Her name is Martha, such a plain name for such a beautiful woman. She stood 5’10’, had long auburn hair that hung almost to her butt, and what a cute butt that was. She measured 40DD-30-36. All of that and she belonged to Ray, heart, mind, body and soul. There wasn’t one thing Ray wanted her to do that she wouldn’t die trying to accomplish. Although she was 30 now, she had lived with Ray since the day she turned 18.

Ray was nearly 40 and just an average guy. He was almost 6 foot tall, had a beer belly, sometimes a beard (when he didn’t feel like shaving), and brown hair down to his shoulders. I don’t know what it was about him that attracted woman like flies.

I drive truck and hadn’t seen Ray since we were in the navy together years ago. I happened to stop at a bar one night and ran into him. I was laying over for the weekend and after rehashing old times and a few too many beers, Ray invited me to stay at his house. I gladly accepted the invite, especially happy to be away from that truck for a couple nights.

Ray lived about 10 minutes from the bar. I grabbed enough clothes and a toothbrush and jumped in his car. On the way I hinted about finding a woman, I mean it had been a while. Ray assured me that he was a wonderful host and would provide me with anything I wanted or needed. I liked the sound of that and certainly didn’t question him.

It was late when we walked into Ray’s house. It was a nice ranch style home, neatly kept, and way out in the boonies! Lights were on and it looked like someone was up. As we entered Ray yelled…Martha, come here, we have company. Yes Ray…came a voice from somewhere in the back of the house.

I wasn’t prepared for the goddess that entered the room. Martha was stunning, the kind of woman that you really had to look at again and again just to make sure you were seeing what you thought you were. She was wearing short, and I mean short shorts and a halter top that hardly contained her massive breasts. Her perky little nipples stood out against the fabric begging to be touched. Her long, tanned muscular legs were amazingly shapely. My mouth hung open as Ray illegal bahis introduced us. Martha extended her hand to me and I know it was 30 seconds before I could move mine to reciprocate.

Ray explained that we were old friends, that I was staying for the weekend and told her to make me feel at home. Her eyes lit up as she walked over to Ray, kissed him and said thank you Sweetie. Thank you? I didn’t understand her response. Now, get us a beer and then go get ready…Ray instructed her. Without a moment of hesitation, she did as she was told. While she was gone, Ray explained to me that Martha was his, I mean he owned her. He hadn’t bought her, paid any money or anything but she belonged to him. It had been that way for 12 years. He went on to say that he loved fucking her, loved having her in his home but she was there to do exactly as he told her to do. Knowing Ray the way I did, I couldn’t help but wonder what all that might entail! The Ray I knew did a few drugs, drank a lot of beer, and wasn’t the one woman man that a lot of guys his age were.

He went on to explain that Martha was mine for the night, to have and hold in any way I wished. I tried to say something about imposing but Ray ignored me and kept talking. When I finally got to say something all that would come out was…Thank you!!!! Tonight you will be alone, use, abuse, whatever you want, but just enjoy…he quipped with a maniacal smile…for tomorrow after I have rested a bit, I may want to watch. That’s a little fetish I have. She is the best fuck, to have or to watch and I fucking love to watch another man’s cock sliding in and out of her. With that, he abruptly got up and left me sitting in the living room.

Some time had passed before Martha appeared again. I have to admit, I was a tad nervous. It’s not everyday you run into an old friend, get invited to his house and get offered the most beautiful woman in the world to use at your discretion! Martha sat beside me on the couch, smiling that brilliant smile that melted my heart. What’s this all about?…I asked her…Do you do this often? I’m sure Ray told you that I belong to him. My life is illegal bahis siteleri devoted to that man. I do whatever he wants me to do, anytime he wants me to do it, with whomever he tells me to do it with. I must say though that he seldom affords men complete freedom with me, you are apparently a good friend of his…she explained.

Do you need to shower or would you like a bath?…she asked. Um, I’d really like a shower if you don’t mind…I answered. She took me by the hand, lead me to a bedroom and asked me to get undressed while she started my water. I did just that and waited for her to return. When she came back, she had her hair pulled up tightly in a ponytail and donned a robe. Again, she took me by the hand and we headed for the shower. Unless you object, I’d like to wash you…she said. Object? No, I don’t think so…I muttered. She stood before me, untied the belt on her robe and let it slip to the floor. She was completely naked. Now, I’ve seen naked women, and plenty of them but she was exquisite. Her skin was so smooth, so dark. Her breasts were huge but so firm with those perky nipples protruding. Her pussy was shaved completely. She stood still while I gazed, used to the stares, I’m certain. Then I looked into her eyes. They were violet, absolutely mesmerizing. I fell in love in an instant!

We stepped into the shower simultaneously. Please, let me take care of you…she simply said. Shit, at that very moment my dick got hard and stood at attention between us. She grinned, enclosed her hand around it and said, talking to him only…Yes, my sweet baby, I’ll get to you soon. I stood facing her, my back to the hot water as she started by washing my hair. My dick kept rubbing against her taunt belly as her big nipples were poking into my chest. My God, she felt like a dream, I was so fucking horny I wanted to take her right then.. What are you thinking?…she asked as she rinsed my hair. I want to fuck you right now…I stated matter of factly. And how do you want to do that?…she replied in just the same way. I didn’t speak as I turned her away from me and bent her over. Her beautiful ass was all canlı bahis siteleri wet and slippery as I grabbed ahold of it. She backed up to me like an animal in heat. My hard 8 inches found it’s way between her ass cheeks and slid in her hole.

Her pussy was so tight I had to back up and keep trying just to get my 8 inches in. Oh fuck, it felt so good I almost blew my load right then. Then, she started fucking me! Pushing back so hard I had to hold on tightly just to keep my balance. She placed one hand on the shower wall as I felt her other one touching my dick as it slid in and out of her. I was pounding the hell out of her pussy while she vigorously played with her clit. I felt her pussy start to tighten, heard her soft little moans and my balls swelled so tight that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started to cum with a loud moan, a shudder and pulled her ass hard against me. She wiggled that cute butt against me draining every last ounce of cum I had.

When my shriveled dick fell out of her hot pussy she turned and kissed me. Now I have to wash again too…she said with a smile. She grabbed the soap, washed her pussy let the water rinse her off and started on me again. She washed my face, my chest, my legs, my cock and then asked me to turn around. Her hands lathered my back and down my legs then slid between my ass cheeks. She lathered my butt hole over and over, it felt so good. As I turned to rinse, she slid in behind me. I felt her kneeling and what happened next surprised even me. She spread my ass and licked my asshole. Well, you can imagine how my cock reacted to that.

With a wet hand Martha reached around and stroked it, slowly as her tongue found it’s way inside of my tight ass. Shit, I thought I was going to cum again. Oh fuck, I had to restrain myself. She was fucking my ass with her tongue, in and out past that tight little sphincter. She sensed that I was about to blow again and stopped. Apologizing she said…I’m sorry, I’m just really greedy and I want you to cum in me, not in the shower. Sorry? Um, no need to be sorry…I stammered. We finished, got out and she dried me, every inch of me.

I should’ve asked before this, I know…Martha said…but are you hungry? I could fix you something to eat. Eating was definitely on my mind but not food, I assured her. I swear I saw a twinkle in her eye as she lead me to a bedroom.

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