Mira Ch. 01


I’d thought I had gotten away with staying in my room before my mum came knocking on my door. With a silent sigh I pulled off my headphones and spun around on my chair as the door opened.

“Amy, sweetie, it’s dinner time now. Don’t you want to come down?” I shook my head. I didn’t want to spend time in close proximity to my family. I could survive without dinner, especially with the multitude of snacks I had hidden around my room.

“You can’t avoid us forever,” my mum looked down at me, smiling sadly. “You have to get off that computer sometime.” I did everything short of grunt to display my moody teenage apathy. I heard the door click closed, and turned back towards my computer screen.

Recently I had been getting more and more interested in a small social networking game: ROSE. It was basically a life simulator: you walked around, talked to people, earned money from jobs to buy accessories for you and you virtual home. The customisation was amazing, and you could design anything that didn’t already exist. My clothes in it were designed for me by a friend I had met on a different game about a year ago, and since I had started wearing them several strangers had asked if they could use the designs. Not that that ever happened in real life.

I looked down at myself. My figure had always been disappointing to me, too thick around the belly to be a pleasant sight. My mother and sister tried to compliment it, calling it “cuddly,” but with my sister being thin as a twig I felt like shit in comparison. A fair portion of fat did reside in my boobs, giving me a decent 36D bust, however the ache of carrying them all the time wore away any happiness I got from that. Even my short black hair conspired to make me look bad, it hadn’t been touched except for an occasional trim for several years yet still refused to grow past my neck.

For a long time I had felt myself becoming unhappy with my real body, and withdrew into the internet to find people who couldn’t see what I was really like. I could put on a persona and they would believe it, because they had nothing else to base me off. I was whoever I chose to be. Even then I didn’t have many friends, as I found it difficult to put the time in to keep in contact. Most of my time on the internet was spent alone.

I was taken out of my reverie by a dinging noise from my computer, indicating a new in-game message. It was from an admin of ROSE, and bore an interesting message:

“Happy birthday Amy! You turned 18 one week ago, and have been an active player of our little game for a while longer. As a reward for your ongoing support, we would like to offer you a free trial of our newest feature, a fully immersive reality simulator! Simply take the code at the bottom of this message to your local Give & Take Internet Café, tell them your name and enjoy this amazing new experience.”

At the bottom was a code followed by some legal nonsense. I had no idea what it meant by reality simulator and at first had no intention of doing anything about it whatsoever. Then my mum’s attempts to get me out of the house and doing things came into my head, and I decided that I might as well try to enjoy what was apparently a unique experience – and get my mum off my back at the same time.

The next day I found myself outside the internet café in town, having taken the bus. Nervously I approached a woman dressed in the company uniform and told her I played ROSE. She took me through a door in the back, down a corridor and into a room painted black with a single glass door on the other side.

“May pendik escort I please see your code?” She asked. I handed over the paper I had written it on, and the woman typed it into a tablet she carried under her arm. “Welcome Amy – or should that be Mira?” She said with a smile, using the name of my character. “Step through the door, sit on the chair, and get ready to enjoy this amazing experience.”

My hands were shaking as the I walked through the now open glass door. I had no idea what was going to happen, and it was too late to back out now. Inside there was a large chair, similar to a dentist’s but made of leather. I sat and it automatically reclined until I was lying facing the ceiling. Before I could properly wonder what was going on, a series of bright lights burst from a screen over my face, and everything faded out.

When I came back to my senses, I was in an unfamiliar shop. The only other person around was a smiling, fairly old man behind the counter.

“Welcome Mira!” He exclaimed, smiling warmly. “You may be a little confused. As one of the most loyal players of ROSE, we have decided to gift you free access to one of our experimental features. This world here – the shop, the items, even you and me – may seem to be real, but is in fact being simulated by our technology.”

I looked down at my hands. Surely he couldn’t be serious? Everything was perfect. I would have believed that I had just passed out in the chair and brought into this shop for some reason, but apparently I was seeing a virtual world.

“If you don’t believe me, try taking a look in that mirror over there.” I stepped to where he was pointing and gasped. Instead of the dumpy girl with glasses I was used to ignoring in the mirror, a beautiful woman with long, strawberry-blonde hair, a slim figure and an amazingly cute face stared back at me. Even my clothes looked just like the ones my friend had designed for me on ROSE. This was my avatar, Mira, and somehow I was inside her.

“My my, you are pretty aren’t you!” I remembered the clerk and walked over to the counter, speechless. “It’s all overwhelming isn’t it? We are definitely living in the future, being able to do this! Now, where we are is a private server, so only those users who also have access to this version of the game can join. Don’t worry; at home you can still join all of your friends in every activity you love about ROSE, but until this technology goes public I’m afraid it’s just you and a select bunch.

“Don’t get worn down by that though, there’s plenty to do and plenty of new people to meet! Tell you what,” he said furtively, leaning close, “why don’t I give you a new dress? Something exclusive and fun, to really show off these graphics.” He winked and handed me a bag with what seemed to be a dress inside, complete with stockings and underwear. “Go on, get changed!”

I blushed bright red. “Wh- what? Here?” I whispered, shocked at what he seemed to be suggesting.

Instead the clerk just started laughing. “This is a game my dear, you don’t need to strip down to change outfit! Just think about opening the menu and it will come up. From there you can change your clothes to whatever you happen to have on hand.” I felt embarrassed at my stupidity. Of course I wouldn’t be expected to strip, in what game do you need to take your clothes off before you can change? Trying to move past that blunder, I tried bringing up the menu like he had said.

A glowing green interface now hovered in front of me, and I moved it along by waving my hand until it reached tuzla escort the clothes button. I pressed it, and was presented with two choices: the clothes I was already wearing, and the clothes just handed to me. Apparently I could separate the outfits to look at what they consisted of, and then mix and match, but right now I just wanted to change into my new dress. I pressed it, and my body shimmered for a moment.

“Bravo!” The clerk exclaimed, clapping enthusiastically. “Well go on, take a look!” It took a second for me to work out what he meant, but then I turned around and ran to the mirror. What I saw was incredible.

The dress was a beautiful red, with gold trimmings around the cuffs and the neckline. It was cut under my breasts which were instead covered by a white button-up shirt, and the collar was clasped around my neck with a black bow. The skirt stopped around mid thigh, with pale pink ruffles coming out of the bottom, just a couple of inches above the top of my white stockings. I was absolutely breathtaking.

“Thank you!” I shouted to the clerk, who was still smiling widely, “it’s the most amazing dress I’ve ever owned.”

“I’m glad you like it,” he replied. “It was designed especially for you.” I was shocked out of my happiness by an odd feeling. An itching sensation somewhere unsociable. My smile faltered as I tried to surreptitiously reach under my dress and scratch at my itching, insistent asshole. My fingers didn’t meet flesh however. Instead, something stiff seemed to be attached to the back of my panties, and attempting to move it caused my asshole to feel like it was being pulled.

The clerk’s smile never faltered. “Oho, you have discovered the attachment! Are you enjoying it?” My eyes bulged. He knew it was there? What was it? Why hadn’t he told me?

“What is it?” I asked, scared.

“Simply a small plug. We want everyone in this world to be as comfortable as possible, and I am told many celebrities use these to help them relax in their stressful lives. Here, let me show you.” He pulled out from under the counter what appeared to be a small remote control. He turned a dial, and instantly the plug started to vibrate.

“I -” I started. “Oh, oh god. Please, please,” I was stuttering, unsure of what I wanted to say. The vibrations seemed to run through my entire body, making me shiver with a feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I reached behind me intending to pull the plug out.

Hands gripped my wrists and held them in front of me. “Please trust me,” the clerk smiled, somehow now out from behind the counter. “I assure you, you will regret it if you don’t experience this.”

I had never had anything in my ass before. My infrequent masturbation sessions had been fun, but I had never strayed south of my pussy. These sensations were completely new. The itching hadn’t faded, but the vibrations were something different. Not pleasurable, but not annoying or bad; just different.

“Now let me show you something you can’t do in the real world. Just to make sure you realise how good this place is.” My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see what he did, but soon I felt yet another new feeling in my ass. As I realised what was happening, my eyes shot open. The plug was changing shape! Elongating, widening, then shrinking back down. Sometimes it would rotate, sometimes it would just stretch a couple of inches more into my ass, then shrink down again.

“We’re just getting started, don’t worry.” I was watching this time. My arms had been released kartal escort without me noticing but the clerk was still in front of the counter, holding the remote. He moved a slider along, and the plug seemed to start retracting, pulling out of my back door. I gasped, hoping it was over, but the clerk smiled and kept staring at me.

With a sudden push the plug went back into me. It slid easily, but the feeling it gave me was nothing like what had been happening before. A warm, full sensation started in my belly before the plug was pulled out again, my asshole stretching over the thicker parts of it. My eyelids flickered and a gasp tore from my throat.

“Bear in mind, this plug is only 8 centimetres long. At its widest it may be 2 centimetres in diameter. I could be filling you much more if you ask.” I shook my head. I tried to tell him I didn’t even want this, but the plug kept moving in and out, in and out, over and over and I couldn’t even attempt to form enough words to tell him to stop it.

The change was so gradual I didn’t notice it at first. The full sensation that came to me when the plug was at its deepest was changing, and I found myself wishing the next thrust would come faster, that the plug would spend longer in me. I had both hands on the counter, leaning over as if an actual person was fucking me from behind instead of an inanimate object. Every movement of the plug was accompanied by my gasping, and it was with some surprise that I felt the first trickle of moisture run down my thigh.

I could barely believe it. This ass fucking was getting me wet enough for some of my juices to go rolling down my leg. The warmth and fullness was still there, but now it was pleasurable. I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying myself so much that I found I wanted more. I couldn’t resist, and there was nothing for me to push my ass back onto. If I wanted this in me deeper, there was only one thing I could do.

“More.” It was a whisper. I might not even have said it, instead continuing with my gasps. “More.” This time I had collected myself and created an audible word. I didn’t see it, but I could imagine the clerk’s smile widening as he fiddled with settings on the remote. The change wasn’t gradual, instead coming at once.

The plug widened until it must have been well over an inch in diameter, and the next thrust felt like it went over 15 centimetres into my ass. The gasps from my mouth were now definitely closer to moans, and the single drop of wetness down my leg had turned into a very wet patch on the front of my panties with more drops coming down every second. All the pleasure in my ass was building and felt like it was about to peak when I heard a click from behind me, and the vibrating turned back on.

Suddenly I came explosively. My eyes rolled back and my mouth opened wide, letting screams of pleasure fly from my lips. My butthole clenched and relaxed around the plug still sliding in and out of me. I felt my tight hole stretch further and for a brief moment wondered whether it would remain as tight as before, but soon the pleasure of coming washed every thought away. It was bliss. The constant movement of the plug had me feeling better than I had ever felt in my life. Everything carried on, but I couldn’t hold my eyes open. My head fell down and lay on the counter, with the plug still moving in and out, stretching my butt with every thrust.

I had no idea how much time had passed, but when I came to my senses I was lying back on the leather chair, gasping, with the last vestiges of the amazing feelings in my ass fading away. My panties were wet, but I felt behind me and could find no evidence of anything having been in my ass. Apparently it had all been virtual after all. Shakily I got to my feet and left the room.

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