Lust Down South

Big Dicks

This story is for Lilly—she knows who she is…

I had been dreaming about this trip for close to three decades, and saving up for it for almost two. I’d flown from the west coast of Canada to the east coast, and from there, I was going to enter the U.S. and drive down the eastern states to the Gulf of Mexico. That doesn’t sound like much, but I wasn’t just zipping along the coast.

I didn’t really have a route planned, nor any kind of itinerary. I did know that I wanted to see some specific places, including places I’d wanted to see for years. The Adirondacks, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Smokies, the Ozarks… The Appalachians were a logical place to start, as they extended well into Canada. (I’d actually seen a little part of them, but it was in the depths of winter. Long story…) I guess, technically, a few of the others were each a part of the Appalachians, but they were by no means homogeneous. In short, I wanted to see a good chunk of the U.S. East of the Mississippi.

Then there were more specific places: Kitty Hawk, Gettysburg, The Franklin Institute, maybe some of the Smithsonian… The field of Picket’s Charge? Maybe some other Civil War sites? I wasn’t sure. I did have some help, though. Using my laptop and internet access in coffee shops and via cell, I could keep a blog, telling people where I was. A couple of online groups I was a member could give me feedback, letting me know if there was something I may want to see near where I was on any given day.

This network served another purpose, as well. I was hoping that the online groups would provide me with accommodation via a stream of couch surfing offers. Hotels and motels would eat up my money far too quickly, and I knew that most places were not very tolerant of people sleeping in their cars. The members of the online groups came through with flying colours. Not only did I get accommodation illegal bahis (and home-cooked food), but a decent number acted as tour guides, as well. I met some pretty amazing people, and I didn’t always sleep alone.

Eventually, I found my self in the Carolinas, doing one of my rare hotel/motel stints. I was in a university city, when I saw her. Now, I wasn’t really expecting to see her, but we were in the same grocery store at the same time. Karma? Nor could I be positive it was her, but the long red hair, the figure, the poise… They all fit. I came up behind her, and asked softly enough that nobody else could hear. “Lilly? Lilly Underhill?”

She seemed to freeze for a moment, and then turned around to look at me. “Do I know you? What makes you think I’m this Lilly person?”

Now, I had to take a real chance. Either it was Lilly, and she’d give me an astonished hug, or I was wrong, and about to be smacked across the face.

“Hi. Online, you would know me as Snatch Licker. We’ve talked a little online.”

“Snatch? Is that really you?”

“Hi, darling! Yes, it’s me. R___. I can’t believe I actually ran into you! Out of all of the places in the Carolinas, we end up in the same grocery store!”

“And you guessed that I might be Lilly? Wow!”

“Wow, indeed. Now, you know that I just have to take you to dinner. You can pick the place, since I don’t know this town at all.”

“I’d love to. What style food do you like?”

“I think this calls for something fancy. With private booths…”

“I know just the place!”

After explaining where the restaurant was, and promising to say `hi` to her husband and children (both adults still living at home) for me, we went our separate ways.


I was waiting for Lilly in the restaurant for less than five minutes when I saw her walk in. I stood up so that she could illegal bahis siteleri see me, and she came over. After we hugged (during which it became clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra, she commented, “Nice! We have a secluded booth!”

“I tipped the hostess. I thought that it would be easier to talk if we were set a bit apart from everyone else.”

“Just talk?” Lilly asked with a sly grin.

“Well, I sometimes ‘talk’ with my hands…”

“I’m dying to hear what your hands have to say.”

While talking and eating, we flirted heavily, and would occasionally pause to passionately kiss. It didn’t take long for each of us to find that the other had shown up “commando.” Lilly had my cock out of my pants and in her hand, while my hand was up her dress, fingering her pussy. At one point, I told Lilly to say I’d gone to the washroom, if the waitress asked where I was. I then ducked under the table, buried my head under her dress, and ate Lilly to her first orgasm of the night.

When I came back up and sat down, Lilly just leaned over and gave me my first blowjob of the night. Part-way through, the waitress can back. Instead of saying anything or throwing us out, she just watched as I finally filled Lilly’s mouth with cum. When Lilly and I had caught our breaths, she asked if we wanted a dessert from their menu, or if the dessert we’d each had would be sufficient. We ordered a cheesecake with two forks.

“How appropriate! I wish I could offer you both a dessert that isn’t on the menu, but I do need this job. As it is, I hope there isn’t a visible wet spot on the back of my skirt!”

After we’d finished feeding each other the cheesecake, I paid the bill (with a generous tip as thanks for not freaking out when she found us eating each other, rather than the food on our plates), and we caught a cab back to my motel room.

We started canlı bahis siteleri with me eating her out—again. Then she gave me another blowjob. After these preliminaries, we got down to some serious fucking. Going at it missionary style meant that I could watch her beautiful face. Doggy-style, however, meant that I could lean over and play with her tits from behind. Every position had its little bonuses, and we tried all of them. I probably came six times, which was a record for me. Lilly? Women are so lucky. She came two or three times, and then just seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm.

We fucked until 4:00 in the morning before falling asleep. At 7:00, we both woke up and fucked again. More sleep, and then another fuck at 11:00. We finally showered together, Lilly got dressed, and headed home. I had already booked for three more days, so I just crashed.

At 6:00PM, there was a knock at the door. “Lilly! Do I get to spend another night with you?”

“Yes, but before we do anything else, I want you to eat me out.”

“Absolutely!” Lilly went and lay down on the bed after taking off her wrap-around skirt and panties.. She spread her legs wide.

“Lilly, honey. Am I doing clean-up duty?”

“Yes. Both my husband James and my son David just left fresh loads for you. Do you mind?”

“Do I mind? That’s fantastic!” So, I went down on Lilly, and cleaned up two large loads of cum from her pussy. I kept going until she had come three times.

“Enough. Oh, god, enough. Put that cock of yours in me!”

Who was I to ignore a beautiful woman’s request?

We eventually ordered room service, being famished. After eating, we did a repeat of the previous night’s debauchery. At 11:00AM, we had breakfast, and Lilly left. Before she left, though, she tucked something into my jacket pocket.

“What’s this?”

“It’s the lace panties I was wearing after my shower this morning, and before James and David fucked me. I was quite wet, so they should smell wonderful. Just something to remember me by.”

“Remember you by? Lilly, my sexy darling, how could I ever forget you?”

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