Master’s Plans


*This is a fantasy story. Meeting strangers for BDSM can be dangerous, and one should always practice safe sex.


I had been exploring my more adventurous side for awhile, meeting men online in bdsm forums and then in person to try out fantasies. My early thirties had been a fun time. But nothing had prepared me for what was to happen tonight.

I started exchanging messages with a new Master a few weeks ago, and had outlined the basics of fantasies I wanted to fulfill. I like to be tied up and fucked. Pretty simple really. The new guy I was chatting with seemed to fit the bill of what I was into exactly. He said he was mid 50’s, in shape, into bondage, and very dominate. The pictures he sent me were very hot, showing his bare chest with a leather harness on, and his rock hard cock accented by a black rubber cock ring. I was smitten, and decided to meet him after agreeing on limits. We had been chatting for more than a month, and it was time to turn our talk into action. He gave me specific instructions and when to arrive at his place.

The day of I took extra care to clean myself up nicely. I shaved off the beginnings of a beard, the hair around my six inch cut cock and balls, and my boy pussy as Master liked to refer to it. I gave myself a very through enema, as I liked to be clean in case of anal play. Per masters instructions, I wore jeans with no underwear, a simple t-shirt, and loafers with no socks. He wanted me to be easy to unwrap.

At dusk I arrived at his house and parked in the driveway. I made my way around to the side gate and onto his private patio. The fenced off area hid me and his side door from anyone on the street. I knocked on the door, my heart really beginning to race with the excitement of meeting up with a new playmate. He opened the door and my heart raced even faster. He stood a five inches taller than me at 6’3″, with a barrel chest and what looked like a few days of stubble. He was dressed just like he had instructed me, jeans and plain blue t-shirt. But under the t-shirt I could see the lines of his leather harness, my cock twitched.

“Come in and take off all your cloths boy.”

No small talk, he wanted to get right to it. I did as I was told and set my cloths on a small dresser below a mirror. I looked around the entry way as I did. His house was very neat and tidy, the normal home furnishings of any bachelor living alone. I could see a living room with couches and an entertainment center in the room to the right, into the kitchen down the hall, and up a set of stairs to another hallway.

“Turn around and stand with your legs a foot apart boy.”

I did as I was told. He approached me from behind and placed a leather collar around my neck, fastening in snuggly.

“So far so good boy, this collar is to claim you as mine for the night. I’m going to make you my pussy boy, and I’m going to make your boy pussy mine.”

‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir.’

“Very good boy, I think we might just have some fun tonight.”

He continued to work behind me, placing cushioned leather cuffs around my wrists and my ankles, a bull dog harness over my chest, and finally a leather belt with d-rings which he fastened snuggle around my my waist.

‘This is very nice stuff’

“Shut up boy. You are only to speak when I ask you a question. And as we discussed you call me Master, and Sir. Failure to do so will result in a correction.”

‘Yes Master, thank you Sir’

“Very good boy.”

By this time he was standing right behind me, breathing on my neck and taking in his new slave. His arms came around me and he began to pinch at and play with my nipples sending a shudder through my body.

“Good, the boy has sensitive nipples.” he said as he took a step back, “Put your hands behind your back.”

As I did so he snapped the d-rings on the wrist cuffs together.

“I think it’s time I get a quick sample of what you are capable of before we proceed any farther boy. On you knees.”

I kicked a small pillow in front of me and I did what I was told. As I knelt I watched him take off his shirt revealing the harness across his moderately hairy chest. Next he unzipped and stepped out of his jeans, his semi-erect cock bouncing slightly as he stepped closer to me.

“Open your mouth boy, and make me want to you.”

I excitedly did as I was told and was immediately met by his cock on my lips. The exhilaration of a new cock to suck on coursed through my body. At first I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and worked it with my tongue, tasting him for the first time, my own cock bostancı escort began to grow. I worked it in further into my mouth, feeling it begin to expand. The more I stroked it the bigger it got, until it was fully erect, and must have been close to 8 inches long with impressive girth. Bobbing my head back and forth I was finally able to get it all down my throat, pressing my nose against him he let out a low moan before I pulled back.

“Very very nice boy, I see you really do enjoy sucking Master cock.”

Just as I was set to push back down for another try at deepthroating him, he grabbed my head and pushed himself balls deep down my throat, causing me to gag slightly. He held me there for a moment. “Yes boy, I think you are going to do very well tonight. We are going to get the most we can out of this throat aren’t we.” With his cock down my throat and blocking my airway all I could do to respond was moan, which must have felt good because he also let out a slight moan before releasing me to breath.

He stepped behind me and grabbed something out of the hall dresser. From behind he shoved a ball gag in my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head. Next he attached a chain leash to my collar. “I think its time we moved to my play room upstairs, on your feet boy. Follow me with you feel the tug of the leash.”

As I stood he began to ascend the stairs, pulling on the leash behind him. He lead me upstairs, down a short hall, and into a large room that made me very excited in deed. One wall was mostly mirrors, the rest were painted a deep red. Against one wall was full bed with a black wrought iron headboard and footboard. covered by a single fitted leather sheet. A sex sling hung off center in the middle of the room, next to what looked like a bondage bench one could lean over and lay on. My brain raced with excitement at what could be inside the several closed black wardrobes.

He moved around behind me, giving my ass a firm slap and then unfastening the ball gag. “You like to be blindfolded right boy?”

‘Yes Sir, it helps me concentrate on the cock I’m sucking Sir.’

“Okay, lets see what we can do about that. Stay standing right there eyes to the front.”

‘Yes Master Sir.’ I heard him open one of the wardrobes and approach me from behind. He placed a padded blind fold over my eyes, then some sort of hood over my entire head. I could feel him step around front of me and line up a hole over my mouth before placing the ball gag back in my mouth.

“Now I’ve got you blindfolded, gagged, and your hands cuffed behind your back. Incase you didn’t notice the cuffs are locked on, and the key is downstairs in the dresser in the hallway. You are now my slave pussy boy. Nod if you agree. Good boy. Now, you said you liked to be photographed and videotaped while being used for you to jack off too later.” I nodded yes. “Well good, since you’re now hooded, I’m going to turn on the recorder behind the glass. Okay, start recording now”

It struck me that the last sentence sounded like he was talking to someone else. I tried to say something through my gag, and was met with a swift and hard slap to my ass.

“Boy, I did not ask you a question. Do not forget yourself again.”

I felt the leash tug and took small careful steps in that direction.

“Good Boy. Now sit up on this, here I’ve got you.”

He helped me up onto what must have been the bondage bench and undid the connection between my wrists.

“Now lean back and laydown”

I did so and found my head had nothing to rest on, leaving it hanging back slightly, fun fun, I knew what that was for. I could feel him moving around me. He secured each of my wrists down below my waist and then attached my legs to what felt like a spreader bar 3 or 4 feet across. He must have had a tie off on the ceiling because my legs were then hoisted up, leaving me just enough give to bend my legs slightly.

“Oh you are definitely mine now you little pussy bitch. I’m going use your holes like I know you want slut. Hey, didn’t you say you were open to a threesome or maybe even a group if I had some safe friends?”

I attempt to say ‘yes Sir’ through my gag, but I can barely get it out with mouth full of slobber and rubber.

“Very good boy, I can see you are undaunted so far so good. I liked that you were open to group play slut. So I took the liberty of bypassing what would normally be our get to know each other fuck, and went straight to the share you with my friends fuck. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t really care if you do because this is happening, ümraniye escort bayan but I hope you don’t mind. You’ll of course stay blindfolded and hooded, but you’ll get to see everyone when you watch the video. Everyone has been tested, like I told you I only play safe, and is excited to breed you boy. We are going to fill you up tonight you cock slut.”

Wow, my excitement level went through the roof. Not only was I getting my bondage fantasy in real life, I was getting filmed, and I’m going to get used by more than just Master. Fantasies were getting checked off right down the list. I was lost in my own head day dreaming about what was coming next when I felt cold metal against my left nipple followed by brief pain as what was obviously a nipple clamp was put in my place. The right nipple came next followed by a slight tug at the chain between the two clamps.

“I see you like that pussy boy, Your cock bounced when I clamped each nipple. Okay guys, you can come on in. Now I’m not going to tell you how many cocks there are in this room, it’ll be fun for you to guess when we are done I think. Here, take this and loosen him up a bit will you.”

A hand is instantly on my thigh, and I feel breath on my boy hole.

“Good idea to get a taste before it get’s sloppy” I hear Master say as a tongue makes contact with my hole. I squirm as the strangers tongue begins to probe into my asshole. My god it feels good. Hands begin to rub me in different places. chest, thighs, neck. Next someone grabs my balls, something rubber wraps around them, pulling them slightly away from my body. “Oh don’t those balls look so lovely pushed out like that. Almost makes me forget you are a little slut pussy bitch boy.” Master says to the chuckles of the man with his tongue in my asshole. “Okay, thats enough of that, get him loosed up for the real fun, here I’ll help.”

The hands continue to explore my body, with someone pulling on the nipple chain every once in awhile. I feel a cold dribble on my perineum, and then a finger begins to work my hole. “I think he needs a little more stimulation, why don’t you take out that ball gag and give to our slave huh?”

With that there are hands at my head taking out the ball gag. As soon as it is out there are balls against my lips, I begin to lick them, taking turns sucking each big ball into my mouth. I hear the owner let out a slight sigh before removing himself and tilting my head to the side. A gruff voice says “take a few deep breaths through your nose boy.” I instantly smell poppers, and take as much in as I can. And good thing too because I then feel pressure against my boy pussy, as it is slowly opened up by what feels like a butt plug. I moan and squirm as it’s inserted to the hilt, feeling me up.

“Oh wow, he really likes that now doesn’t he? You were right about this one. He’s body is screaming to be fucked senseless” A new voice says off to my right.

“Yeah, I know how to pick ’em” Master retorts as the butt plug is quickly pulled out and shoved back in much more forcefully.

“Oh fuck” I say out loud. BAM, I’m slapped across the face.

“Shut the fuck up slut. No one asked you anything.”

Before I can decide if I should respond a cock head is pressed against my lips. “Now open up that slut mouth and show my friends what you are good for you cock sucker.”

I open my mouth and am rewarded with an already erect cock probing for my throat. It must be just as big as masters, as it’s already in my throat when I finally feel balls pressing against my nose. He holds himself there until I begin to buck, quickly pulling out and forcing me to gag slightly. As I gag the butt plug is quickly yanked out, forcing me to gasp as quietly as I can.

Before I have a minute to recover, I feel someone between my legs, hands on the back of my thighs, and a cock pressing against my hole. “Lets break this faggot in what do you say?” I hear from the man between my legs as he presses his body into mine, thrusting his cock slowly inside me.

“Breath deep slut” as I whiff poppers again, I take as much as I can. “Oh he is ready to take a fucking for sure.”

And with that the man in pussy pushes himself in balls deep. He’s bigger and longer than the buttplug, and I might have let out an exclamation. But at the same time the man at my head pushes his cock past my lips and balls deep down my throat. Both men just hold themselves completely inside of me.

“Haha, look what we have here, a slut living up to her higher purpose, cocks deep in both her holes. Time for the real fucking to begin.”

And kartal escort at that, both men slowly withdraw out of me, the cock in my mouth giving me a moment to breath. And just as slowly as they pulled almost all the way out, the push all the way back in, feeling me up completely. Slowly but surely the man using my boy pussy picks up speed until he is fucking me hard. Pulling half way out before slamming home, his body slapping against my ass, and each thrust sending lust throbbing through my body and cock.

The cock in spends must of its time down my throat fucking my face in quick tight motions causing me to gag, only pulling out occasionally to allow me to catch my breath. Leaving his cock head on my tongue before returning to fuck my throat.

I’m struggling to breath, and pull against my restraints as I’m spit roasted without mercy. I’m in heaven. Doing all I can to be the hole these men want to cum in.

“You ready up there” the man working my asshole says. Both cocks pick up speed, slamming into my ass and throat with the same rhythm. They erupt almost simultaneously. The cock in my mouth stops balls deep, I can feel his balls pressed against my face, and his cock spasms and pulses in my mouth as he pumps his hot load deep down my throat. The man in my ass has me penetrated to hilt as well, barely fucking me as he moans and wiggles, cumming deep inside me, filling my ass with it’s first load of the evening.

They both retreat, I do my best to clean off the cock as it exits my mouth, not wanting to find out what happens if I waste a single drop of his sweet musty cum.

Before I can take a full cock free breath, another cock is pushing past my lips, as still another presses against my pussy. How many guys are there?

“I’m going to clean off my cock for my turn on its mouth. Looked like the slut can really take a throat fucking” says the man I assume just came in pussy, as the two new cocks get into their stride.

I’m not sure how many men there were, but I kept count of the loads of cum. My guess is there were five men. Because I took five loads of hot cum in mouth and deep inside my ass.

After the fifth load down my throat, the owner let his cock stay in mouth, letting my clean it with my tongue. “Aaw thats a good slave bitch.” It’s my master. “I don’t know what was better, your ass or your throat. But I think its time we milked you now slut. Is slave ready to cum?”

At that he pulled his cock from my lips. I had just enough time to mutter “Yes Sir, Please Sir.” before the ball gag was forced back into my mouth. Something was moved across the room, and I felt a new pressure on my pussy. “This slave, is a fucking machine. I figure cock whores like you cum a lot harder if they have something pounding their ass.”

And at that the pressure at my pussy grows until what feels like a dildo every bit as big as the cocks I’ve already taken slides into my ass. A hear a low hum as the dildo begins to fuck me. Now hands are on my cock, for the first time of the evening and I almost cum right off the bat, but a hand slaps my stomach hard.

“No bitch, you don’t get to cum that easily.” The hands on my cock and balls play slowly and gently with me. I can help but to moan repeatedly as I’m impelled by the fucking machine. Finally the hand on my cock speeds up. “Okay pussy boy, you may come now.” And at those words I blow my load all over my chest. With each thrust of the machine I spurt out a little more cum, until the dildo is removed, leaving me feeling empty and ashamed. The men in the room clap for the ending of the show. Holy crap, what have I just done?

I feel the cuffs on my wrists and ankles unhooked from their tie downs, and my legs are swung off the bench. I struggle to stand still blindfolded and gagged as my hands are cuffed behind me once more. I feel the tug of the leash and slowly take steps forward. With Masters (I assume) hand on my elbow, I’m lead back down stairs to where I entered.

The cuffs, harness, and belt are taking off, and finally the ball gag, hood and blindfold. It’s just me and Master in the entry way.

“You were a very good boy. My friends enjoyed you more than a little. Now get dressed and go home before too much cum leaks out of your ass you dirty slut.”

‘Yes Sir.’ I quickly get dressed as Master looks me up and down.

“I’ve got more ideas about what to do with you next time, seeing as how good of a pussy boy you are. Keep your schedule open Saturday evenings, is that clear boy?”

‘Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.’

“Correct answer. Now get you sissy ass and mouth out of my fucking house. See you again soon faggot.”

‘Thank you Sir’ is all I say as I head out the door and back to my car.

Crazy. I can’t wait to feel what Master is planning for next time! But first I need to go home and clean up my cum leaking pussy.

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