Mac-man’s adventures in the red light districts.


Mac-man’s adventures in the red light districts.There were two reasons why I often parked up near a red light district. One was to see very sexy-dressed girls in the street. Another was to spread my dirty mags round so the girls could see me ogling them like the perv I was. I’d maybe find a bus-stop so I could hang around there, close enough to see the girls. I’d hold my knob upright under my mac and ogle Her in Her short skirt and skimpy top till She made me spunk my pants. More risky was to drive up and park alongside the road they were standing in. I was parked though, and the engine off. Two girls would be standing, maybe on the other side of the road, and I’d get out my mags and prop two in my lap, so the weight of the mag was on my erect penis, enough to apply the pressure that would stop it being painful when I ejaculated. The girls would notice my mags, I’d be ogling them and the mags and feeling the spunk rising and rising. Sometimes I was brave enough to have my window open so that when I started to leak pre-cum they could hear my gasps and whimpers. I’d pendik escort be bouncing up and down in my seat as I shot into my pants, moans and cries of perv ecstasy coming through my window and hearing the laughter of the girls, or their scorn – “fucking wanker, look at him, dirty old sod!” – and so on. On another occasion I’d got a load of mags spread round, and there were maybe ten girls on the other side of the street. I heard one say to the others “look at the tits he’s got in there, fucking old pervert!” one of the other girls made a point of sticking Her chest out, Her big bosoms bulging and making me groan in ecstasy in seconds. I loved hearing them calling out things like “fucking wanker” as I sat there in my mac with lots and lots of dirty mags on view. So I made up some signs, including a big one saying ‘Wanker’ which I hung round my neck once I was parked. Others said all sorts of different things like, ‘I’ve got 5000 baregirl mags’, and ‘Girls make him do it in his pants’, ‘I’m a wanker and all the girls know’, and kartal escort lots more. Once a group of girls walked past where I was parked (in the red light district) and saw me in my mac with my pervert signs and mags everywhere. One girl read out the sign ‘I’m a wanker and all the girls know’ while the other girls all mocked me, making me joyfully and gratefully fill my pants with cum. Another time a girl came along, saw my signs and started to read them. I passed a tenner through my window, She hitched Her skirt up to Her knix and read my pervy signs, one after the other, till I was pumping and pumping in my pants. “You are a pervert, aren’t you?!” She said. “This isn’t a peep show”, a girl said to me one time, standing there with Her friend in their miniskirts. She’d just seen me cum in my pants looking at them, mags propped up everywhere around me. I held up a tenner and She came over, and I wrote on a bit of sticky ‘Miss Miniskirt made me spunk my pants’ and stuck it to the tenner. Both girls laughed as they read it. There maltepe escort was a time when I was parked where the red light district ends and the clubbing area starts, and I saw two girls coming from a club, and thought they were clubbers. Then they entered the red light part of the street and stood as if waiting for business. One girl had a short skirt on and put Her high-heel up against the wall, showing stocking tops. I had my window open and didn’t stint on my moans as She made me cum in my pants. I love girls to hear what a perv sounds like when he’s pants-spunking, and hear their mockery. At one red light district a group of girls was on the other side of the road, under a street light. One had Her coat open and I could see She had a very short skirt on. Feeling very pervy, I unzipped my mac and pressed up against the street light I was next to, spunking my pants noisily and jerkily in front of them. Of course when I arrived at the red light district and pulled up, girls seeing me thought I was there for business, whereas I only wanted to look, and for them to see a pervert with his dirty mags. Understandably they got annoyed sometimes, so I felt obliged to hand out notes after girls had made me cum in my pants, which is only fair enough really. Unfortunately that meant I could get in trouble with the law so I had to stop going there.

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