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Mature Intimacy – An Extraordinary Experience FewIn recent times, I met a woman through a business engagement. She is a pleasant, lovely, dignified (yet real), articulate woman. I was impressed by her at the outset. We seemed very well matched, from a business perspective, with common progressive values.It was established the management team of the business project would be meeting multiple times over a period of months. I was please to have met Helen (age 63), and looked forward to the next meeting dates. In our preliminary connection, it was strictly business. Between the 1st and 2nd encounters, we stayed in touch – discussing the project and exchanging ideas. When we each arrived at the meeting site (rotating in locations, to accommodate all team members), we greeted each other immediately. Our 2nd location was Orlando, so warm weather dictated dress codes. She sported a lovely sundress and sandals. After the initial “meet & greet,” everyone was on their own. Helen and I paired off and sought a nice place for dinner. During our al fresco dinner, we shifted from business to personal conversation. I sensed we were well-mated, and our conversation was amazingly intimate and open. She had been divorced from her first husband, and her 2nd husband died suddenly. I shared my marital history, also, and discovered we were very similar in one regard – both starved for real, edirne escort true sexual intimacy. Her sundress was fairly loose-fitting. Each time she shifted positions at the table, a shoulder strap would slip off the roundness of her upper body. A small expansion of exposed cleavage was a delight for me, as the setting sun shone down on her chest. Helen is fairly blessed in the bust department, and I’ve always been a “tit” man. She would readjust the strap, but not right away. It’s as though she knew my eyes followed the contours of her upper body.She said she had to “powder her nose” (so cute) and I assisted her with her chair. When drawing her back from the table, I noted a generous portion of thigh was revealed. NOTE: I am also a “cunt” man, as well as a “tit” man, so my thoughts drifted to what she looked like between her legs. On her return, we indulged in another drink before our food was delivered. I took a chance that she was responding to me sensually & sexually, as I was responding to her. A simply brush of my leg against hers was all it took. She didn’t move her leg, but smiled at me when we contacted. Dinner came and went, and our conversation was becoming increasingly more detailed from a sexual point of view. It was becoming cooler, with the sun going down, and I noticed her nipples were becoming pointed and ağrı escort stiff. She had a small wrap with her, and I offered to help her with it. As I guided the cloth to her shoulders, her hand came up to her shoulders and touched my hands. We paused for a brief moment, and I leaned forward to her – whispering “I feel the same – let’s go somewhere!” She smiled and nodded. As we walked, I asked if she’d like another drink. She nodded silently, then murmured, “Yes – our rooms at the hotel have mini-bars!” Not subtle, but very direct. I reached out to her – held her shoulders – and gently kissed her lips. She responded fairly aggressively. It was soft conversation back to the hotel, and to the elevator. When the doors of the lift closed, we turned to each other and grabbed each other in a near-death grip. Disregarding the glass walls of the elevator car, we were acting like sex-crazed teenagers – only far better at it then they could ever be. We went to my suite, I removed the wrap from her shoulders, and headed for the mini-bar. There happened to be a split of champagne in the fridge – I thought we should toast our new connection. Popping the top of the bottle preceded the popping of her dress top. She wore a lacey 1/2 cup bra, and her generously-sized tits just lay there – on display for me. As I handed her a glass of champagne, I leaned ardahan escort down and gently kissed each of her tits. She sighed. I was enthralled.Our champagne didn’t last long, as we downed it in favor of becoming very intimate with each other. Her maturity – her class – her experience – all showed. There was urgency in our expressions of passion, but it wasn’t hard-hitting, a****l sex. It was more like our savoring each others’ bodies like a fine gourmet meal. Undressing each other was like unwrapping an excellent entrée. Our mouths – our tongues – were sampling the finest delicacies the world had to offer. I was thrilled that she hadn’t been lured by modern convention and trend by shaving her cunt. She was every bit natural between her legs, and I sighed. My comment was simply, “Ahh, Helen, you are a woman amongst women!”Naked now, I took her in my arms and guided her to the bed. Again, no unbridled lust – but some of the best sincere lovemaking I’d experienced in quite a long time. With us both in our 60s, we’d learned from our lifelong educations and experiences in the bedroom (and other rooms & places) of what REAL sex and REAL lovemaking is. For the duration of our 2nd business project meeting, she stayed in my room. In fact, she checked out of her room – and promised to use the money for our playtime. From that point on, we were very business-like during the day, and very much “in love” after 5 o’clock. From passion to passion – position to position – we shared our respective talents, and introduced each other to our favorites. I am so looking forward to our continued connection. Perhaps we’ll even find ways to extend the project?

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