Long time, not here. Life got in the way, as it usually does. Nice to be back. Everybody’s legal, and the product of a rich fantasy life.


Lunchtime. Summer. 18, and horny. Summer park district tennis teacher. My co-teacher is my girlfriend, Teri. So delicious. A ranked player, her body was perfect for a tennis player, except for a slight overabundance of breasts. For loving, she was, in fact, perfect. Trim, taut, great muscle tone.

Heading off to college in the fall, summer tennis teaching was the ideal job. Decent pay, pleasant people, all day looking at Teri in short tennis dresses, her long, lithe legs going all the way to the ground. Sometimes it was tough to pay attention to the students. Teri had a tennis scholarship to a state school. I had an academic scholarship elsewhere. I didn’t have the tennis chops, or the commitment, to play competitively year-round. She did.

We had gone to her house for lunch, having taught a full morning of group lessons to children. Peanut butter sandwiches on Wonder Bread, with grape jelly, and Cokes. The perfect summer lunch. Her mother, an elementary school teacher on summer break, was gone, somewhere. I did my best, as always to impress Teri by not dribbling jelly on my tennis whites.

Teri looked radiant. 5’7″, a deep tan, shoulder-length brown hair. A short tennis dress showed off the deep brown tanned legs to perfection. Her knobby knees were cute. As we sat side-by-side at the table trying to keep from dribbling grape jelly on tennis whites, my hand strayed to her thigh, which I gently caressed. Warm, smooth, bare skin.

“Oh my,” she said teasingly, “Aren’t we being friendly?”

I removed my hand, with mock hurt. “OK, I’ll leave you alone.”

She put down her sandwich and took my hand in hers, replacing it on her thigh. “I didn’t mean that.”

My hand moved to the inside of her thigh, which I massaged. She sighed. “That’s better.”

I leaned over and kissed her neck. She leaned into me to receive it. My other hand went to her neck and pulled her close. I kissed, nibbled, and nipped ever so gently.

“You are so much fun to kiss!” I whispered in her ear.

“Then don’t stop,” she breathed. I liked the way she was straightforward about letting me know what she wanted. Her aggressiveness on the tennis court extended to other parts of our relationship. For better or worse, I always clearly knew where I stood. Since she was very affectionate and incredibly sexy, it took the pressure off. I was always ready to give her what she wanted. A serve-and-volley lover.

My hand slowly started to move up her leg. She parted them slightly, pressing her closest leg into mine. I kept up my soft kissing and nibbling of her neck. I was high up her leg now, massaging gently.

“We have time,” she said, “Do you want to get more comfortable?”

“It looks like rain,” I said, looking out the window. “Could be we have lots of time. Where’s Mom?”

“She’s gone for the afternoon. She’ll be back in time to get dinner ready. About 5.”

“Where do you want to get comfortable?”

“In the living room, on the sofa.”

We quickly cleaned up dishes and food, and practically raced to the sofa. Teri threw herself down on it and beckoned to me on her back, laughing. The short tennis skirt had ridden up and I had a clear view of white panties. I lay down next to her and we snuggled up, arms around each other.

Teri planted one of her killer kisses on me. A whole-body kiss that pressed her delightful form against me while invading my mouth with her tongue. Side-by-side, she put her top leg over me to pull me close. My body immediately responded.

“Oh, my,” she said, breaking the kiss, and rubbing her pelvis against my boner. “Am I having an effect on you?”

I nodded. “You always do. I love your body so much.”

“How about the rest of me?”

She was my first love, and that tells it all. “Teri, I love you with all my heart and soul.” Not easy for a guy to say.

“At the moment,” she said with a wicked smile, “it’s not your heart and soul that I’m interested in.” For emphasis, she rubbed against me.

My dick was so hard. We had explored each other’s bodies. I had spent hours feeling those luscious breasts; kissing them, kneading them, pinching erect nipples and sucking them. I had gone down her pants and cupped her pussy and rubbed it. I had felt her thighs press my ears as I ate her. Teri had great orgasms, wet and wild, where she would press against my hand and explode. The best was when she pressed against my face and came, clamping her strong legs around my head and bucking against my mouth. Wet and wild. I would lap up her juices. She tasted so good.

For her part, she had taken my cock out of my pants, and stroked me to ejaculation (which never took long). But we had never Done the Deed. Fear is a great motivator, and fear of a little tyke toddling around and ruining our future kept us pure. But it didn’t keep us from wanting to.

We resumed kissing. My hand wandered to cup her bahis firmaları breast. She wore a bra underneath her tennis dress, of course, which hindered me. I could feel her nipple harden even through the layers, and she leaned into me, showing that she wanted more. Reaching around behind, I felt for the zipper of the dress, found it, and pulled it down, the sound of the zipper very sexy. She pulled back and smiled.

“Do we have enough time?”

“Sure. It’s looking more like rain by the moment.”

She moved in and we resumed our tongue-sparring. Spreading the zipper, with practiced motion I unsnapped her bra with one quick movement. I caressed her back from top to bottom, without hindrance. Her skin felt so good. She cooperated as I moved the straps of dress and bra down and off her arms, revealing the most perfect breasts in the world. I broke our kiss to look at them.

“Teri, you are so perfect!”

“Hold me!”

I took that to mean her breast, and cupped it with one hand. The hand was filled to overflowing, and the flesh was tight and firm. I could feel the nubbin of her nipple in my palm. I took it between fingers and twisted it gently, which elicited a groan. I kissed just the tip of her nipple, and lightly licked it with just the tip of my tongue.

“Oh, God, that feels so good!” I then took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and sucked hard. She groaned and pushed towards me, wanting me to take even more.

Her hand worked its way to my crotch, where she stroked the hard length through my shorts. Fingers finding my shaft and rubbing its length. I got even more excited in anticipation of her wrapping her fingers around my hard flesh. I really needed to cum.

“Mmm. I like to make you hard.”

“You don’t have to work very much. I would have thought you liked a challenge.”

“I like to think that I have that effect on you.”

“Believe me, Teri, you do. Sometimes it’s difficult to teach with you. Just looking at you makes me hard sometimes.”

“Really? I do that to you?”

“Um hmm. Gotta hold the racquet over my crotch so people won’t see the bulge.”

“Why? How do I inspire that?”

Looking into her eyes, I said, “Because I’m daydreaming about doing this.” And I rolled on top of her, moving between her legs. Our crotches pressed together. She wrapped her legs up high around my back. I began stroking her pussy with my dick through our clothes, bucking my ass. Dry humping. Slow strokes, feeling her flesh against me. She rotated her pelvis so my shaft rubbed the length of her entrance. It was wonderful, if second-best. Play fucking can be exciting.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close. “That feels incredible! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She was saying this in time with my movements. I could feel the head of my member against her pubic bone as I rubbed. It pressed against the underside and stimulated me almost too far. I stopped.

“Don’t stop!” She cried.

“I have to, or I’ll cum.”

“I want you to cum!” she said, and she pulled me tighter and did all the moving herself, rocking her hips to rub me against her. I was trapped. So I gave in, and pretended to thrust into her, feeling bone against boner. It didn’t take long.

“Teri! I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” she screamed and clamped her legs around me with all her might and thrust against me, moaning.

I exploded into my underwear, feeling spasm after spasm shoot cum while the room spun. I attacked her neck in a frenzy of kisses while we came together.

Slowly, we came down from our mutual detonation. I wouldn’t get off her, which was OK, because she showed no intention of letting me go with her legs.

We looked at each other, smiling.

“That, my dear, was something.”

“You should have been inside me.”

“Don’t I wish!”

She looked away, and then back at me. “I want to tell you something.”

I just looked at her, questioning.

“I’ve gone on the pill.”

I just stared.

“I want you, right now. Do you think we have time?”

I could feel myself staying hard. It’s wonderful to be 18 and horny. I raised up and looked out the window. “Will you look at that!” I said.


I looked deeply into her eyes, moved in and kissed her tenderly, and said, “It’s raining. Let me call the office and have them cancel the afternoon lessons.”

She smiled at me. “Good timing.”

I got up and made the call, telling the office that lessons were cancelled for the afternoon. They would handle anyone who arrived.

I came back to the sofa to find her still on her back, legs spread.

“Now where were we?” I said as I kneeled in between her legs. I reached up and took the sides of her panties and worked them slowly down her hips. Raising her legs up onto my shoulders, it was an easy matter to work them off her legs. I tossed them aside with theatrical flair, which made her giggle. Her dress and bra, bunched around her waist, were next, working them down and off her legs. I put kaçak iddaa the dress aside more carefully. Her perfect body was splayed before me – gorgeous breasts, tight tummy, beautiful hips, her legs spread with me between them. In perfect position.

She sat up, and reaching to me unsnapped my shorts, worked the zipper down, and then worked both shorts and underwear to my knees. As they came off, my slightly-flagging cock bounced, which made her laugh. I shed my shirt. It occurred to me that we both still had shoes and socks on.

Pants to my knees, she took me in her hands and stroked my length. Knowing what was ahead, I almost swooned. Her smile was radiant. She leaned forward, and for the first time took my head into her mouth and sucked gently. Her hand wrapped around the base and guided it to her lips. She came off me.

“I have to say, I really don’t know what I am doing.”

I groaned as she took me again. “You’re doing just fine!”

She licked my length and swirled her tongue around my head. He came to full attention from her ministrations. I took her cheeks in my hand and moved her off. “I think it’s time for the main event.”

She just looked at me with a huge smile and lay back. My fingers had disposed of her hymen long ago, so this promised to be fairly easy. I thought about going down on her and eating her to orgasm as I had done many times, but decided against it. The moment felt right.

I lay on top of her, and her legs wrapped around my waist. She reached around and took me, guiding me to her entrance. I was on my elbows. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, “More than anything.” She said softly. I could feel my tip at her entrance.

I moved forward and felt my head part her labia. She was so wet and ready. I moved forward a little more, and my head was completely inside. Then my shaft entered her, and I felt her lips on my flesh, felt the underside against her, inside her. More. More. Still more. And I was in all the way. I could feel her lips around the base of my shaft, feel my head deep, so deep inside her. Feel my entire length buried in a girl for the first time. I just wanted to take it in, and I knew it was perilous at the moment.

“Be still,” I said, “I just want to feel this and get used to it. Otherwise this could be over real fast.”

She responded by kissing my neck. “This feels better than I imagined. And there was no pain! Just the feeling of being filled up!”

“I love the feeling of you surrounding me! Feeling your flesh against my flesh.”

“Well, feel this!” And she squeezed her pussy muscles. It was incredible. They clamped down hard on my entire cock, and it felt incredible.

“Wow! You can do that?”

“Keegel muscles. I’ve been practicing for this! They say strong Kegel muscles enhance sex.”

“How do you use them, other than to try to kill me?”

She looked at me with an evil smile. “Oh just wait. You’ll find out.”

So there we lay, my dick imprisoned in a pussy for the first time. I was feeling a little more relaxed and began to move just a little. Almost no friction. I pulled out completely and she whimpered. I moved back in, sinking slowly to the hilt. Nope. I could tell I wasn’t ready for much of that yet. Small strokes, pushing forward to press myself against her clit. It had the desired effect, while not taking me over the top.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” She gripped me tight with legs and arms and came, hard. It felt so good to give that pleasure to her, knowing that my own was sublime, and would just get better.

“Give me a minute!” she breathed. “That was intense!”

The quality of her lubrication had changed when I resumed my short strokes. It felt slicker, maybe a little more dense. Going from 5 weight to 30 weight. My strokes got longer, my confidence restored after the interlude of little movements. Having cum once, I felt pretty good that I would last a while now.

Banging, boinking, bundling, crotch-rubbing, dinging, screwing, fucking, making love. We were doing it. Mostly, it felt like loving. I kept a straight back and pushed up on my arms, moving my whole body to plunge in and out of her, looking down to see my cock disappear into her. She saw me and rotated her pelvis up to meet me so she could see, too.

“That’s so hot!” she said, breath short. My cock entered, pulled back, plunged in, removed itself to the head, sank in. All in an excited rhythm.

I slowed, each entrance painfully slow, letting us feel each and every inch of my shaft as it passed her lips. She groaned each time I entered and whimpered each time I pulled back. I pulled back to where only my head was inside and was still.

“Come on! Fuck me!” she whimpered, and moved against me, rotating her hips in a circular motion, and moving her pelvis up to capture more of me. “I’m so close! Give me that cock!”

“My my!” I smiled down at her. “What a potty mouth for such a beautiful lady!”

“I need to cum!” she cried.

I lowered down and kissed her hard, my dick sinking in to the base. We lay there, our bodies kaçak bahis still, our mouths working hard, for a minute or two. It gave me time to recover a little. I had come perilously close.

Then, moving from the waist, I started to stroke her, my ass rising and falling while the rest of my body pressed against hers. I could feel her breasts, and hard nipples, against my chest. We kissed passionately, tongues deeply exchanged. Up and down my ass moved. Her legs now hooked behind my knees. She rose and fell in counterpoint to my movements, her breath coming more ragged through her nose. In short, I fucked her.

Finally she had to break our kiss to breathe. Her movements were becoming more frantic as she fucked me back for all she was worth. I could feel a load starting to bubble up. This time, there was no stopping.

“Oh God! I need to cum!” she screamed. She had never screamed before.

“Me, too!” I groaned, as the pressure grew.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Pound me!” I obliged, now banging for all I was worth. She taking it, taking all of it and loving the feeling of hard, big cock pounding her. It was like she sank into the sofa and took me in, feeling every inch of my movements.

“Oh, baby! Here I cum! Cum with me! Shoot it in me!” She was out of control, and I loved it.

And up it came. I felt it rise through my shaft, and then uncontrolled spasms ejected a huge load into her pussy. When it started, I plunged in as deep as I could, and stopped stroking to just enjoy the sensation of giving the full measure of my love to this beautiful lady. All of my attention, all on my universe, was focused on feeling every sensation from my hard penis as it tried to inseminate my woman. She screamed, and clamped her Kegel muscles, squeezing me from all sides and locking me in place while she came and came and came, shudders wracking her body as our mutual pleasure reached its peak. It took a long time for us to come down from that. Heavy breathing and sweat. Followed by tender kisses. I kissed her lips, her chin, her neck. I nibbled her ear and she giggled. In turn, her kisses on my face were delicate, feathery.

“That was more than I ever imagined!” Her eyes shone into mine. I was still inside her, deep.

“I have never experienced anything so wonderful,” I replied truthfully.

“But you will!” she looked mischievous.

I raised up and looked out the window. It was raining hard. “Oh, dear,” I said. “It’s raining even harder! No tennis lessons this afternoon! I looked at her beautiful face. “Whatever will we do to fill the time?”

She wiggled herself to massage my still-hard member. “I have no idea. Do you have anything in mind?”

I began to stroke back. I didn’t know if I could maintain my erection, but there was no harm in trying. “What’s in my mind is inside you. I don’t know if I can, but should we try again?”

She smiled. “You bet!” And she started to buck in earnest. “I’ll keep you hard!” And she fucked me.

For my part, I returned the favor. This was all-out sex. We elevated our energy to where we were bouncing on the sofa, bodies slapping together in summer sweat.

I pulled out and she whimpered. “Let me love you from behind!” I said.

She grinned, and instantly flipped over to her hands and knees. The sofa wasn’t wide enough, so I put one foot on the floor and moved in behind her. Dick in hand, I guided myself to her slit and shoved in deep in one stroke. She moaned in approval. Grabbing her hips, I moved her forward and back, impaling her on my cock while I held my body still. It was easy, and exciting, to look down to see myself disappearing between her lips. The feeling was different, and equally incredible – smooth flesh encircling my shaft, stimulating my glans and its underside. I was nowhere close to cumming again and had a little bit of trepidation that I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for the big finish.

Teri was loving it, though. Her athlete’s body reveling in the pure sensation of sex. She suddenly came hard, again, pushing back and clamping down on me. I had to stop thrusting while her climax rolled over her. It was so tight I couldn’t move. She came down from her peak.

“More!” she panted. And she took off, moving against me to shove my dick in and out of her. I let go and just watched her, reveling in the sex energy she put into our lovemaking. Short grunts accompanied each thrust back, impaling me deep. She pushed back, me all the way in, and rotated her hips in a circular motion, changing the rhythm and stimulation for both of us.

“Oh God! I can’t stand it!” She pulled off me, and lightning fast reversed and pushed me back on the sofa, my head banging the arm. I was on my back, laughing in surprise and delight. Quick as a flash, she climbed on top and before I knew it, I had a wild woman impaled on my cock, fucking me with reckless abandon, her lips mashing mine and her tongue trying to ram itself down my throat. I was completely at her mercy. I was being fucked to death. Did I mention how wonderful it was?

“I…am…going…to…fuck…you…until…you…beg…for…mercy!” Her eyes were fierce, and her movements matched, pelvis rocking to take me in and out. All I could do was lay there and feel terrific.

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