Making Ends Meet


Part 1: The Ad

Tom lost his job in February, and in the nearly nine months since he and his wife’s savings had dwindled to crisis levels. To make matters worse, in a couple of weeks they would likely miss their third mortgage payment in a row, and fears of foreclosure were constantly on their minds. Susan was a loving and supportive wife, and she desperately wanted to help her husband, but she had no ideas as to how to get them out of this bind.

Well, no realistic ideas, anyway. In fact, she had seen an ad in the newspaper a few days earlier that got her thinking, but, well…no, she couldn’t seriously consider *that* as an option. Could she?

“Small multimedia company seeks amateur couples for special modeling sessions. Good pay. Repeat opportunities possible.”

Susan knew what they meant by “special modeling” — or, at least, she had a good idea. She and Tom were in their early 40s and both in good shape. Susan had lovely curves and was very busty, and Tom was rather well-endowed — just the right size, in her opinion. Their sex life was strong and occasionally a little kinky, though Tom’s difficulties in making a living had certainly had a negative impact on the intensity of their lovemaking in the last few months. Who knows? Perhaps they could kill two birds with one stone?

No, she thought to herself, he’d never consider answering such an ad, and neither would she. Would she? The thought of the two of them “modeling” in front of a camera (not to mention the stranger holding the camera!) was actually rather arousing to her. And, she recalled, they had occasionally fantasised together about having sex in front of strangers to spice up things in the bedroom. But, no, there was no way they could actually go through with it, not even to solve their financial troubles.

Over the next few days, though, Susan’s thoughts kept returning to the ad and the idea of doing some “special modeling”. The idea started to become such an obsession for her that she eventually decided to find a way to gauge Tom’s interest — and maybe convince him to give it a try.

One night when they were in bed, Susan reached under the sheets and began stroking Tom’s leg to see get his attention. He responded to her touch with a gentle kiss, and her hand moved up to his cock, which unfortunately was still soft. She decided to see if their old exhibitionist fantasy would motivate him and asked, “What if we were on camera right now?” Tom smiled and began fondling her breasts through her nightgown, and Susan felt his cock begin to grow.

“Do you think the audience might like to watch me do this?” and she began to plant gentle kisses down his chest and stomach until she reached his boxers. Tom’s cock was starting to strain against the fabric in response to her attentions, so she reached in and pulled it free.

“Oh, yes, I think they’d enjoy watching you, sexy thing.”

Tom groaned in pleasure as she started running her tongue up and down his shaft. Susan took him deeply into her mouth, and in a few minutes had him very slick and dripping with pre-come. Susan knew that her expert blowjob wouldn’t allow him to last very long, so she decided to take a chance.

“You know, honey, I saw an interesting ad in the newspaper last week.”

Tom came back to Earth for a moment. “Yes?”

“It said a small multimedia company was looking for amateur couples.”

“What?” Tom asked.

“They need couples for modeling sessions, and I thought it might be a way for us to get past our money problems.”

Tom’s erection began to wane a bit, and he asked, “What are you talking about, Susan? Adult movies? Are you serious?”

“Well, sort of. I mean, we’ve always had a fantasy about being watched while we do it, and I *know* that idea turns you on.” She squeezed his semi-hard erection and felt it begin to stir again. “I don’t know. Am I crazy?”

“Yes, but…are you serious?” he asked a second time. “Do you mean really having sex on camera? What if some of our friends were to see it?”

“Well, then I guess they’d have to admit they were looking at porn.”

“I don’t know, Susan. I know we really need the money, but are we in that deep?” Tom asked.

“I don’t want to lose the house, Tom.”

Tom’s erection disappeared almost completely at that remark, and Susan knew she’d said the wrong thing.

“Sweetheart, I didn’t mean to upset you. But when I saw the ad, I admit I found it very exciting. We’ve both gotten off on the idea of fucking in front of other people, so why not fulfill that fantasy and take care of our finances at the same time?”

Tom started to relax again, and said, “I’m sorry. The whole topic just makes me feel, you know, inadequate.”

Susan smiled seductively at her husband and started stroking him again.

“Oh you’re not ‘inadequate’ at all, Tom. See?”

His cock start rising again in response to her efforts.

“Besides, don’t you like the idea of other men and women watching me suck your big, hard cock and then ride you like a whore?”

Tom illegal bahis loved it when Susan talked dirty to him, and her last question really turned his mood back around. Susan saw her chance and continued.

“Don’t you like imagining another woman playing with herself while she watches you pound me from behind and make me come over and over?” she asked, as his eight-inch erection reached its full status.

“And after you’ve fucked me senseless, don’t you like the thought of other men jerking themselves off as you roll me over and spray your come all over me, with the camera watching every drop land on my face and tits.”

At this, Tom made up his mind. He grabbed Susan roughly and pushed her onto her back. He forced her legs wide open and slid his cock into her wet pussy in a single stroke. She gasped at his deep penetration and began to moan as he thrust into her cunt over and over. Her naughty talk about making a movie together brought her to the edge very quickly, and, as she came, Tom filled her with his seed.

A few minutes later in the afterglow, Tom said “That was amazing, sweetheart…Let’s call them in the morning.”

Susan smiled and fell asleep snuggled against his chest.

Part 2: The Interview

The next day, Susan sent an email to the address in the ad. She explained that she and her husband (without giving their names) were interested in the opportunity, and asked what they should do next.

In a matter of minutes, she received a reply from a woman named “Sheila”, who said that their company, called “AmX”, produced erotic videos featuring amateur couples primarily for viewing by other couples. The videos were accompanied by still shots, and both pictures and movies were available on their members-only website. They offered each couple a fee upon completion of a session: a minimum of $1,000 for a “basic” session, and upwards of $3,000 depending on how far they were willing to go. In addition, the couple would receive 10% royalties based on the popularity of their videos. Sheila suggested that they come by the studios the next day to get a better idea of what they were getting themselves into.

Susan took at look at the website, and was surprised at its high-quality and classiness — well, classy for a porn site, anyway. She showed the message and the website to Tom, and they worked together on a reply. They decided to give their first names only (for now), and they agreed to an appointment with Sheila in the afternoon the following day. The rest of the evening was tense for both of them, but they fell asleep soon after climbing under the covers.

The next day on the way to the studio, they talked about what questions they should ask Sheila. The most obvious ones were what she meant by a “basic” session, and what was necessary to make more money. They also wanted to know who would be present during filming, and what sort of people were members at their website. When they finally arrived at the interview, they were more nervous than ever.

“It’s just a meeting,” said Tom. “We haven’t made any decisions yet, and we can leave at any time.”

“Agreed,” said Susan.

The studio looked very new, and immediately after they walked in the door, they were greeting by a woman who was undoubtedly Sheila and a tall man whom they guessed was her husband. Sheila was relatively short — perhaps only around 5’0″ — but she had an astonishing figure. She was thin but with huge breasts and a visage that seemed to exude sexuality.

“You must be Susan and Tom! It’s so nice to meet you!” she said before giving them very close hugs (which Tom especially enjoyed).

“I’m Chuck, Sheila’s trophy husband,” said the tall man. He was joking, but Susan found him to be very attractive. He shook Tom’s hand and then gave Susan a kiss on the cheek, which made Susan smile brightly and caught Tom off guard.

“Shall we chat?” asked Sheila, directing them to a small office nearby.

After they were seated, Sheila got the ball rolling. “I’m guessing you have a lot of questions.”

“Yes, we do” said Susan. “First, what do you mean by a ‘basic’ session? What do most couples do? How does the pay relate?”

“OK. I think we can deal with most of those sorts of practical questions by looking at a few photos,” said Sheila, and she reached into a drawer in the nearby desk and pulled out a large album with colored tabs. She flipped open the album to an early page, and both Susan and Tom flushed with a bit of embarrassment.

The first shot they saw was of a naked couple standing next to a large four-poster bed in an intimate embrace. They were kissing passionately, with the woman’s arms wrapped around the man’s neck. His hands were cupping the globes of her rather large behind, and his cock (not too large, but a decent size) was at full attention between them. The second shot was of the same couple, but the woman was now on her knees in front of the man rubbing his cock across her face, which was slick with his pre-come. A third shot showed the woman illegal bahis siteleri riding the man, but facing away from him and toward the camera — “reverse cowgirl”, as Sheila described it, eliciting a snicker from Susan. The next image was of the man mounting the woman from behind at such an angle that the penetration was clearly visible to the camera. The last shot in the series depicted the aftermath of his orgasm, with long lines of come across the woman’s back and ass, and semen dripping from his still-hard cock.

“So that’s a ‘basic’ session: foreplay, hard fucking in at least two positions, and a cumshot,” said Sheila, matter-of-factly. “Do you want to keep going?”

“Yes, please,” said Tom, with a bit more enthusiasm than he’d intended. Susan gave a subtle smile and squeezed his thigh under the table. Chuck noticed this exchange, but said nothing.

Sheila moved to the next tab, and Susan caught her breath at the first image: a white woman with small breasts and red hair riding a *very* large black cock. The contrast in their skin tones — hers very pale and his equally dark — seemed to make the images that much more striking and primal. After photos of the couple in several different positions, the series ended with the man straddling the woman’s chest and fisting his cock over her. Long ropes of come stretched across her face and red hair, reaching all the way to the pillows behind her. Susan was astonished and a very aroused by the size of the black man’s penis, which had to be ten inches long, at least.

“This may be a weird question,” said Tom, “but why wasn’t that one just a ‘basic’ session?”

“Because the guy doing her isn’t her husband,” said Sheila. “In fact, do you see the fellow in the background watching in this pic? That’s her man. They came in to satisfy her fetish for really big dicks, ’cause her husband’s is too small.” The businesslike manner in which Sheila described such elicit sex acts was almost comforting to Tom and Susan.

The next tab started with a photo series of a very normal-looking couple — really they could have been Susan and Tom’s neighbors — engaged in somewhat vanilla foreplay of kissing and fondling. When the photos moved up to a kneeling blowjob from the woman, Tom found himself wondering why this set wasn’t considered “basic” — until another woman appeared kneeling beside her in the next image.

“Wait, is that you, Sheila?” asked Susan. “And, holy shit, is that Lara, from down the street?”

Tom looked closer and exclaimed, “And that’s her husband, Rick!”

“Yes, they were interested in taking their session to a more adventurous level. Lara seemed rather attracted to me, and so I was happy to join them.”

Susan and Tom looked rapturously at the photo series of their neighbors, which included Rick getting a double blowjob, fucking both his wife and Sheila from behind, Lara licking Sheila’s pussy (and vice versa), and, as a finale, Rick shooting a huge load of come all over both Lara and Sheila’s faces as they knelt on the floor in front of him.

“We have other couples who’ve asked Chuck to join them, and other’s who’ve been willing to share with both of us at the same time,” said Sheila. “One of our especially adventurous couples had a full-blown gangbang session, in which the husband has shared his wife with five or six of our most talented male performers.”

Susan listened to these anecdotes with increasing arousal, but finally got her head together enough to ask more questions. “Which scenes are the most popular with your members?” asked Susan.

“Oh, probably the threesomes, especially two men with one woman. Busty women like you get downloaded a lot, of course, especially if they can handle large cocks and know how to take a cumshot properly. Also, if you can act at least a little and pull off a bit of role playing, you’ll spice up the scene and get more attention. And frankly, the more downloads you get, the bigger your royalties.”

Sheila switched to the next set of photos, this time of Chuck with another couple. The woman in this one was on her hands and knees, sandwiched between Chuck and the woman’s husband, with Chuck’s enormous cock in her mouth and her husband’s in her cunt. In another shot, she was riding Chuck while sucking her husband, and the final image showed her on her knees between the two men with their come all over her face, hair, and tits. Tom noticed that Susan seemed to linger over these images just a bit longer than the others.

“How many people are actually present for the shooting?” asked Tom.

“Well, that depends,” answered Chuck, whose eyes had been fixed on Susan through most of the conversation. “Besides the models, we’ll usually have two cameras going to get various angles, plus at least one still-photographer, a lighting guy and a guy for the boom mike. So, I guess that would be five or six for a basic scene. But the crew is very professional, and they’ve seen pretty much everything you can imagine.”

“So, what do you think?” asked Sheila.

“I think…we’d canlı bahis siteleri like to think about it,” said Susan, glancing at Tome and answering for both of them. “How about we give you a call tonight?”

“Sounds great,” said Chuck. “You two look fabulous together, and we’d love to get you in front of a camera. I suspect you’d be a very popular pair.”

They all shook hands, and Susan and Tom departed in silence.

Part 3: The Decision

“Well?” asked Tom on the ride home following the interview. Their heads were reeling from the images they’d seen and the idea that they might actually go through with this themselves.

“I don’t know,” said Susan. “I’m stunned that Lara and Rick have done this already. I had no idea they were so kinky.”

“Neither did I,” said Tom, “but their scenes were really hot.”

“You just like the idea of getting it on with two women at once,” chided Susan thumping him playfully on the arm.

“And what about you, Miss Innocent? I saw your response to those pics of the woman with two guys. What did you think of Chuck?”

“He’s handsome,” answered Susan.

“And well-endowed,” added Tom.

“I noticed that, too,” laughed Susan, a little embarrassed to say so.

They were then silent over the next several miles, until Susan finally spoke up.



“What if we try just a ‘basic’ scene, just the two of us?” she asked.

“Well, it wouldn’t be ‘just the two of us’ at all,” said Tom. “Don’t forget Sheila, Chuck, and the film crew.”

“You know what I mean,” she responded. “Just the two of us.”

Tom took a deep breath. “If you’re absolutely sure, then I’m willing to give it a shot. But if you’re not 100% comfortable, we call it off right away.”

“OK,” said Susan. Let’s call them when we get home.

Part 4: The “Basic”

They scheduled the scene for a few days later and decided not to have sex until then. As Tom explained to Susan, he thought he should have a little time to “build up” as it were so that he could “give the camera a good show”. Susan giggled at his silly euphemisms, but understood his worry. She also had butterflies in her stomach about how the scene would go and whether she could play the part of a pornstar.

After three days of relentless teasing, Susan and Tom arrived nervously at the studio on a Saturday evening about dusk. Sheila greeted them at the door with two glasses of wine and tight hugs, but then whisked Susan away to the dressing and make-up room to get ready.

Chuck gave Tom a firm handshake and escorted him into the film studio. There were three lighting arrays focused on a large, comfortable-looking bed with white sheets and a feather matress in the center of the room. Chuck introduced Tom to four young men who were setting up various pieces of camera and sound equipment, and Tom was a bit relieved that they seemed like decent, professional fellows — not the sleazy sterotype he’d been expecting.

Chuck presented the contract to Tom, who looked it over briefly, and, seeing nothing to raise a red flag, went ahead and signed it. After Chuck countersigned the papers, he suggested that Tom get changed into a silk robe hanging nearby and make sure he was “ready” for Susan to come onto the set. When Tom asked, “Is there someplace I should change?” Chuck just laughed.

“You need to get past your modesty now, amigo. Or perhaps you don’t know what’s about to happen here.”

Tom laughed at himself at that point, realizing the ridiculousness of his question, and, to his own surprise, he had no qualms about undressing right there in the middle of the room. After he was naked, he heard one of the young men holding the boom mike say quietly, “Finally we get an amateur with a good-sized dick for one of these shoots.” Tom found himself feeling a bit more confident at this remark, but a little embarrassed about the bizarre nature of the situation and the fact that the compliment came from another man.

Just as Tom had gotten his robe on and was seated and enjoying his wine, a side door opened, and Susan came in. She was also wearing a silk robe, but Tom could tell she also had on black, thigh-high stockings and very tall heels, which clicked as she crossed the room towards him. She had on think eye make-up, and her hair was up and a bit curled. One of the crew let out a low whistle of appreciation, which made her blush.

Susan sat in the chair next to Tom, also holding her wine, and looked him directly in the eyes:

“I think this is our last chance to say ‘no’, sweetheart. Are we both absolutely sure about this?”

Tom took a deep breath. “I am.”

“Me, too.” And at that, she downed the remainder of wine in her glass, stood up in front of him, and let her robe fall to the floor.

Every eye in the room — Tom’s, Sheila’s, Chuck’s, all of the crew’s — focused on Susan. She was indeed wearing black thigh-high stockings and stiletto heels, but she also had on a black, babydoll nightgown that barely came down over her ass. The nightgown was partly see-through, and her large breasts were clearly visible under the gauzy fabric. She had on bikini panties, and she showed off the entire ensemble by doing a slow turn in front of Tom who was still seated.

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