March Madness Leads to March Nakedness


March Madness Leads to March NakednessMarch Madness Leads to March NakednessNCAA Men’s Basketball playoffs are in full swing and many people are making all kinds of wagers on their favorite teams. Thursday night, friend of mine and his wife came over for dinner and to watch two games – North Carolina vs. Wisconsin and Xavier vs. Arizona. Mark is an Xavier fan and his wife Haley was a North Carolina fan. Babs team had been eliminated early and mine only made it to the second round of the NIT, but we both agreed to pull for Arizona to upset Kentucky like they did back in 1997 or there about.During dinner, the conversation about which team would win and we had a lot of fun banter going back and forth. While cleaning up and doing the dishing, Haley told Babs that there was no way Wisconsin could beat the Tar Heels and Babs asked her just how confident she was and Haley said 100% confident. Babs asked her if she wanted to make a wager and Haley said yes, but money was tight. Babs said no problem and suggested that she would take Wisconsin and the loser had to let the winner’s husband strip her naked and then she had to dance in front of the men and then remain naked until the second game was over. Haley said she could never do that and Babs reminded her that she was 100% confident so she should have nothing to worry about, so Haley finally agreed. Babs told her us guys would get hard when they told about the wager and Haley suggested we keep it a secret until Babs had to strip. Babs laughed and said ok.Out in the TV room, Mark and I were having a similar conversation about Xavier and Arizona. He was also very confident and I challenged him to make a bet. He also told me that money was tight and I told him we didn’t have to wager money. He looked at me with a curious look on his face.I’ve always known that Mark thinks Babs is really hot and he’s always watching her with lustful eyes, so I suggested that the winner gets to play with and suck on the tits of the loser’s wife. He said that Haley would never go for that and asked if I would let him do that with Babs and I told him I would. Then I asked him how sure he was that Xavier would beat Arizona and he started bragging about a couple of Xavier’s players and how good they were. So I then suggested that the winner would get a blow job by the wife of the loser and again he told me that Haley would never go it if he lost, but I reminded him that he was sure his team would win. Then I upped the wager told him that if Xavier beat Arizona that Babs would strip naked, allow him to suck her tits and feel her pussy and that she would give him a blowjob. He asked what would happen if Arizona won and I said that roles were be reversed but according to him there was little chance of it happening. He finally agreed to the wager, but made me promise not to say anything to the girls until after the game was over. So the stage was set with wagers made on both games that spouses knew nothing about. I wasn’t worried because I knew Babs would eagerly pay up and could only hope that Haley would also, but wasn’t sure. Haley is a cute girl, about 5’5” maybe 105 pounds soaking wet with long light brown hair and green eyes. Her tits seemed to more on the small side, but then I prefer smaller tits that the big ones that hang down like water balloons. Mark stands about 5’8”, taller than Haley but shorter than Babs. Black hair, brown eyes and a fit body. He likes to run, mountain bike and swim and has competed in several triathlon events. I kept the drinks flowing fairly well during the North Carolina – Wisconsin game. Babs had given me a few winks that told me that she must have made a wager with Haley and I nodded back and smiled, letting her know that Mark and I had also made a wager. Babs squirmed in such a way that I knew she was getting very wet at the thought of something happening.The first game was close, with the lead changing a number of times. Whenever North Carolina had the lead, Haley would get very boisterous but when Wisconsin took a lead, she got very quiet and looked pensive. Babs and I just smiled at each other and I knew I wanted Wisconsin to win. During the last minute of play, Haley grew very very quiet and looked a little scared. Babs leaned over and whispered something in her ear and Haley got very red and worrisome. Then the final buzzer sounded and Wisconsin won 79-72. Haley had lost all color and liked very white and frightened. She looked visibly shaken, even after several fairly strong drinks. Mark noticed the change in his wife and asked what was wrong and it looked like Haley was about to cry. Babs told him that the two of them had made a wager on the game because she was so confident that North Carolina would win. Mark gasped and asked her how much money canlı bahis did she lose. All Haley could do was shake her head no, when Babs told him that no money was involved, so Mark asked her what she lost. Babs told him that had North Carolina won, that Mark would get to undress Babs in front of everyone and then she would have to dance naked and remain naked until the second game was over. Mark looked at Haley and asked what if North Carolina lost. Haley finally spoke in a quivering and soft voice and told him that she had to let me strip her naked and she had to dance and stay naked. Mark sighed a breath of relief and said is that all and that she had him scared at first. Haley looked at him and asked if that was all? Then she asked him if he was okay with his wife being naked in front of others and Mark said that she was so beautiful and sexy that it was a shame to hide it from others. We could tell that Haley was shocked by what he said and Babs and I decided to fix another round of drinks while they talked. Babs said she was feeling bad by putting Haley in that position and that she was going to let her off the hook because she didn’t want to cause any trouble. We fixed the drinks and headed back. Babs immediately apologized to Haley and told her that she didn’t need to go through with the bet and that we didn’t want to cause any problems. To our surprise, Haley stood up, kissed Babs on the cheek and said that a bet is a bet and that she’s never welched on a bet in her life and she wasn’t going to start now. Babs tried to explain that she took unfair advantage of her be coercing her into the bet to begin with, but Haley insisted she would go through with it anyway. However, she quickly gulped down her drink and asked for another and said it would help. I quickly fixed her another vodka sour of my own making and Haley chugged that one also. Then she stood facing me and told me to go ahead. I asked if she was sure and she said no but yes. I looked over at Mark and he was just sitting there smiling, anticipating seeing his wife naked in front of us. Neither Mark nor Haley had any idea about our freer lifestyle or any of our sexual exploits with others and you could tell from the expression on Mark’s face that he thought this would be our first time doing anything like this. Babs also had that feeling so we winked at each other and decided to play along. Haley was wearing a blouse that buttoned in the front and a pair of blue jeans. I looked straight into her eyes and whispered that I would be kind and she mouthed a thank you in response, but never dropped her gaze from looking back into my eyes. We continued to focus on each other’s eyes as my hand adeptly unfastened one button at a time until her blouse was opened. Then I slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to Mark. Then I knelt down and took off her jogging shoes and socks. Kneeling up in front of her, I unfastened her jeans and worked them down over her hips and slid them down her legs and off. There before me stood my co-worker’s wife in just her bra and panties. I looked her up and down and turned to Mark and said ‘wow she’s really hot.’ He said he knew and then asked Haley why she was blushing. I stood up and reached around her and un-clasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to Mark. I was right about her tits being smaller, probably about a smaller 32B but they were quite firm with no sag. She had puffy aureoles which drive men wild. I started to reach for one and then thought better of it and to my surprise Haley told me to go ahead and touch if I wanted to. I gently cupped them in my hands and I felt her body tremble at my touch. I leaned down and kissed one nipple, causing the aureole to pull in and her nipple to stand hard and erect. I repeated the process on the other nipple with the same results. I told her that her tits were exquisite and that I considered myself to be extremely privileged. She blushed and said thank you. Then I gave her a choice of facing me or having her back to me as I took her panties down and off. She started to say back, but they said it won’t matter in a minute when she turns around so she continued to face me and said to go ahead and finish the deed. Again I knelt down in front her with my face only inches from her panties and her hidden treasure. I put my thumbs under her waistband and ever so slowly pulled her panties down. I was curious as to whether she had any pubic hair or was clean shaven. As they moved lower and lower, a 1 inch wide strip of neatly trimmed hair came into view. Once her panties were lower than her pussy, I could smell her excitement and that aroma works on me like catnip works on a cat. I carefully took her panties down and helped her step out of them. I then looked bahis siteleri directly at her pussy and leaned in and softly kissed her outer lips. I stood up, took a step back and told Mark that he was right, she is beautiful and very sexy and that he’s a very lucky man. I wanted to do more than just a gently touch of her tit or a tiny kiss to her pussy lips, but dared not press my luck, at least for now, so I sat back down next to Babs. Mark asked about the dancing part and Babs hit the remote and turned on some music. Haley was still very embarrassed and nervous, but finally started moving around to the music. After a few minutes, Babs turned the music off and told her she would put her clothes back on if she wanted and she insisted that a bet is a bet.About that time the Xavier – Arizona game was ready to start, so Haley sat down next to Mark and he told her how wonderful she was and how proud of her he was and they kissed. I could tell by the expression on her face, as well as the aroma I had detected that Haley had enjoyed the stripping and was quite turned on.The second game was much like the first game in that Xavier and Arizona traded the lead a few times and the game was close all the way down to the end. As much as I wanted Arizona to win and see if Haley would really give me a blow job, I also knew that if they lost that Babs would gladly strip and suck Mark off so it really was a win win situation. When the final buzzer sounded, Arizona won. Mark looked at me and smiled and frowned. I could tell he was excited about the thought of watching his naked wife sucking my cock and at the same time it wasn’t my naked wife sucking him. But first someone had to tell Haley that her ordeal wasn’t over. I motioned to Mark to go ahead and break the news, but he wasn’t sure how to broach the subject. Then Haley said that since the second game was over that she could now get dressed. Mark cleared his throat and told her not yet. She looked at him and asked why I jumped in and said that we also had a wager on this last game. Haley looked at Mark and then at me and asked me what the wager was. I told her that the loser’s wife would have to strip and she said she was already there. I continued and told her that the winner would be allowed to fondled and suck the tits of the wife of the loser and feel her pussy. She started to say that I had already done that and mark said that what I had done earlier didn’t count and wasn’t enough. Then Mark told her there was one more thing. Haley looked impatient and asked what. I held my hand up to Mark indicating that I would tell her. Haley turned to face and watched as I unfastened my shorts and slid them down, exposing my rock hard cock. Her eyes got big and asked just what had Mark wagered for her to do with that. Mark sheepishly told her that she had to give me a blow job. Haley started laughing and said for a moment she thought it meant she had to fuck it. I assured her that that wasn’t part of the wager, and Babs immediately added that she could if she wanted. Haley turned to Babs with a shocked look on her face and Babs said that if she wanted it was okay with her. Haley approached me and I stood up in front her. One hand went up to her tits and the other was placed on her landing strip of hair. I leaned down and took a nipple between my lips. Instead of the quick soft kiss like I had done earlier, this time I engulfed her nipple and sucked on it like a baby trying to get milk. My other hand worked its way down to her pussy and I could feel that she was soaking wet. I caressed her outer lips for a bit before working a finger inside. As I probed her inner sanctum, I could feel her whole body lean in to me, giving in to my touching and sucking. I moved to sucking her other nipple as I worked a second finger into her pussy and began stroking upward along her g spot. Haley instantly started to react and I added my thumb rubbing her clit. I was wondering what Mark was thinking as he watched me with a hand fondling one breast and my lips sucking the nipple on the other while I was stroking his wife’s pussy and clit. I picked up the pace of my stroking and Haley’s body began to tremble and her abdomen convulsed. A few more stronger strokes and she fell forward into me as her orgasm coursed through her body. I kept rubbing until she eased up. Catching her breath, she looked up at me and asked if that was part of the wager and I said no but since I was allowed to feel her I figured I would make it worthwhile. She told me it was fantastic and then told me to sit down as it was her turn to finish paying off Mark’s wager. I sat back down, next to Babs and Haley quickly knelt down between my legs, took my cock into her hands and started kissing my cock up and down and licking off güvenilir bahis all of the precum. Having licked my entire cock, Haley looked at me, smiled and then put her lips around the head of my cock and began taking me in with each bobbing of her head. Mark was grinning like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland as he watched his naked wife sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I reached down and cupped one of her firm tits as she kept sucking me. Haley had one hand fondling my balls while her other hand wrapped around the base of my cock. She was good and sucked like a pro. Her tongue swirled around my cock as she almost lifted off and she would plunge her mouth back down around my cock. A few minutes later I could feel things stirring inside and evidently she could also. Her sucking increased in speed and she looked like the piston on a high performance engine, stroking up and down along my shaft. The first spurt blasted out of me and down her throat. I expected her to gag or pull off, but she continued swallowing me until my balls had been drained. Haley cleaned me off and sat back on the floor and asked if Mark’s wager had been paid off to my satisfaction and I told her yes, and then some. She turned to Mark and asked if he was satisfied and he told her that she was wonderful and he was so proud of her and couldn’t wait to get her home. Babs asked why wait and then told him to just take her here and now. Much to our surprise, Haley said why not as she doesn’t have anything else to hide, but then she added that she would be okay with it only if Babs and I joined them. You don’t have to ask Babs twice and she moved over to Mark and told him that it was his turn to undress her. Mark looked at Haley and she said why not and sat down next to me as we watched her husband strip my wife.Mark was quicker at getting her undressed. His hands were all over her body and tits. He sucked her nipples and felt her pussy with the urgency of a horny 16 year old boy. Once naked, Babs undressed Mark and began slowly stroking his cock as Mark’s fingers started working her wet pussy. Haley looked over at me to see my reaction and I motioned for her to come sit next to me so as to give them more room. I slipped my shirt off so that I was now naked as Haley sat next to me. She leaned into me and as a put my arm around her shoulder and cup her tit, I whispered in her ear asking if they had ever done anything like this before. She whispered back no, never, but they had fantasized about it during sex but it was just a fantasy that they never dreamed would come true. I asked how far did she go in her fantasy and she put her hand on my cock, stroked it and whispered back all the way. I asked if she wanted to make her fantasy come true and she looked at me and smiled. Mark was busy finger fucking Babs and sucking on her tits as I lifted Haley up and sat her on my lap with my hard cock sticking up just in front of her. Her back was to me so she could watch her husband and my wife. As Babs started to orgasm, I began moving so that my cock would rub up and down the outside of her pussy and she gasped and moaned. After Babs had cum, she knelt before Mark and started sucking his cock. He looked over and saw Haley sitting on my lap with my hard cock rubbing against her pussy. I couldn’t see her face but guess that she somehow asked him if this was okay and he looked down at Babs and then nodded yes to her. With Mark watching intently, Haley grabbed my cock, lifted herself up just enough to allow her to slip my cock between her lips. Even though she was flowing wet, she was also very tight and had to work herself down on my shaft. When she finally worked herself all the way onto me I could feel the muscles in her pussy twitching more and more until she had an orgasm before we really started. I then started lifting up and down on my cock with Mark watching. He couldn’t take it anymore and stopped Babs’ blow job and pulled her onto his lap and started fucking her while watching his wife and I. Babs smiled and gave me a wink.Having cum a short time earlier, I knew I would last for a bit and during that time Haley came two more times. Mark came fairly quickly but not before Babs had an orgasm. They were done and watching as I continued to pump in and out of Haley until I finally blew my load deep inside her. After I came, Haley leaned back, kissed me and told me that this was better than any fantasy. Mark heard her and said he agreed. He asked Haley if she was okay with everything that happened and she squirmed on my now softening cock and said she was wonderful. Haley asked Mark if he was okay with what she did and he told her that it was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. We all cleaned up and since was well after midnight, Mark and Haley headed home. Before leaving Haley asked if they could come over again for another game and Babs told her that they didn’t need a game to have some more fun. We hugged, kissed and said our goodnights and they left.

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