Love With Sister-In-Law


This is a true story happened in my life. I was then married for 7 years and staying with my wife in Bangalore. We received a call from my sister-in-law Sandhya that she and her husband will be coming to Bangalore. Her husband Raj was alcoholic and was advised treatment in a Bangalore hospital. They arrived to admit Raj to the hospital.

My sister-in-law Sandhya was a 27 years beautiful woman with 36C-26-38 figure and a fair skin. Whenever she used to walk ,her ass used to swing in a beautiful way. I had a crush on her right from the day I had got married and always used to fantasize about her. I thought now was an opportunity and started planning.

Raj was admitted in a city hospital and Sandhya used to go there from Morning to evening. Some times I used to drop her to hospital on way to my work. One day when I went to drop her to hospital and when we reached I volunteered to open the car door from my driving position and while doing so brushed her boobs and stared at her from the corner of my eye for her reaction. She blushed and immediately got down and said thanks and started walking towards the hospital building. My first move has not got any adverse reaction and this has encouraged me further.

Next week to this incident, in the afternoon I was at home and my wife had gone out for something. The door bell rang and I opened the door to see Sandhya standing. ataşehir escort She told me that Raj was undergoing some tests in the hospital and she was not required there hence she came early. She went to her room, changed into a house gown and came out. She asked me whether she would make any tea for me? I asked her to do so and went into my bedroom. After about 10 minutes she walked into my bedroom with a teacup in the hand. An idea flashed into my mind. She bent to leave the teacup on the bedside table and kept. As she was about to turn I held her hand, pulled her on the bed ,pinned her wrists down and deep kissed her. She was taken by surprise for a moment but immediately pushed me aside and ran back to her room. I was also scared now thinking there will be a sure scene after my wife returns. My wife returned after half an hour. She and Sandhya started preparing for dinner. I was called for dinner and while having dinner Sandhya was not looking at me eye to eye. After finishing her work my wife came to the bedroom and I was expecting sparks flying but nothing happened. I was happy and knew that this a positive signal fro Sandhya.

I was waiting for a kill and I had a good opportunity. My wife had to leave for Chennai for 3 days for a meeting. It was Thursday evening. I came from office at about 8 PM. Sandhya had prepared the dinner and we kadıköy escort bayan had a quite dinner. She was not looking at me at all. After the dinner I was watching TV in the drawing room. She was there till 10.30 Pm and then left to her room. I was watching a movie on TV till 12 midnight. It started raining very heavily that night . I got up and moved towards my bedroom and on the way checked Sandhya’s bedroom door, the latch was locked from inside.

Suddenly lust has taken over me. I got hold of duplicate key of the latch and without making any noise opened Sandhya’s bedroom door. I went inside and closed the door slowly. There was very dim blue color night lamp in the room and to my surprise and luck Sandhya was sleeping on her side naked on a double bed. Her sexy body curves I could make out even in that dim blue light. I removed my clothes and slept next to her and was waiting for her to turn on the other side. After about few minutes she started turning on the other side and while doing so when her face was facing the ceiling I sat on her thighs and pinned her wrists to the bed and kissed her.

She was very scared by my attack and opened her mouth to shout and immediately I inserted my tongue in her mouth and muffled her noises. She did not know what had hit her and was struggling to break free however I was holding her wrists very strongly. escort maltepe I started deep kissing her and told her not to shout and I love her. After deep kissing her for 5 minutes her resistance melted and she started actively deep kissing me. By now I had a monstrous erection and my cock was dying to enter her. She was feeling my hard cock and she opened her thighs and in one go I rammed my cock in her. It was so hard that she had some difficulty accommodating it fully inside. I started giving slow strokes and while doing so started pinching her by now very erect nipples. I loosened my grip over her wrists and made them free. She started moving her hands on my back and was pleading me to fuck her faster and harder. I fucked her very hard for almost 10 minutes and shot my cum deep into her and collapsed on her.

I was satisfied that I could fuck her at last however she was not done yet. She started working on my limp cock and she brought it back to life in a few minutes. She must be one hell of a bitch because she made me lie down on my back and sat on my cock. She guided my cock into her cunt and started slowly riding me. She increased her rhythm and started pinching her own breasts. I started kneading her breasts by my free hands. She rode me for almost 20 minutes. Both of us were sweating by now due to intense sexual activity for the last one hour or so. She had a firm grip on my waist and pushing her cunt closer and closer on my cock so that it was almost reaching her womb. I shot a hot load of cum deep into her and she reached a climax. She fell on me flatly. I held her in my arms, kissed her deep and both of us went to sleep.

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