Loving Husbands


Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


Why is it that husbands get such a bad rap about cheating on their spouses? I mean, when you look at it honestly, for every cheating husband, there is usually a cheating wife. Yes, I know that sometimes husbands cheat with younger, single women at the office, but statistically, cheating husbands are cheating with cheating wives. So give us a break, husbands cheat and wives cheat.

So just how does a long-term bachelor, except for a six-year respite forty years ago, get to be an expert on loving husbands. Well maybe I’m not really an expert, but I have listened to many divorced, married, and widowed women over many years tell me about what they experienced with their husbands. Their husbands, it seems, all had something in common; they all had a deep love and devotion for their wives, but sometimes, during the long haul, they just had to stray once in a while. The two husbands in this story are typical of the many I was told about or met.

It was a Friday afternoon in the fall of 1965 and as soon as the bell rang ending seventh period, I put the test papers I needed to grade over the weekend into my briefcase and left school. My goal was to get to home, change clothes, get in my truck loaded with my lawn mowing tools, then make it to the Madison’s and mow their lawn before Bill, Mr. Madison, got home from work. If I was lucky, I would have some quality time with Kate, Mrs. Madison. Kate and I had been enjoying each other’s company on most Friday afternoons ever since I began doing her lawn work ten months earlier (See: Homemade Pie). Some Fridays I was lucky and some I wasn’t.

Kate was just one of several married women whose lawns I took care of in order to offset my low teaching income; there were some “special customers” who needed attention and affection their husbands were not providing. I felt it my civic duty to help these lovely, mature ladies when I could. I never gave any thought to their husbands and how they might feel about me bedding their wives. I pretty much saw it as, if they were taking care of business at home, it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. I mean, I didn’t seduce them; I just went to the door to collect for my lawn work. I would be invited in, often for coffee or a brandy, and over time, one thing led to another and she would be bent over the kitchen table or the dryer or the sofa, with her dress pulled up.

In Kate’s case, it happened the first time I knocked on her back door. Eventually, Kate told me how she had caught her husband running around on her and that was the reason she was fucking my eyes out. I was certainly sympathetic and wanted to help her any way I could; it was my duty.

Another married lady, whom I had mowed her lawn for more than two years; one day while her husband was away playing golf, I went to collect my money and she opened her blouse and asked if I would kiss her breasts. Of course, I obliged her, and then I felt compelled to kiss and taste the rest of her. That led to a nice kitchen chair fuck which her moans and cries indicated that she enjoyed. Afterward, she told me she had always been faithful to her husband, but that she just wanted to try “it” once. We never spoke of it again and I occasionally had drinks with her and her husband out on their patio.

All of my “special customers” were not married; there were plenty of widows and divorcees and of course it was forever changing-husbands died, widows would remarry, divorcees would find Prince Charming or would move away to seek greener pastures, etc. New widows and retirees would move to Florida and Florida husbands would leave their wives for a younger woman when going through their mid-life crisis. There were always new prospects; new flower beds to till and new bushes to trim. Life was good in Florida in the sixties and seventies.

Anyway, that Friday was one of my lucky Fridays. After mowing Kate’s lawn, I loaded my tools on the truck, dried most of the sweat from my body, and went to the back door to collect.

I knocked, “Come in,” it was Kate’s inviting voice.

I opened the door; Kate was leaning, almost sitting, against the small desk where she usually wrote checks and talked on the phone. She held her dress up to her waist, one foot rested on the seat of the desk chair, and she had a sultry look on her face. I knew what that position and look meant; Kate loved for me to go down on her and she was ready. I dropped to my knees, pushed the crotch of her panties aside, and inhaled the ripe, ready scent of her cunt. She was patient and let me enjoy the aroma and beauty of her cunt, but I knew she wanted to be devoured by my lips and tongue. Kate had the ability to have orgasms, one after another and she could get off easier and quicker than any woman I knew.

I ataşehir escort slipped two fingers into her tight ass as I pursed my lips and sucked her hard clit into my mouth. Her fingers dug into my scalp and shoulders as my tongue flicked over her pleasure nubbin. She let out loud moans and grunts; I’m certain her neighbors could have heard. She went through a number of small orgasms then one big one before she pushed me from between her legs.

It took us several minutes to regain our breath. We drank a cold beer and talked about the week we had had.

“My next door neighbor tells me she saved you from being caught by the police and my husband after slipping out my bathroom window last week.”

I replied, “Yes, it was a close call; I don’t know what I would have done without her. Newspaper headlines flashed before me, Local Teacher Caught Peeping.”

Kate chuckled, “I understand you rewarded her very well,” she added with a smile, referring to me spending the night with her.

“Do you think I need to bribe her so she doesn’t talk?”

“Oh, I think the three of us should get together sometime and discuss how we could work together. She enjoyed tasting you on my lips and cock..”

Kate sat her beer bottle down and moved close to me; she kissed me and ran her hand into my cut-offs and straightened my cock so it could stand straight up. She laughed that the head of my cock was exposed over top of my waistband when my cut-offs were low on my hips. She stooped down and kissed the exposed head of my cock then unfastened my shorts and pushed them to the floor. She moved to the desk and sat on the edge with her foot on the seat of the chair; her legs were open and the crotch of her panties still pushed to the side.

“I want to see you naked with your cock hard and in your hand,” Kate smiled and looked me up and down then motioned for me to turn around slowly.

After several minutes of surveying my naked body and hard cock, Kate stood up; “I phoned Bill at the office and told him to pick up several items at the store for me; we have time for a nice quickie fuck.”

She turned around, lifted the back of her dress, and bent over the desk; she, again, lifted her foot the chair seat. She was ready to fuck and, as she often did, she wanted to be fucked from behind. I stepped up and rubbed my cock up and down her crevasse from her tightly puckered ass to her dripping wet clit; she wiggled her ass in anticipation. I sunk my cock balls deep into her hot, dripping wet well. Leaning forward, I slid my hands under the front of her dress and took a hold of her full breasts and pulled her tightly against me. Kate began to buck her hips up and down as I thrust in and out of her cunt. I felt her slender fingers reach back and grasp my balls, she tugged on them until she pulled them against her clit then she used them like a marital aid to get off. I filled her with spurts of hot semen until frothy cream spilled over and ran down my balls and matted the pubic hair covering her vulva.

Like most of our trysts, it was fast and furious; we were always trying to beat the clock before her husband got home. I kissed her hair matted, swollen vulva then adjusted the crotch of her panties to cover up the mess I had made. I doubted that she would have a chance to freshen up before her husband got home. I pulled up my cut-offs, gave her a kiss, and headed to my truck.

When I got to the curb where my truck was parked, there was a note on my windshield; it was from Edith, “Please stop by, I have important information.” I pulled my truck into her driveway so Kate’s husband would not think I was spending too much time at his house.

Edith met me at the door dressed in a short skirt and halter top. She immediately wrapped me in her arms and kissed me.

“My goodness, you have her scent all over your face,” she smiled and kissed me again. “Come on into the kitchen and I’ll pour us a drink; I just put a cake in the oven.”

When she sat our drinks on the table, I pulled her close; she straddled my lap and lowered herself against my entrapped cock. I pushed her skirt up and ran my hands over her firm, smooth cheeks while she continued kissing my face.

“One of these days I’m going to send you over to her house with my juices all over your face. We can see how she likes that.”

“I would bet that she would love your taste. I have mentioned, several times, that the three of us should get together; she hasn’t said no.”

I unfastened her halter top and covered her breasts with kisses; my fingers slipped beneath the edges of her panties. Edith began grinding her crotch against my lap.

I asked, “I thought you had something important to tell me.”

“I do, but I need a fuck now.”

Edith stood up and unfastened my cut-offs; I stood up and pushed them to the floor.

“Look at the mess that hussy has left; she should be ashamed!”

She smiled and went to her knees to began the “clean up”. I had no doubt that she enjoyed the task of regenerating my spent, half kadıköy escort bayan erect, cock covered with her neighbor’s sweet nectar and my dried semen. Her warm lips and talented tongue began to bring my cock back to life; I felt her bare nipples against my thighs. She looked up and smiled at me. Within just minutes, my cock was standing proud, engorged with fresh blood. When she stood up admiring her work, I slipped her skirt and panties to the floor. At sixty-five, she was still an amazingly sexy woman.

Edith pushed me back into the chair then mounted me. I filled my hands with her grapefruit sized breasts as she impaled herself on my cock. She wiggled her hips then squeezed my cock with her muscles.

“I guess I can tell you while I enjoy your cock,” she said coyly.

Edith described exactly what had happened the previous Sunday morning.

. . . . .

Last Sunday morning, I got up about eight o’clock and put on the coffee then went into the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. I headed back to the kitchen wearing my blue gown with the lace-covered top when I heard the doorbell. When I answered it, I was shocked.

“Bill, Good morning, come in.”

“I hope I’m not bothering you too early,” he said as he looked me up and down.

“Not at all; I was just about to have my coffee. Will you join me?”

“Sure, if it’s no trouble.”

“Not at all, have a seat on the sofa and I’ll get it.”

When I returned with a tray, I saw Bill was sitting in the center of the sofa so either side I sat on, we would be close to each other. I sat on his left and poured our coffee; each time I looked at him, his eyes were surveying the view. I had no doubt that he could easily tell I was not wearing anything under my gown. As I moved to pour the coffee and handed it to him, my breasts swayed beneath the soft fabric. I felt my nipples harden and press against the fabric just below the lace-covered top; Bill tried not to look, or at least not to get caught looking. I pulled my legs up onto the sofa and turned to face him while I sipped from my cup. I was as hot as a cat on a tin roof.

I asked Bill, “Did you need to borrow something for Kate?”

“No, Kate went to visit her mother in St. Pete for the day,” he paused nervously, “I just wanted to talk to you.”

I laid my hand on his leg, “Sure, what’s on your mind?”

He took a breath to build up his nerve, “Do you think Kate could be fooling around with that young man who mows our lawn?”

I almost spit my coffee out, but caught myself, “Will? Of course not; what in the world made you think such a thing?”

He looked down at the coffee in his cup, “I found her panties in the clothes hamper and they had semen stains in them; that same afternoon the neighbor across the street told me she sees his truck in our driveway long after he stops mowing.”

“Bill, are you sure the stains weren’t normal discharge women have at times?”

“Yes, I smelled them; I know what semen smells like.”

“Oh Bill, you don’t have anything to worry about. Will is a very interesting young man to talk to and Kate spends so much time home alone. She just needs some company. Don’t listen to that old biddy across the street; she may just want you to get in her panties. Her husband cannot service her anymore.”

“I guess I’m concerned because we haven’t been intimate for some time and I’m afraid she was getting it from someone else. It’s all my fault; she found out I was having an affair last year and I think she is trying to get back at me.”

I rubbed his leg again and smiled at him, “Bill, you have been naughty with someone else? I’m jealous; you have never made a pass at me. Tell me all about it.”

Bill told me about a girl at his bank who had flirted with him. One thing led to another and they began an affair. When he didn’t give me specific details, I asked him for more information. He squirmed on the sofa and tugged at his shorts; I knew he was getting a hard-on just telling me about the affair. I rubbed my hand over his thigh then toward the inside. His cock pulsed when my hand made contact.

“Bill, if you need some relief, I would be happy to help you. A man should not have to suffer that way.”

He leaned over and kissed me. I slid the straps of my gown over my shoulders. His hands cupped my breasts and held them tightly then I felt his warm lips on my nipples; first one then the other. I unfastened his shorts and filled my hand with his swelling cock. He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head. I stretched my legs out and lifted one over his shoulder and onto the back of the sofa.

“Bill, show me how you eat Kate’s pussy.”

He slid between my legs and began kissing the sides of my vulva then pried open my inner lips with his tongue. I was hot and sopping wet and in just minutes Bill had me screaming with pleasure. I had to ball my fists up to keep from clawing his back and shoulders. The bitchy part of me wanted Kate to know her husband’s face had been covered with the escort maltepe juices of my cunt, but the good neighbor part of me didn’t really want to cause them any more pain than what they were already going through.

When I recovered, I pushed Bill backward onto the sofa and headed toward his engorged cock. I lifted one of his legs to the back of the sofa and pushed his other leg off the seat. He was open and vulnerable and I had his cock and balls in my sights. I played and teased him with my tongue for several minutes before taking his cock completely in my mouth. I wanted Bill to experience a blow job he could never forget. When he was on the edge of no return, I slipped one of my middle fingers into his tight ass all the way to his prostate. It was his turn to scream and scream he did. Spurt after spurt of creamy, hot semen filled my mouth; more semen than I could swallow. What I couldn’t swallow ran down his shaft and into the pubic hair covering his balls. I was satisfied that it was an experience he would not soon forget; an experience he would remember every time his wife sucked his cock.

As we redressed I gave Bill my advice, “Bill, if I were you, I would grab Kate when she gets home and turn her over your knees, pull her panties down, and give her sweet ass a good spanking. Tell her you found her semen covered panties and you are both even in screwing around. Then throw her on the floor and fuck her until she screams.”

Edith ended her story with telling that Bill gave her a kiss and thanked her for “everything.”

I was certain that it was Bill that was on her mind when she closed her eyes and began slowly riding up and down my cock. I kissed her lips and began massaging her breasts in my hands; my fingers tweaked her nipples. She took a deep breath then let out a sigh. My hands moved to her back then downward to her firm round ass. I slipped a few fingers between her cheeks and let the tips play around her rear orifice. Her breathing increased as she increased her movement up and down my cock. I smacked her ass firmly, but it did not interrupt her rhythm; she was well on her way to her happy place. She let out a squeal then almost collapsed in my arms.

I teased her, “Just who were you fucking, me or Bill?”

“Well, poor Bill needed someone to fuck him; he wasn’t getting any at home.”

We both laughed and continued our sexual play

I told her, “Go over to Kate’s tomorrow to borrow a cup of sugar and see if she will tell you anything about what happened after she got home.”

I had already found out that all husbands were not like Bill; some husbands encouraged their wives to experience other lovers and some even wanted to share their wives with other lovers. Over the years, I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of a married woman whose husband encouraged her to go out with other men then come home and tell him all about the experience in great detail then they would have wild sex afterward, according to her. Another husband, a paraplegic, loved watching his wife have sex with me then after I left she would straddle him and use his limp cock as a marital aid. Yet another husband would hide in the closet and watch his wife have sex with me and would not come out until after I left. According to his wife, he would be hard as a rock and would give her a long, passionate fuck then lick her clean afterward.

One evening I was sitting home grading test papers when the phone rang.

“Hello,” I answered.

A woman’s soft voice asked, “Is this Will?”

“Yes, who’s calling?”

“Will, my name is Joni. I have seen you mowing lawns in our neighborhood and asked a friend if she knew you and how to get in touch with you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, that’s how I get a lot of my customers.”

“Well,” she replied rather nervously, “I don’t actually need any lawn work done. My husband and I live in a condominium and they do all the upkeep.”

I was growing more curious by the minute.

“Oh, I see. What can I help you with?”

There was a small giggle, “Oh goodness, this is more difficult than I thought.”

I tried to reassure her, “It’s okay, we are both adults and there isn’t anything you cannot talk to me about. Take a deep breath and relax.”

“Well, my husband and I have just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary; during the celebration, we had a little too much wine and admitted, to each other, that we have had indiscretions while we have been married. We have talked about them at length and admitted how much we enjoyed them. We have decided that we would like to open our relationship by inviting another man to join us,” she let out a sigh.

I chuckled, “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? I figured you must be trying to ask something about sex since you were having such a difficult time.”

She laughed, “I have been trying all week to get up the nerve to call you.”

“I assume you are asking me to join you and your husband and not just seeking my advice in the matter.”

“Yes, A friend whom I met at the Garden Club, told me you are a very open and discreet person, but she was very tight-lipped about how she knew that; I don’t know if she knew from experience or she was just spreading gossip. Of course, I didn’t tell her about our interest. My friend is Anna, the Liberian. “

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