorged. Jill took it in her mouth and very lovingly began to suck and lick it. Ever so slowly Jack’s cock became fully erect and hard as a hammer handle from Jill expertly titillating his cockhead. When it was it was a monster. Had to be all of 9 inches long and a good 2 inches plus in diameter. His cock was big as Rita’s “soap on a rope” and the cockhead even bigger.

No wonder they liked performing in front of other people. With a cock like that it would be hard for him and Jill not want to show it off.

Once fully erect Jill gradually began to mouth fuck Jack’s monster. Slowly at first. While I wouldn’t think it would ever be possible for anyone to engulf his entire cock, Jill was able to take at least half to two thirds in her mouth on each downward head stroke.

She mouth-fucked Jack for a good ten minutes, and simply put was extremely good at it. No hands so we could have a clear view of things. Which allowed us to see a steady stream of Jill’s saliva flowing out of her mouth to soak Jack’s cock down to the base.

I even found myself drooling somewhat from the sight.

Rita grabbed my hand to hold it and I could tell from how sweaty it was the “show” Jack and Jill were putting on was having the same effect on her as with me. So much so both our pussies were oozing love juice.

As for Walter and Bill, their cocks couldn’t have gotten any bigger from watching.

With Jill’s ass raised in the air like it was, Walter and Bill couldn’t resist getting a better look at it from directly behind.

It balgat escort bayan must have been a marvelous sight due to the look on their faces when they did. They both kind of stared in awe at her voluptuous ass. Along with her asshole and pussy, which they could clearly see.

Finally they sat back down and when they did they both started to fondle their cocks while watching the “show”.

Then as if choreographed Jill released Jack’s cock from her mouth and leaned down on her elbows. Jack then positioned himself directly behind Jill. After grabbing Jill’s hips in both hands, in one smooth motion he inserted all but two inches or so of his huge dick in Jill’s very wet pussy. Then he proceeded to fuck her like a well oiled machine. He even thought to remove one hand from Jill’s hip closest to us so we could have a good view of him pumping his long cock in & out of Jill’s cunt.

After about five minutes of steadily fucking Jill’s pussy, Jack withdrew his cock. Then without missing a beat, or any preparation other than his cock being lubricated with Jill’s love juice, he inserted it in her asshole.

Jill barely flinched as Jacks’ huge cockhead popped in beyond her anus. Although she did moan slightly from the brief bit of pain it must have caused as it spread her sphincter muscles so abruptly. But once Jack’s cockhead was fully inserted in Jill’s rectum the tone of her moans turned to one of pleasure.

Then ever so slowly Jack pumped his long monster deeper and deeper into Jill’s ass until he was balls deep. Once he was he steadily began to butt fuck her as Jill slammed backwards each time Jack plunged forward. And while she did her big tits looked magnificent swaying back and forth. She was so aroused her nipples were visibly hard and erect. The longest erect nipples I’ve ever personally seen. Had to be nearly an inch in length and stiff as an aroused cock.

Just about the time when I was wondering how Jack could go so long without cumming, Jill either, Jack suddenly withdrew his cock from Jill’s ass. When he did he grabbed it with one hand and soon as he started stroking it he ejaculated. As he did, one cum stream after another shot out of his swollen glan. His ejaculation was so strong the first two or three cumshots sailed straight over Jill onto the blanket. The rest, about three or four more huge cum streams, landed on Jill’s back and bum.

“Wow!”…said Rita. “What a big cumload …and such an intense orgasm. I damn near peed myself from watching you explode like you did Jack.”

Strangely though, Jill didn’t orgasm.

Once Jack was done ejaculating he licked Jill clean of his cum. Then he waded into the stream to clean his dick. While he did Jill stayed positioned on her knees and elbows, which I found odd.

Then as if to satisfy my curiosity about it, Jack while still in the water told Walter and Bill to have at Jill until she orgasmed.

“Are you sure Jack?…Bill asked.

“Of course he’s sure.”…Jill answered for him. “And if you don’t soon I’m going to have to masturbate in order to cum.”

Upon hearing Jill all but begging, Walter and Bill got up and approached her from behind. Bill went first by getting on his knees and after he did he literally rammed his throbbing cock straight into Jill’s pussy. Then he began to fuck her like a three-peckered goat he was so turned on. He humped away for what was only five minutes at best before cumming. And when he did he dumped his entire cumload in Jill’s pussy.

But still no orgasm for Jill.

Once Bill withdrew his cock Walter took his place. But instead of fucking Jill in her cum filled pussy he opted for her asshole. Which he could easily insert his cock after it was fucked by Jack’s much bigger dick.

Come to find out later from Walter, Jill has an asshole one would die for to fuck. His words, not mine. He said it was so inviting to look at while Jill was sucking Jack’s cock he had all he could do to restrain himself from kissing and licking it.

While holding Jill’s hips firmly Walter slammed his cock in & out of Jill’s asshole like it was the first one he ever fucked. All the while Jill rubbed her clit while bucking backwards to meet every forward thrust. So much so she would make a loud slapping sound with her bum cheeks each time they slammed into Walter’s thighs and groin.

Like Bill, Walter was super turned on also and it didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. Just as he did Jill finally orgasmed. And it was an explosive one. She moaned and screeched so loud it scared me at first. And when she did she let loose with a flood of pussy juice that was mixed with the cumload Bill deposited in her.

I don’t know about Jill, but I was exhausted from the “show” batıkent escort bayan she put on and by her explosive orgasm. Damn near orgasmed myself just from watching.

Near the time Walter and Jill were done, Jack came over and sat between Rita and I.

“Jill’s an amazing woman.”…Jack said. Then asked if we enjoyed the “show”.

“Enjoyed it would be an understatement.”…I replied. “Very much so, and you two are truly amazing. I almost orgasmed from watching. From the way you both went at each other there is no doubt you two enjoy “performing” like you do.”

“Me too”…said Rita. “Thank you for “performing” like you did for us. But if you don’t mind me asking, Lacey and I would love to suck your cock for a bit. That’s quite the dick you have and ever since I saw it fully erect I’m been thinking of how much I would like to feel it in my mouth. Lacey too.”

I don’t know where she got the “Lacey too” because it wasn’t from me, but I wasn’t going to contradict her. Truth be known I also was also imagining how such a huge dick like Jack’s would feel in one’s mouth.

“It would be my pleasure to have you two lovely ladies suck my cock.”

With that said Jack stood up directly in front of me. Then without hesitating I got on my knees, grabbed Jack by the ass cheeks and took his already erect cock straight in my mouth. After sizing it up with my lips and tongue I slowly began to bob back & forth on it while sucking furiously.

As big as Jack’s cock looked visually, it felt even bigger in my mouth. To say it was more than a “mouthful” wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Jack held my head with both hands and then took control by mouth fucking me. He held my head like he would my hips and face fucked me as if he were doing me in the ass or pussy. But very gently.

No way could I take his entire beast in my mouth and/or down my throat. Just enough so the tip of his huge cockhead would enter my throat ever so slightly. Which maybe was about two thirds of his cock. Same as Jill.

As for Jack’s huge cock, it most definitely was the biggest one I’ve ever sucked. Or that face-fucked me. Quite the monster, but not a cock I would like to suck often, or over and over. Just too big. While big is nice at times, something moderate in size as Walter’s 8 inch slender cock is more to my liking.

Eventually I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. It was Rita.

“My turn Lacey. The way you two are going at it, Jack’s going to cum before I get a chance to take his cock in my mouth.”

Since I was getting sore from my mouth being stretched to the limit around Jack’s beast I released him. Soon as I did Rita took my place in front of Jack, and like me took his cock straight into her mouth.

Jack repeated the same scenario with Rita by holding her head and gently mouth fucking her. Only difference, Rita was able to take more of his huge dick in her mouth and throat than I could. It actually never entered my throat. Only barely. But I swear there were times Rita tried, or at least took it partially in hers.

After about five minutes of steadily fucking Rita’s mouth as she was lipped locked on his cock, Jack began to groan. Question was, where was he going to cum.

As though to answer it, Rita grabbed him by the ass and pulled him forward into her mouth as deep as she could without hurting herself. When he did he literally exploded and let out a load moan as one cum stream after another shot into Rita’s throat. Then surprisingly Rita orgasmed. Something I sometimes also do when I suck cock. Usually just as it explodes and starts gushing semen. When Rita did she released a flood of pussy juice, which flowed down her inner thighs and onto the blanket.

Rita ended up taking what seemed like a good half dozen cum shots down her throat. All hungrily and willingly.

As soon as Jack was done ejaculating he slowly withdrew his dick from Rita’s mouth. But not before Rita managed to suck any residual cum from his still swollen glan. When she was done Jack’s cock fell out of Rita’s mouth like a snake. Semi-hard but still a good 9 inches in length. What a huge cock. Even when limp.

The rest of us couldn’t applaud enough when Rita was done. While both Jill and I thought we were good at sucking cock, we weren’t in the same class as Rita. A cock sucking super star for sure.

Wow was all I could think to myself. What an afternoon it turned out to be. Incredible how a simple walk in the woods evolved into an amazing day.

We all took a quick dip in the stream to freshen up before dressing and departing in opposite directions. But not before we all hugged and kissed, and thanked each other for a most memorable afternoon. Plus we promised to keep in touch and to have another get together in the not too distant future.

The End.



Even though the three day weekend wasn’t quite over I thought Part 5 here would be a perfect place to end the series. It would be hard to top what transpired on our hike that day and it was definitely the high point of the long weekend in many ways.

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