Louise and Her Friend’s Father Ch. 06


From that first day when Louise introduced Myla to Tom Wilson the three continued to see each other whenever they could. It was usually once during the week and on Saturday afternoon. It depended on Wilson’s family life. If Mrs. Wilson was away on a business trip or working for some charity, Tom would take part or all of the day off. One or both of the girls would meet him and the sex was unbelievable for all of them.

Tom and Mary Wilson were married very young and had a 19 year old daughter the same age of Louise. They also had a son a little younger. In fact they were all friends and hung out together when Louise wasn’t fucking Mr. Wilson.

Tom was so happy he was able to fuck not just Louise but also this sexy well-built young beautiful Asian woman too. Again last night while his wife and daughter were in New York City shopping and seeing a play.

Actually it was a dream come true for any man around 40. I mean who wouldn’t want to make love to two very attractive young women? All men dream of having a young woman they can train and teach and have full and open sex with whenever they are available to satisfy his sexual needs.

Tom him, Tom’s wife just did not seem that interested in sex any longer. It started maybe 10 or 12 years ago when they decide not to have any more children. Tom had a vasectomy in order to save his wife the terrible operation that women have to become safe. With him it was snip, snip and a week or 10 days later he was good to go. There were no problems and now after the tests he was sure he was shooting blanks. The doctors told Tom that he had no live sperm now and he didn’t have to worry about making his wife pregnant. He was happy but his wife didn’t share his happiness and finally her need for sex diminished with each year that passed. She just didn’t seem to care about it now at all.

Because of that many nights Tom found himself masturbating and he was sick of it. So when he began to think back it had actually always been that way with his wife. Even when they first got married she wouldn’t try new things or experiment at all. Plain vanilla sex was the way it was with them. He was always the one to start any sexual playing around and Mary Wilson seemed to be much more interested in what the kids did or her work and the prestige of being a full VP now in her Accounting firm.

Many nights Tom found himself waiting for her to come home and when she did she was always to tired or had a head ache or didn’t feel like it, etc. So when Louise came into the picture Tom jumped at the offer of sex with this beautiful young woman. And at least now he wasn’t jerking off to get his sexual satisfaction he was cumming in a real woman’s pussy and having great and different types of sex with her. She was eager and willing and always ready to fuck or suck him, many nights she did both a few times. By the time he left her Tom was physically drained and so was his balls.

The best part was Tom knew that both Louise as well as Myla enjoyed this older man who had such a nice big thick cock and knew how to use it as he fucked them. They were both learning a lot of new and very erotic things from him. They were more than eager to learn and try anything Tom asked them to do. The way they were now both sucked his cock and always made him cum a huge load in their mouths. The way their young beautiful bodies looked nude in his arms ready and always open and willing to be fucked or learn things from him made Tom’s cock always get hard again and he shot his load at least three times each visit. The way the two women went at each other with or without his cum in their pussies was also a huge turn-on for him. He was so eager to train and fuck these lovely woman he was risking a great deal. But while he saw them a lot he was also careful to make sure that his wife or daughter didn’t find out about it.

Mary Wilson was a VP and she worked a lot of long hours. This was perfect for Tom because it gave him access to these two beautiful young women on a regular basis. The fact that they were his daughter, Amy’s best friends made it easy to get in their pants since they seem to be in his home often. Amy or one of the other girls always had some sort of slumber party. But they usually asked Amy to have it at her home. Once Amy was asleep at these parties one or both of these women would seek Tom out and they would either fuck or suck or both until dawn. It was usually on the weekend and Mary was asleep by 10 PM.

Now today with Mary and Amy gone for the weekend Tom had Louise on the sofa bed in the club basement he had built especially for the reason of having sex. He fucked her on Saturday afternoon and now again she was under him with her shapely legs spread wide and moaning as Tom moved in and out of her pussy with his long cock. The only thing Tom wasn’t sure of was his son. He was never around and while Saturday was sports most of the day, Tom never knew when he would be home. Since Billy drove his own car now, Tom was free to enjoy himself with Louise. But there kartal escort was still a risk. He had her for the entire weekend because his son had informed him that he was going to the beach house after the game. It was perfect.

They had been at it for a while now and each time he raised his ass up off the bed he gave Louise had at least 6-8 inches of cock into her body. He held it in her for a short time before she was lowering her ass back on the bed! He smiled down and asked her, “How you feeling baby? How’s my cock today? Does it feel big inside that tight pussy?”

She was humping up into him now as she rode it feeling it go in and out of her body. His big hard cock felt so god to her. As she used her hips to lift her pelvis up to meet his big cock, Louise was falling deeper and deeper into a sexual trance she always got when Tom fucked her from with him being on top. As he held her legs up and open allowing him to drive his big cock deeper into her young soft body she moaned and grunted and he could feel her pussy release her juices again and again. It was heaven to fuck a woman like Louise, who loved fucking him back. His wife would just laid there and he had to do all the work. This was nothing like that. When he fucked Louise she worked just as hard as he did to fuck him back. The sex was much better with this young woman now that he had trained her and taught her how to work that sweet tight little pussy of hers. He knew she must be the best fuck in school now.

Now, as Louise’s pussy rode his big cock deep inside her pussy again and again and again he pumped up and down using his entire big shaft stimulated her clit and the inter-most parts of her womb. No man or boy had ever been as deep in her cunt as Tom Wilson was right now and it drove her wild with lust feelings him. “Oh God Mr. Wilson. Deeper fuck me deeper”, she moaned as he rammed into her now towards his orgasm.

Her clit was throbbed and thumped now as his cock was throbbing with a need to cum. It made her forget about everything except the wonderful feeling and her own need to cum and relieve her sexual urgency. Louise really enjoying the feeling of 7 or 8 inches going in and out of her pussy each time Tom pushed or pulled changing the direction of his movements. It was very stimulating and sensitive clit loved how his shaft rubbed it with his movements. She knew she was going to cum very soon! “Oh hell”, she said to herself, ” No! It’s too soon! I don’t what this to stop yet. Oh God yes Tom! Oh hell, I can’t hold back.”

As she arched her back and lifted them both up off the bed now she pumped her hips and jammed her cunt on his shaft as she told him, “Oh God! What a cock you have Mr. Wilson. What woman won’t be ready to cum with a big thick cock in her pussy like I have right now? Oh yes baby fuck me I’m cumming.”

He smiled and rammed his cock hard into her and she spewed her cum all over his thick shaft deep inside her. As she did she said in a husky voice, “I’m ready Mr. Wilson! Are you ready to cum? I know I’m close! Ohhhh fuck yesssss!”

Tom smiled down at her and told her to enjoy it as he put his hands on her hips as her feet were around his head. He lifted her lower body up a little higher as he fucked her faster now. He told her, “Oh yes! Soon Louise! I’m going to cum soon! I want you to go first baby! God you feel so good! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good! Squeeze your pussy like I taught you to do. Yes that’s right. Oh Jesus Lou your cunt feels so good baby. Cum for me!”

She did! She always did what he told her and she squeezed the walls of her vagina like she had learned to do and had actually worked at. He was pleasing her like no other lover she had ever had before. Louise wanted to give this man as much pleasure as he was giving her. She rocked up and down for another few seconds squeezing her pussy muscles as tight as she could around his shaft.

Then as she started to rock back and forth on his cock resting a little from pumping up and down he moaned loudly! As he thrust in and out of her she knew he was seconds away from cumming too! She could feel his cock when it began to swell even more inside her. As it got thicker it seemed to get harder and even warmer as it built towards his climax. He was telling her in a low deep voice, “Yes baby! That’s it Lou. Squeeze! Release! Squeeze! Release! Yes, that’s right. That’s right baby. Work it. Work that pussy for me.”

She was humping and humping and going wild on him as he said, “Ride my cock. Squeeze it with your pussy. Squeeze your tunnel as hard as you can as I pump into it. Yes baby! Oh fuck that’s it. Oh God your pussy is magic baby.”

She moaned out, “Your cock feels so good. Mummmmm! Yes!”

She was giving him all she had as her knees were now being pressed down into her breasts. Tom fucked her harder and much faster. He was going to cum. She smiled knowing how good she was treating his cock with that sweet young tight pussy of hers. “Yes! Yea! That’s it! Oh yea! Oh God I’m Cumming! NOW! maltepe escort bayan Oh fuck yes Louise! Squeeze baby! Squeeze me hard! YES!!! OH FUCK YES! NOW! FUCK ME! Yes! YES! YES! YES!! AHHHHHH!”

As Tom began to cum he heard her voice saying, “Uumm, Uumm, Uumm, Ummm, Ummm, Ummm, Uumm, Ummm! Ummmmmmmm!”

The moans seem to come with each shot of cum he pumped into her pussy until he peaked and held his cock as deep inside her as he could get it. The head was inside her womb. And he held that last thrust up into her body! Her ass was high up off the bed and she rocked on cock and pumped her hot, wet pussy on it. She loved the feel of his cock especially when it was cumming. And as he did she could actually feel his cock thumping inside her each time his cum shot another dose of it into her body. Again and again, she felt load after load being pumped into her body! It was making her reach her own orgasm. She moaned out his name as her body exploded with her own climax now.

Her cunt had been squeezing his cock it was now locked on it. As he pumped his cum into her as deep as he could reach she began to pump and pump and pump her hips as her orgasm took over her movements. Their fucking was hard, hot and the feeling was unbelievable. He felt her body rising and falling with each thrust of her hips and pelvis. With each thrust of his hips he pumped his entire big dick down into her pussy. Their bodies met and hung there in the air of the bed now as he finished cumming and her was peaking now.

Louise felt like a doll with batteries in it as her hips pumped and thrust up into his. As she lay under him, h felt her peak and she held it and held it and held it like only a young woman could do with her body.

Finally Tom fell forward on top of her and she held him tightly as they rolled to their sides and looked at each other. He could feel the cum leaking out of her and covering both of their lower bodies around their sex. They didn’t care they held each other and she saw him close his eyes and fall asleep in her arms. She stroked his face and kissed him waking him off and on as she held him. They had been going at it all night and she knew he was tired.

She loved how he fucked her. She had climaxed at the very exact time he had finished and was over his peak. That made the wonderful feeling seem to last longer for both of them but especially her. Their voices were moaning and groaning together as she held him gently! As they both finished tremendous orgasms he had released her thighs and she had quickly wrapped her legs around his body holding him tight with his cock deep inside her. She had lowered she ass back on to the bed and he lay on her chest sucking one of the very hard long nipples of her beautiful full breasts before they had rolled to their sides now.

With her young gorgeous thighs along his sides she had her legs wrapped around his body holding him inside her pussy still squeezing his cock as hard as she could. He held her tight as he gently pumped slowly into her pussy with his cock. It was still hard. No, not as hard as it was at the start of their fucking or when he had his climax but it was still hard enough and long enough to make her feel good with an afterglow of her orgasm. She enjoyed this time too. God did she feel good. As their mixed cum began to run out of her pussy it covered both of their hips and their sex. They were sticky and wet with it but neither of them moved as it drained on to them and the bed under them. A puddle formed on the bed under them she was still rocking back and forth slowly fucking his cock and rubbing them in the puddle.

They both knew they had given each other great orgasms during the night and they were both tired. As usual she felt so good about the sex and began to wonder what was to come. Sooner or later he would get tired of her or she would find a male closer to her own age with a big cock and she would leave Mr. Wilson. They had talked about it and while neither wanted it to end they both knew it would some day. But until then, she would fuck his brains out every chance she got. She knew he loved to fuck her and he took some real chances to be with her. She again wondered how Amy, his daughter and her best friend would feel about her fucking her father?

Finally Tom looked into her beautiful eyes and said, “Now you can help me! I want you to call Myla and tell her to come over as soon as she can. I want to watch you both make love. It gets my cock hard and I want to see you two do it again tonight.”

He rolled off of her and she sat up. She could see his big wet cum covered cock as she sat there watching him look at her pretty body and especially her wet pussy, which was also dripping cum. He told her he wanted to put his big old cock in them both tonight while his wife and daughter were out of town. They could spend the night together and enjoy a three way again.

She smiled and spread her legs he could see all of her pussy and how covered it was with his cum. His big cock escort pendik jumped when he saw how wet and messy she was. She was so beautiful. He said, “Tell Myla I want her to come over and clean the cum out of your pussy while I fuck her from behind.

He held his cock in his hand as she picked up the phone. She dialed the number to Myla’s house. There was no answer. He was disappointed, so was Louise. She loved how Myla licked her pussy. They had been doing it for a couple years now, ever since they had the slumber party at the Wilson’s house. Yes it was the same home she was now fucking Mr. Wilson in. She was sure he didn’t know that his daughter was one great pussy eater. The girls had pleased each other often when Mr. and Mrs. Wilson would go out leaving them alone for hours together in Amy’s room. She recalled how they would lick and suck and use the various toys they both had.

If Mr. Wilson ever-looked under Amy’s underwear in her closet or in the over night bag that she had in there, he would most like die from shock. Amy had a huge 8-inch dildo and a 3-foot long double headed one they had used together to fuck each other at the same time. Both girls had lost their cherry with that big fake big dick.

Louise remembered it was the same night and they both decide to use it to pop their cherries together. They had held each other afterwards shaking and shivering from the pain and the orgasm it gave them. Then they showered together and both licked and sucked each other’s sore pussies. They used a small pocket size vibrator they each had on each other to cum one last time before going to sleep. After that night both Amy and Louise each had slumber parties at least twice a month. That meant that they were sucking each other’s pussy each weekend now for over a year.

Now Myla was also included in their little sex party and they would form a triangle and lick and suck and party away half the night as the parents were out having fun. They took turns at Amy and Louise’s house since Myla was an exchange student and the people she lived with wouldn’t agree to the parties. So she would sleep over after the parents she lived with would check and call the Wilson’s house to verify that she would be there. It was the perfect set up for the girls.

When the parents came home hours later they would find the girls sleeping like little angles they all felt their daughters were. If they only knew how erotic and sexual the three of them were they wouldn’t believe it. If Mr. Wilson knew how much Amy loved sucking pussies and fucking that big vibrator, Louise knew he would want to fuck Amy too. Well until that day, Louise and Myla weren’t sharing Mr. Wilson with his daughter. They both had decided to keep his cock to themselves. Maybe one day she would tell him about what she and Myla and Amy were all doing while he was out with Mrs. Wilson. And maybe she wouldn’t tell him about Amy.

Louise smiled wondering if he would want to fuck his own daughter braking her into a real man’s cock? Louise and Myla had been lovers every since Myla entered the school. Louise and Amy were also lovers and neither knew about the other until one Saturday Louise asked if Myla could come to the slumber party too. When she arrived and the parents were gone the girls went wild on each other.

Now that Myla wasn’t home, Louise knew Mr. Wilson was very disappointed and so she took his wet slippery cock and slowly slid it into her warm mouth. As she did he began to harden again and pump his cock in and out between her tight sealed lips. She lifted her head so she could take more of it and soon Tom was fucking her throat as she deep throated his dick almost all the way. She cupped his balls and pulled them gently as she sucked and stroked his cock. She was proud of the fact that she could take his cock down her throat and give him pleasure. As she sucked she felt him arrange her body on the bed.

Louise was now lying flat on the bed with her head tilted back off of it. Her long dark straight hair almost touched the floor as she opened her mouth to accept his cock again. She had done this before and Tom taught her how to take his cock down her throat. She didn’t even gag now. As Tom started to fuck her mouth he had a straight shot down her throat. He soon had his balls slapping the top of her head as his cock hair was rubbing the bridge of her nose. She had done it Louise had taken all of his cock, every inch down her throat. She was smiling as she felt the cock hair tickle her nose and eye lashes. As Tom’s balls slapped her head he fucked her mouth now.

God she was sucking him so good and he knew he would get off again! And then he did. Tom began to cum and Louise held his cock in her mouth with the big cock head down her throat for as long as she could as she drank and tasted his sweet cum. She loved having sex with this man and pleasing him as much as she could possibly do.

Sex with Louise and Myla became a weekly event. Whenever Tom’s wife left the house for any long period of time or, when Louise’s family left and she alone in her home, they would somehow get together and set it up with Myla and sometimes without her. Usually once a week for an hour, maybe two and in some cases three hours they would go at it enjoying the pure lustful sex.

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