Mad Max

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Mad MaxMax was sitting with two of his friends when he called Jill into the room. Max and his friends were in their sixties and Jill was just twenty. She was beautiful and very sexy. Huge full firm tits and great round ass and she loved all kinds of sex. Max loved taking nude pictures of her and posting them on the web page. He also posted several videos of her stripping and her naughty dances. Jill stood by Max and he ran his hand under her top and pinched her nipples. Then he reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. He put three fingers in her snatch and finger fucked her. He then told her “Take your top off baby and show my friends those nice big tits. Yes, I do love those huge jugs almost as much as I love that cunt of yours.” He then removed his fingers from her cunt and took her skirt off getting her naked. “Now baby we are going to have some fun play time. I want you to take all of our pants off and get our cocks hard.” As Jill stripped the men from their pants she stroked each cock and watched it get hard and stick straight up. Max sat her straddling a leg on the two men. Each man sucked a huge tit as they fingered her cunt. They each had two fingers in her sharing her wet hole. Roy had a nine inch thick cock. Jim was ten inches and not as thick but canlı bahis he was built to fuck and fuck deep. Max then got behind Jill and his cock was rock hard and throbbing for a good hard fuck. He loved rough sex a lot. He loved ass spanking and tit slapping and ramming his cock deep and fucking with no mercy. He also was hung like a stallion. Thanks to the pills he took he had lots of stamina. Last night he had fucked Jill four times and two of them were brutal and abusive. As the men finger fucked Jill’s cunt Max shoved his cock all the way into her asshole and began humping her hard. He was thrusting his hard cock deep into her hole as the men sucked her tits and finger fucked her. He ass fucked her quite a while before he let his cum poor into her well fucked hole. He then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the couch and laid her down with her legs spread wide. He told Roy to fuck her cunt hard. “Fuck her cunt hard. She loves it rough. Slap her face and tits as you ride her. Treat her like a cheap slut. Grind your meat into her deep.” As Roy shoved his huge cock into her and began thrusting in her hard and slapping her Max mounted her face and shoved his limp cock into her mouth and demanded she get him hard and suck his cock and suck every inch of his bahis siteleri horse sized dick. As Roy was banging her cunt and slapping her huge tits max grabbed her by the hair and held his cock down her throat and told her “Suck that dick hard. Suck the cum right out of me or I will get my leather strap and beat you till you are covered with welts.” Jill was a great cock sucker and she had him hard in no time and as her cunt was being ravaged she sucked his cock hard. Just as she felt a huge blast of cum fill her cunt she then got a throat full of cum from Max. She sucked him dry and swallowed every drop. Max then pulled Roy off Jill and put her on her hands and knees and told Jim “Your turn. Any fucking hole you want. Just fuck her hard and deep and fill her with cum. She is your whore to abuse and use. She loves cock.” Jim got behind her and pushed his cock into her asshole and began fucking her hard making sure every inch of his cock was buried in her tight ass. As he fucked her he reached under her and slapped her tits as they swung with every thrust of his long hard cock. He fucked her a long time till he filled her ass with his load of cum. Max then went to Jill and took a baster and sucked the cum first from her ass then her cunt and then grabbed her by the güvenilir bahis hair and emptied the baster in her mouth to swallow all the mixed cum. He then said “Now that is a great cum slut. She loves cum especially after it has been in her ass and cunt.”Each man fucked Jill another time and Max cleared the cum out of her and thrust it down her throat. Then he laid her on her back and told her “Open wide.” He then put his cock in her mouth and let the golden rain fill her mouth and he watched her swallow the liquid. This was one thing he loved to do with her. Max then stood up and said “Picture time.” He got out his camera and told the men “I am going to take a picture of Jill sucking your cocks so you have a souvenir of her charms. Stand over there and I will get her ready.” As the men stood naked Jill got on her knees and as she sucked the cocks Max took many shots. He posed her with her tongue licking the slit on each cock. When one of them would cum in her mouth Max had her open her mouth and show the cum as he took a great shot of it. She sucked till they both got the cum shots and then Max stood her and took naked shots of her. He let the guys finger fuck her as he kept the camera aimed and getting all the moves. He spread her legs and got good pictures of her cunt and her asshole with the guys fingers deep up her tight ass.They took lots of pictures till the men had to leave to go home, They told Max it had been a great afternoon and they loved how sexy Jill was. He was a lucky guy.

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