Mid-Terms from Hell


My name is Ariana. And if you asked me who I was a month ago, I would have told you I was a normal medical student. But today I’m not so sure. So many things have changed.

Mid-terms were just starting. And I was stressed. I had wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. But this was NOT what I had in mind. The classes were ridiculous. And the exams! Ugh! Don’t get me started there. At first I thought it was just the hectic exams getting to me. Or maybe lack of sleep. But something in me changed that week.

Lenore had been my roommate for the last 3 years. She was a beautiful girl. Kind of shy, but easy on the eyes for sure. She had guys chasing after her left and right. But, for some reason, it seemed like she never went out. Not that it ever really occurred to me before then, but Lenore always seemed to watch me. I would look up from my laptop just in time to see her eyes dart away. There was something odd about the way she spoke to me too. Like she always had something on her mind that she was dying to tell me, but never could.

Like I said, I knew Lenore was beautiful. But before mid-terms, I guess I never realized how beautiful. And lately, it seemed as though she wanted to show off her beauty in front of me! We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment off campus. She was always one of those girls who would get out of the shower and cover herself head to toe. Towel around the hair, big thick robe, and slippers. Then, all of a sudden, she was different. She would walk out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and stand in the living room, barely covered, just to tell me some stupid little thing that could have waited. She started leaving her door partially open when she was changing. Or walking around the apartment in nothing but her bra and some jeans. It was then that I noticed how absolutely sexy Lenore really was.

She stood at about 5’8″, with long black hair. She had to weigh no more than 135 lbs soaking wet. With these 36 C breasts that were just delicious to look at. And she always seemed to wear the types of lingerie that you could see right through.

Now, I never thought I was that bad to look at myself. I stand about 5’6″, shoulder length Auburn hair. About 145 Lbs with 38 D breasts. I know I’m a little chubby, but I always kind of liked it.

Lenore and I were always close, but one Thursday night, while I was studying things really took an odd turn:

“Goddamn these notes! What the hell was I doing? Sleeping in class?” Ariana slammed her notebook and got up from her desk. “I’m getting so frustrated I’m grinding my teeth!”

“Jeez Ariana! Would you relax, you look so tense!” Lenore said with a bit of concern in her voice. “Why are you getting so worked up?”

“I have an anatomy exam tomorrow afternoon, and I’m having the worst time remembering anything.”

Ariana looked like she was going to break down and bawl. Lenore walked across the room and sat on the couch. She patted the spot next to her.

“Get over here and sit down. Let me rub your shoulders to help you relax. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, then I’ll help you study. You’re going to give yourself a Migraine!”

Ariana walked over to the couch and sat down. Lenore reached over and placed her hands on Ariana’s shoulders. As she started to massage the pain from her neck, Ariana had visibly started to relax.

“Thanks Nore, I guess I really needed this!”

“Oh honey, it’s no problem. We’ve been friends for a long time. And I’d hate to see you have a nervous break down over something like an exam.”

Lenore then took Ariana’s hair out of her ponytail, and proceeded to massage her scalp.

“See, now doesn’t that feel better?”

“Mmm-Hmm. You could do that all day!” Ariana giggled. She felt herself becoming more vulnerable to Lenore’s touch. Another woman had never had her hands on Ariana in that way. She was so gentle, and loving. Ariana could feel between her legs start to become wet and tingle. What was this odd feeling coming over her?

“Oh sweetie, why don’t you take off this bulky sweatshirt? It would make your massage feel much better!”

“OK, let me run illegal bahis in the bedroom and put on a t-shirt.”

“Why bother? It’s just us girls silly!” And with that, Lenore reached around Ariana’s waist, and lifted her shirt over her head. “See, much better!”

The cold air in the apartment swept over Ariana’s body, making her nipples hard and giving her goosebumps.

“Damn it’s cold in here!”

“I see that!” Chuckled Lenore. “You’re kind of um, showing, a little bit!”

“Oh my god! Grab me a blanket!”

“I’ve got a better idea! Let’s study!”

Ariana gave Lenore a puzzled look. But, had no time to ask questions. Lenore lifted her own shirt and pulled it over her head.

“What better way to study for an anatomy exam, then with a real specimen?” She then stood up and took off her pajama pants. She was wearing the sexiest purple lace thong and bra. Ariana could see big pink nipples underneath, and the little patch of black hair under the lacy thong. Her wetness began to grow.

“Ok, we’re going to start simple. I name a body part, and you show me where it is. Simple enough right? But as we go along, the directions will change, and so will the difficulty. Now, where is the stomach?”

Ariana pointed to her stomach.

“No Ari! Where is MY stomach? Silly girl! You’re supposed to be pointing out the parts on me.”

Ariana pointed at Lenore’s stomach.

“No! Like this!” Lenore grabbed Ariana’s hand, and placed it on her stomach.

“See, this isn’t so hard. Now where is my thigh?”

Without Lenore letting go of her hand, Ariana gently ran her hand down Lenore’s side to her thigh.

“Very good. How about my chest?”

Ariana slowly moved her hand up Lenore’s body. Being very careful to avoid certain areas.

“Ok. Now, show me, with both hands, where my shoulders are.”

Ariana started to get a little nervous. Lenore felt her hesitation and grabbed her hands, guiding them to her shoulders.

“Where are my bra straps?”

“That’s not a body part Nore!”

“Do you want to learn or not?”

Feeling slightly confused, and a little drunk on her new found horniness, Ariana did as she was told.

“Pull them down.” Lenore instructed. As Ariana did as she was told, Lenore reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. The wetness between Ariana’s legs was getting ridiculous, and she could feel it start to drip down her thigh.

“Now move your hands to my hips, grasp my thong, and slide it down.”

As Ariana did this, she noticed that Lenore was as slick as she was between her legs. What was happening to her?

“Now the instructions are going to change. I want you to find all the following body parts with your tongue only!” Ariana could see the sly, sexy look starting to form on Lenore’s face. She wasn’t sure exactly what was happening. But she was starting to enjoy every minute of it!

“Now, where is the breast?”

Ariana leaned forward slightly, and gently flicked her tongue against the olive skin of Lenore’s right breast.

“And the other?”

Ari moved to the left side and repeated the motion with her tongue. Lenore let out a small moan that drove Ariana wild. Ari had never experienced anything like this. But she couldn’t wait for more.

“Ok sweetie, where is the Areola?”

Ari licked her lips and circled Nore’s left Areola withe her tongue. Quickly stealing a slight kiss underneath it. Then moved to the right side.

“Mmm.. Ok.. and my nipples.”

This was insane! Ari was reaching a point of no control. Without thinking twice she flicked her tongue over Nore’s nipple. She couldn’t help herself, and decided to take a nibble. Suddenly, she felt Nore’s hand entangle itself in her hair. The tingling between her legs soon turned to a burning heat she could no longer try to ignore.

“Ok sexy. Now we’re going to try something a little different.” Lenore sat on the couch next to Ariana. “Show me where my tongue is”

And with that, Ari grabbed Nore around the waist, and pulled her into a deep, sensual kiss. Her tongue mingling with Nore’s. Her illegal bahis siteleri intensity growing as the kiss continued.

As Nore pulled away, she had the most erotic grin on her face. She laid back against the arm of the couch.

“Well, so far so good.” She said, trying to sound coy. “Now let’s see how you well you know the rest of the female body.”

Ari knew what was about to happen. And she was having the worst time containing her anticipation.

“We’re changing things up again darling. I hope you can handle this.” Nore placed one foot on the floor, and her opposite leg over the back of the couch. “Remember, this is with your tongue, I want you to show me the first place a woman’s orgasm originates.”

This was what Ari had been waiting for. She carefully placed her hands on Nore’s inner thigh, licked her lips, and like a pro, quickly darted her tongue into Lenore’s warm, juicy, pussy.

“Mmm.. It seems like you’ve done this before. Can you now show me the second place the orgasm originates?”

Ari took her hand, and spread Nore’s pussy wide. She couldn’t help but notice how beautifully trimmed she was. She wet her tongue and flicked it against Lenore’s hard clit, causing her to shudder. With that Ari sat up and looked Lenore in the face.

“Until today, I never realized how bad I wanted this. But the studying is over. You’re mine now!” Ari stripped off the rest of her clothes. “I’m going to make you cum like you never have before!”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” And Nore grabbed Ari and kissed her deep. “I’ve been watching you for so long! I’ve wanted this for 3 years now!”

Nore reached between Ari’s legs. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. She took one finger and slowly slipped into Ari’s dripping wet snatch. Ari gave out a shudder and a slight moan. Realizing that she was enjoying it as much as Lenore, Nore then proceeded to slip another finger in. Getting her fingers nice and slippery, she started to flick them over Ari’s waiting clit.

“Oh! God! Make me cum Nore!”

As she started to shake with the oncoming orgasm, Ari dove her tongue deep into Lenore’s dripping pussy. Tasting her, and fucking her with her tongue. She reached up and started to fondle Lenore’s perky tits, driving Nore to her first of many orgasm’s. Ari wasn’t far behind. As they were both coming down from the high of cumming Ari had an idea.

“I’m going to open a bottle of wine. Meet me in my room. And be ready for a long night!”

After a bottle of merlot, and a long talk, the two women realized how much they really cared for each other.

“I’ve been eying you for so long Ari. I knew it was just a matter of time before I got what I wanted.”

Lenore reached over and stroked the side of Ari’s face causing Ariana to drip.

“And what exactly is it you want?”

“You, my love, forever and always!”

This sent Ari’s heart into a flutter, and without thinking twice she grabbed Nore, and threw her on her back. The two began kissing like it was the last thing they could ever do. Nore felt the heat coming off of Ari’s sopping wet pussy.

“I think it’s your turn baby!”

Ariana giggled as Lenore slowly rolled her onto her back. She could have spent hours just looking at Ari’s beautiful body. But there was a million years for that. She had to taste her now!

Nore kissed Ariana deeply, as she ran her hand over Ari’s gorgeous tits. Stopping to pinch each nipple, and fondle each one. Slowly, she unlocked her lips from Ari’s and moved her head down to one breast, then the other. Licking, sucking and nibbling just enough to make Ariana’s pussy gush. Ari let out a small shudder letting Lenore know she was on the right track. Lenore ran her hands down Ariana’s stomach to the soft mound of Auburn pubic hair.

“Oh my god! I haven’t shaved in forever!” Ari was so embarrassed. “Can you tell I haven’t been on a date in so long!”

“Don’t worry my darling. I love it.” And with that, she buried her hand into Ari’s mound, gently tugging on the hair. Just enough to cause Ariana to shudder. She slipped two fingers into the folds of Ari’s canlı bahis siteleri pussy. Feeling her wetness, and wanting a taste. Ariana wrapped her hands in Lenore’s hair and whispered into her ear:

“I want you. I’ve wanted you for so long. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.” Then, she grabbed Lenore by the hair, pulling her mouth to hers. She began to fondle Nore’s breasts, while Lenore fucked her with her fingers. As her hips rocked against Lenore’s knowing hands, she felt her self on the edge of explosion.

“Oh god Baby, I’m gonna cum!”

As she began to shudder, Lenore was relentless. Refusing to stop her fingering, she forced Ariana into orgasm after orgasm. One after the other. Until the point the bed underneath Ariana was soaked, and the entire room smelled of sex and female juices.

Lenore paused just long enough for Ariana to catch her breath. Then, without hesitation, she positioned herself between Ari’s legs. She took a deep breath, Ari smelled delicious. She could only imagine how she tasted.

Lenore kneeled down and spread Ariana’s legs wide. Looking at every inch of Ari’s beautiful snatch, Nore could feel her own clit starting to become rock hard. She used her hands to open up Ari’s lips. Her clit glistened with her wetness, and Lenore could wait no longer. She dove right in.

She began to quickly dart her tongue in and out of Ari’s cunt. Lapping up as much juice as possible with each stroke. Ariana began to moan and wriggle. That’s when Lenore knew it was time to make a woman out of Ari.

She began to circle her thumb around Ari’s clit. Pausing here and there to pinch it and tug on it a bit. She then leaned in and began to lick Ari, from bottom to top. Making sure to scoop up some of her delicious fluids on the way. The taste of Ariana’s juicy cunt was about to drive her to her own orgasm. She decided the best way to deal with it was to get what she was giving.

“Ok baby, follow my lead.” Lenore said with a sly smile. She climbed on top of Ari, hovering her own sopping wet pussy just above Ari’s lips. “Just do as I do.”

She leaned down and began to kiss Ariana’s pussy lips like they were her mouth. Darting her tongue in. Sucking on each lip slightly. She then used her tongue to circle Ari’s clit. Ariana followed suit, Lenore couldn’t help but shudder and moan. Then she began to suck gently on Ari’s hard clit. It felt wonderful against her eager mouth. She felt Ariana hesitate. She thought to herself “She’s never going to go for this.” But a second later, she felt Ari’s soft lips fondling her own clit. Like she had done this a million times before. This caused her to let out a harsh moan, vibrating her lips and tongue against Ari’s pussy lips and clit. This forced Ari to gasp and let out a moan like she had never been fucked before. The vibration felt sublime against Nore’s wanting pussy.

She lifted her head and said “Go to town you sexy creature. I’m all yours. Make me cum!”

And with that, the two began licking and sucking each other. The moans grew louder. And the room filled with the scent of sweet Lesbian sex. Lenore couldn’t help but grind her cunt onto Ari’s mouth while she tongue fucked and fingered her pussy. She felt herself on the edge of orgasm.

Ariana reached between Lenore’s legs and fingered her pussy. Lapping up every ounce of juice that found it’s way out. Her body was writhing in the oncoming orgasm, but somehow, she couldn’t remove her lips from Lenore’s sweet pussy. Suddenly Lenore let out a gasp and a cry.

“Oh god baby! I’m cummmming!”

The feeling of Lenore’s tight snatch shaking and contracting around her tongue drove Ari into the biggest orgasm yet. She could feel herself gushing over Nore’s face.

“Keep fucking me with that tongue Nore, I feel another one coming on.” No sooner had the words escaped her mouth, then a second orgasm rocked her body, causing her pussy juices to explode over Lenore and the bed.

The two women, exhausted and sweaty, proceeded to lick up the last remainders of their session.

“I never thought in a million years that would happen!” Ari said sleepily. “But I’m glad it did. You’re delicious!”

“As are you Ariana. I love you, I’m in love with you, and I intend to spend every night like this forever.”

“Then we will Lenore. I love you too.” And with that, the two fell asleep in each others arms.

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