Lost in Memory


Today I had to stop myself from going to him. I saw him through a storefront window and my heart skipped a beat.

I know he’s bad for me in every possible way, but that thought doesn’t stop the way my body reacts to the sight of him. My body tightened, my pulse raced and I froze in place, my eyes locked onto his muscular frame.

He was looking at a suit, something he always wore to work. His black hair was cut short, leaving just enough length to show he had some curl to his silky locks. I knew from memory that his eyes were a deep brown, almost black that seemed to peer into your very soul when he looked at you. His mouth was moving, talking to the salesman, a mouth with sensual lips that housed his talented tongue…

A car horn woke me from my stupor and made me move again but I couldn’t take my eyes from his body, a body that caused me so much pleasure that I writhe every time I think about it.

The voice of reason inside my head kept reminding me how bad he was for me, how much he could hurt me if I gave him the chance. I shook my head, finished walking to my car, got in and drove away.

He was my favorite mistake. A dream of liquid pleasure poured into a hard frame. I sighed to myself as I pulled into my parking space. It was here, in the parking lot outside my building where it all started.

It had been a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing that ended in front of my building…

I growled in frustration as I got out of my car, locked it and headed up to my loft. I climbed up the steps and memory took me again.

His hands on my body, hot lips covering mine, the growing need between us ignited the summer air…

I bumped into the main door to my building, my memory shattered. Silently cursing to myself, I got into my building, hurried up the two flights to my loft and quickly got inside.

Once in, I looked around at the familiar sight of my coat rack by the door, the unopened mail on the floor, the full-length mirror in the hall.

I wasn’t bad looking I guess. I was 5’6, rich brown hair that fell in curls down my back, deep brown eyes, full lips and a trim hour-glass figure. I knew I turned a few heads walking down my street, but nothing could compare to him…

He’s been to my Starbucks at the corner from time to time, but I never thought he would even notice me until I picked up his caramel macchiato by mistake thinking it was mine. I laughed, gave him his drink along with my unlisted phone number.

An hour later, my cell rang and he asked me to drinks after work. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I agreed and we met that evening.

I shake my head now, thinking back to that fateful night. He was so charming, so handsome, and I was so naïve to think that he was going to be the one.

Looking at the bed now…damn these bad memories that feel so good!

Once we were inside my loft, there was no need for words. We tore each other’s clothes off, ripping buttons and pulling down zippers, landing in a naked pile on the bed.

In between kisses he told me how beautiful I was, how sexy I looked naked…that bastard…his mouth left mine to travel down my body to my wet entrance. His skilled tongue teased my outer lips, causing me to gasp and moan my pleasure to the big room, not caring what my neighbors thought…oh God his tongue!

My eyes snap open, back tuzla escort to reality for a second. I was leaning on a support column, crossing my legs tightly together, but nothing could relieve the ache between my thighs like his tongue had…I growled in frustration and dove for the bed, allowing the memory to take me.

He pushed one finger in, followed by his flicking tongue, lapping up my juices as my lips gripped his invading finger. My hands were clawed into the red silk sheets, I saw the whites of my knuckles as I turned my head from side to side. I sat up enough to tell him if he kept that up I was going to come all over his face.

“Is that a promise?” he asked, licking the outside of my pussy. God he was bad!

I collapsed back onto the bed and gave in.

He added a second finger, opening my pussy wider, making my juices flow freely now. I moaned and gasped the feel of him using his tongue and fingers on me were driving me to the edge.

I cried out a wordless shriek of pleasure as I fought to hold back, wanting this moment to last, but it was no use. My pussy clutched his fingers, my body rose from the bed and I screamed out my orgasm.

For a moment I blacked out, when my eyes opened, stars filled my vision and I was panting on my bed, with a very bad man between my thighs.

“Wh-where did you learn how to do that?!” I asked, my vision clear enough to look down my body to where he lay, a satisfied grin on his face.

“I have many secret talents,” he said, lightly kissing his way up my body. “Care to experience more?”

I shook my head hard, trying to clear it of what happened next; but the image of his face, the feel of his body next to mine, was too much and the memory washed over me.

I answered him by reaching down and bringing him up to claim his lips with mine. Our bodies flowed naturally into the positions they were meant to occupy while our kiss deepened to include exploring tongues and nibbling teeth. When he broke the kiss, he cradled my head in his hand.

“I’m going to start slow,” he said, hand caressing my face. “You are amazing! You deserve to be loved thoroughly.”

I didn’t trust my voice, so I just let my head nod slowly in agreement. His words touched something deep inside me, a place that I closed off to the world long ago. He said “loved” not “fucked,” and that meant more to me than he would ever know.

His hand traveled down my body and stayed touching me while he positioned himself at my waiting entrance. Damn him! Even his cock was perfect!

I licked my lips and bucked my hips up to him, eager to feel him inside me. He places his hands on my body, stilling my motions. I looked at his face and saw patience etched there.

“We will go slowly, I intend to make our time together memorable,” he said.

I stop moving my body on the bed and wait for him to start. I felt the first push of his cockhead separate my folds and my body tensed to receive the rest of his length, but then he stopped and slowly withdrew. Before I could protest, his cock was back in and pushing a little further this time before slowly being removed. Each time my body tensed, anticipated and then relaxed slightly as every nerve ending in my body was being built up over and over. All this was happening and he hadn’t even inserted his full length yet! Curse you, you damn sex devil!

Each fast thrust and tuzla escort bayan slow removal of his cock left my body winding tighter and tighter until I was sure his final thrust was going to set me over the edge! My hands were balling up the sheets and I was nibbling my lips in full anticipation of receiving his full length. His final thrust was slow, inch by inch and then a sudden burst of speed drew his full length into me in one swift motion that ripped a scream of pure ecstasy from my lips as I drowned in pleasure.

When I came back to myself, I felt him still inside me, balls deep in my pussy. He hadn’t moved. His hands came up to my chest to now circle my breasts and tease my nipples as he started a slow, steady rhythm. Having the added pleasure of my sensitive nipples teased while his cock was inside me had me wet within seconds after I came. Where did this Adonis learn such technique!? He didn’t even come yet! When that realization reached my head, I closed my eyes, allowed my head to fall onto the pillows, and I arched into his expertly capable hands.

I felt one of his hands leave my breasts and snake behind me to massage my lower back. I felt his pace quicken just a touch as his fingers wormed their way lower onto my ass. His other hand abandoned my breasts in favor of helping steady my hips and explore my ass. He lifted my ass up ever so slightly, hitting my pussy in a different angle that made my head swim. Every motion he made added to another building orgasm that started deep in my belly.

With each of his thrusts, his hand went lower on my ass, snaking its way to my asshole thrust by thrust. My body tensed each time I felt his hand get closer and closer to my forbidden hole. His pace quickened and the length of his strokes grew enough to where he almost came all the way out of me before pushing back into my sex box. Up and up, higher and higher until finally his fingers pushed on my asshole and at the same time filled my pussy with his length. I screamed as I felt this new orgasm claim me in its wave.

In my orgasmic haze, he slowly removed his cock from me and started to position me on my side. He placed pillows for my head to rest on and one pillow was placed under the side of my belly above my hips. He started to massage my neck, shoulders, arms and back as I came down from my high.

When I was back in my own body, he turned my head and laid a passionate kiss on my lips.

“I see the stars in your eyes, my love. This will be the last stage of our time tonight and you can trust that I will not disappoint you.”

I closed my eyes and sighed as I felt his hands massage my ass, spreading something slippery in between my folds.

“This pleasure will be different and I will not enter you here, but something will be added there. Please relax and let the pleasure guide your body.” Damn! He knew the right words to say to get something in my ass. Prick!

I felt his arms wrap around my upper body, pulling me back against his. I felt his cock, still warm and hard, positioned at the entrance to my pussy from behind. He lifted my leg gently, placing it behind his hips in a new position that I only ever saw in porn films. I felt like such a slut. It was a delicious feeling.

When he was done positioning me just right, he added more lube to his cock and fingers that entered my pussy and turned this way and that to grease my eager escort tuzla opening. I could feel the extra lubrication mixing with my natural juices. His bottom arm came around to the front of my body to grab my breast while his other lifted my top leg. With a final kiss, he plunged into my slick pussy.

The extra lubrication allowed him to increase his pace so that each thrust was quick as he penetrated deep into me. He pounded into me over and over and over again until I was grunting and moaning. I licked my own hand and used it to stimulate the front of my pussy. He pushed and pulled me so fast and hard that I almost didn’t feel the start of my final orgasm. At some point in the middle of our lovemaking, he left my top leg to fall behind him as he brought some device from beside the bed to come between our bodies and near my asshole. I finally found my voice and warned him I was close.

“Yes, yes my love. I’m close now. Almost there. Almost.”

I felt the pressure of the device at the entrance to my asshole. It felt small and round and it begged for entrance to my back door. I was about to say something when I felt the first anal bead enter. I screamed a wordless cry of pleasure. I never had something in my ass and my pussy before! This was insane! It felt so good! What was going on with me?

When the second bead went in I started to buck my hips and grind back against him, wanting to feel more.

“I’m close, babe. Real close. I’m going to come in your pussy. Yes. Here. Here!”

At the final moment, he turned the anal beads on vibrate and plunged his cock into my pussy. My body was racked with sensation from my vibrating ass and his pulsating cock dumping load after load of cum into my pussy. With his final grunt, he collapsed on the bed behind me while I dropped over onto my stomach attempting to catch my breath. Holy crap that felt good! Shit! That was fucking mind blowing!

When I could move again, I reached behind me to turn of the anal beads and slowly removed them. I turned my body to look at my lover who was still trying to catch his breath. His eyes were closed and his arm was resting on his forehead. I moved closer to him, resting my arm on his chest and smiled.

“That was incredible. Thank you.”

He gulped and tried a few times to speak but waited a little longer before he answered.

“You were fantastic. I should be thanking you, my love.”

I lifted my head and drew his lips into a deep, long kiss.

I should have smacked him right there! The horrible, mean man! I was such an idiot to trust him! What was I thinking?

My frustrated mind brought me out of my memory and back to the present. I was on my bed, my pants were lost among the covers which now lay on the floor and I was lying on my back with both my hands stimulating my pussy.

“Why couldn’t he have been a good guy? Why did he have to go and say all those great things and then forget I ever existed? Going off with that skank Lisa! Then Molly! Then Dannica! Oh! The list goes on! You prick!”

My hands hurry to finish me off in a less than satisfying orgasm. A cheap imitation of the real deal that, to my horror, I will probably never get to experience again. I throw my soiled clothes in the hamper on my way to the bathroom and take a cold shower.

I was in a towel when I heard my cellphone ring.

“That’s odd, it’s a blocked number,” I said before answering it.


There was a long pause.

I almost hung up when I heard a very familiar voice on the other end.

“Care to experience more?”

It was him.

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