Married Life 03

Bikini Babes

Jan had been very quiet in the car after we left Sally and Peter’s home; it wasn’t until we reached the outskirts of Mt. Barker before she started to speak asking me how I enjoyed the spa.

“Very relaxing, I wish we had one of our own”, I said. Jan agreed that it would be nice to own a spa, mentioning that we had the perfect spot just off the patio, secluded from the nosey neighbours by some hedging and trees which would absorb any noise we might make. “I can see you enjoyed yourself back at Sally’s, looks to me like you had a really nice orgasm, and I was wondering how that happened my dear” I said with a big smirk on my face. Jan replied “Oh you noticed that did you, I am sorry love I don’t want to hurt you and I did not want to cause any trouble between Sally and Peter by saying anything at the time, so I just laid there quietly when Peter put his foot on my vagina and started rubbing me with it, before I knew it I was feeling really horny and he gave me a beautiful orgasm, I got out of that spa so relaxed, but I wished it had been you doing it to me darling, really I do!, please don’t be cross with me”. Instantly I replied that it was ok, I had a fair idea at the time what was happening so I just took turnabout on Sally, you were so far gone you did not notice what Sally was doing love and now I am just so horny I want to find somewhere to stop so that you can give me some relief honey. “Sounds fair” replied Jan reaching over and rubbing my crutch. We turned off the Freeway and pulled into a parking bay just below the old eagle on the hill service stations, where Jan unzipped my fly and reached into my pants to place her slender hand on my now rising cock. I assisted by undoing my belt and unfastening the top of my pants to give her more room to play with, immediately she bent over and started to put my cock in her moist mouth, it felt great. I lowered the seat back and raised my arse into the air just enough to allow Jan to slide my pants and jocks down to my ankles and got comfortable, as I was doing this Jan reached in under my balls and grabbed hold, her tongue slid up and down the entire length of my cock as she tweaked my ball sack, then she would allow her tongue to move across the top wiping up the pre-cum before sliding down the shaft to engulf one ball at a time with her mouth. My breathing was becoming erratic as I lifted my eyes off Jan’s head illegal bahis to look around us to make sure that no unwanted visitors pulled into the parking lot and then she pushed a finger into my arse as she increased the pace of her head bobbing up and down sliding the finger in and out around and around bringing me to boiling point, I let loose with the biggest load shooting it deep into the back of her throat, Jan swallowing profusely to keep up with the pace of my ejaculation so as not to spill a drop on to the car seat. When my cock stoped spewing out cum, Jan looked up at me whilst giving my cock a good licking clean and I could see that she was quite proud of herself by the big smile she had on her face, I put my hands around her face and brought it up to mine giving her a big passionate kiss. Before pulling up my pants and resuming our trip home Jan again apologised for letting Peter rub her pussy in the spa and I reiterated what we had spoken about on the way to Mt.Gambier, that it was ok to have sex with someone else as long as we were both there at the time and it was just sex for fun with no passion and feelings involved. Jan agreed that it could be fun and something that we both might enjoy some time in the future.

During the preceding weeks we continued to talk to Sally and Peter on Skype, and one evening I had been talking to Peter when he had to duck off to the kitchen but was intending to come back in five minutes, so I left Skype on and picked up the local paper for a quick read, Jan had taken herself off to the bathroom earlier suggesting that she wanted to have a shower and paint her nails before bed as she had a work lunch function to attend the next day. About ten minutes had passed when Jan entered our home office in the nude suggesting that she was going to bed and that I should join her, not realising that the Skype camera was still operational she reached over to kiss me good night in full view of Peter whom by this time had re-joined us. I joked how sexy she looked with her bright red nails and her clean shaven pussy, with that Jan pulled her pussy lips apart saying “here have a good look darling!” Well Peter could not contain himself and burst out laughing, Jan, realising that Peter had heard and seen everything, blushed profusely her face turning a bright pink. “Don’t worry Jan, you look absolutely fabulous, Jim is a lucky guy to have a illegal bahis siteleri woman whom looks a beautiful as you and I am a lucky guy to have had the privilege of seeing you in your birthday suit, I have wanted to do that from the first time we met! You know, Jim, the lucky bugger saw my wife butt naked weeks ago”. Jan replied “I just wasn’t expecting any one else to see me like this Peter, you are right fair is fair, it’s just that Jim is the only one who has seen me this way, I hope you enjoyed the show” “enjoyed the show?, sweetie you gave me a hard on, I just love a girl wearing bright red nail polish, Sally rarely wears it.” We said good night to Peter for the evening and went to bed, Jan was very aroused and I asked her what had brought this on, grabbing a hold of my cock, she replied that she felt that having Peter see her in the nude had got her excited and she did not want to make love to me tonight, but she wanted us to fuck!, as if she would if I was Peter.

We had the best time since we had gotten married, Jan went absolutely wild and at one point when I had taken her doggy style and she could not see my face, she pushed back on my cock real hard and yelled ‘fuck me Peter fuck me harder” I kept up the pace and pushed in as hard as I could not saying anything about not being Peter, it wasn’t until later when we were relaxing that I brought up that she had called me Peter, she was embarrassed and explained that since meeting Sally and Peter she had grown very fond of them, especially Peter who had managed to put a little something extra in to her sexual desires. “I love you more than anything Jim, but I have been thinking about what you said; we can have sex with someone else just for fun and I think I am fond enough of Peter and Sally for both of us to share some? Well shall we say play bedroom sport with them if the opportunity arises?”

Jan, you have come a long way since we first met, I like that you think things through with an open mind, I have to be honest I have been talking to Peter on this very subject for the last few weeks, we never planned for me to walk in on Sally in the bathroom, Peter set that one up himself and really took me by the surprise, but we did discuss sitting opposite one another’s partner in the Spa, Peter told me he was a master a foot rubbing and he was right wasn’t he, you certainly enjoyed yourself! “Yes canlı bahis siteleri well that Peter might just have to find out that I am the mistress of cock sucking next time we meet, what do think about that darling?” Well if you feel that strongly about it, perhaps we had better take them up on their invitation to spend a weekend at their place real soon I guess!” “Yes let’s do that honey”, I will talk to Sally tomorrow, and can I buy a new swimsuit to wear in their Spa” “Of course you can sweetie, something really sexy would be great, probably turn Sally on as well!” “What do you mean?” replied Jan. “Oh, just that Peter told me that Sally goes both ways and that she thinks you are really sexy, so do I for that matter”. However, I think we should try a few things first before we get into to playing with others, don’t you? “What do you mean Jim?” Well, we should do some more fucking, and trying different positions like we did tonight, in fact if you think you want to share with Peter and Sally I want for us to spend next weekend together and you have to promise to do everything I say for the whole weekend, if you resist I will punish you if you are a good girl and do each thing I ask, then you will be rewarded, do I make myself clear sweetheart. “You make me nervous Jim, but excited at the same time so all right it is a deal I will be your slave girl!

When I got home from work on Monday night, I went into the home office, got on line to a reputable adult shop in search of some suitable toys for the weekend, picked out some interesting gadgets that I thought Jan would be able to handle and that would assist me in broadening her sexual outlook, then spent the next few days worrying that they might not turn up in time for the coming weekend. Wanting to be prepared I went and purchased a cask of red wine, a box of double and triple A batteries, I also spent a lot of my spare time thinking about what we would do and how we would play out the weekend. The package arrived by express post and on Thursday night whilst Jan worked late I went into the office and unpacked everything and discarded all the packaging so as not to leave anything for Jan to find I then placed a couple of items under my side of the bed mattress, some in my sock drawer and a tube of lubricant and a toy cleaning spray in my top drawer, everything was ready, role on Saturday morning. We had dinner and a few drinks at home on Friday night and Jan wanted to go to bed early to make love, but I said no she needed to save her energy so as to be able to please her master all weekend.

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