Male Sexuality


As a handyman I am pretty much useless when it comes to skill, knowledge, and general ability. Put me in front of a computer and I will make it stand up and dance, waltzing you around the room and charming your socks off. Hand me a hammer and nails and I’ll stand there looking like a fool. This doesn’t make me entirely useless in the handyman field. I’m what is known as unskilled labour.

The reason I mention this is because a friend of mine is a genius in the handyman field. He’ll just look at nails and they jump into the wood where he wants them. Right now he was in the process of redoing some of the rooms in his house. You haven’t lived until you find yourself standing in the middle of a large empty room using a broom to hold a sheet of plaster on the ceiling while your mate casually climbs ladders and inserts nails. Every moment I stood there I was expecting the broom to break, or my hand to slip, and a giant sheet of plaster to descend upon me.

Once the plaster was nailed to the roof and walls things got easier. My mate did some esoteric things to the walls and ceilings and then handed me a paintbrush on the reasonably intelligent assumption that even I couldn’t get it wrong painting everything in sight with a white undercoat.

Working together we quickly had the two rooms he was currently renovating replastered and painted with the undercoat. We rested for an hour or so and then we started painting the ceiling with the primary colour, which happened to be white. Again, how could I go wrong just slapping white paint on white paint? I couldn’t and I didn’t. Two ceilings, nicely painted.

That’s when the mistake was found. Jimmy grabbed the paint for the walls, also white, and said a very rude word.

“Ah, what’s wrong, Jimmy,” I asked, content that I hadn’t screwed up.

“We used the wrong paint on the ceiling,” he said. “We were supposed to use this paint.”

Um, colour me confused. We shouldn’t have used the white paint on the ceiling because we should have used the white paint? You see, this is why I’m not a handyman. Jimmy explained it to me.

“This,” he said, holding up the can of paint, “is ceiling white. It’s a slightly different white to wall white which is what we just used. While it looks good now it will look off once the walls are painted. We’ll have to redo it.”

OK, so we’d have to redo it. I got paid the same amount either way. A big fat nothing, but he’d owe me a favour sometime.

“We can’t repaint until the ceiling dries,” Jimmy said. “Why don’t you sit and watch the game on TV while I run down and replace my paint for the walls.”

That sounded like a plan to me. A half hour or so of doing nothing wasn’t going to kill me. I settled down in front of the TV and Jimmy headed off to get fresh paint.

Jimmy had so sooner driven out onto the road when Marie and Katherine walked into the front room. Their timing was so precise they must have been watching him to leave. I was immediately suspicious.

Marie is Jimmy’s sister and Katherine was her best friend. They were both about nineteen and were attending university. I don’t know exactly what they were studying. It was a warm day, bordering on hot, and they were dressed accordingly, wearing tights and t-shirts. I might add that in my considered opinion they did some flattering things to those tights and t shirts.

Marie is a nice girl and I’ve always got on well with her. I’d never tried the seduction routine with her but that was only because she was Jimmy’s sister. Katherine I didn’t know nearly so well, but well enough to suspect that she was trouble. The fact that she was trouble would probably have encouraged me to make a pass if I knew her just a little better. Looking at her right then I made up my mind to get better acquainted.

“Marie, Kat,” I said, politely standing and nodding to acknowledge their presence.

“Brandon,” was all Marie said, nodding to acknowledge my existence.

“Brandon,” cooed Kat, all smiles and niceness. “How are you? Um, we were wondering, if you’re not too busy, if you could give us a little advice on an assignment we’re doing?”

OK. I’m as gullible as the next man. They wanted advice I’d give them advice. If they asked me something I didn’t know the answer to I’d simply make something up. I gave them a look of helpful interest.

“We’re doing a joint assignment for our psychology class,” Kat told me. “We have to provide an essay on male sexuality. We thought the easiest way to get some answers is to ask a man.”

“Ah, male sexuality? Why not female sexuality?” That would seem more reasonable to me.

“Oh, the men in the class are doing the essays on female sexuality,” Kat said with a vicious smirk on her face.

The men in her class had my sympathy.

“As a matter of curiosity, why don’t you ask Jimmy?”

“Ask my brother about sex?” gasped Marie. “The poor guy would have a heart attack. Unless I have an attack of the spasms when I try to ask him.”

OK. I could see her point.

“So what do you want illegal bahis to ask me?”

“What causes an erection in a man? And I don’t mean it’s just because he’s horny. What is it that actually triggers the relevant emotion that gets him hard?” Kat could be quite blunt in her search for knowledge.

I gave the question some serious consideration before answering.

“OK, one of the words beginning with S,” I said. “Um, those would be sight, shape, scent, sound, sexiness, and self-control.”

“Why self-control?” Marie demanded.

“You can consider that a negative trigger. A person with good self-control would over-ride the other senses and stop an erection from happening, even if he was interested. If it wasn’t for self-control all the men at nudist beaches would be walking around with permanent erections.”

“I see,” giggled Kat. “And all the others are positive triggers.”

“They can be positive or negative. If a girl has a sensational shape, a voice like an angel, and a scent like a depraved skunk, guess which trigger would have the most effect.”

“Got it,” said Kat. “So you’re really saying that barring self-control, any of the other triggers would work as long as there isn’t a stronger negative component.”

“That would be right,” I agreed.

“OK. So Marie and I probably tick all the boxes. Does this mean that you have an erection right now?”

“No. It means I have good self-control right now. Another trigger that I didn’t mention is the forbidden.”

“What’s the forbidden?”

“The lure of looking down a ladies top or up her dress. Seeing slightly more than she wants you to. That’s why you wear clothes. To stop us seeing you and lure us in on our search for the forbidden. Hunter instinct, I suppose you could call it.”

The girls started chatting between themselves, speaking in shorthand from what I could tell. They finally shut up for a moment and Marie turned back to me.

“Anything else you can think of?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, nodding thoughtfully. “Touching and curves. Touching activates your tactile senses and that always has a result. Curves the eye will just naturally follow to the end. If you consider a girl in a bikini you will notice that all the curves of her body tend to come together at a very interesting point.”

Marie blushed and Kat looked thoughtful.

“So the eye follows the curves to a point of interest and that’s likely to trigger an erection,” she mused.

Up until this point I’d been amused. Now Kat managed to shock me. She was standing just a little behind Marie. She put her hands on either side of Marie’s waist and then simply jerked her tights and panties right down, revealing all. If I was shocked, Marie was downright astounded.

I had to feel some sympathy for Marie. After pulling down her things Kat straightened up and slid her arms around Marie’s waist. This effectively stopped her from bending down to pull up her panties, leaving her standing there red-faced and half naked.

“So, do the lovely curves you referred to give you an erection?” asked Kat giggling.

“No,” I lied. “Rigid self-control, remember. And in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not gay.”

“Thought never crossed my mind,” Kat said. “Ah, would your rigid self-control still work if you got tactile?”

“Tactile as in patting a pussy?” I asked, taking another admiring look at Marie, much to her indignation. She was also shaking her head, indicating that a tactile demonstration wasn’t really needed.”

“Precisely,” smirked Kat, glad to see I was getting with the program.

“Let’s see,” I said and reached out my hand, slipped it between a pair of legs, and closed over a hot little pussy as approved.

Marie started giggling while Kat gave an outraged shriek and bounced back out of reach.

“Not me, you idiot,” she howled. “Marie. She’s the one with her pussy hanging out.”

“Well, yes, I know that, but you can’t really give me permission to touch some other girl, just yourself. Um, if it’s any consolation the answer is yes, I have an erection now.”

“But you were supposed to feel up Marie,” Kat protested again, apparently unable to come to terms with what had happened.

“If you insist,” I told her, and turned to Marie. A Marie who had failed to pull up her panties, I noted, even though Kat was no longer stopping her.

“Marie, my love. Would you do an ardent admirer a tremendous favour and permit him to caress those lovely curves of yours that Kat so meanly put on display. I find I really do desire to see if they feel as creamily smooth as they look.”

Did I mention that Marie was clean-shaven? Not a stray follicle to be seen, just creamy skin in graceful curves.

Now you will note that I asked. Maybe I should have waited longer for an answer, but I knew she’d say yes, so why wait? I reached out, my hand running over her mons and down between her legs, cupping her mound and softly squeezing. I thought she was going to faint. Or explode. Some sort of violent reaction seemed illegal bahis siteleri to be brewing.

“Ah, Marie, Kat showed what you have but is hiding her own curves,” I said quickly, withdrawing from contact. “Don’t you think it appropriate that she should also reveal her own charms?”

The sizzling look in Marie’s eyes fastened onto Kat. I winked at her (Kat, that is) and waited. Kat glared at me but she was trapped. She either had to admit she was wrong to pull down Marie’s pants (which were still down) and apologise or pull her own down to show it was no big deal. She went with option two. Like I thought, that girl was trouble.

She smirked at me as if to say your move. I smirked right back and handed the hot potato to her.

“What am I supposed to do with that erection I said I had? Just pretend it never happened or do you wish to inspect it so you can mention it in your essay?”

Marie blushed and I assumed that she’d say ignore it. She was also starting to grope for her panties to pull them up but glanced at Kat and refrained. I guess she’d take it as a loss of face to cover up while Kat was still keeping things on display. Whatever, Marie didn’t get a chance to express her opinion.

“By all means haul it out into the light. We’re interested in seeing what you can come up with.”

My personal opinion was that I could come up with plenty to show them. I may not be super-sized, but I have a decent package. I dropped my trousers and jocks, my erection leaping out, larger than life. Well, not larger than life, but certainly large enough. Both girls blushed.

“Continuing your essay on male sexuality you might like to note that having brought a man to this stage,” I said, indicating my erection, “you have three way of changing this state, tactilely. Do you know what these three methods are?”

Both girls gave me furious looks and I sighed.

“Obviously not,” I said. “You just have dirty minds. First you can enhance the erection with some limited handling, you can remove it completely by some vigorous sexual activity, or you can kill it by giving it a good slap.”

The girls looked a little startled at that last bit.

“Oh, you didn’t know? It’s true. Just give your boyfriend’s boner a good fast slap and it will wilt like a flower in a heatwave. And don’t even think of slapping mine,” I added quickly, seeing the smirk on Kat’s face.

“Now, if you have all the information you need?” I paused and the girls stayed silent.

“OK, then. Ah, I assume that you’re going to do something to help me out in my current state of concupiscence” I suggested, waving a hand in the general direction of my groin. “Um, that’s a good word. Use it in your essay. Using big words in psychology essays guarantees good marks. It shows you can say things that no-one understands.”

“What? Are you suggesting one of us should have sex with you?” demanded Kat.

“Hey, come on, let’s be realistic here,” I said. “You know perfectly well that Marie is Jimmy’s sister. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that she have sex with me. At least, not while I’m in his house.”

Marie had an odd look, satisfied that I wasn’t coming on to her right then and irritated for the same reason. I winked at her and looked at Kat, smiling benignly.

“You’re saying you want me to have sex with you?” Kat said, sounding offended.

“Think of it as deep research,” I suggested.

“You have to be kidding.”


“OK? That’s all you’re saying? You’re not going to try to insist?”

“Well, I’d love to insist but there’s Marie standing right there. She’d probably object if I just pushed you to the floor and hoisted your feet into the air. Um, wouldn’t you?” I asked, turning to Marie.

“Ah, probably,” she agreed. “There again, it might be an interesting experience. I’ve never seen someone get screwed before.”

Kat now gave both of us nasty looks.

“Still, I can’t help wondering what Jimmy’s reaction will be when I tell him you whipped down Marie’s panties and showed all.”

“What? You wouldn’t,” Marie said in a half shriek.

“Well, you have to admit that the pair of you have been teasing me,” I pointed out. “Still are,” I said, looking pointedly at a couple of pussies still on display. Do girls forget things like that when more than one of them are flashing or were they doing it deliberately?

It appeared that Marie had forgotten. Looking down she gave another half shriek and hastily started straightening her clothes. Kat, on the other hand, was too busy glaring at me to worry about what she was showing.

“Do you mean that you’ll deliberately try to get me in trouble with Jimmy?” she demanded.

“Not me,” I said easily. “My lips are sealed. Not a word on this subject will pass them. Tear my fingernails out with red-hot pliers and still I will refuse to speak.”

“Don’t tempt me,” snarked Kat, relaxing a little.

“Besides, why would I want to get you into trouble when you’ve decided you will have sex with me after you’ve canlı bahis siteleri made me sweat a bit longer?”

“I’ve done no such thing,” Kat flatly stated. “What on earth gives you the impression that I’d want to have sex with you.”

The denigration she built into that last word was magnificent. I was left in no doubt that I wasn’t even in the last man in the world scenario. I smiled and took a step closer to her.

“Um, possibly because you’re continuing to flaunt yourself,” I murmured, my hand closing over her mound again. Skin to skin on her mound this time, with no silly clothes in the way.

I’m sure Kat would have hastily backed away again but found herself constrained, notably by the fact that the coffee table was behind her, bumping against her legs. It’s hard to back away through a solid object. She was reduced to spluttering and telling me to get my hands off.

I did, backing away a little to give her room. To be honest, I knew damn well that Kat had had no intentions of having sex with me. I was also fairly certain that Kat knew that I knew it. Marie? She was probably confused, not knowing if Kat had intended to succumb to my charms or not. (Marie also had no intentions of succumbing herself. At least, not at home with a witness. Taking her out might prove interesting.)

Given the above, Kat was now wondering what it would be like to have sex with me. Marie standing there watching was an added incentive to her. She was definitely a bit of a grand-stander. The big question was how to push her over the edge.

“Um, Kat, you wouldn’t really have sex with Brandon, would you? I mean, not right now, with me here?” Marie sounded a little concerned. Or was that a little excited.

“I will if I want to,” was Kat’s defiant answer.

“Ah, do I get a say in this?” I asked. “I mean, seeing we’re talking about my body and all.”

Both girls looked at and then their eyes drifted down to my erection. They both started sniggering.

“Um, Brandon, we know what your vote is going to be,” Kat said with a smirk. “Your intentions are rather plain.”

“Yeah,” agreed Marie. “Your vote has its hand high in the air.”

“Dunno about his hand, but his head certainly is,” was Kat’s next comment, followed by more sniggering.

Marie said something sotto voce, and my hearing wasn’t good enough to catch it. Kat said, “Sure. Watch,” and the next thing I knew her hot little hand had closed over my cock.

Not being a little girl I didn’t squeal and back away. Name me any man who’s going to try to back away while a girl’s hand is wrapped around certain valuable material. You could lose some important parts doing that. I stayed still and suffered, showing a manly stoicism.

I suspected that Marie had challenged Kat to grab me. Now that she had I also suspected she’d made a serious tactical error if she didn’t want to wind up fucked. Now that she was holding me her face was a little more flushed, she was breathing harder, and I could swear her nipples were peaking beneath her t-shirt. Also, she seemed a trifle reluctant to let go.

I thought it would be wise to check out the nipple situation. As I was standing right there in front of her (not as though I had a choice the way she was holding me) I just naturally cupped her breast, rubbing it to get a feel for the nipple through her top and bra. Her nipple certainly felt as though it was rather pronounced.

So a fine young lady is holding your cock. You are ninety nine percent sure that a virgin she is not. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist, and that touch of exhibitionism should counter the fact that there was someone else there. Did I chance my arm or not? Well, if you don’t try, you don’t get.

“Time to decide, Kat,” I said quietly, detaching myself from her grasp and turning her to face the couch. She didn’t immediately protest as I quietly steered her into bending over the end of the couch.

“Ah, I don’t know about this,” she muttered, as I brushed her tights and panties further down, giving myself more room to play.

“I do,” I told her, my hand now rubbing against her pussy with serious intent.

I heard Marie catch her breast and a quick glance showed her watching, keenly interested in what was about to happen.

I was brushing my cock back and forth along Kat’s lips and she seemed to be getting increasingly nervous. Marie seemed to be getting increasingly eager for things to progress.

I’d just eased Kat’s lips apart and the head of my cock was resting there as I let her lips close around it. At that point both girls spoke up.

“Listen, I’m really not sure about this,” Kat muttered.

At the same time Marie was observing, “Ah, Jimmy’s back.”

Just like that Kat was gone, leaving a slightly glistening spot on the head of my cock where her juices had touched. Meanwhile she and Marie were long gone. I could hear the bedroom door close. Obviously I couldn’t very well have Jimmy walk in and find me with trousers down and cock out. I hastily tidied up and slunk down onto the couch, looking at the TV. What was worse, my team was losing. I turned the TV off as Jimmy came in the door.

“Right,” says Jimmie as he came bustling in. “The ceiling should be touch dry by now so we can repaint it straight away.”

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