Mary and Shari Ch. 03


Mary sat next to Shari on the couch. I went to the kitchen and got the third drink off the counter and brought it to Mary. I went back to the kitchen and prepared another martini shaker for us. The girls were sitting on the couch watching Food Network. Bobby Flay was marinating some lamb with garlic, basil and olive oil.

“Speaking of basil,” Mary said. “Where is all the whiskey?”

“We drank it, Mary.” I replied. I poured her a full drink as she held up the empty glass. I filled Shari’s and topped off mine as well.

I set the martini shaker down on the round table and walked across the room to sit in my recliner. I kicked back and stretched out to enjoy the show.

I passed out.

When I woke up, Paula Dean was making chicken and dumplings. The girls were nowhere to be seen. The bedroom door was wide open and all the lights were turned off. There was a candle burning in the corner that illuminated my empty glass that was sitting on the coffee table.

I heard the front door open. The girls came through like a pack of hyenas. They were both laughing and giggling. They had gone to the store to get beer before they drank the rest of the Vodka. I turned and looked as Shari opened a bottle of beer.

“You’re awake!” Mary shouted.

“We have beer,” Shari said in her little sarcastic voice. “Just for you.”

Shari handed me the beer as I started to wake up a bit.

“You can have this,” she said. “I get the rest of the vodka.”

I was okay with that. Shari didn’t drink beer and as long as she stayed drinking we would all have some more fun. Shari’s phone rang and she went outside to talk.

Mary had a beer in her hand as she approached me.

“Steven,” she said calmly. “Shari and I talked. We want you to fuck us at the same time.”

She could barely stand without swaying back and forth. I had already cum about an hour ago, so I was ready for some good hard fucking for a while. She leaned over the armrest and gave me a little kiss on the lips. bahis firmaları Then she pried my mouth open with her tongue and slipped me a garlic stuffed olive. I chewed on it as she licked my lips. Her right hand slipped into my pajama bottoms. She rubbed my cock with the palm of her tiny hand as the front door opened.

Shari returned and tossed her phone into the side pocket of her backpack. She mixed herself another martini as Mary caressed my balls.

Shari sat on the couch and watched as Mary slid my pj’s down to my knees. My cock stood straight up in the air and the tip was throbbing with purple goodness. She licked the tip of it and put half of it inside her mouth.

“Um,” Shari paused. “I wanna fuck that.”

She got off the couch and pulled my pj’s over my feet.

I was finally stark ass naked as I leaned forward. I pointed towards the bedroom and got off the recliner.

“Mary, go lay down on the bed.” I said. “Shari, lie on top of her and wait for me.”

They each grabbed their drinks and walked into the bedroom. They left the door open behind them.

I went outside and smoked a cigarette. I slowly drank my beer as my mind raced. I began to talk to myself. Then I noticed that I was talking out loud to myself. How the hell do I get so lucky? I laughed out loud and shook my head. I snubbed out my cigarette and drank my beer. I took the empty bottle into the bedroom with me.

Shari was lying on top of her and they were making out. I lit a candle in the corner by the TV.

The faint glow lit up the room just enough to see the shrapnel pile of clothing on the floor. Shari’s little white ass was sticking up in the air as she straddled Mary.

I grabbed Mary’s ankles and pulled her ass towards the edge of the bed. Shari never flinched. She let Mary slide right between her knees. Shari’s pussy now gaped over her Mary’s sweet perky titties. Mary fingered Shari’s soppy wet hole with her fingers as I slipped my purple madness into her pussy. Her legs kaçak iddaa dangled over the edge of the bed as she held them apart for me.

I pushed my cock into her as far as possible. She moaned only a little bit as I rotated my hips clockwise. I could feel every part of her pussy.

I thrusted my cock into Mary, leaned forward and grabbed Shari’s hips. I pulled her closer to me. She slid back in one slow motion. Her head dipped down to kiss Mary. I slowly retracted my cock from inside Mary and stroked it off for a moment.

Shari lowered her hips as I held my cock in my hand. She reached under her body and found the tip of my cock. She pinched it and then sucked in up with her pussy.

Shari could do this crazy thing with her pussy. She would constrict her pussy muscles and literally stroke my cock with her cunt. It was absolutely fucking fabulous. I held her ass cheeks as she massaged my dick with her pussy.

I slowly slipped my left ring finger into Mary’s pussy as I held Shari’s ass with my right hand. I managed to get three fingers into Mary’s pussy. I pulled them out and spread Shari’s ass apart. My soppy wet finger slipped into her ass as she bit Mary’s cheek. I kept my finger in her ass and began to punish her pussy with my cock. Every time that I sank my cock inside her, my finger would go deeper into her ass.

She gasped for air as I pulled my cock out of her and grabbed it with my hand again. I used my cock to beat Mary’s pussy. She reached her arms around Shari and pulled her close. There were in an embrace for their lives as I finger fucked Shari’s ass. I felt the back of Mary’s pussy with my cock as I fucked her again.

They both had their tongues in the other girls’ mouth.

Just the mere thought of Mary’s pussy juices inside Shari was enough for me already. Not to mention the fact that I could pick up Shari by the asshole with my finger. It was too much for me to handle. I couldn’t shut it off. I had to cum in a big way and I was going to make them both kaçak bahis taste it.

“I’m going to cum,” I said.

Mary took her tongue out of Shari’s throat long enough to say, “Cum inside me,”

“No!” Shari exclaimed.

I shoved my finger into her ass even farther.

I pulled my swollen cock out of Mary’s pussy and pinched it just below the head. I took my finger out of Shari’s ass and wiped it on the comforter.

I pushed Shari off to one side and got on the bed. I was on my knees and I told them to kiss each other.

I slowly let go of my cock. Mary grabbed my balls and Shari put my cock in her mouth immediately upon having that close to her lips. She used her tongue to massage my cock as I pushed her head into my waist.

Mary reached over and put her hand around Shari’s throat and began to squeeze lightly. Shari began to writhe around as she was choking on her own breath. I put my fingers into Mary’s mouth as I felt myself building again. There was a strewn mess of hands and fluids surrounding my cock.

I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I grabbed Shari by the hair and pulled her mouth off my cock. Mary instantly began to kiss her again. I stroked my wet cock firmly three times as I began to convulse myself. I caught my breathe just in time.

I shot a great white load of cum onto their entwined tongues. My body reeled. I pinched my cock lightly and then released it as a second shot of almost clear cum raced across Mary’s cheek and over her nose. Shari reached up to grab my cock as Mary licked her cheek.

The last little shot hit Shari in the back of the throat as she opened her mouth wide.

I couldn’t sit up anymore. I was exhausted. I fell back onto my heels and lay there.

I could hear the girls licking the cum off each other. Their tongues danced in the darkness searching for more to eat.

Shari was the first to find it. She got up onto her knees and slowly sucked my throbbing purple cock until there was nothing left. I went limp in her mouth.

Shari leaned over and kissed Mary.

I lay there peacefully. I watched the faint upside down shadows of the girls get up and leave the room.

My eyes drifted shut as I smiled.

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