Mistaken Identity?


Michelle Tanner grasped hard onto the silver taps of the sink, holding on with all her strength as the large cock of her boyfriend’s friend slammed repeatedly into her hot, tight pussy from behind. Her large tits bounced around violently, hardly contained by her low-cut dress, as the thick, solid dick continued to piston hotly into her body.

Staring at herself in the mirror, watching the hot body and gorgeous face of her boyfriend’s friend as he concentrated hard on fucking the life out of her, Michelle groaned and moaned loudly, unable to hold back as the thick cock buried inside her continuously fucking her towards another orgasm.

As she relished the amazing feeling of her boyfriend’s friend’s cock being repeatedly stuffed hard into her, and her loud, lewd, lust-filled moans filled the bathroom, echoing down to where her boyfriend slept next door, Michelle couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten to this point. She had always been faithful to her boyfriend, she knew she loved him with all of her heart, yet here she was being stuffed full of his friend’s dick, in her own bathroom, while her boyfriend was out cold in the next room. This wasn’t even the first time that night she had had this monster dick nailing her, and the way it made her feel, she knew it wasn’t going to be the last time either.

Smiling lustfully into the mirror as her boyfriend’s friend looked up and into her eyes, Michelle moaned loudly, watching her big tits jolt, barely contained within the black lace bra that held them within the half-open low top of her dress, as she got fucked long and hard.

Things hadn’t started out this way. Earlier that night she had had no intention of cheating on her boyfriend, let alone so many times and in the same house as him. Things just had turned out this way, and now here she was, getting the fucking of her life and loving every second of it. No, this had definitely not been planned.

As her boyfriend’s friend grabbed her tits under her roughly and began pounding her harder from behind, Michelle screamed in lust, gripping harder to the taps, feeling them wobble as she clung to them and got the life fucked out of her, and she wondered briefly as she felt her next orgasm growing intensely just how she had ended up with her boyfriend’s friend’s dick buried inside her. It had been a simple mistake to begin with, she hadn’t known, since then she had begged him for it…

The night had begun much like any other Friday night. The warm summer’s night in Shorehaven promised a time filled with good times as Michelle sat on the edge of her and her boyfriend’s bed, slowly lacing up the black knee-high boots that she had decided to where on her night out with the girls.

Tonight was one of her friend’s bachelorette parties as she was getting married tomorrow, so they had all decided to head off to the Starfly club on The Strip and celebrate properly. It was a strict girl’s night only, so Alex, Michelle’s boyfriend of four years, had decided to invite his friends over for a lad’s night in, however so far all that had turned up was his friend Jamie. Jamie was a nice enough guy; Michelle had met him a couple of times, though not really got to know him overly well. He was a lot like Alex in many ways, short dark hair and so on, only a little larger in every way. Jamie was a little taller than her boyfriend, and a little more muscular. He was also more brash and outgoing, not that Alex wasn’t, it was just Jamie seemed to care little about consequences and often seemed reckless. Alex always told Michelle that Jamie just wanted to get as much fun out of life as he could; still, he seemed to go to extremes often.

Finishing one boot, Michelle raised her other to the bed and began to lace up the second as she listened to the two guys downstairs. No doubt Alex had already cracked open a couple of beers and the two were watching boxing, or knowing Jamie, probably some extreme sport where people break bones more often than not.

“…yeah, but the cheerleaders are hotter than the ring girls…” Michelle heard Alex commenting, which brought a faint smile to her lips. Alex loved it when she dressed up as a cheerleader for him.

“I don’t know man, you gotta think that the ring girls love being around a real man…” Jamie began to reply and Michelle laughed lightly to herself as she stopped listening to them. What fascinating conversations men had, so deep and thoughtful.

Finishing the last boot, Michelle stood up on her heeled-boots and walked over to the full-length mirror opposite the bed, smoothing her dress as she moved.

As her reflection came into view, a pleased smile curved Michelle’s luscious lips. She had chosen the black summer dress as she knew she would look hot in it, although she didn’t want to outshine the bride-to-be, so she hadn’t chosen anything too revealing. The dress ended mid thigh, and while the low-cut top showed a pleasant amount of her impressive cleavage, her large 38C tits remained teasingly escort bostancı hidden behind the form-fitting top of the dress. Running from the top of the dress to her stomach were the buttons that held the dress closed across her heavy rack. Her long, dark-brown, wavy hair fell down her back and over her shoulders, framing her beautiful face with her large, bright hazel eyes and luscious lips that were now painted in a red-brown that highlighted her eyes. Her black knee-high boots finished the outfit off perfectly, and as she placed her hands on her hips, Michelle couldn’t help but smile at her reflection.

The other part of the reason why she had chosen this outfit was because after tonight she knew she would come back horny, and whether Alex had fallen asleep or not, after she woke him up and he saw her wearing this, no matter how tired he was, or how much he drank, he’d give her exactly what she needed. With a hot 24-year-old chick like her dressed as she was, no man could say no.

Turning with a bounce in her step, Michelle picked up her phone from the dressing table and dialled the number of her friend as she began putting her make-up back in the box she usually kept it in.

“Hey.” She said happily as the phone was answered, “I’m ready now, so I’ll get a cab and head over to your apartment in a minute, won’t be long.”

Her friend sounded a little tipsy already, no doubt the other girls had already cracked open a bottle of wine, as she replied that they were only waiting on two more before they headed out to the club. Saying that she was on her way and not to drink all of the wine before she got there, Michelle hung up and called a cab, before turning to head towards the bedroom door.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Michelle swayed more than walked in these heeled boots into the lounge and sure enough, the guys were watching some odd form of extreme sports which seemed to involve two guys and a very large mountain.

Heading over to where Alex sat, Michelle kissed him lightly on the head.

“Right then, I’m heading out. You two have a good night, I’ll be back late, so don’t wait up.” She said lightly as Alex looked up and Jamie looked over to her.

Suppressing a giggle of amusement at the two guys’ reactions at what she was wearing was no easy feat, however somehow she managed to keep her face somewhat straight. Both Alex and Jamie’s eyes widened the moment they fell on her and whatever conversation they had been having cut off abruptly as both stared at her with a mix of amazement, approval and desire.

“Wow, ‘Chelle you look…damn, hot babe.” Alex said as he twisted in his seat to get a better look at her, his tone filled with approval and just the right emotion that proved Michelle’s hopes about when she got back.

Jamie didn’t add anything to that, she was his friend’s girlfriend after all, however Michelle could tell that he agreed by the fact that he hadn’t taken his eyes off her yet.

“Thank you honey.” Michelle replied sweetly as she leaned down to give her boyfriend a gentle kiss.

Alex grinned at her stupidly like most guys did when their mind was on only one thing, however he swiftly remembered that his friend was there and so adjusted his eyes to glance over at Jamie before looking back to her.

“Oh, before I forget babe, Jamie wondered if you’d mind if he crashed here the night, we’ve had two beers already and the night is young. Don’t want him driving his car back home drunk now.” Alex asked and Michelle shook her head lightly. He was so sweet for asking her approval.

“Not at all, we’ve got a spare room upstairs.” She replied, looking at Jamie kindly. Alex must have known she wouldn’t have minded or no doubt he wouldn’t have brought it up. His friend staying over wouldn’t affect her plans later on at all. No doubt Jamie would be out cold from the drinks to be disturbed by her and Alex having sex down the hall behind a closed door.

“Great, thanks ‘Chelle.” Jamie replied as Alex smiled at him and then her.

“Alright then babe, you go and have a great night; I’ll see you when you get back.” Her loving boyfriend said before she once more leaned down to kiss him lightly.

“You boys be good.” She chided playfully and the two guys laughed that they would.

Feeling happy and as if everything in the world was just perfect, Michelle headed out as she heard a horn sound outside the house. Getting into the cab, she thought about what a great night was coming up. Little did she know at that time, that some hours later she would being stuffed full of hard cock as she planned, only not her boyfriend’s.

Alex leaned back in the armchair, taking a deep draught from the can of beer he had just opened as he watched his sexy girlfriend sway out of the lounge in those fuck-me knee-high boots. He was going to get some tonight, there was no doubt of that, he thought to himself as he watched her close the front door behind her firm ass that was ümraniye escort shown off so well in that summer dress she was wearing.

Turning back to his friend, Alex was about to say something when suddenly the guy on the programme they were watching fell from his ski’s, twisting several times in some unnatural ways as he fell down the slope. Alex knew the guy was alright, he was narrating the show after all, but still, that had to hurt.

“Damn, that’s gotta hurt!” Jamie exclaimed as he took a large swig from the beer in his hand, echoing Alex’s own thoughts.

“Damn right man, that’d put anyone out of action for a while.” Alex replied as he shook his head at the man who was still tumbling through the snow.

“Not me Al, even a fall like that couldn’t stop me from getting it up for a hot chick.” Jamie laughed in return and Alex shook his head at his friend. Proud fuck, though Alex had seen Jamie prove how resilient he was before. The man was crazy, and yet none of the numerous injuries he had incurred had ever kept him down for long, or dissuaded him from doing whatever had caused it again.

“You’re a nutter Jamie, I swear it.” Alex replied with a large grin and Jamie once more burst out laughing and Alex couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

Little did Alex know at that point, that the man he was laughing with, his own friend, would later on be screwing his girlfriend with his big dick from behind, making her scream and watching her big tits bounce around as he gave her a hard fucking like she had never been fucked before. If he had known how deep his friend’s dick would be buried in his hot girlfriend, if he had known all the things she would do for him, he would not have laughed along with his friend. However, Alex didn’t know, nor even conceive of the possibility, and so he simply continued to laugh and drink with his friend.

Finishing his bout of laughter, Jamie once more leaned back into the soft cushions of the sofa, drinking deeply from the fourth can of beer he had had in the last couple of hours. There was plenty more what that came from, not to mention a nice bottle of tequila his cousin had brought up from Mexico. That, they were saving for later, though Jamie had considered opening it already several times. Beer was good to begin with, but it just got too filling and not strong enough after a while.

Of course, his mind occasionally drifted back to the hot image of his friend’s knockout girlfriend. It had been hard to keep his jaw from dropping when he had seen Michelle come in dressed in that hot little dress. Her big rack had strained the buttoned up top of the dress and her knee-high boots and the shortness of the skirt had shown her sexy legs off amazingly. Not to mention how drop-dead gorgeous she was as well. Damn, that woman was fine. Not that he would ever say that to Alex of course, nor ever tell Michelle, let alone do anything about it, but hey, looking was not touching, he was merely appreciating a beautiful woman, which should be a compliment surely.

As he lowered the can from his lips, the sexy image of Michelle’s swaying left Jamie’s mind for the fourth time since the hot woman had left a few minutes ago, and he turned his attention back to his friend.

“What do you say we crack open that tequila and switch to the wrestling ah?” Jamie asked with a big smile as he looked to his friend.

“Damn Jamie, you wanting to hit the heavy stuff already? You’ll be out cold in a couple of hours if you start drinking that stuff right now.” Alex replied with an amused shake of his head.

“Ah alright, we’ll have a few more beers then head for the good stuff yeah?” He replied and gave Alex his best ‘I won’t take no for an answer’ face.

“Shit man, you’re gonna get me pissed out of my head. Alright.” Alex answered finally and Jamie cheered.

“Alrighty then! Now this is a proper good night.” He exclaimed and heard his friend chuckle amusedly.

Once more that image of Alex’s girlfriend popped into his head and Jamie couldn’t help but think how hot a fuck she must be. Surely she could ride a dick for hours. He sure wouldn’t mind giving her his hard shaft. No doubt she could suck like a pro too; her mouth seemed made for locking around a nice fat cock.

The thoughts made Jamie’s dick instantly harden and he fidgeted with his jeans so that his impressive size wasn’t too visible. Damn, when he went to sleep in that spare room tonight he was going to jack one off thinking of Michelle, no doubt about that. Damn but she was fucking hot.

Little did the unsuspecting friend know that his dick and his friend’s girlfriend certainly would share a connection, though a much more real one than some fantasy. If Jamie had planned to seduce Michelle, there would have been little chance of his burying his long, hard rod deep within her hot, tight pussy. However, the events that unfolded, without any intent from any party, would lead to the hottest fucking session either Michelle kartal escort bayan or Jamie had ever had. The night was young indeed, yet Jamie’s thick cock was destined to be buried within Michelle by the end of it.

Michelle giggled loudly with the rest of the girls as the half-naked man gyrated in front of the bride-to-be. He had been dressed as a sailor a few moments ago, however now all he had on was a very tight, very small, pair of latex underwear which seemed to show his obviously well-endowed package off as intended.

All the girls were dressed up, and it had been a fun night so far. They had polished off two bottles of wine before leaving the apartment for the Starfly. Since they had gotten here they had mostly had pitchers of various cocktails, had more than a few dances, and even more laughs at various jokes and funny stories. The large group of dressed up young women had of course attracted the attention of more than a handful of young men who had decided to try their luck on them. Some had succeeded with some of the girls, though most of them had either danced, let one by a drink for her, or simply shooed them away. Michelle herself had to drive off several would-be suitors. Sometimes the simple words that she had a boyfriend would send them off, though more often than not they seemed to not care. However, each time one approached, she sent them packing. She loved Alex and had no intention of cheating on him, unlike some of the other girls who had boyfriends, and yet she had seen more than one coming back either from the toilets or outside with less than steady legs that was definitely not caused from the drinks. She didn’t say anything, they could do what they wanted, and so would she.

Snapping from her memories by a high-pitched giggle of excitement from one of her friends, Michelle followed the girls’ eyes and watched as the male-stripper swiftly pulled the last tiny garment he was wearing down to reveal a nice thick cock that must have been about eight and a half inches long, easily bigger and a lot thicker than Alex’s. Damn, she felt like she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the thick piece of meat. How was a girl meant to fuck something that big. She was no virgin when she and Alex started going out, but she had never seen, and definitely not fucked, a cock that size before.

The group of girls giggled excitedly, the Maid of Honour even moving closer to wrap her hand around the thick monster and begin jacking it as she stared at the stripper with a huge grin, and she had a fiancée too, although the woman didn’t seen to remember that as Michelle watched her lower her mouth over the thick shaft.

Joining in the laughter as her friend sucked the stripper off only to have him shoot his cum all over the bride-to-be’s face and cleavage, Michelle continued to drink as she shared a funny story with her friends, shaking her head when the stripper came over to her offering her a piece of the action with a proud grin. Michelle stood her ground however, shaking her head, though the image of that huge dick stuck in her mind the rest of the night. Damn she couldn’t wait to get back so Alex could fuck her senseless.

Sipping her drink and giggling with her friends, Michelle listened as the Maid of Honour told her how much bigger the guy’s dick had been than her fiancée’s. It was only then that Michelle noticed that the bride-to-be wasn’t around, and neither was the stripper any more. Looking around for a moment, her eyes suddenly fell on a dark corner where she just about made out her friend, the bride-to-be, with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around the naked body of the stripper as he obviously fucked her roughly against the wall of the club. Her friend’s face was contorted in what Michelle could only call ecstasy, and no wonder having such a huge dick shoved inside her, Michelle knew the groom couldn’t compete with the stripper in that department, she had been told of that.

Watching her friend a few moments longer, Michelle turned back to the others, who giggled, obviously knowing what was going on. All Michelle could think of as she took a deeper drink of her cocktail was how much she couldn’t wait to get home for Alex to screw her hard.

“I’m telling ya man, they’re fake.” Alex slurred as he took hold of his…somethingth, shot of tequila.

Grinning stupidly back at him, his equally drunk friend shook his head in the wobbly way that drunk people do before he once more looked at the television.

“No way man…she’s totally all natural…I mean, even if she ain’t, it’s still all good, you know what I mean?” Jamie slurred, still grinning stupidly as he didn’t make sense at all, but all Alex could do is fall back against the seat and grin just as stupidly back at him.

“Damn Jamie…you’re drunk man.” Alex laughed out loud as he smiled at his friend, holding his glass still untouched.

“No way man, you’re more drunken than me.” Jamie replied taking another shot of tequila before slamming the glass down on the table with a satisfied exhalation of breath. “Actually…you know what, I think you might be right.” Alex couldn’t help but grin at that. “I think we should…probably…drink upstairs, or I ain’t gonna be able to walk up there later.”

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