Thank you to my excellent editor.


I looked across the table at the thirty-something Korean woman sitting with me. Her name was Mee-Yon but she went by May. She was more than pretty with the classic Korean look. Her eyes were beautiful with a gentle slant and deep brown color that drew you in and made you never want to look away. Her hair, styled in a short pixie cut, beautifully accented the delicate features of her face. A small, perfectly formed, nose sat over a small, but exquisitely beautiful and exceptionally kissable set of lips. She was very petite, maybe five feet tall at the most, and I was sure she couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds. She was wearing a white pull over blouse with a conservative cut. It wasn’t high fashion but it clung well enough to accent her small breasts. Snug black faux leather pants clung to her hips accentuating her movement as she walked. I was quickly falling for this Asian angel. And then she smiled. I swear my heart actually skipped a beat.

“Tell me about you.” Her voice was rich and full, not deep or husky, but not high pitched either. Her eyes sparkled with mischievous joy. She wove her fingers together and put them under her chin as she leaned forward.

“I’d rather hear about you. You fascinate me,” I said. Wow, that sounded cheesy but she seemed to like it.

“Me? Not much to say. I was born in Seoul. I came to America to marry a man named Frank Lister. I was married to him for five years. We lived in San Francisco. Then he divorced me. My friend Chung-He bought me tickets to come to Dallas. I’ve only been here for three days. Chung-He has been very nice. His wife is nice too.”

Her voice was mesmerizing and it was a few seconds before I realized she had stopped talking and was just looking at me. Before I got my brain back into first gear, I blurted out. “Why would your husband divorce you?” I instantly wanted it back. It was absolutely the wrong thing to say, and I hadn’t meant it the way it sounded. I just could not fathom why any sane human being would ever not want to be around May. I had only known her for less than an hour, but I was truly smitten.

Her laugh allowed me to breathe again. “He said I wasn’t what he wanted.” She looked down and the smile slid from her face. “I am not a good woman.” She turned her head away from me. She had gone from a laugh to nearly crying in a short moment. “I’m sorry. You can take me back to Chung-He. You don’t have to stay here. No one wants a divorced woman.”

“I don’t want to take you back.” I reached across the table and gently turned her face back toward me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll take you home if you want, but I really want you to stay.”

With typical waitress intuition, our waitress arrived with our appetizer at just that moment. As she sat the plate of Texas Cheese Fries down on our table, she looked from May to me and I swear that if looks could kill, I would have been instantly stone cold dead. I ignored her, pushed the fries to the side, and took May’s hands in mine.

“May, you are the most beautiful and the most interesting woman I have ever met. Please stay and enjoy the night. I want to know everything about you that you are willing to share. If I cross that line, just tell me. I won’t push.”

That thawed out the waitress a little before she walked away and it brought a small smile to May’s face. That small smile was like the sun rising after a two-week night. It warmed my soul and I never wanted to lose it.

May took a deep breath. “Alan, I like you. You deserve to know about me.” She paused and looked down at my hands holding hers and then looked back up at me. There was a catch in her voice as she spoke. “When I was in Korea, I disgraced my family. My mother disowned me. My father was hurt deeply. He still loved me, but he had to get me out of Korea. He found a mail order bride internet site and gave me to Frank Lister. Frank Lister wanted a slave. He wanted a maid to pick up his socks, do his dishes, and make his meals. I was not the demure slave he wanted. He kicked me out.”

It was a very good thing that Frank Lister lived in San Francisco. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life but I might not have been able to stop myself from making him the first. But for now, all I wanted was to get the smile back on May’s beautiful face.

“Well, you are in Texas now. We know how to treat beautiful ladies down here and I assure you that I like women and I’m not looking for a slave.” I gave her my best smile and she smiled back.

May squeezed my hands and then pulled away. “May we eat? I’ve never had Texas cheese fries.” She was giving the fries a look that I wished she would give me.

As we ate we talked about other things, safer things like what we enjoyed, and the difference in culture between California and Texas.

“Texas is so friendly. Everyone in Texas smiles.” May said between small bites.

I could never imagine anyone not smiling at this woman. “Southern hospitality.” kartal escort bayan I grinned at her.

“I don’t want to go back to California, but I have nothing here. I have nothing there either.” The smile was gone again and I began to understand a little of what Charley, as we called Chung-He at the software company we both worked for, meant when he had told me about May. My mind flashed back to that conversation. Charley had come into my office. “Alan, may I talk to you?”

“Certainly, have a seat.” I had thought it would be work related and I really hoped he had not found another job. The software industry in Dallas is highly competitive and Daltech had lost too many good software engineers to other companies lately.

“You have been divorced for over a year now.”

“Yeah…” Okay, definitely not work related.

“I have a friend staying with us for a few days. I would like you to take her out Friday. It doesn’t have to be much, but it would make her feel better.”

A blind date, on Valentine’s Day. Yeah that’s what every man wants. “Charley, I’m not sure that is a good idea.”

“She is not a good girl. She is not high class but you will like her. You don’t have to treat her like a lady. You are Texan. You will like her.”

Charley’s English is sometimes odd and to keep from being offended I attributed what he had said to his English skills.

“Charley Friday is Valentine’s Day. Women don’t want to go out with a stranger on Valentine’s Day. They want flowers, wine, and romance. I was married for twenty years. I don’t know how to do romance.”

“May is different. She doesn’t need romance, just a friend. My wife and I want a nice night at home.”

The light came on. I was going to be a baby sitter so that Charley and his wife could have an intimate evening together.

“Um, how long do I need to keep her out?”

“Oh, as long as you want. She will be good company. She will be good for you.” Charley was all smiles.

So I agreed to take May out, mainly to keep Charley happy. Now I was sitting with this woman and I wanted nothing more than to never leave her company again. I smiled at May. “You have friends here. That is something.”

“Chung-He is a friend of my father. He feels obligated to help me since my father died two years ago.”

“I’m sorry.” Damn, it seemed that every direction I went led to sadness for May.

“It only hurts when I think about it. I loved my father very much.” She smiled again. “He was a good man. He was sad when he sent me away. Not his fault. No man in Korea wanted me so I came to America.”

How could no man in Korea want her? Better question, how could I get her to smile again? “Oh, I got you a valentine card.” I took the card out of my jacket pocket and passed it to her. I had spent a long time trying to find a good valentine card for a blind date. It isn’t easy. I hadn’t known anything about May other than that she was Korean and Charley did not really think very highly of her. I couldn’t understand that at all. She was funny and although her life seemed full of pain, she still smiled. And she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

May read the card and she laughed. It was a humorous card. Hey when you don’t know which way to go, always go for the laugh, right?

“You’re a good man.”

It occurred to me, her English was very good, much better than Charley’s. “Where did you learn English so well?”

“Frank Lister made me practice. He didn’t want to hear a Korean accent. He made me get my American Citizenship too. He didn’t want a Korean wife.”

I just shook my head. Frank was a piece of shit and he needed his ass kicked. Oh well, not much I could do right then. “You’re away from him now. No need to worry about him ever again.”

May looked down again and tears brimmed in her eyes. “I am disgraced in Korea and now I’m disgraced by him here.”

“Nonsense. No disgrace that a reeking piece of shit couldn’t see what a treasure you are. It doesn’t matter. You can start again.”

“You are American. You don’t understand.”

I took her hands in mine, marveling at how small and petite they were in my big hams. “You’re in Texas now. You know what they say, when in Rome and all that.”

She smiled at me, but it was a sad smile. “I wish I could stay here forever. I like Texas.”

After that, we talked about other, safer things. Movies, music, what kinds of food we liked. We ordered and May was amazed that the restaurant offered a twenty-four ounce steak. She ordered a six-ounce sirloin while I ordered the twelve-ounce ribeye. I have to watch my waistline too you know. She laughed when I told her I liked AC/DC and the movie “Lone Survivor.” She liked “The Best Man Holiday” and classical jazz. She liked Gymnastics. I love football. It got to be funny, we had almost nothing in common but we liked each other’s company. After the meal was over and the waitress had cleared the table we kadıköy escort still sat talking and laughing together. Our waitress had finally forgiven me. It may have been the twenty-five dollar tip. Yeah I had taken May to a mid-level chain restaurant but in my defense I only had two days’ notice and it was Valentine’s Day. And let’s face it, mid-level chain restaurants are some of the best around if what you really want is a good steak and a big baked potato.

“What do you want from a woman?” May’s question caught me completely off guard.


“Yes. I like you. I want to know what you want.”

“Well, sex obviously, I am a man. Honesty. Communication.” I was listing everything that had been missing from my marriage and I suddenly felt a little exposed. I hoped May wouldn’t think I was a dirty old man. I really hoped she wouldn’t close off from me.

“I like sex.”

Wow really? She just blurted it out like that. If it had been possible for me to be more interested in her that would have done it. I couldn’t help myself. She had not been smiling or laughing when she said it. “Yeah? What kinds?”

Her eyes met mine. “You think I’m bad.”

“No, I think you are the most perfect woman I have ever met.”

She smiled. “All kinds.”

This was getting better and better but it was a first date. I steered the conversation back to safer ground. Around midnight the restaurant began to hint that we needed to leave. When they put the chairs on the tables around you, that’s a hint. I looked at May. “I don’t want tonight to end. Do you want to go get a drink somewhere?”

“I want to see your place.”

I know I blinked. This goddess wanted to go back to my place? She liked all kinds of sex and she wanted to go back to my place. I was in heaven. As we left the restaurant they locked the doors behind us. At my pickup I opened her door and helped her climb in. It gave me a great opportunity to ogle her perfect bottom. She stepped up into the truck causing her pants to pull tight over her round butt. I had gotten a glimpse of her backside when I had picked her up, but with Charley and his wife watching us leave I couldn’t really just stare. Now the parking lot was empty so as I helped her up I really got a good look. I was very impressed. Her butt was tight, firm and gorgeous. I wanted to reach up and grab a handful. I resisted the urge and played the gentleman, well other than the ogling thing.

Traffic was light for Dallas but the trip to my house still took forty-five minutes. It gave us more time to talk and we laughed and joked with each other the whole trip. May had scooted into the center seat. As we drove she touched my arm and smiled up at me. Our legs were touching and I was trying desperately to control my dick and not get an erection.

Finally we reached my house. I parked in the driveway because my pickup doesn’t really fit in the garage. May found that hilarious and razed me about Texan’s and their trucks. I just grinned back at her and got out. I went around and opened her door. I waited for her to scoot over then helped her down by picking her up by the waist and swinging her around. As I swung her she put her arms around my neck. Before I could set her down, we locked in a passionate kiss. The kiss lingered and grew more ardent. May wrapped her legs around my waist, clinging to me desperately. I held her in my arms, resisting the intense urge to let a hand drop down to her butt.

February is kind of chilly, even in Dallas. As our kiss continued I felt her shiver. So, before I really wanted to, I sat her down, took her hand and led her to my front door. Inside I gave her the standard tour. I was glad that I’m kind of a clean freak and there weren’t any dirty dishes or laundry lying around. When we reached the bedroom, May surprised me again by lying down on the bed and spreading her arms. “I love your place. It is wonderful.” She smiled up at me.

I sat beside her and she reached up and took my hand. Pulling me down beside her, she rolled onto me and we kissed. Her mouth tasted sweet and slightly minty and down between my legs my body begin to react. Her tongue pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth, savoring her kiss. Our tongues entwined playfully. I didn’t want to move too fast so I kept my hands on her sides. Lost in our passion I held her tight. She spread her legs, sat down on my stomach, and then, putting her hands on my shoulders, she pushed back a little.

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me. I’m very strong,” she said softly.

I smiled up at her. “I don’t want to scare you off.”

“You aren’t scary. I know scary. You are just a big silly teddy bear.” She smiled at me then leaned down and pressed her lips against mine. The kiss was deep and again our tongues danced together. We were both growing more daring so I took a little risk and slipped one hand up to cup her small breast. She moaned softly in my mouth and then she pulled back. I was afraid bostancı escort bayan I had gone too fast but she smiled at me and reached down to the hem of her blouse. In one smooth motion she pulled it off over her head. Her bra was sheer and I could easily see the dark circle of her nipples behind the thin fabric. She tossed her blouse off the bed and then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As she revealed her breasts to me I sucked in a deep breath. They were beautiful, small and rounded like small nectarines. Perfectly firm they stood out from her chest with very prominent nipples.

“Do you like my small boobies?”

“I love them.” I reached up and gently cupped them, letting my thumb softly stroke her nipples. She was so small that my hands covered her entire chest.

Her nipples instantly hardened and poked out past my thumb as I stroked her. I was transfixed and I just lay there with her sitting on my stomach letting me play with her exquisite breasts. Then she leaned down and we kissed. I slid a hand down to her firm butt and once more she moaned. She moved from my mouth and kissed down onto my neck. Her lips felt wonderful and I threw my head back. Her hands began to unbutton my shirt, pulling it apart to expose my chest.

“So hairy. You American men have so much hair on your chest. I love it. Korean men don’t have much there.”

“I hope Korean women don’t have hair on their chest either.”

May slapped my chest playfully and sat up. “Do you see any hair?”

I grinned up at her. “Hmm, not on your chest. Do you have hair lower?”

“You will just have to find out.” She leaned back down and kissed my chest. She scooted back as she moved her kisses lower. By the time her mouth reached my nipples she was sitting on my hips and I could feel the pressure of her on my dick. I was starting to become aroused and she must have felt it because she suddenly sat up. She looked at me with a mischievous grin. “I think you like that.” “I do. You make me feel incredible.”

“You make me happy. I have not felt happy in a long time.”

“I want you to be happy, May. I want you to always be happy.”

“I want to make you happy too.” She scooted lower, kissing her way down my stomach until she reached my waist. Looking up at me she gave me a sultry smile and unbuckled my belt. As I watched her she unbuttoned my pants and then slowly lowered my zipper. She slipped off the side of the bed. “Let’s get these off of you.” I kicked my boots off and lifted up to allow her to pull my slacks down. As she did I finished taking my shirt off. “I think you are overdressed.” I said as she tossed my khakis to the side. May grinned at me. “You want me to take my pants off? Do you want to get into my pants, Mr. Packer?”

“I don’t think I would fit.” I joked with her.

She laughed and unbuttoned her slacks. I was transfixed as she slipped the faux leather from her hips revealing a very sexy pair of panties. Her panties were sheer except for a small triangle that covered her sex. Through the sheer material I could see that she had a thick bush of jet-black pubic hair. She stood up, revealing herself to me then pushed my legs apart and moved between them. Slowly she hooked her fingers under the elastic band of my boxers. With her eyes locked on mine, she slowly pulled my shorts down. I wasn’t fully erect yet but I wasn’t completely soft either. When she had my boxers down far enough that the shaft of my cock was beginning to be exposed she looked down. She pulled my boxers lower, exposing more of my shaft and kept going. When only the head of my cock remained hidden she looked back up at me. “So big!”

I smiled at her. “I’m a big guy.”

“Yes you are. A big hairy man and you make my pussy so wet.”

My eyes went wide. I’d never had a woman talk to me that way. Hell, my wife had barely spoken to me at all the last two years of our marriage. I grinned at her. May pulled my boxers down lower and when my cock popped out of the waistband and bounced up and free she laughed. She looked at my dick for a long time. “It’s beautiful.”

I’d never had anyone tell me my cock was beautiful before and it made me smile.

May stroked my shaft, her eyes never leaving my cock, and then she leaned forward and softly licked my knob. By this time I was fully erect and a little pre-cum formed on the tip of my dick. Her tongue licked it up and she took my knob into her mouth. The feeling was heavenly as her tongue danced around the head of my cock. Both of her hands were stroking my shaft, one low and one high. She pushed lower taking more of my cock into her mouth. She continued to stroke the rest of my tool with her hands. Groaning from the intense pleasure, I watched this angel suck my cock. May slid her lower hand down to my balls, cupping them and massaging them lightly. My sack was too large for her to hold but she gently squeezed one ball and then the other as she continued to fellate me. She pleasured me for a while, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and then pulling back to play with the head. I was getting close but held back as much as I could.

May pulled off my pole. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She immediately took my cock back between her lips.

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