Martha James and the Vicar’s Wife Pt. 02


This story is a complete fantasy with no underage sex or pain. If you enjoy it I would really appreciate it, if you could vote me 5 stars and tell me which parts are nice and which parts you don’t like. It is a direct continuation of Martha and the Vicar’s Wife Part 1 and is narrated by Candace. I know I made some name mistakes with the first part and I will try to take more care this time.


Candace’s Story

I whispered in a little girlie voice: “Please come in with me, Mrs. James. I really want to be your Little Sweetie.”

I heard her breathe heavily, as she said: “Come along then Sweetie. I will be your Mummy.” She opened the car door and then led me by the hand up the steps to the large Vicarage front door. My whole body was tingling with expectation.

As we entered the lovely hallway, I knew that Martha was still concerned about my husband and she asked me quietly: “Are you sure we are not disturbing the Vicar, Candace?”

My heart was thumping in excitement. We were talking in reality now. She was my boss and I was the Vicar’s Wife. I didn’t want her to have to have any concerns about Joseph and reassured her: “He is fast asleep upstairs Martha. We will be in the lounge which is the other side of Vicarage. We will be completely alone.” It was so exciting and I wanted to move back into fantasy.

I gently led her through the Reception Room into my comfortable lounge. Martha looked around appreciatively and teased “This is a lovely big house Mrs Stevens. No one on the outside would ever dream about the exciting things that go on inside here.”

I giggled. I knew she was joking about my earlier revelations about Father Joseph and our Confession Sundays. I had told her, Kate and Marian about some of the things. I couldn’t possibly tell them about everything. Martha was different on her own. I knew it had excited her earlier. I wanted to tell her everything. I tentatively asked: “Did they please you Mrs James?”

As we entered the lounge, she dropped her right hand and squeezed my bum and said quietly: “They pleasured me very much Candy. Those secrets about the Vicar were very exciting.”

I gasped. This was nicer than I had thought possible. I wanted to be pleasured and murmured “There are a lot more secrets about my husband Martha. I want to tell you everything.”

I could see that that suggestion turned her on and although we were standing in the middle of the lounge I automatically moved closer. She simply raised her arms and held me closer. I murmured: “Martha?”

She was still holding me gently as she responded: “Yes Love?”

I nuzzled my way into her large bosom and whispered: “I really want to be your Sweetie.”

Although we were in my house and I was the Vicar’s Wife, I felt like a little girl in her presence. She lowered her hands from my waist to rest on both of my buttocks and thrust her knee between my legs and whispered : “Open your legs Sweetie, you will enjoy this and I will enjoy the Vicar’s secrets.”

I sighed with relief. I had fantasized about such a situation for years and now in a very short time it was all coming to fruition. I opened my legs compliantly. She was quite a large woman and I found myself virtually astride her big thigh. It was a heavenly feeling and her hands gripping by buttocks were moving my crotch up and down her thigh in a rocking motion. I could feel myself reaching orgasm and hoped that she was feeling the same. I muttered: “Thank you Mummy.”

I panted as the rocking and probing continued and I half collapsed in excitement. She whispered in a low caring voice: “Did you cum, Love?”

I nodded. I didn’t want it to finish and said: “Yes Mummy but I want to do it more times.”

Martha laughed “Of course you can Sweetie. Let’s sit on the settee and you can tell me all the secrets.” It was so exciting for me that she wanted me to tell her.

We sat down on the settee and it was lovely as I again nestled into her breasts. Although she still had her blouse and bra on, I could feel her big nipples pushing into my face through the material. My excitement was increasing again as I muttered “This is lovely.”

She immediately set the scene by easing my face more directly into her and whispering “All Mummies have big tits Sweetie.”

I nuzzled her nipple and she used one hand to undo her blouse and slip her bra cups down. She did it so efficiently as she then directed my mouth whispering “Suck Mummy’s tits, Love. I like that very much.”

I liked it as well and sucked her nipple enthusiastically. It was exquisite. Apart from my own excitement, it was even better now that I knew that Martha liked it as well. I felt moisture in my mouth and sucked harder. She sighed: “That’s lovely Sweetie. Milk Mummy.”

I did as she instructed me and didn’t speak for a few minutes as she guided my face to her other breast. It was lovely.

Then she eased my face away and whispered “Tell Mummy about the Vicar, Sweetie.”

“I want to tell you Mummy. I couldn’t tell Kate and Marian as they are dirty secrets.”

She groaned with pleasure and I felt her hand drop casino şirketleri down to the hem of my skirt and slide up the inside of my thigh. I opened my legs to make it easy for her to reach my panties. It was my turn to groan with pleasure as she ran her two fingers across the gusset of my panties and whispered: “Tell me, Sweetie.”

We were both comfortable now on the settee as I started to whisper to her. ” At first he wouldn’t tell me what happened in the Confession Box as he was too ashamed. After I started doing all those things for him that he needed I realized that he was desperate for them. I basically told him that I wouldn’t take him upstairs if he didn’t tell me.”

Martha breathed heavily: “So he told you?”

“Yes. He told me everything. I know it was wrong for me to take advantage but it was so exciting Martha.”

She was as aroused as I was, but simply repeated: “Tell me.” and wormed her middle finger inside my panties. I was so wet it was beautiful.

I carried on. “He told me that it all started with Mrs Buxton the Post Mistress.”

Martha whispered “She sings in the Church Choir doesn’t she?”

I shook my head. No she is the pianist. Her husband Mr Buxton is the Choir Master and he’s very good. Between them, they have run the Choir for over 30 years.”

“So what did Mrs Buxton do in the Confessional. Candy?”

I giggled “Apparently she had noticed Joseph looking up her skirt on a few occasions and had talked to him about it in the Confessional. He must have confessed his own fetish for women’s underclothes and big bottoms and she had encouraged him by telling him some of her fantasies.”

“They were similar to his own and it developed from there. She told him all about her underclothes and that she had to wear a big brassiere as she had big breasts. When they were in the Confession Box, she would give him her silk panties and push them into his face. It made him so excited.”

Martha halted me there. “Were you upset with what she told you, Candy? She is in her fifties and after all talking about the Vicar, your husband.”

“No, I wasn’t upset at all. Joseph had always been so boring in the bedroom. They were very much like my own fantasies over the years and I had been so guilty about them as I was married to the Vicar. It sort of took away all my guilt feelings and I enjoyed his confessions so much. I was pleased he felt so ashamed and I pretended to be annoyed.”

Martha smiled: “So he thought you were annoyed?”

I giggled: “Yes, it made him more dependent.”

Both Martha and I were feeling lovely. She had her finger right up me and I was still licking her nipples. She was obviously entranced with my story and asked “So Mrs Buxton must have taken spare panties to Confession to give to the Vicar.”

I wanted to giggle “No, she didn’t have a spare pair. She gave him the pair she was wearing.”

Even Martha chuckled “So when she was in Confession she must have taken her knickers off to give him?”

“Yes. Apparently it made him even more excited to watch her take her panties off. It made him open his trousers to do it to himself.”

“And rub himself, I would think.”

I nodded.

Martha said: “It was a wonder that it didn’t go further Candace. He must have been in a very excited state.”

I nodded “It couldn’t go further, as Mr Buxton was waiting outside with his daughter and son in law. They always went to Confession as a family. Mrs Buxton was last into the Confessional. When she came out they were waiting for her to go to a nice restaurant for Sunday Lunch.”

Martha chuckled “Without any panties on?”

I smiled “I think so.”

Martha said “I can see why the Vicar was so desperate, Candy when he came in after his Confessions with Mrs Buxton.”

“He was very desperate Martha and his face was red. After the first two Confessional Sundays I found I could make him do anything I wanted at any time.”

“You didn’t have to wait for Confession Sunday?”

“I didn’t have to wait for any Sunday, I knew his secrets.”

“So what did you make him do, Candy?”

“I had found out how much he liked women’s underclothes and sometimes when he sounded too sanctimonious I would put my short skirt on and sit in front of him with my legs open and make him tell me about Mrs Buxton’s silk panties.”

“Did it excite him, Candy?”

I nodded “Over the roof. He was so compliant Martha. Normally neither of us drank alcohol, but I would have a glass of Communion wine and tell him what was inside my little cotton panties.”

Martha chuckled “About your pretty little pussy.”

“No Martha. I would tell him how wet my cunt was.”

She laughed “I expect he liked that. Did he have his penis out?”

“I would use stronger language than that. I would order him to pull his cock out and rub it for me. I made him masturbate but very slowly. I wanted to cum as well but slowly.”

Martha gasped, “You had the Vicar wanking Candy. It’s so exciting. Do you use those naughty words with him normally?”

“No, never, Martha, but I found out that it excited casino firmaları him to hear them as I talked about Mrs Buxton in the Confessional.”

Martha looked quizzical so I continued: “Mrs Buxton would talk to him about her big cunt and how hairy she was and how she would like to be fingered.”

Martha groaned. I could see she was enjoying it but it worried me and I asked “Are you okay Martha?”

She panted “Yes Sweetie, but I have a big hairy cunt as well and I would like to be fingered.”

This was exquisite. I pushed my hand directly up her skirt between her legs. She had big French Knickers on with wide legs and she was soaking. I pushed my middle finger up. There was plenty of room and she whispered: “Use three fingers Sweetie. Mummy likes three fingers.”

I liked it as well. Actually there was enough room for my whole hand but obviously she liked three fingers. We were masturbating each other now in very relaxed and safe circumstances.

We were both quiet now except for the slurping noises coming from between our wet legs. Then Martha whispered: “I liked you telling me about the Vicar, Candy. Is there any more?”

I giggled: “There is a lot more Martha. Shall I tell you everything.?” She groaned “Yes please Candace.”

I continued. “When I had him masturbating, I could get him to tell me all his secret fantasies. The more he told me, the more I could lead him on to tell me more of his secrets. I could get him to lick my feet and then up my legs and up further between my thighs.”

Martha sighed “Your pussy?”

I giggled as I corrected her “Not my pussy, Mrs James. My cunt.”

I knew she liked thinking about my position as the Vicar’s wife and added “I had the Vicar licking my wet cunt as he played with his prick.”

Marta let out a long groan. She was still feeling me right up but at the same time she dropped her hand down and held my hand which was up her skirt very firmly and started to rock her lower body up and down against my fingers. It was so erotic. I was the Vicars wife and my boss Mrs James was very deliberately fucking my fingers. These thoughts were coursing through my mind as I felt myself starting to bubble again. I was cumming for the second time. She was also cumming with me.

We both gave a sort of silent screech and then let our bodies relax as we removed our hands and lay back on the settee. It was so lovely and I knew we would cum again before the night was out.

As we settled down, Martha told me: “I enjoyed that Candace, I hope you did.”

I nodded enthusiastically “I thought it was wonderful Martha. I would like to do it again.”

She smiled “It is tempting Candy but with the Vicar upstairs perhaps we should call it a day.”

I felt disappointed but had one more trick up my sleeve “I did have a few more things to tell you about Father Joseph, Mrs James.”

I saw her half smile “Do you mean about your husband, Mrs Stevens?”

“Yes, about the Vicar, Martha. Shall I make a cup of tea and then we can settle down for a bit longer.”

She didn’t need much persuading and nodded “Yes Candace, I feel like a cup of tea.”

I smiled and shot into the kitchen to return in a few minutes with some tea on a lovely silver trolley. We sat back on the settee and enjoyed our tea and chatted about various people in the village and about Kate whose husband wasn’t very well and Marian’s husband who was a lot older than her and some of the erotic stories they had written. It was all very natural but we were both ready.

Martha put her cup back on the trolley and said “You were going to tell me more about the Vicar, Candy.”

I laughed. She was very keen. Almost as keen as I was.

“I told you that I can make him do it to himself whenever I wish, Martha.”

She was more blunt “It is exciting that you can make the Vicar wank so easily, Candy. I can’t understand it.”

I explained: “It’s because I found out about his fascination with older women and his fetish for women’s underclothes.”

She sighed “I loved the part where you had him licking up your legs and putting his tongue in your pussy.”

I giggled “It wasn’t only my pussy, Martha. I had him licking front and back.”

She let out a long gasp. “Back as well?”

I nodded. “He couldn’t help himself.”

Martha remembered what I had told her and Kate and Marian about what had happened in the bedroom on Confession Sunday. She repeated it and added “I thought that was a sort of ‘one off’ after he had seen Mrs Buxton.”

I shook my head. “No Martha, I have moved Joseph on quite a lot since then, especially now that I know all his fetishes.”

She looked concerned “But you must remember Candace that Father Joseph is a good man. Do you still love him?”

I was anxious to reassure her “I love Joseph very much Martha. I idolize him and can’t imagine being married to anyone else. It is just that I know all his secrets now and I feel better about my own secrets and my own secret touchings in the bathroom.”

Martha looked relieved but said “And you can make him wank whenever you want güvenilir casino to?”

I nodded. I didn’t want to lose the thread of what I was telling her so I added “And make him lick me whenever I want to.”

She was panting as she said “Your bum?” She giggled.

I giggled as well “Yes, Martha, my bum. But not just by bum cheeks. I could make him lick up my bum.”

“That is so exciting, Candy. I like you telling me that.”

She was flushed and very deliberately pulled her own skirt up to her waist exposing her stockings and panties to me.”

I knew what she wanted and pushed my hand between her legs with my finger up the side.”

She held my hand and asked “Can I take my panties off for you Candace.”

I smiled “I would like that very much, Mrs James.”

She stood up in front of me and simply reached up and pulled her silk panties down. As they dropped onto the carpet, she simply stepped out of them and sat down at my side with her skirt right up exposing her very hairy vagina.

I breathed heavily “I like your cunt, Mrs James.”

She simply said “I like showing you my cunt Mrs Stevens.”

We were enjoying the conversation as much as the activities.

I had been thinking about other scenarios which excited my very much. I was pretty sure they would excite her as well, but I had to be careful.

I asked her “Did you like the thought of me showing the Vicar naughty things and making him wank, Martha?”

She nodded “You know that excites me very much Candy. Everyone respects Father Joseph so much and he really is a good man but it makes me so juicy to think of making him wank and saying dirty things to him.”

I decided to tell her “I know you don’t go to church regularly, Martha, but do you admire my husband for his beliefs.”

She was very blunt “I don’t go to church regularly because I just don’t believe. But I really admire Father Joseph as he is genuinely a good man. In a way he is a sort of holy man and I respect him very much.”

I interjected “But would it excite you to see him wank?”

She chuckled “I suppose that is such an outrageous situation to see such a good respectable man playing with his penis.”

I wanted to know more”But would it excite you Martha?”

“Very much Candy.”

“Would you like to show him your cunt, Martha?”

That stopped her in her tracks. She looked shocked. “What do you mean, Candy?”

I spoke carefully: “We, women talk very frankly about our fantasies Martha. But all men have fantasies too and mostly quite harsh ones. And Joseph is no different from most men. He fantasizes, Martha, and I know all his fantasies.”

Martha muttered “The Vicar fantasizes?”

I was now ready to tell her “And you are his biggest fantasy, Mrs James.”

She looked flabbergasted “Me, Candace, but that can’t be. I am 51 years of age. It can’t be me.”

“I told you that he fancied older women, Martha.”

She nodded “Yes I remember. You told me about Mrs Buxton, giving him her big panties in the Confession Box to rub in his face.”

“That’s right Martha but his main fantasy was about you and your underwear. When I was applying for a job with you he wanted to come and see you. Not to be rude but just to talk to you and smell your perfume. Since then I have found out so much more about Joseph. He would never impose himself on you but it would be lovely if you were ‘naughty nice’ with him.”

She was slowly coming to terms with what I was saying and simply said “What do you mean by ‘naughty nice’ to him, Candace?”

I repeated my earlier question: “Would you show him your cunt, Martha?”

She mumbled: “Show him my cunt?”

I built up a bit more on the scenario “You said it would excite you to see him wank.”

She nodded.

She was still sitting at my side without any panties on and her skirt up around her waist. I dropped my hand down between her legs and pushed two fingers up her. She was absolutely soaking. My two fingers hardly touched the sides and she sighed with pleasure.

I continued “If you showed him your cunt you could get him to wank any way you wished. We could make him do anything we wanted.”

I deliberately used the term ‘we.’

She picked up on it immediately “You said ‘we’ Candace. Would you be there? He is your husband Candace. Wouldn’t you object?”

I smiled. She wasn’t dismissing the possibility out of hand. We were discussing it.

I kept moving my fingers up and down between her legs, the moisture was incredible. I spoke in a normal tone “In those circumstances Martha, I would love it. He wouldn’t be my husband. He would be the very respectable Vicar of this Parish. And I would be Mrs Stevens one of your staff. You would be Mrs James, my boss.”

As she pondered I added “You have said many times Martha that we all fantasize. This is one of my favourite fantasies. Watching my boss wanking off the local Vicar and rubbing her panties into his face. It makes me very wet thinking about it.”

Martha sighed heavily: “I can hardly believe it Sweetie, but it is so exciting. I would love it as well.” She raised her hand to my breasts and squeezed gently. With all the conversation and suggestions and hand movements I felt myself cumming for a third time. Martha made a few guttural sounds and movements and I knew she had as well.

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