Making new friends with Charles and John in the fi


Making new friends with Charles and John in the fiA nice night it was, balmy and a good opportunity to go for a walk to the fields and adjacent woods. There was about three hours of sun left and there were quite a few walkers about. The track I followed was well travelled at least for the first twenty minutes or so. The fields were planted with a dense and lush cereal crop. Soon however it would change to a bushy under growth landscape with s**ttered large oak trees. I passed a few people, I liked always to have a fairly fast pace, it would bring me soon to my favourite section of the walk; a quieter area with a few nice benches with great views. I found a nice bench with a nice westerly view; the sunset, still a few hours away would be very nice indeed. A few young boys passed on bikes a sped away into the distance. An elderly couple passed me and greeted me in very friendly manner. I dozed off for a few minutes, the warm sun on my face was very comforting and pleasant. I thought about the evening and what it would bring, I was planning an early nite. I dozed off suddenly I felt the bench shake; a young man sat down at the other end of the bench, he was panting and was wearing loose fitting running gear. ‘Hello’ he grunted whilst he leaned back resting from an obvious active jog. ‘Hello’ I replied, ‘looks like you had a good run’ I smiled. He smiled in return, ‘I hope you don’t mind me resting here a few moments’ ‘No, not at all, it is such a nice place, good for sharing’. He didn’t say anything for a while and we both enjoyed the passing hours of the day. Sometimes it is a little awkward sitting beside a person one doesn’t know in silence, however I felt very comfortable with this young man. ‘He introduced himself as Charles and he asked: ‘What is it that you do?’ ‘I’m a teacher, mature age, I used to teach teenagers, but now I only teach, what one calls mature age students. Age varies, from 20 odd to 70!’. ‘That is a lot of variation’ Charles remarked. We fell silent again, the wind rustled the oak leaves of the large oak tree, overhanging the bench. I dozed of again, but not for long. ‘I would be just be in your age group’ the boy ventured. I smiled, ‘Yes you would’. I gazed into the far yonder and asked my bench companion, ‘More exercise tonight?’ The was a slight pause and then the well muscled boy smiled. ‘What is there to smile Charles’, I asked. ‘Well yes, exercise, but not the conventional’. I looked sideways and my companion had a satisfied look on his face. I was curious: ‘What exercise is it that is not conventional?’ ‘Well’, Charles said, and this floored me, ‘the type of exercise you do every night too, I am pretty sure’… Now, this was very surprising and I was a little illegal bahis shocked too,…. was he referring to my chronic masturbation? How direct, and I could hardly contain my excitement. I decided to plunge in and looked sideways to the attractive young man’s face: ‘And what is it I do every night’ I smiled back. ‘Well’, and now Charles took a deep breath, ‘I reckon you masturbate a lot!’ This was certainly direct and I had never experienced such directness before….. I certainly wank a lot, too much some could say, but alas, I find it simply too wonderful an experience to forego….I can’t resist to stroke my cock, watch porn, especially guys masturbating their cocks, watching them cum, beautiful pulsating cocks…. Also, it is hot tranny and wanking ladyboys I adore and wank myself silly over. I love edging, sometimes for hours, my oiled up cock all hard and tight; most times I have my trusty cock rings and especially my tight ball stretchers to make it all last longer; and ending in a long series of cum blasts….I have stroked my cock since I can remember, being very young and wanking at all hours of the day….. ‘Ha! That’s certainly very direct! But, what makes you think I will masturbate tonight?’ I decided to be direct too and push on as if it was the most normal conversation….’Well, I could not help noticing you massaging your swollen cock when you dozed off… ‘ and now my companion smiled broadly at me and it made me happy to have this frank and open conversion, I had never experience this before and was now really enjoying it and it really excited me…. ‘This is true’, I sighed, ‘I often do this without being very aware of this…..I should be more careful…..’. ‘No, not with me’ and Charles was silent for a moment. ‘ It’s what I love to do also,….work my body and my cock, it makes me feel so good and alive….’. Charles changed position, I could now notice his large swollen member in his tracksuit…I decided to be bold, wanting really to see this cock….I looked at Charles and stated: ‘Charles’ I grinned, ‘why wait, there is hardly anyone here around us’…Now Charles smiled too and looked into the distance. I started to think that I was moving too fast, but, suddenly he pulled his sweat pants down and an indeed very beautiful swollen and bouncing cock sprang free, so gorgeous it was, his hard twitching pole in the warm evening air…..I licked my lips and could not help but blurt out: ‘Wow!….so beautiful’….’Hmmmm, yes…’ he murmured and some more twitching of this beauty beside me……… My cock was hard now and thought why not join in the free air exercise, so I released my cock from my trousers too…I felt great, Charles was slowly stroking his cock and smiled illegal bahis siteleri at me and ventured, ‘Well look at your fine cock yourself, very nice indeed’ and studies my cock closer….’It certainly seems very well exercised’…. ‘Well yes, I would not know how many times, too many too count’ I sighed. Charles moved closer and laid his hand over my hard cock and started massaging. I placed my hand on his large swollen member, it was resting and twitching, slightly side-ways ….’Hmmmm we need some oil’ …. ‘Yes we do, but we have none’…. We were silent for a while enjoying stroking each other’s cocks in the balmy evening….I wanted to work Charles’ cock really badly now: ‘Why don’t you stand up and Ill suck you’ I asked….’there’s hardly any people, so why not’? My companion looked at me and didn’t wait long and quickly stood in front of me; his cock now right in front of my face,…. Charles’ beautiful member was now rock hard and swung and jolted right in front of me…. I moved a little forward and started licking this wonderful pole along the full length…. I moved my tongue and lips to Charles’s full and swollen head, and swirled my tongue around the pulsing swollen knob…. Charles softly moaned and I ever so gently gorged the full twitching muscle length and began sucking and slurping Charles’ now rock hard member. We rocked back and forward in a slow rhythm; with each movement a deep sucking sound came from my throat…Charles buttocks were muscly and hard, I felt his movements stronger and Charles was working up a glorious blast … I was hungry for his warm load in anticipation…..he would blast his load deep in my throat. Suddenly he stopped moving his hips and whispered: ‘There’s a guy watching us’….I released Charles warm cock from my throat and mouth and looked sideways; indeed there was this guy watching us….he stood silent under a tree and he was alone… I licked Charles cock again and watched the guy; I wanted to see his reaction; I felt he was actually enjoying what he was seeing, although I was not sure of course. I kissed and swirled my lips some more around Charles cock head…. The guy moved a little closer and I noticed he moved his hand to his crotch….now I was sure that he was indeed a wanker guy, as I suspected… he was having a great time too…. “Charles, this guy is a chronic wanker, I am sure, he is having a hard-on.… We just continue and let him have a happy jerk session over us’…. I took Charles cock in my mouth and again gorged deeply and felt the swollen cock head again deep in my throat… so hot… my own cock was hard now too and I wanked myself whilst I was sucking Charles cock and massaging his floppy balls….We continued in unison and I managed to occasionally canlı bahis siteleri look sideways to the guy: he now was undoing his trousers and freed a swinging cock and large balls in a long hanging sack…. Indeed quite a sight too….’Look at that cock Charles, quite a flopper cock!….” and went back to sucking and slurping Charles member…. Charles grunted some more and continued to buck gently his hips….his cock sliding back and forwards in my throat….The guy in the near distance was now wanking his cock and was showing quite hard and impressive too…. I could see he was enjoying himself to no end…..I beckoned him to our bench so I could have a closer look of his cock and in no time he was beside us, grinning and wanking his cock…He was middle aged and trim. ‘Hi guys, I could not believe it when I saw you… so hot, you really look fantastic from afar and now up close even better’…. Charles and I grunted and moaned in agreement and I released Charles cock and grinned back and said: ‘Who do we have the pleasure with… since we are all in this together’ ‘I’m John” he said and leaned back and continued working his cock: I noticed it quite shiny and oily; ‘Nice oily cock you have….do you have more oil…I could use some too’…. I gorged again on Charles’ hard member and slurped the life out of it, but tried not to make him blast yet… too much fun to let it all go so soon… John splashed a generous amount of oil on my cock and started wanking my hard and now slippery cock. He was working both my cock and his own long cock with the large hanging and floppy balls…he must have done it often; John expertly massaged my swollen thick cock and I felt in heaven, slurping and sucking a huge cock, soon no doubt exploding deep in my throat and my own rock hard cock beautifully worked and jerked… We edged some more, but Charles not able to wait longer released his heavy load, powerful cum jetting deep in my throat; I could not hold myself much longer and I let go of my own load….my cock twitching and blasting my cum all over my stomach and trousers. Charles cum filled my throat and mouth and now dripping from mouth; I continued to suck and blow Charles cock and he bucked, groaned and moaned loudly; thrusting his still hard member deep in my throat. John watched it all and soon he also could not contain himself and jetted powerful blasts of cum all over his shirt and chest…Satisfied, we rested, leaning back on the bench, enjoying the balmy evening. People passed, quite regularly actually and we wondered if more folk would have witnessed our wank and cock suck activities… Oh, well, some might have had pleasure over it too….After chatting a while, we went our separate ways. Later on during the night I wanked more, thinking back to our threesome wank and sucking, and I blew my oiled up cock some more, watching my favourite tranny cocks and wanking porn buddies with their hot twitching, pulsating cocks in flesh-lights…. Aaah….. so good…

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