May I See You After Class


Mr. Steele gazed hungrily at me. He licked his lips and swallowed hard, suppressing a growl behind his Adam’s apple. His wide starry eyes traced the outline of my teenage body as I hesitantly took another step forward.

“Come closer,” he instructed, extending an index finger and curling it upwards. I obediently complied as I held my breath and bit my lower lip before taking the final steps towards his mahogany desk.

“Care to explain?” Mr. Steele asked firmly, tapping a piece of notebook paper on his desk that was thoroughly crumpled yet laid out flat. I winched my eyes and averted my gaze, all too aware of the obscenities adorning that page.

“Well… what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m… sorry?” I finally replied; of course it was a total lie, but what else was I supposed to say? Was I supposed to tell Mr. Steele the truth? That I’ve had a crush on him since I started high school—since the 9th grade? Was I supposed to confess my undying love—and devilish fantasies—for this handsome, well-toned, and, according to my artistic depictions, well-hung biology teacher who was not only happily married but also had a son in my graduating class?!?

I started to blush as I stared intently into Mr. Steele’s scowl, noticing how he looked even more handsome when he was slightly pissed off. The salt and pepper in his neatly trimmed scruff outlined Mr. Steele’s sexy lips, which have distracted me in class far too many times to remember. My eyes slowly made their way up his defined cheekbones to his piercing blue eyes, which were staring back into my own, unblinking and burning with fiery emotion.

Uh-oh… Mr. Steele looks REALLY pissed off…

“Do you know how many times this was passed around the faculty lounge?!” Mr. Steele growled, grabbing the paper and wrapping his meaty fist around it. I jumped back a bit as a yelp escaped my throat. Oh crap—I didn’t know other teachers saw my drawing too!

“At least 30 faculty members saw this THING before it was brought to me!” he exclaimed loudly, crumpling the paper into a tight ball before pitching it quickly into a trashcan below.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m soooo sorry,” I sputtered and sobbed, bringing a hand to my trembling pout. Mr. Steele closed his eyes and turned away. Tears began to swell as I continued my plea:

“It was never supposed to get out of hand like this… it was just a stupid drawing I did for Jenny… we were just joking around Mr. Steele… I was kidding and said you sent me a dick pic and Jenny didn’t believe me so OF COURSE I had to show her your dick pic and the only way to do that was if I drew a picture of you sending me a dick pic—”

“Alright that’s enough,” Mr. Steele sternly interrupted, cutting me off from continuing my run-on stories that I am kind of notorious for.

“Are… are you mad, Mr. Steele?”

He looked back over at me and narrowed his eyes before taking a deep sigh and confessing:

“No, I’m not mad… just, disappointed.”


His words burned my ears and heated my heaving chest. I swallowed the lump in my throat and brought both hands to my eyes, gingerly wiping away beading tears atop my fingertips.

“You’re a very talented student,” Mr. Steele said above my slight sobs, “and you wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that science scholarship, am I right?”

Oh crap—my scholarship?! Mr. Steele has that kind of pull? Oh shit—did I just seriously fuck things up beyond repair? More tears flowed as I furrowed my brow and shook my response, hiding behind my hands and not daring to look at Mr. Steele directly.

“Shhh, shhh,” he started to console, sitting up a bit before leaning back in his chair, “don’t worry; I’m not going to take that away from you. You really are… my most favorite… student…”

I snuck a peek between my fingers and could see that he looked sincere. I started to relax a little when Mr. Steele flashed a smile and my sobs automatically turned into giggles.

My god, I love his smile.

“How… how old are you again?” he suddenly asked, bringing his hand to his chin while looking me up and down a bit more intently than he had done before.

I was taken aback but instantly answered, “I’m eighteen, Mr. Steele.”

He glanced towards the classroom door before brining his attention back to me. As I watched him illegal bahis look me up and down again, I observed him fiddling with the wedding band on his left hand. Mr. Steele noticed, and with eyes now locked onto mine, he slowly removed the golden ring and let it fall to the tabletop with a sharp metallic clank.

“Take your clothes… off… slowly.”

I… I didn’t even hesitate! I followed Mr. Steele’s instructions like the obedient honors student that I am. I shimmied my shoulders and allowed my backpack to plummet to the floor without regard. I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and lifted it up and over my head, tossing it aside with ease, smiling and blushing as I watched his eager reaction.

Mr. Steele growled his apparent approval. “Now, remove your skirt.”

Looking downwards I admired my breasts as they bounced lightly in a light pink pushup bra. I lowered my hands towards my exposed navel and fiddled with the big silver button situated below. When I finally got it free, I pinched the zipper and dragged it down, soon exposing my pink panties that perfectly matched my bra. Grabbing both sides of my denim skirt, I slowly shimmied it down my hips and towards my thighs, letting it fall effortlessly to my ankles before kicking it away.

“Mmm, now take that off,” Mr. Steele instructed, leaning back in his chair as he brought both hands to his lap, his unblinking gaze upon my heaving chest and delicate bra.

Unclasping the front, my teenage breasts suddenly sprang free. I giggled as my little nipples hardened in the cool classroom climate. I threw the bra towards my other discarded belongings before tracing my hands up the length of my body, all the while watching Mr. Steele rub his yearning, growing manhood.

Oh my… was Mr. Steele truly as big as my exaggerated drawing?!

I took a step forward. And then another. The flesh on my thighs pressed into the side of his desk as I slowly leaned over and presented myself fully to my most favorite teacher ever.

Reaching out an arm, Mr. Steele cupped one breast in his hand and slowly rubbed my nipple with his thumb. Ticklish sensations arose with each subsequent stroke as my panty parts began to moisten and swell. As if reading my thoughts and feeling my urges, Mr. Steele ordered:

“Place your hand in your panties”—a guttural growl escaped clenched teeth—”and touch yourself.”

I… I… I’ve never done this before! I have never touched myself in front of a man—ever! Hell—I’m still a virgin! All these thoughts filled my mind and caused me to hesitate in front of Mr. Steele. I started to tremble and pulled back a bit, my fresh breast leaving his clammy hand all alone at his desk.

“I… I don’t know how…” I replied, my gaze lowering from his glower.

“You… don’t know how?” Mr. Steele questioned, clearly not believing me. But it really was the truth!

I just act like a slut to make up for the fact that I’m actually still a virgin! Yes—really!

Mr. Steele got up from his chair and approached me through our thick electric tension. He reached for my arms and pulled me close to him, his rock-hard manhood bouncing behind khaki trousers. His hand then covered my own, and together we slipped ourselves behind the elastic band of my silky pink panties.

I gasped aloud as he led my fingers down my freshly shaven cunt, stopping when he finds a tiny nub of flesh and gives it a quick flick.

“That’s your clitoris,” Mr. Steele educated, rubbing it leisurely as my legs started growing weak. Warm sensations swirled as he guided my fingertips towards my clit, and together we rubbed my pink jewel in slow, gentle, circular motions. Wetness started creeping outward and begins to coat our fingertips, which felt even better on my hardening, sensitive nub.

“That’s a good girl,” Mr. Steele moaned, sending shivers down my spine as his breath fanned my neck. “That’s how you touch yourself.”

I rolled my eyes back and moaned aloud, enjoying the feelings coursing through my naïve body.

“You say you’ve never done this before,” Mr. Steele continued, “yet your pussy is all wet and swollen. You aren’t fooling me, kiddo.”

“It’s the truth, Mr. Steele! I… I haven’t!” I quickly stammered. He released my hand and withdrew himself from my panties; clearly, he still did not believe me.

I innocently looked up illegal bahis siteleri while Mr. Steele looked down at me, smirking widely as he started to meddle with his belt buckle. Still staring, still unblinking, and with me still rubbing, his belt was finally freed, allowing his pants to drop effortlessly to the floor, leaving just his boxers with a stiff bulge beneath.

I gulp—oh wow, Mr. Steele’s dick looked HUGE pressed against plaid underwear!

“Now, it’s your turn to touch me,” he finally said, taking hold of my other hand and leading it towards his ballooning boxers. I felt my fingertips graze his warm, hard, throbbing shaft and gulped again when I realized I had my teacher’s cock in my hand.

Instinctively I began stroking Mr. Steele through his cotton boxers while I continued rubbing myself with my other hand. His begging dick throbbed in my delicate fist while wetness began pooling in my palm.

But it was just too difficult to touch Mr. Steele AND myself at the same time! So I removed my hand from my panties and brought it up to his begging bulge; now, with two free hands, I cupped both around his rock-hard hard on and slowly guided them up and down and up and down while Mr. Steele moaned his apparent approval.

“You know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Mr. Steele sighed, his dick bumping hard against my hands. “Your innocent act is quite good… but I’m not totally convinced.”

Suddenly he pulled me into him, bringing my bare breasts against his crisp button-down shirt as my surprised face pressed into his sternum. I inhaled deeply while still rubbing wildly; I could smell Mr. Steele’s sharp cologne mingling with fabric softener while his heaving chest brushed my smiling cheeks. I then began to tug, tug, tug at the fabric of his boxers, and, taking a quick peek between my perfect teenage breasts, my starry eyes witnessed a giant purple monster springing up into existence.

Holy crap—Mr. Steele has a MASSIVE dick!

Before his boxers had a chance to fall the length of his legs, Mr. Steele picked me up as if I weighed no more than a Barbie doll, and I instinctively wrapped my trembling legs around his masculine body. Carrying me, captivating me, with his begging cock pressed against the bottom of my exceedingly wet panties, Mr. Steele backed up to his desk and slowly laid backwards. He lifted me up by my hips as I fiddled with my underwear in an attempt to get them off; once I was free, I situated myself more comfortably on Mr. Steele’s lower abdomen, just where his shirt stopped and his neatly trimmed pubes began. I could feel his meaty cock curving around my tight ass as I stared deeply into his lustful eyes, granting him all the permission he could ever need.

Mr. Steele positioned me over his erect dick, pushing hard against my little wet slit. He rubbed his cock up and down my clit, starting at the tip of my lips down towards my pink soft spot, gently knocking at the entrance before lowering me slowly onto him.

“Ride me,” Mr. Steele growled, almost a roar, his gaze locked on the cock about to breech my virginity.

Within an instant, his cockhead slipped past swollen lips and pushed up against my quivering hole. But I didn’t move… I couldn’t move… because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next!

“Ride me!” he roared, ramming his cock upwards into me. I yelped and cried and gasped aloud as a searing hot pain shot through my insides.

“Fuuuuck,” he cursed, tightening his grip atop my hipbones, “you were telling the truth… you’ve really never done this before…”

I eagerly nod as tears of pain stain my cheeks.

“Don’t worry, kiddo… I’ll go slow… at first…”

Pulling me down just a little bit more, Mr. Steele pushed his head further in. My pussy spasmed and pushed back hard, but I was just no match for all his might; thankfully, he paused until the pain had passed.

I clenched my teeth and held my breath as I felt his cockhead throb inside. Big, warm, wet and yearning, Mr. Steele slid another inch in, followed by another inch and another, stretching me slowly with his gluttonous girth.

My walls were writhing and ripping around his massive cock, filling me with so many feelings that I had never felt before… feelings that I… I kind of liked…

Curiously, I began to move back and forth and back and canlı bahis siteleri forth. I had never done this before, yet something in the back of my brain was guiding my body all by itself. I closed my eyes and exhaled my breath, witnessing stars in my mind as shimmering sensations flourished deep within my core. Slowly, rhythmically, I rocked my hips forward and back, smearing my warm wetness across Mr. Steele while his cock pumped precum deep inside of me.

I lifted my hips and withdrew myself, my pussy popping audibly around his cockhead. I then lowered down just a little bit… and went back up and down and up and down, bouncing on that oozing mushroom while tickling my sensitive entrance. In and out and in and out and just a little bit every time drove Mr. Steele wild; my pussy pushed back as he suddenly dragged me down the length of his shaft, slamming into the deepest depths of my 18 year old pussy.


My cries of pain soon became moans of pleasure. I reveled in the electric feelings swelling deep inside my core—like an impossible itch finally getting scratched. I purred as I felt his cock throb while sweet wetness leaked just a little bit more.

I heeded the tingles and followed what felt right. I started rocking back and forth again like before, but this time, all my weight was on top of my teacher, forcing his cockhead deep into my tummy while wringing my walls around his unyielding shaft.

Oh god it hurts so much but feels so fucking good! I can’t stop—I didn’t stop!

I slammed my hand on Mr. Steele’s chest to get better leverage. Rocking back and forth and back and forth, I relished in the pain and pleasure and tingles and sparkles that flooded my being. I was eagerly abusing my pussy while willingly bruising my insides—and Mr. Steele seemed to really like it too!

“Fuck fuck fuuuuucck,” he groaned while his dick throbbed harder the faster I rode. More warm juices started flowing from my little wrecked hole, coating Mr. Steele’s cock and leaking on the hem of his shirt. I squeezed my cunt as hard as I could which caused a volatile surge to suddenly swell—a rush of warmth arose and started building stronger and stronger until—

OH NO! I’m going to pee all over Mr. Steele!!

I made every attempt to hop off my teacher, but he wasn’t letting me go anywhere. I wailed and flailed as I tried to stop the urge, but feeling me spasm all around his dick made Mr. Steele grab me harder and hold me down as he pumped his hips upwards into my unexpected orgasm.

“Ahhhhh!!” I screamed as a gush of liquid exploded out of me! I wiggled and writhed and rocked even harder as my cunt soaked Mr. Steele in my carnal creations.

Tears filled my eyes as I spilled these sweet pleasures out of me. This was like nothing I’d ever felt before! The wetness made it even easier to rock back and forth and so I quickened my pace, smearing myself all over my teacher’s groin, wrapping my thighs tighter around his rock-hard body while grinding as hard as I possibly could until…

“Oh god oh god oh my FUCKING GOD!”

A massive hot explosion shot out of his dick! Mr. Steele’s milk engulfed my insides and erupted upwards into my tiny tummy. He thrust harder and faster as he continued to cum—I watched his eyes roll back as he wrapped his hands around my hipbones and wringed my insides around his unleashing cock. My cunt clenched him harder as I squirted my own juices all over his monster cock and button-down shirt, soaking ourselves and the entire desk in our sopping-wet orgasms.

One… two… three more spurts, and I knew Mr. Steele had emptied completely. He was panting “fuck fuck fuck” under what little breath he had left as I continued to shudder on his lap. Stars ablaze, I couldn’t think… I couldn’t see… I couldn’t smell… I just sat there, shivering, sputtering, and sometimes spasming on the dick still stuck inside my hole… still pulsating… still reveling in the ecstasy of what we just experienced…


When I finally came back to reality, I slowly bent down to give Mr. Steele a soft kiss on his lips. Taken by surprise, he quickly turned his head and started pushing me off his lap. As soon as I slid off, Mr. Steele’s cum trickled down my thighs and splashed on his desk before dripping down onto the classroom floor.

I just stood there at the foot of his desk, looking more surprised than he. Mr. Steele sat up straight and with an extended finger pointed angrily in my direction suddenly said:

“Kissing the teacher is an automatic detention! I’ll see you tomorrow after school, missy.”

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