Lou’s Girl


The following entertainment is for adults only, and anyone not an adult is hereby warned to go away.

* * * * *

Lou fell in love in the bottom half of the fourth inning. She was at a party, bored with all the chatter, sitting alone in the kitchen watching night baseball on a small television set. She had no serious liking for baseball; she just wanted to be alone awhile. Three months now without Greta, her little Greta of the gumdrop nipples and soft belly and crazy temper. Greta had thrown an unopened wine bottle at the wall, smashed the bottle to bits, white wine splashing everywhere, toppling and cracking a vase that Lou had brought back from Yucatan, and then Greta had told Lou to go to hell and had stomped out on her high heels. What could Lou do? She had loved the little bitch to tears, but Greta was too much to handle. It occurred to Lou that lately all her women were too much to handle, all of them packages of intense trouble. Lou wanted peace. She was pushing fifty, and she wanted a peaceful existence with a loving woman, someone who could get her mind off the stupid politics at the university. Lou taught chemistry, and the chaos in her personal life was making her hate her job. How do I make things work for me? Lou thought. Why am I watching night baseball?

The batter struck out, and at that moment a young woman entered the kitchen, a tall brunette with a slick pageboy hairdo, a pretty oval face, red lips, slender body, firm little ass outlined by a tight black dress, and legs in black nylon perched on sandals with stiletto heels. Lou had a special weakness for pretty legs in high heels. My God, look at this, Lou thought. The girl was a vision and this was a lesbian party.

The young woman looked at Lou. “Hi. I was told I’d find some ice in the freezer. Is it okay?”

Lou shrugged. “Of course it’s okay. It’s not my freezer anyway.” She smiled and the young woman smiled back, and Lou felt the lurch in her chest that told her she was falling in love again.

“Thanks,” the young woman said. She walked to the freezer, opened it, and retrieved a tray of ice cubes.

“I’m Lou.”

“And I’m Caroline.” The young woman smiled at Lou and pranced out of the kitchen holding the tray of ice cubes in both hands.

Lou rolled her eyes, not at anyone, since she was alone in the kitchen again. Now where did that lovely girl come from? Lou thought. She certainly hadn’t seen Caroline before. Now she had a reason to rejoin the party.

Lou found Caroline in the large living room, Caroline in the midst of a dozen women dancing to a heavy frenetic beat that rattled the walls. Lou watched Caroline a few moments, and then she walked over to Delia Perkins, the tough little blond who was the hostess of the party.

“Who’s the brunette?” Lou asked.

“Which brunette?”

Lou inclined her head to indicate Caroline.

Delia squinted across the room and then chuckled. “Oh, that one. She’s a dream, isn’t she? Her name’s Caroline Crowley and she belongs to Kell Vernon.”

“Kell Vernon? I thought she left town.”

“She’s back, Lou. And don’t start a fight here and break up my furniture.”

“You know I’m not like that.”

“Maybe not you, but Kell could. She’s crazy. No fighting, okay?”

“Tell me about the girl.”

“Caroline? I don’t know anything about her. She works on campus somewhere and she came here with Kell.”

“Damn Kell Vernon.”

A voice behind Lou suddenly rasped: “You calling me, Lou?”

Lou knew the voice. She turned slowly and faced the big woman with a sigh. “I thought you left town, Kell.”

“Well, I’m back.”

“Too bad.”

“Fuck you, professor.”

Delia hissed at them. “Now you two don’t start anything. I mean it. I’ll throw you both out of here.”

“I’m leaving,” Lou said. “I don’t like the smell in here.”

* * *

At home, Lou was depressed again. She lived in an old house on the edge of the campus, a fine place she had tended carefully for nearly twenty years. But what good is a fine house if you’re alone? She never liked being alone, especially not tonight after meeting Caroline Crowley and seeing Kell Vernon again. Damn Kell Vernon, what an animal she was. What was a girl like Caroline Crowley doing with an animal like that? Lou lay on her living room sofa and thought about Caroline Crowley and it caused an ache in her belly. Those pretty legs. Oh hell, Lou thought. She hadn’t had any real sex since Greta walked out. She thought about Rita. Before Greta, Rita had been Lou’s lover. More like a slave than a lover, since Rita’s passion was hard submission, the kinkier the better. Lou didn’t mind dominating a lover, since she dominated all of them, but Rita could pull her to the edge. Lou did not like the edge of the abyss; you look down and you see blackness and despair. She had promised herself she would not call Rita again. But how could she avoid it now? She needed what Rita could give her. After that scene with Kell Vernon, she needed to put her mind in storage, at least for a few hours. She reached behind her head casino siteleri to find the cordless phone, brought it forward and started punching in a telephone number. Rita would help her. Rita would moan and beg and do anything Lou wanted. There was never any love in it, only lust. A sharp mind-bending lust coupled with the wildness of Rita’s submission. Rita’s submission to her was a like dangerous drug that had to be taken in small doses. Too much Rita would kill her. But when she needed Rita desperately, nothing could take Rita’s place.

She heard Rita’s phone ring, and then Rita answered.

Lou said: “Hello, Rita, this is Lou.”

* * *

An hour later, Rita was on her knees with Lou’s strap-on in her mouth, the cock showing the red smears of Rita’s lipstick. Rita had her eyes closed, her round mouth sliding back and forth on the shaft of the cock as Lou stood there looking down at Rita’s face. Lou was naked, her big breasts sagging on her chest, her hands on her hips. Watching a femme suck her cock always made Lou hot. Rita had arrived dressed the way she knew Lou wanted her to be dressed, almost naked under a raincoat; she now wore black thigh-high fishnets and black pumps and nothing else. Rita was thirty-five, with a lean body, small breasts, and narrow hips.

“Hold still,” Lou said, and Rita immediately stopped moving her head as Lou started thrusting the cock in and out of Rita’s open mouth. Now Rita’s eyes were open and lifted to look at Lou’s face. They locked eyes as Lou continued fucking Rita’s mouth. “Diddle your clit,” Lou said, and Rita’s right hand immediately dropped to her crotch to find her clitoris.

What a hungry bitch, Lou thought. But she liked her women that way. Sex was too important not to have a hunger for it. She pitied all the miserable people without the hunger. Not having the hunger, they scorned those who had it; the half-dead scorning the living. She pushed the cock deeper into Rita’s mouth, all the way in until Rita’s nose pressed against her belly, the head of the cock pushing against the back of Rita’s throat. Rita was too experienced to gag; she just held on until Lou had enough and decided to pull back.

When Lou pulled the cock all the way out of Rita’s mouth, a wad of saliva dribbed out of the corner of Rita’s lips and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Lou looked down at her. “Have you missed me?”

“You know I have, Lou.”

“Missed me or missed this cock?”


“Kneel on the sofa with your ass up.”

Rita rose off her knees and did what Lou wanted. She knelt facing the back of the sofa, with her knees apart and her back arched to make her buttocks prominent. Without being told, she reached back to pull her buttocks apart.

Lou gazed down at the offered body. She loved asses, and the stockings and heels made Rita’s ass look divine. Rita’s labia were shaved clean, the cunt like a split peach at the joining of her thighs. Lou could see a glint of oil at the rim of Rita’s dark little anus; Rita had already lubricated herself, probably in the bathroom when she had first arrived.

Almost too perfect, Lou thought. She moved forward to fuck her toy.

* * *

On Monday morning, Lou telephoned the university personnel office and learned that Caroline Crowley worked in the admissions office. When Lou telephoned Caroline and said they’d met at Delia Perkins’ house, Caroline immediately remembered her. They chatted a few moments, and then Lou said: “Are you attached to Kell Vernon?”

Caroline hesitated. “Attached?”

“Do you date other women?”

“Kell doesn’t own me.”

“Good, then I’m asking you to lunch.”


“Yes, today. Can you meet me at Hobb’s Grill? It’s on the west side of the campus.”

“I don’t know if I should.”

“Why not?”

“I hardly know you.”

“That’s the point, isn’t it? We’ll have lunch and you’ll get to know me.”

Lou heard Caroline mumble something, and then Caroline said: “What time?”

* * *

Lou and Caroline sat opposite each other in a booth, Lou eating a hamburger and Caroline picking at a salad. Lou thought Caroline looked as beautiful today as she had at Delia’s party, although Caroline was dressed more simply now, wearing a beige cashmere sweater and black slacks and flats. The younger woman wore hardly any makeup.

Lou had already learned that Caroline was from San Diego and that she had been working on campus less than two months. Caroline seemed impressed by Lou’s status on campus. When Lou asked about Kell Vernon, Caroline said she had met Kell Vernon in a bar only a week ago.

“Lucky Kell,” Lou said. “Can I assume you’re gay?”

Caroline did not look directly at Lou. “Yes.”

“How long have you been out?”

The younger woman glanced briefly at Lou’s chest, at Lou’s large breasts. “About five years,” Caroline said in a soft voice. And then she began telling Lou her story. She was twenty-eight. She had married a rich boy she had met in college, a member of a prominent San Diego family, but slot oyna the marriage had lasted only two years because it turned out he was gay. Soon after that Caroline realized she was a lesbian and she began openly dating women. She liked strong women. When Lou questioned her about that and about her relationship with Kell Vernon, Caroline became reluctant.

Lou said: “At least tell me if you intend to keep seeing Kell.”

Avoiding Lou’s eyes, Caroline shrugged. “She’s interesting.”

Lou thought she understood everything now. She knew enough about Kell Vernon to imagine what went on between them. She wanted Caroline. The crazy feeling of falling in love with this beatiful young woman was stronger than ever. Lou wanted her. And if she could read Caroline’s eyes, Caroline wanted her in turn.

“Have dinner with me tomorrow night,” Lou said.

Their eyes met. It was obvious that more than dinner would be involved. Caroline appeared to quiver a moment, and she blushed. “Yes,” she said. “I think I’d like that.”

* * *

Lou treated the date with Caroline the way she treated every date: Don’t bother unless you mean it, and if you mean it, get the woman turned on and keep her that way. She was happy Caroline prettied herself up for the date, and when Caroline came down to Lou’s waiting car and slid into the passenger seat, Lou said:

“You look lovely, absolutely gorgeous. You have the most beautiful legs.”

“Thank you.”

“I adore you in high heels.”

Caroline laughed. “I’ll remember that.”

Lou took her to the best French restaurant in town, requested a quiet candlelit table, ordered a good wine, and helped Caroline read the menu.

“You’re a very nice person,” Caroline said.

“I have an ulterior motive.”

“Then you’re a very nice person with an ulterior motive. Tell me about your work. Is it true that the chemists sometimes make explosions in the chemistry building?”

“Yes, it’s true. We make mistakes like everyone else, except that when a chemist makes a mistake it can blow the windows out. Otherwise chemistry is just ordinary. I teach, I do research, and I go out with beautiful women whenever I can.”

“The university doesn’t make any trouble for you?”

“You mean because I’m a lesbian?”


Lou laughed. “I think they like it. They can brag about faculty diversity. Having a few dykes on the faculty allows them to call themselves progressive. Anyway, everything has been fine so far.”

And so they chatted quietly during their dinner. There was no question that the erotic tension was building, Lou could feel it. And she guessed Caroline could too. Lou gazed frequently at Caroline’s breasts pressing against her white silk blouse. She wanted to see Caroline’s legs, but of course that was not possible while they were sitting down. As for Caroline, Lou caught the younger woman’s eyes on her large breasts more than once. It turned Lou on to imagine Caroline sucking one of her nipples, holding the breast with both hands while she sucked hard. Lou was thankful for the size of her breasts. Over the years, her big tits had been important in many a conquest.

When they finally left the restaurant and walked out into the dark parking lot, Lou took Caroline in her arms and kissed her.

“I want to fuck you,”

Caroline trembled. “Yes, I know.”

They kissed again, and then they continued walking toward Lou’s car.

* * *

As soon as they were inside the front door of Lou’s house, they put their arms around each other, pressed their bodies together and kissed with a great passion. Lou was surprised at Caroline’s ardor; she was always surprised when women acted as if they wanted her. Yes, Caroline did want her, and now the infatuation Lou felt for the younger woman intensified.

“Come on,” Lou said, as she broke the wet kiss, “I’m going to undress you.”

Caroline was obviously as ready for sex as Lou was, and when Lou took her hand, Caroline allowed herself to be led down the hall to the living room. Lou switched on only one light, an old Tiffany lamp with a glass shade in a variety of colors. She led Caroline toward the center of the large room, kissed her again, and then started undressing her. She kissed Caroline everywhere as she removed her clothes. The girl was exquisite, dolled up in a blue lace bra and panty set, with a thin black garter belt to hold up her stockings.

“You’re a vision,” Lou said, stepping back to look at her. “Do you always dress like this?”

Caroline blushed. “Only for a hot date.”

Lou moved in again and kissed Caroline’s mouth, then unhooked the bra to get Caroline’s breasts free. She held the girl’s tits in her hands and kissed each nipple. She slid a hand down past Caroline’s belly to gently pinch Caroline’s pussy through the nylon of her panties. Lou could feel the wetness, the juices behind the nylon.

“God, you’re something,” Lou said. “I want to suck you right here.”

Caroline smiled. “All right.” She stepped away and quickly slid her panties down her thighs and canlı casino siteleri legs and stepped out of them while holding onto Lou’s shoulder.

Lou caught only a glimpse of the dark little tuft below Caroline’s belly before Caroline turned and pranced on her high heels to an easy chair. Her back was gorgeous. Her ass was gorgeous. Her thighs and legs were gorgeous. I’m lost, Lou thought as she watched Caroline turn and sit in an armchair.

“Is this okay?” Caroline asked, leaning back with her feet on the floor and her legs slightly apart.

“Perfect,” Lou said. She moved to the girl and went down on her knees, lifted Caroline’s legs and pulled Caroline’s hips forward until she had Caroline’s pussy at the edge of the seat cushion.

Goddess, what a feast, Lou thought. The girl’s cunt looked delicious, the shaved lips already swollen and slightly parted, the juices glinting, the clit poking its little nose out of the hood.

The hell with patience, Lou thought. She dropped her face between Caroline’s thighs and started sucking the honey. She worked her tongue past the rim of Caroline’s vagina, scouring the opening, sucking the juices out. Then she moved up to Caroline’s clit and began teasing around it with little flicks of her tongue. Finally she closed her lips over the clit and rubbed her face back and forth in Caroline’s crotch until Caroline moaned and groaned and came and bubbled over into Lou’s face.

When Lou at last pulled her face away, Caroline sighed and said: “That was nice.”

“I want to fuck you, honey.”

“I know you do, you told me.”

“Come to the bedroom.”

“Can I ask a favor?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Can I see those big tits?”

Lou laughed. “You sure can, love. And you can do more than look at them.”

* * *

In Lou’s bedroom, the room lit by a pink lamp, they lay naked on the bed in each other’s arms. Caroline did indeed do more than just look at Lou’s breasts, she took a thick nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard until Lou groaned. Lou loved it. She loved having her big breasts sucked. She stroked Caroline’s head as Caroline suckled at her big tit.

Then Lou said: “Tell me about Kell.”

Caroline stopped sucking and looked up at Lou. “Tell you what?”

“She plays rough, doesn’t she?”

Caroline pulled away from Lou and sat up. She avoided Lou’s eyes. “Yes, she does.”

“And you like it.”

“Yes I do. Most of the time, anyway.”

“I’m not as rough as Kell.”

“I know that.”

“So why are you here?”

Caroline gave Lou a saucy look. “Maybe to find out what you’re like.”


“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re curious.”

“Yes, I’m curious. Is that bad?”

Lou sighed and rose from the bed. “No, it’s not bad. But let’s find out how curious you are. Are you up for it?”


“Put your shoes on.”

Caroline smiled. “You have a thing about shoes?”

“I like you in heels. Always wear heels when you’re with me. Now put them on and I’ll fuck you like I said I would.”

* * *

Wearing her tooled leather harness with a blue cock jutting from the crotch-piece, Lou was something formidable and she knew it. She caught the gleam in Caroline’s eyes as Caroline sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the cock.

Lou moved forward. “Suck it,” Lou said. “Show me what you can do with it.”

The sexual vibrations were clear now. Lou was in charge and Caroline would do whatever Lou wanted. Lou noted the slight quiver of pleasure in Caroline’s shoulders as the younger woman leaned forward to take the cock in her mouth.

Lou gazed down past her breasts at Caroline’s painted mouth sliding back and forth on the length of the cock. As always, Lou was thrilled by it. She loved it. The eroticism was more symbolic than anything else, an act of submission. Caroline’s eyes were closed and she looked as though she were praying at an altar. After awhile Lou took the younger woman’s head in her hands and said gently: “Just hold your head still, honey, and let me do the work.”

And when Caroline stopped moving, Lou began fucking the pretty mouth, her eyes on the red lips stretched around the shaft of the cock. She kept the strokes short at first, and then she gradually lengthened her thrusting until Caroline’s nose almost hit leather at the end of each stroke forward. More force now. If Caroline felt any discomfort, she did not show it. Not even a whimper. The cock was slick with Caroline’s saliva, some of it dripping back to Caroline’s mouth. Just like Rita, Lou thought. But Caroline looked prettier having her mouth fucked. Caroline was a dream.

Lou finally pulled the cock out of Caroline’s mouth and said: “All right, kneel with your ass up and I’ll fuck you.”

No tenderness. She knew Caroline did not wanted tenderness, she wanted fucking. Caroline knelt on the edge of the bed with her head and shoulders down and her hips raised, the hairless lips of her cunt pouting, her anus a dark little ring that showed evidence of hard sex. Lou knew what Kell Vernon was like. She knew Kell had worked Caroline everywhere, in every opening, and without any care for Caroline. Kell was an animal. Lou liked to work a girl, she liked asses too, but she did not like damaging women.

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