Lover of the Wild Boy


Many of these characters are based on real historical figures, a couple are not. The events for the story’s sake are totally fictional.


Doctor Jean Marc Gaspard Itrad seeks a young, female attendant to aid his studies at the National Institute of the Deaf: The candidate must be female, married or widowed, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five and must be attractive. The candidate must have a working knowledge of linguistics and the sciences. The position will pay 25 francs for the year, and will include room and board. Please contact Doctor Itrad for more information.

“Excuse me, monsieur; is this the National Institute of the Deaf?” I had tightly guarded the ad clipping for the job position from the rain, bringing it only from my breast to present the man at the door. “I am here for the position listed by Doctor Itrad. My name is Marie Rosé Saint-Thomas. I have an appointment.”

The man nodded, and I followed him inside into the antique halls. I removed the shawl covering my hair and shook it dry, tucking back a straw-colored curl behind my ear. It was hard to find jobs for women in the new Republic, and after losing my beloved husband Fredric I had no means to support myself. I followed the gentleman down to a small wing of the institute, and he told me that Doctor Itrad would come out of his office to see me. I thanked him and took a moment to make myself presentable. It was such a queer advertisement for a job, but with the few experiences I’ve had I could not afford to lose it.

After some moments, Doctor Jean Marc Gaspard Itrad came out of his office to greet me. He was a rather handsome man, and much younger than I had imagined. He was tall; with rich dark curls and a warm smile that few men lacked these days. I took a curtsey, and he bowed. He kissed my hand in the customary way, and said “Thank you for coming, Madame Saint-Thomas. Was it difficult for you to find the institute?”

“Non, monsieur.” I replied with the brightest of smiles I could muster, “It was very easy from where my apartments are. And it is an honor to meet one of the finest doctors in our time.”

“Please, madam, you humble me.” He waved off my flattery, but secretly enjoying it in a manner. He motioned me to come into his office, and I graciously accepted. The room was filled to the brim with an assortment of books; philosophy, anatomy, botany—and to no surprise, a copy of his own book sits pristinely on the shelf. I took a seat across from him, smoothing down my dress as I do. I wore my best emerald green frock, as its color brings out the green of my eyes. Due to the nature of the ad, I assumed that appearance was greatly important in the job.

Doctor Itrad sat across from me, his warm brown eyes running all over me. I was a pretty thing, in my youth. I had a pleasant oval face with a natural pink hue to my cheeks; I had a slim figure, with small but shapely breasts and delicate hands. The ad specified that the lady applying be attractive, and while rather vain of me I felt I fit the bill. Doctor Itrad spoke after what seemed like a long pause. “Does your husband know you’ve applied for the position?”

“My husband passed last year, monsieur.”

“Ah, forgive my insensitivity! I am sorry for your loss.”

I smiled at Doctor Itrad, and thanked him for his kindness. At the age of twenty-one, I was a young widow. Fredric and I were barely married long enough to consummate the marriage when I lost him to dysentery.

“Why I asked, Madame Saint-Thomas, is because what I require for this position is the care of certain… delicacies.” Doctor Itrad shuffled in his seat. “I assume you’re familiar with my work?”

“I doubt there are few people in Paris who know of the wonderful work you’ve done, monsieur.”

“Again, you flatter me. It warms my heart to know that there are those who still think of Victor.”

In the year 1880, the greatest sensation to hit Paris was the Wild Boy of Averyon. Not but twelve years old, he was found living as a savage by three hunters in the forest. Everyone knew of the boy, and he was seen by many as the new hope of Paris in our glorious new republic. Despite many claiming that the boy will forever be a savage and an idiot, Doctor Itrad worked to educate the boy in order to bring him back to civilization. I recalled my father speaking of the doctor’s writings, and I was filled with wonder and curiosity for the wild boy. I dreamt of nights in the forest, living in the wonder of nature and the truest sense of freedom. Now, six years later, I had the most wondrous of opportunities to meet the Wild Boy of Averyon.

“As you may know, Victor was discovered approximately at the age of twelve. I have educated and raised him these past six years with everything I have in me. I love Victor as if he were my own. While I haven’t been on my own in doing so, the woman bursa escort who does much of the care taking of the institute also aids me in what I do with Victor. However, there are things…” the doctor seemed to be at a loss. “I… I cannot do for him.”

“Well, Doctor Itrad, sometimes boys can be difficult. I have helped raised my three younger brothers, and I know it can be a challenge as they get older. I’m sure especially with Victor’s circumstances it makes it even harder for you.”

The doctor chuckled, bringing a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. He paused for a moment, bringing down his hand to look me directly in the eye. “Madame, are you aware of the sexual needs of men?”

My voice caught in my throat, and I could feel my cheeks turning red. My father was a physician, and had educated me further than most girls would have the opportunity. I read all sorts of anatomy and biology books in my time; yes, I was aware of the sexual needs of men. I nodded as my voice betrayed me. The doctor continued: “Forgive my bluntness, Madame Saint-Thomas. I would not be so crude if the matter were not urgent. As of late, Victor has been very… frustrated. He refuses to continue his lessons and has become aloof, violent—even hostile to his loved ones. After some rationalization I’ve come to realize that this is based on the affects of puberty. While for some time I was able to contain him, it seems I am no longer able to. Madame, do you understand what I am saying?”

I willed my voice to return to me. I could hear it crack. “You’re saying his volatile behavior is based on his sexual desires being unfulfilled.”

He could no longer meet my gaze; perhaps shocked that a lady could say such a thing. “Yes, that is correct, madam. I am at my wit’s end. I would not even seek this kind of aid if I did not feel it was stalling our progress. Victor is capable of great things, I know this. However, if these urges aren’t met I do not think we could ever continue.”

I straightened in my seat, swallowing the rest of the lump in my throat. “Why would you not seek a lady with a more… A more…”

“A lady with a more? I had considered that, yes.” The doctor leaned back, sighing as he did. “However, I do not think a woman of such moral would be good for him. With such a neglected childhood, he needs love and tenderness more than anything. Genuine tenderness. Now, what I require does not have to commence full sexual intimacy, but something rather to release him. I had considered Madame Guerin, the caretaker, however their relationship has developed into a more maternal one; and I would never ask her daughter, she is unmarred and barely out of childhood. What I need is a woman whom has laid with a man, with the ability to give him the true affection that he needs. I know what I ask for is quite a lot, but for Victor I will do anything.”

I could not find my voice again for a long time. What the doctor asked for was something I could never even dream of; especially with someone I had spent my youth dreaming about. But never in these circumstances and never in this time in my life. However, knowing that I could be facing the street if I could not find work soon, I felt my voice break again as I spoke: “May I meet him first?”

I had followed the doctor a short distance down the hall, to a small room in the corner of the institute. Opening the door, I could hear the doctor gently calling the boy by his name, and I could hear the slight shuffle of feet inside. The door fully opened, and it only took me three small steps before I saw him. I was meeting the boy of my dreams- the Wild Boy of Averyon.

He curled himself into a corner by the window, keeping a steady gaze on me. He was no longer a boy by any means, and his long, muscular framed could be made out in the light from the window. His dark hair was tossed and shaggy, and his eyes were the most piercing shade of grey. I could make out the faint lines of scars covering his face and neck, dipping down below the collar of his shirt. He was not as wild as in my dreams, but there was feral nature in the way his stared at me. To this day, I cannot forget the way he stared. I held my breath as I heard the doctor address him; “Victor, this is Marie Rosé. She is a friend, Victor, a friend. She is going to be helping me. Come and say hello.”

Victor slowly rose to his feet, though there was a slight slouch in his posture. His steps were guarded, but he made his way towards us. There were flakes of gold and brown in the irises of his eyes, and I could sense there was something unreachable in him. Doctor Itrad continued with the introductions, speaking in a soft and low voice. “Come now, Victor. Kiss her hand.”

Victor looked down from my gaze to my hand, and I slowly lifted it up for him. He took it in a rather jerking motion, and I felt him place a wet, almost harsh kiss bursa escort bayan on it. I sucked in my breath as he did; a slightly odd shiver went up my back. His eyes went to the ground, and I could see a red heat rising around his neck. I withdrew my hand, speaking in a manner similar to the doctor’s. “It’s lovely to meet you, Victor. Thank you for the kiss.”

Doctor Itrad smiled, “I think you’re going to like her, Victor. I really think you will.”

It was shortly after my first visit with Victor that I began my work with Doctor Itrad. I was moved into a modest apartment across from my new ward, and spent time with him every day. While I remained present while the doctor worked on his lessons, I also joined Victor and Madame Guerin on their daily strolls around the gardens. At first, Victor was very distant from me. He would usually ignore my presence, and when he did acknowledge me it was always with the same feral stare. I had rather begun to think that he did not actually enjoy me, until I took an absence in his lessons one day and the doctor informed me that Victor was restless the whole time, looking toward the door and making sounds with a emphasis on “Mmm,” as if he were trying to sound out my name.

It was decided then I would begin to spend some alone time with Victor. For the first few weeks, he barely came near me. He would sit in his corner by the window, rocking himself back and forth on the heels of his feet. I could feel his eyes on me constantly, and kept myself still like a prey animal being stalked. I could not see the urges that the doctor had been so animate about, and nearly gave up on the notion. One day, however, as I rose from my seat I tripped from a lose tile on the floor. Before I could even react, Victor had caught me in his arms, holding me tightly to his chest. I was more shocked that he had caught me, as I barely saw him move from his seat. I could feel the muscles of his chest through his thin shirt, and I could hear the rapid beating of his heart. Hesitantly, I felt him bring his face near my own, sniffing my hair before burying his face into it. I could feel something pressing against my thigh, growing in size and firmness. He begun to grind himself into me, pressing his firmness into me over and over. His breath became hot and jutting in my ear. I gasped, my body feeling flushed. I had not been so close to another being since losing Fredric, and my heart brimmed with a mixture of different emotions. After what seemed like hours, Victor released me only to curl himself back in his little corner of the room. There were several occasions later on where he would hold me, in the same manner, until he seemed satisfied.

Doctor Itrad was having Victor work on sorting his letters one afternoon, and I had watched intently as they worked. Victor and the doctor often sat next to each other with myself across from them, but today the doctor decided to take the seat next to me. Victor kept shifting his gaze between the two of us, glancing down at his letters only to sort them. Suddenly, I felt the doctor place a hand on my shoulder, moving it to push a strand of hair behind my ear. Before I knew it, Victor began to snarl and bare his teeth. He knocked the letters from the table and lunged at the doctor, forcing him away from me. The doctor fell back with a grunt, and I had jumped up to assist him. Victor pulled me swiftly towards him, pinning me to his chest. Doctor Itrad stood up, brushing himself off with a chuckle. “Most intriguing, he’s quite defensive of you now.”

My mouth hung open in shock; I felt a loss for words. My senses drowned in Victor’s body heat and scent, and I felt a familiar quake run through me. I shook my head to regain myself. “You—you tricked him! How could you? He doesn’t understand you meant nothing!”

“I did, Marie Rosé. I had to see his reaction. It is not my only goal to educate him, but to see how he reacts; to see if he facilitates natural human responses. I need to see if he is truly human, and jealousy is a very human response.” The doctor walked past us, indicating that he was finishing for the afternoon. His last remark upon leaving was “I hope you’ll be able to make some progress as well.”

Victor and I were alone, but he kept me in his embrace. Looking up at him, I could see there were a number of different emotions running through him; and I was very sure he did not know himself why he attacked his teacher as he did. I brought my hand to his face, gingerly touching his cheek and cupping it with my palm. He leaned his face into my touch, his eyes closed as he made soft noises of pleasure. I do not know what possessed me to do so, but I could not stop myself from bringing my lips to his. At first, the kiss was tender. I imagine it was his first, and his body stiffened initially. However, he soon leaned into it, and it quickly became aggressive and sloppy. escort bursa His tongue was in my mouth, moving around roughly and his fingers entangled themselves into my hair. I tried to take in a breath, but he kept his mouth to mine so tightly it was nearly impossible.

I forced him back, pushing with all my strength. We both breathed heavily, I looked at him and saw in him confusion and hurt. I took his face in my hands again, and spoke softly to him. “Gently, Victor.”

I kissed him again, and he followed my lead. He brought his arms and held me at my waist, his fingers digging into my sides. I broke only to take a breath, my hands lowered to the bottom of his shirt. I began to lift it when he jerked back. I spoke again softly, “Trust me.”

Ever good at taking instructions, he lifted his arms for me. I slowly stripped the shirt off him, my eyes taking in every inch of his body. His torso was covered to the brim with a series of different, deeply made scars. His body was still tight and firm from his wilder days of running and surviving in the wilderness. There was a tawny hue to his skin from days of lying naked in the sun, and a part of me wished I had lived that way as well. I wanted to be feral; truly free and released by the laws of man. I dropped the shirt down; I placed my mouth on his neck to give him more kisses. I wanted to cover each scar with my lips. From his mouth he made noises of a pleasure completely alien to him, and it only encouraged my desire to continue.

I stopped kissing him only so I could remove my dress. I had worn a gown in the fashion of the Empress; long, thin and easily removable. I pulled it over my head, having worn nothing underneath from the heat of the day. I stood before Victor, naked and vulnerable. He stood motionless in front of me, but in no time he had taken me into his arms again. I could feel the presence of his manhood pressing into me again, but I knew this time it would not be like the others. I let him grind into me only for a moment, stopping with a gesture of my hand. I took the waist of his pants and pulled them down, exposing the full girth of his manhood as it stood erect. I took it gently in my hand and began to stroke him. He gasped, sucking in his breath and moaning with pleasure. He began to thrust into my hand, wanted more of my touch.

I stopped, and he looked down at me with such begging eyes. I led him to his bed, lying him down on his back. I knew this position was a vulgar, but I needed him this way. I needed the wild boy to take me in this vulgar way. I straddled his waist, positioning myself over him. I slowly moved myself down, letting his girth feel me with every inch. Victor’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he let out a hiss from the sensation. Once he was fully in, I began to slide myself up and down. Each time I could feel the torturous and delicious sensation of him filling, and in my need I began to move faster. I made my hips grind hard into his, gripping his chest and trying not to let myself moan lewdly. He gripped tightly onto my hips, and I could feel his fingers dig into my skin. I felt myself become so close to releasing, I couldn’t stop myself. I was lost in a moment of pleasure I had never known before.

Suddenly, Victor flipped me onto my stomach, and I hit the bed with a hard thud. Before I could let myself up he pressed his whole weight into my back, and he entered me from behind. In this new position I could feel every inch of him, and as he thrust he hit a part of me I had never felt before, and it made me shake in delight. He thrusted hard, making sure every inch of him could be felt. He bit into my neck, as if to hold me down and mark me as his mate. The pain made me cry out; and it only encouraged him. He slammed his entire being into me, and I felt my own body convulse and tighten under him. I could not even control myself anymore; I made such ugly, wild noises of pleasure I’m sure that any of those who could hear heard me. My nether regions tightened, and I could feel him burst his seed deep inside of me. His release was so hard, I felt every twitch and pulse of his manhood, and it made my own pleasure double. We had made love in the way only savages could.

We stayed in that position for the rest of the day, and when his energy returned he would begin thrusting again. Our feral sexual acts lasted late into the night, and no one dared come near us till the next day. Doctor Itrad seemed very pleased with the progress we made that day, and Victor became as docile and pleasant as ever in the following classes. I continued to join them; however I always made sure to take the seat next to Victor from then on.

While our acts were never recorded, I stayed on to care for Victor well after Doctor Itrad had moved on. We moved into a small residency of the institute, and remained there until Victor’s death at the age of forty. I never knew a passion as the one I had with Victor, and while he never truly learned to speak, I knew in his heart his love for me. He was never truly civilized in his life, and I was never truly civilized after him.

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