Meeting My Older Neighbor


I was so happy to be coming home for the summer from college. It had been a really intense year and all I wanted to do was relax the summer away. The night before leaving school, I was doing some last minute packing when my phone rang. I picked it up hearing my mom tell me that she wouldn’t be home when I arrived the next day. I was a little bummed, I hadn’t seen her in a while and she is the first person I wanted to see. I told her it was ok and I finished packing and headed to bed.

I woke up early the next day and loaded up my car and headed home. I arrived home around three in the afternoon. The driveway was empty so I knew I was going to be the only one home. I got out of my car and started grabbing a few things when I heard someone walk up behind me. I turned and saw a very good-looking older man, somewhere in his early 40’s. There was a moment of silence as he took in the sight of my well-groomed body. Finally his face reached mine, he extended his hand I wrapped my hand in his. “Hello Julie, I am Jack your new neighbor, your mother told me that you would be coming home today and feel free to introduce myself.” I smiled then softly said “Nice to meet you.” He offered to help bring my stuff into the house. We unloaded all of my stuff and carried it into the house.

“Where to?” Jack said.

“Follow me, we’ll take it to my room” I said as I began walking up the steps.

As we brought the last load into my room, I plopped on the bed sighing; ” it is so good to be home.” I asked Jack if he knew when my mother would be arriving home. He told me she said sometime late. He then said he would leave so I could get some rest. I laughed, “Ya know I am actually wide-awake.” I walked over to the window looked out and said, “I am thinking a dip in the pool would be good.” I looked back at Jack smiling. “You should join me, Go home and get some shorts on than meet me in the yard.” He said ok and left, closing my door behind him.

I went over to my dresser and pulled out one of my two piece bathing suits from last summer. I undressed, standing in front of my mirror, staring at my body. I have a little figure; I don’t have a jaw dropping body. I took my small breasts into my hands; my nipples instantly harden a soft sigh escaping my lips. I released my breasts and put on my bikini.

I grabbed a towel etimesgut escort and some tanning oil and headed outside. Jack was already there sitting on a lawn chair. I stopped for a moment, I couldn’t believe his body looked so good, he was well tanned and I didn’t see a trace of hair on his chest. My eyes caught his, I then realized he was checking out my body too. I smiled and walked over next to him I sat down and poured some oil on hand and began rubbing it into my arms and legs. I offered him some, he said ” Nah I don’t need any I am tan enough, but I can help you out.” I agreed and finished putting it on the front of my body; I lay down on the chair and looked back at Jack. I watched as he poured the oil into his hand. He leaned forward and began massaging his hands over my back. I sighed softly and began to relax. He stopped to apply more oil and started rubbing it into my calves, his hand moving up the back of my legs. I squirmed a little as his hands stopped just below my small tight ass. Given my ass a little pat he said “that should do it.” I saw up and smiled at him.

He took my hand and lifted me to my feet. He walked over to the pool and dove in, I followed his lead. The water cooling off my hot body. We played for a little bit in the pool splashing each other and laughing. I was out of breath and went over to the shallow end steps and sat down, Jack came over and sat down next to me laughing.

“You gave up easy” Jack laughed.

I looked at him a big grin on my face, I turned to push him back under the water but I wasn’t fast enough he had gripped my arms with his hands. Laughing.

“Hey that isn’t fair.” I said laughing.

His laugh stopped a smile forming on his face. He pulled me to him, My face just inches from his. My breath was caught in my throat I just stared at him. He leaned forward, planting his lips on mine. I began to struggle but I gave up easy as his tongue darted into my mouth. He released my arms and wrapped his around my back, his body pressed against mine. I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, pressing my breasts against this wet chest. He untied the back of bikini top, feeling it come loose I moved back slightly…letting it fall into the water. My breasts exposed to him, moving my arms from around his neck, sliding my hands etimesgut escort bayan down his chest. Hooking my fingers under the waistband of his shorts, slinking my body down into the water as I begin to slide his shorts down. Jack steps out of his shorts, watching them float away from us. Looking down into the water at his swollen shaft, dipping my hand under the water to grasp his cock.

“Mmmmmm Yesssss Julie.” He moans out in a low voice.

He pushed my hand away from his cock. Grabbing my waist he begins to tug at my bathing suit bottom, pushing them down my legs letting them float away. Grabbing my waist he pulls me close to him, his hard cock pressing against my lower belly. He leans down lifting my legs, holding me as he walks over to the steps. Lowering my body on the steps, he kneels on the in front of me leaning forward wrapping his mouth around one of my nipples. Crying out as his tongue flicks over my nipple, his hand massaging my other breast. Wrapping my legs around his waist inviting his cock to my entrance. Taking his free hand, wrapping it around his rock hard shaft, guiding it to the opening of my tight hole. Slowly feeling the head spread my lips as he began to push forward. His cock filling up my whole inch by inch. The thickness spreading the walls of my throbbing pussy.

“God yesssssss Jack fuck my pussy.” I cried as he cock head reached the hilt.

Grinding his hips trying to push his cock in further he looks down at me smiling. Grabbing the back of my knees pushing them back. He draws the length of his cock out of my pussy, leaving just the tip in. His gaze locked on mine. Suddenly he slams forward, his cock spreading my tight hole. The water rippling between us. Leaning forward he takes a nipple into his mouth, biting and pulling as his cock slams into my pussy. My body swaying in the water.

“Yessssss Jack…” I cry as my body begins to shake. “Fuck me lover, make me cum.”

“Not yet my dear.” He said between breaths. He withdrawals his cock from my pussy. Pulling me to my feet, he picks me up walking up the steps of the pool and over to where our towels are. Laying me down on a chair he moves between my legs, spreading my knees apart, lifting my legs back. He takes one of his hands and slides his fingers down my wet slit. escort etimesgut Jumping as his fingers glide over my swollen clit. Moving his hand down further, dipping 2 fingers into my tight wet hole. Pumping them in and out slowly. My juices coating his fingers. Moving his body closer, his fingers still buried deep inside my pussy. I feel his cock probing against my puckered asshole. Looking at him in shock.

“Wha..What are you do doing?” I stuttered.

“You will see my sweet child, now just relax.” As soon as he said that I felt the tip of his cock spread the tight hole apart. I cried out from the pain.

“Relax, it won’t hurt for long.” He pushed a little more of his cock in. Letting my ass adjust to each inch. His fingers sliding in and out of my soaked pussy. I forgot about his cock as it was invading my virgin ass, as he pushed a third finger into my pussy. I began to relax, before I knew it he looked down at me and smiled.

“See I told you it wouldn’t hurt for long.” I then realized his hips were pressed against my ass. His cock buried in my tight ass. I felt him slowly pull his cock out, stopping and then slamming it back into my ass.

“Ohhhhh myyyy Godddddd.” I cried in pain, trying to relax again, focusing on his fingers as they rammed into my hole. He again pulled out of my ass slowly, then pounding his cock into my ass again. Fucking my ass with his hard cock, and my pussy with his fingers. His pace picking up, he began to fuck me harder, faster. My body was beginning to shake. Listening to his moans.

“Yessssssssssss Mmmmmmmmmm Immmmmmmm cummmmming.” He screamed as I felt his load fill my ass. My juices beginning to flow out of my pussy and down between my ass over his cock.

“Cummmmmmmmming.” I cried. Our bodies shaking, my hips bucking forward to meet this thrusts. His cum filling my ass. As my ass had finished milking the cum out of his cock, Jack looked at me and smiled. He withdrew his cock from my ass and laid down beside me, pressing his lips against my mouth, his tongue finding his way between my lips. Mmmmmmmmmm moaning softly into his mouth. I pulled away, looking at him.

“When my mom said introduce yourself to me, I am sure she didn’t mean this.” I began to giggle.

He smiled. “That’s ok it will be our own little secret.” He took me in his arms and held me for a little bit until the sun started to set. He got dressed and went back to his house.

We saw much more of each other that summer. I finally found out that he was 43 years old. Me being 20 I had never slept with a man that age. But I had planned on sleeping with one for the rest of the summer.

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