Male Cherry goes…POP! Pt.2 Male Cherry goes…PO


Male Cherry goes…POP! Pt.2 Male Cherry goes…POOnce I landed in Vegas I knew that I would live up to the City’s manta: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.I arrived at the baggage claim greeted by hot weather. I was thankful that I decided to change into a clingy maxi dress and sandals before leaving the house. As I am waiting for my bag to make its way around on the belt I am scared to death with a soft….sensual kiss on the nape of my neck. I jumped and turned around to find Bryan’s chocolate solid frame swallowing me. I playfully slapped him on his arm, “Bryan! Oh my god, why would you do that? Boy, you almost got yourself hurt!”. His initial reply was simply a smile. Then he said, “Oh, so you just let any ol’ body come and kiss you on your neck huh?” I was thinking to respond with a sassy remark but dammit! This man was so damn fine. I hadn’t seen him in so long; I almost forgot how sexy he was! Today he was wearing linen shorts, weather appropriate shirt and some sandals. I was shocked to see him wearing sandals… Honestly, I’m not use to guys wearing sandals without them being addidas or Nike brand and with socks on. It was quiet a turn on.After exchanging light conversation and kisses, my bag finally made its way around. Like a gentleman, he grabbed my bag and insisted on carrying my large handbag as well. I said, “It’s OK honey, I’m a big girl, I got this”. No, he replied “I am your bitch mama, let me. Please. That is the least I can do for you allowing me to be your bitch”. My heart was beating a mile a minute! I was both excited that he had called himself MY BITCH and I was shocked that he was already into character. I went along with it. “You damn right! and hurry your ass up”. I thought to myself “Was that too aggressive? Was it not enough?” Bryan interrupted my thoughts with his manly moans and ooh and awwww’s. He was clearly turned on. He dick print was now showing through his shorts.We reached his Range Rover and he put my things in the back and lifted me into the truck. Mmmm this man is so damn SEXY!! And strong! Bryan noticed my pretty Canary yellow fingers and toes and complimented me on how kissable my toes were. “Oh yea? Well, kiss them right now!” Yes mama-was his reply. Some how by him devouring my feet it made my pussy jump. I could feel my pussy creaming and soaking through my lace thong.I was finally able canlı bahis to pry my feet out of his mouth. I told him to hurry up and get in the car before I blew a fuse. We arrived at our hotel; the Venetian. I had never stayed at the Venetian, I had always wanted to but let’s be serious, to room there is beyond my means. I was greeted by the staff with a glass of wine. Though I am not into drinking much, I accepted the offering. While on the elevator Bryan mentioned that he was checking me in and going to his room at the Excalibur, where a bitch should be. I said no, “I want you to stay in the room with me so I can keep an eye on you”. He was able to cancel his standard room and joined me in my suite. He was overjoyed by this decision.I must say, Bryan is the ultimate gentleman as I was greeted by a trail of rose petals all over the suite. I was in awe. I sat my purse down and took in the huge suite we were in! on the bed there was a juicy couture bag. I looked at Bryan, “oh my god! A gift? You shouldn’t have!”. “Anything for my mama” was his reply. I gave him a lingering peck on the lips, opened the gift-It was a charm bracelet with 3 charms attached. The gift meant a lot . Not the value of the gift but the fact that he remembered I wanted to buy myself a charm bracelet with specific charms but I didn’t have the money yet due to Grad school tuition and loans. I plopped on the bed, defeated by the heat that was invading our room. I demanded Bryan to turn the AC higher. He did better, he ran me a bubble bath so I could wash the sweat and plane scum off of me. I was left alone while he retrieved his bags from the car. When he returned he politely asked me: “Can I please bathe you mama?”. I loved to hear him, this typical alpha male beg to wash me. Worship my body. I told him I wanted to hear him plead. “Oooh mama please! Please let me wash your beautiful body. It would make me the happiest man”. I granted the permission.Once out of the bath, I strolled nakedly to the bed where Bryan was watching ESPN. I crossed in front of the TV, watching him and him watching me closely. He began to moan instantly. Just the sound of his sweet manly moans caused my nipples to harden and my pussy to drip. He instantly began rubbing his hard thick dick through his boxer briefs. I asked him, “you like what you see? Huh?” come here. He stood up and began walking towards bahis siteleri me. I said, no, no no! go back! There you go.. now, on all fours, I want you to crawl to me. Yes mama! I could hear the glee in Bryan’s voice. He was turned all the way on and so was I. partially by the sight of his thick dick standing up but mostly by how demanding I was being and he loved it!On all fours Bryan finally reached me. I bent over, ass in front of his face. He took a long sniff of my pussy and moaned with delight! “Mama! Mmm you smell so god damn good! Shit!” I said, shut up! Put your face all in my ass and pussy. I had gotten my clit pierced a few weeks ago and I was dying to test drive it. Once the tip of his tongue touched my clit my knees began to buckle! With his hands, he held my legs in place as he, while on his knees continued to devour my pussy. I began to throw my pussy back in his face, chasing his thick wet tongue…trying to get more and more of it in my ass and pussy. I was near my breaking point and then he stopped. I was panting, pissed and horny. Mad that he had stopped but like a good boy he asked for permission to lay me on the bed and finish his job. As he carried me to the bed I was thinking this couldn’t get any better. Well shit! Was I surprised! He began to suck on my pussy as if he was eating a juicy ripe peach; I could see his facial hair marinated in my pre cream juices. Without me having to direct him, with both hands his fingers attacked my nipples. GOD DAMN MMMM YES! UH, YES OOOH BYRAN DON’T STOP!!!…. oooooh…. I’m in heaven yet im mad I told his ass my nipples were my kryptonite. He was in sync with his movement. Slurp, slurp, lick, caress the right nipple, and caress the left nipple nibble gently on the clit.20 minutes later, I could no longer compose myself. I remember thinking before I was about to come that, I wanted to nut hard in his mouth, make a mess all over his face. With a full mouth he asked me was he being a good bitch. Through moans and light whimpers I said yes, he was being a good little bitch now, I wanted him to be a big boy and get ready to swallow all of mama’s nut. I quickly changed positions because I could not bear the thought of not filling my mouth with his chocolaty pop. Mmm my mouth was watering, I had to have him inside of me. I assumed the 69 position. As I began to fuck his face, I took inch güvenilir bahis by inch of his juicy dick into my mouth until I couldn’t take anymore. I would guess that Bryan had to be at least a 10 piece. It was long, fat with a slight curve. Who would have though a man like this, with all this meat would be begging to be dicked down by me?As I continued to work my magic on his stick, he began to cry out in ecstasy. I’ve never heard sounds that he was making ever escape a man’s mouth. He was crying in pleasure. This only mad me fuck his face harder, trying to literally stuff my pussy in his mouth. Oooh , that pussy taste good babe? Mmm yes mama! . While im gripping the shaft of his dick firmly, I am aggressively yet, gently sucking on only the head. This takes Bryan to no place of return. He cries out, “ooh mommie! Your going to make me come, do I have permission to come?”. I grant him the permission. I suck on his dick, now playing with his balls and as I feel him shake in my mouth I stuff my middle finger in his ass. When I tell you! I jumped because his yelp shocked me. Once I popped my finger in his tight ass hole, it opened up willingly and once I turned my finger into a hook once finding his g spot, he dick spat all over my face and titties….I got up to face him and he did the unthinkable. He tongue kissed me. His cum still lingering on my face, he showed to be a true nasty bitch and that only turned me on more. I began to stroke his dick again to get it back up because now I wanted some dick. He said his dick was sensitive right now and he wanted me to fuck him first before he even thought about being inside of me. One problem, we didn’t have a strap on. I was relived. Whew! I know we had talked a lot about it but damn! Was I seriously about to fuck a man in the ass? What tripped me out more was that he was a BLACK man. I had only heard of white boys doing this type of freak shit. With no strap on there was no way to fuck him. Yes! I had time to build up the courage to fuck him another day. So I thought. He said we would get one after dinner. As anyone who has ever been to Vegas will know, there are TONS of adult shops. We showered together and dressed. I picked out what I wanted him to wear to dinner. All white linen pants suit and some brown loafers. I on the other hand wore a short black and orange dress; sort of reminded me of Marilyn Monroe’s famous number. I slipped by pretty feet into some 5 inch heels. Bryan loved it! On our way to Alex restaurant in the Wynn hotel I kept thinking, “What did I get myself into”?To be continued……

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