Lucy’s Desires Ch. 01


Lucy and her older cousin, Nick, were always close. Nick was more than a year older, but they pretty much grew up together and as teenagers they were the family “babysitters” for younger cousins and other neighborhood kids. Nick was physically mature and tall, eventually growing to 6’5″ by the time he graduated from college, and he was a popular athlete at his school. So it was inevitable that Nick had some sexual energy toward his pretty cousin. Things started with Nick convincing Lucy to take off her clothes in front of Nick after the kids were asleep. But, unsurprisingly, things escalated.

The third or fourth time Lucy got naked, Nick said that seeing her “got him hard.” Lucy knew what that meant, and she had even touched a boy there while making out at summer camp, but she had never seen an erect penis. Nick asked Lucy if he could touch himself while looking at her. Lucy wanted Nick to be happy, so she agreed and got to see her first hard penis. Lucy realized later that Nick was well-hung but she had nothing to compare him to at the time.

When Nick began to masturbate, he told Lucy that seeing her body made him “horny” and he needed “some relief.” Soon, Nick was coming into a towel and Lucy saw a boy cum for the first time, which was a bahis firmaları powerful experience for Lucy. She was both aware of, and intrigued by, the effect her body had on Nick and his cock.

A few months into their play sessions, Nick “forgot the towel” and surprised Lucy by spraying his cum on Lucy’s stomach. He apologized but Lucy was very excited by how obviously turned on Nick was doing that, and after that night Nick never brought a towel. The next few times Lucy felt Nick’s warm, sticky cum on her tummy and breasts, then on her breasts and neck, and even a few spurts on her face.

Meanwhile, Lucy was dating more, making out, and letting boys touch her breasts, but she went no further with her dates. Nick was a different story; on Valentine’s Day, Lucy touched Nick for the first time and stroked him until he came all over her belly and crotch. She watched Nick’s eyes get as big as saucers when she spread the goo around and through her silky pubic hair. After that, Lucy began to please some dates with her hand, nd she was excited by how the boys desperately wanted her to touch them that way. She also realized that Nick had a big cock compared to other boys her age.

A month or so later, Lucy surprised Nick by leaning over and taking his kaçak iddaa cock in her mouth, her first time giving head. Nick was so excited that he lasted about 20 seconds before exploding all over Lucy’s breasts. Lucy immediately realized that a blow job gave her even more power over a boy than her hand ever could. It wasn’t long until one of her dates was the first boy ever to cum in Lucy’s mouth, and Lucy felt a twinge between her legs as she managed to swallow his load.

Lucy was popular with the boys at school, but playing with Nick still excited her. They babysat together less, though, and Nick sensed that Lucy was experimenting with other boys. One night, Nick told her to sit naked in a bedroom window that faced the street. Each time a car came down the winding road the headlights shone on the front of the house and Nick told Lucy that the people probably could see her. Lucy protested a little, but her heart was beating fast and her stomach churned in excitement at the thought of people seeing her naked.

Lucy also liked that Nick almost ordered her to sit in the window. After about 10 minutes, Nick began to masturbate and told Lucy to get on all fours on the floor before he came all over her back and ass. It was as exciting as anything Lucy kaçak bahis could remember. She didn’t know it then, but the experience had unleashed Lucy’s inner exhibitionist and would shape some of her most intense sexual experiences and fantasies.

While Lucy was lost in her thoughts on all fours, covered with Nick’s cum, Nick shocked her by saying “I told my friend Brett about what we do.” Lucy immediately was overcome by a mix of embarrassment and horror, but also sexual arousal.

“What? What did he say?” was all a trembling Lucy could muster as she looked up at Nick.

Nick looked at Lucy intently and could see the anxiety on her face. “He asked if he could come over some time and see you like that,” Nick said, still looking at Lucy.

Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that she should say she was angry and that that was not going to happen. But the pulsing in her pussy betrayed her true desire. Her thoughts were jumbled, and Lucy did not want to disappoint Nick.

She could hardly believe it when she heard herself say, “What did you tell him?”

Nick smiled the tiniest of smiles and responded, “I told him I thought you would say ok, but I needed to check with you.” Lucy was shocked and a little confused as a small orgasm welled up in here tummy and washed over her body. She also wondered where all of this was going.

Her ears were ringing as Nick, beginning to get dressed, said “I guess I couldn’t keep you for myself forever.”

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