Meeting A Dear Friend Ch. 03


As the hot water washes over the three of us, our hands wander. I can feel yours on my back and Sarah’s running over my chest. Closing my eyes, I bask in the pleasure of four female hands caressing my skin. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed every inch of my body (seems a certain six inches got most of the attention), you and I turn our attention to our guest. We switch positions so that you are in front of her and I am behind. As the two of you share a deep tender kiss, I gently massage Sarah’s shoulders and neck, working my way down her back, my soapy fingers both cleansing her skin and relieving all tension. Slowly I work my way back to her shoulders and then work first one arm then the other.

At the same time you have washed and kneaded her from neck to waist, spending extra time and attention on what we have learned are an almost perfect set of 36C breasts. Rinsing them off, you lean down and suck one erect nipple between your lips, biting it gently, and you pinch and tweak the other. Sarah responds by running her hands down to cup your ass, pulling your bodies tight against one another.

I come up tight behind her, kissing and nibbling on her neck, my shaft pressing into the cleft of her ass. I reach a hand down between your bodies, but find that you have beat me to my target. You already have several fingers buried deep in Sarah’s love passage and your thumb caresses her hard little clit. Rising to your tip-toes, you kiss first Sarah and then me, whispering, “You’ve already gotten to taste this sweet thing, now it’s my turn.”

With that you kiss her once more and allow your tongue to trace a path down her throat, past her breasts, across her stomach, to her clean-shaven snatch. As your tongue begins to dance along sincan escort the folds of her pussy, she pulls my hands to her breasts and raises one leg to the rim of the tub to give you easier access. This allows her to reach behind her and reposition my cock between her legs, sticking out parallel to her opening, and you take your free hand and begin stroking it.

All the sensations, are becoming too much for us all, with Sarah having cum repeatedly on your fingers and tongue and you and I both in much need of similar release. I decide that it is finally time to get what I have always wanted; what I have traveled over 3000 miles for. Reaching a hand down and running my fingers through your hair, I grab a handful and coax you to a standing position. “I want you, now! I have waited long enough and if I don’t get to fuck you, right now, I’m gonna go nuts.”

So saying I reposition us so that Sarah is sitting on the edge of the tub and you are standing before her, facing her, with your back to me. I come in tight behind you, running my hands all over your body. My cock nestled between your ass cheeks; I turn your face to me and kiss you deeply. My other hand is busy between your thighs. Sarah watches us, her hand running between her own thighs, continuing what you have begun.

Seeing this, I push you forward, bending at the waist, instructing you that you should continue to ‘assist our guest’ as I take care of our needs. You don’t need to be told twice and dive directly back into Sarah’s sweet pussy, your ass waving enticingly in front of me. Ohhhhh, that sweet, sweet ass. Since we first met online it has been a dream of mine. The early pictures that you sent to me always turned me on. The one sincan escort bayan on the kitchen table, on all fours, your skirt teasingly pulled up, always could guarantee a wonderful late night fantasy session.

And now here it is, right in front of me. I rest a hand on either cheek and gently rock my hips, causing my cock to slide up and down the crack of your ass. I reach under you to roughly grab a breast, pinching and pulling at your nipple while you thrust your hips back. Dropping to my knees, I spread your legs, lean in and run my tongue from your clit to your tight puckered ass. You moan deep in your throat, and thrust back again. Kneading your cheeks and spreading them, I continue to rim your ass while you reach between your legs and begin friggin’ your clit.

Knowing that you’re close, I decide to up the ante. I run my tongue to your clit and suck it between my lips, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time, I slip a finger into your backdoor, sliding it slowly in an out, until you scream out in climax, gushing into my mouth. Your orgasm triggers another in Sarah, and her moans join yours. Claiming exhaustion, she wraps a towel around her waist and walks off to the bedroom. You and I, on the other hand, are just getting warmed up.

Still behind you, I stand up and force you against the wall. My one hand caressing your ass, kneading your cheeks, the other reaching around to play with your breasts. Turning you around, I pull your right leg up over my arm. I kiss you deeply, passionately and ask if you are ready.

“More ready than I’ve ever been for anything in my whole life,” you reply.

You reach down and position the head of my cock at the entrance escort sincan to your love canal. Thrusting up, I slowly slide my full six inches in, as I stare into your eyes. Your arms wrap around me pulling me close, and you whisper in my ear, “Just hold it there, don’t move. I just want to enjoy the full feeling.”

After several minutes in which we simply look in each other’s eyes, I slowly begin sliding in and out of your tight pussy. Harder and faster, deeper and deeper, I thrust my cock. Reaching around to caress your ass, I pick you up, the force and passion of our fucking pinioning you to the wall. I fell your pussy tighten around my cock as yet another orgasm rolls through you.

I set you down and turn you to face the wall again. You lean forward and brace yourself against the wall as I slide my penis back into you, from behind this time. “Oh god, I can’t believe how good this feels,” I moan as I continue to slide in and out, in and out.

Playfully, I smack your ass as I fuck you, leaving a red handprint on the snowy white skin. Again, on the other side, then three in a row, quickly, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! This only proves to excite you more and you begin slamming your hips back into mine, matching my tempo.

Knowing that I won’t last much longer, I grab your hips, pull you back firmly against me and bury to the hilt. Wanting you to cum with me, I reach around and begin rubbing your clit. First, small circles, then taking it between my thumb and finger pinching it, pulling on it.

As your orgasm hits, your pussy tightens again around my cock and that is all I can take. I feel my cum boiling through my cock to paste the walls of your pussy, gobs and gobs of thick cum. Neither of us has the strength to stand so we fall back into the tub, you on my lap, my arms around you holding you close, my softening cock still firmly planted inside you. After awhile, we recover enough to rinse off and stumble, naked, to the bed, where we climb in on either side of the sleeping Sarah and drift off to sleep.

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