Mommy’s Help Ch. 04

Asa Akira

As the Tuesday morning sun entered my bed, it took me a second to determine whether or not last night was a dream or reality. My lips formed a wide grin, as I clearly remembered my mother’s cheeks filling up with my sperm. I could not believe my mother went through such great lengths to get my sample for the doctor. Then when I think about it, I am her son and this just proves how much she loves me. She is doing all these things just to make sure her boy is healthy. I decided to do something special in return, but first needed to shower and get dressed.

Once I was all showered up and grabbed a quick meal, I started cleaning up my room and the bathroom. My mother had just cleaned yesterday, but I thought if she came home and had seen that I tidied up a little she would be pleased. After giving the bathroom a once over, I started on my bedroom. This had taken me longer than expected, due to the fact that I leave my clothes, dishes, and drinking glasses everywhere.

It was twelve in the afternoon once I finally finished cleaning up. I grabbed my phone to text message my mother. I knew she was at work, but she usually writes back to me anyway. I found her name and started typing, “Hey ma, I kind of have a little surprise for you when you get home!”

Two minutes later my phone beeped and the message read, “Oh boy, this week has been full of surprises, what is it now Phil?”

“Ha-Ha no ma, this surprise is a good one! I cleaned up my room and the bathroom for you.” I responded to her text.

“Ugh damn Phil, why did you have to do something sweet today out of all days!” I was confused to see this message but read the next one. “Whatever Phil, remember when I said last night you are going to pay dearly for looking at me? We’ll you’re so lucky, since you did something from your heart and cleaned for me. I’ll give you two options…”

The text message got cut off because of it length. I waiting anxiously to see what the hell mom was babbling about. Then I heard the beep on my phone again and it read, “You need to drop off last nights sample and today’s sample at the doctors before five o’clock.”

I started to write back but got cut off by another message. “You have two choices, considering I won’t be home before five. You can get the sample yourself, and have it at the doctors before five o’clock. Your second option is you come to my job soon and I’ll get your sample for you. I am warning you, if you come to my job it’s going to be a bitter sweet experience, so make a decision with your big head for once.”

I was a little shocked that mom would even waste all that energy writing me those long text messages. If she knew me at all, she would have just told me to go to her job. To beylikdüzü otele gelen escort be honest, the first option is not even an option to me.

I wrote back a simple response, “See ya soon ma!”

I received no response from her, so I just grabbed my sample from last night plus an empty sample cup and headed out the door. I found myself speeding through the streets to try to get to my mother’s job faster. I then realized that she was not going anywhere and I started to drive like a normal person again. I could feel that slight throbbing in my balls again; my balls were almost telling me to drive faster. Once I was about two streets away from mom’s job, I received another text message from her. “Don’t dare walk through the main floor and into my office with a medical cup. I’ll find a temporary cup for you in my office.”

I parked the car and listened to my mother by leaving the empty cup in the passenger seat. I made my way up to the second floor and passed the front desk. I waved to jimmy; he was an old man that basically handled small tasks for the entire office. I started making my way towards mom’s office; I gave little waves hello to her co workers on my way.

I opened my mother’s office door without knocking and noticed she was sitting in her leather chair. “Wow Phil, I never seen you get here this fast.” Mom then got off her chair and stood beside it. “Hurry babe I have a ton of work to do, close that door and sit down.”

I closed the door and made my way over to the chair. “Take those pants and boxers off silly! If anyone walks in just stay seated and the desk will hide your lower half.”

I did just as mom said and in less that two seconds I was sitting with my cock out. The cold leather chair tickled my ass and the bottom of my balls. It was a nice sensation, as I watched my mom get on her knees.

Mom was wearing a regular length black skirt, black shoes, and a modest shirt. A regular amount of cleavage was showing, but it was enough to stare at. Mom massaged my balls with one hand; while holding the base of my soft dick with the other hand. She peeled my foreskin back, and without hesitation licked circles around my head. As she did this and my cock swelled; I noticed for the first time that mommy had her hair up in a pony tail.

“mmmm… mmm…mmmm,” I heard these noises coming from mom as she bobbed on my dick. I started loosing control and looked for something to hold onto. Pushing my luck, with both hands I held on to mom’s pony tail. I did not force her head; I just held on and let her do what she was doing.

“Ma It’s going to come out real soon.” I warned her, but it did not seem she beylikdüzü rus escort was even listening. She kept on sucking in her rhythm, I guess she knew anyone could just walk in so she was trying to make me cum as fast as possible.

As I felt my balls pulse I knew I was about to cum. I think mom felt it to; she stopped moving her head and started pumping my dick with her hand. I seen he cheeks sucked in trying to suck the cum directly out of my balls.

The cum finally made its way out into mom’s mouth. She kept on jerking me violently, gathering all the cum in her mouth.

I could not sit still; I roughly took one hand off my mom’s ponytail. I grabbed the top of her shirt right above her right breast and yanked it down hard. Before her breast could totally expose itself, with my two fingers I pinched her nipple as hard as I could.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Was the only sound mom could let out with a mouth full of cum. I kept rolling her nipple in between my two fingers, and I noticed mom squirming her ass all over the floor. I kept my hold on mom’s nipple and just squeezed it harder. Mom threw her left leg over the bottom of my right leg. She started grinding her crotch up against my knee. I could feel a few drops of her pussy, which escaped her panties drip down my leg.

The moment my cum stopped shooting in her mouth; mom smacked my hand off her tit. Mom let go of my dick and started making her way up to my face. She was almost totally standing, but still had just my balls in one hand.

Mom never let go of my balls, but with her free hand held the back of my head. She Then put her lips right in front of my own. Wow, I couldn’t believe I was about to make out with my mother. She nuzzled her lips right up against mine. It was then; I realized what my mom meant when she said bitter sweet.

Mom then squeezed my balls as hard as she could, I instinctively threw my lips open to yell in pain. “Ouuuccccccchhhh….. Mmmmm,” was the only noise you heard from my mouth, as mom dumped all my cum from her cheeks to mine. I felt her tongue forcefully sending all my fresh sperm deep into my mouth. Mom removed her tongue from my mouth and broke our kiss.

“Don’t dare spit and loose your sample Phil!” Mom yelled in my ear, while she pinched my lips together with two fingers.

I had so many things to say, but the only thing I could muster was “Mhmmmmm.”

“What’s wrong Phil, Feel embarrassed? Now you know how mommy felt last night.” Mom started leading me to the door with my mouth full of my own cum.

“The only difference is your going to have a whole office looking at you, but hey just try not to talk to anyone on your way to the beylikdüzü türbanlı escort car and you should be fine babe.”

How could mom be so vindictive with her own son? I was so pissed right now, as mom and I started walking into the main floor. I looked over at mom, she had a huge grin on her face and she led me to the elevators. Once again I gave her co workers little waves goodbye on my way out. Only this time I had my mom’s saliva, and my still warm salty cum in my mouth. We arrived at the elevators and mom pressed the descend button.

“Spit that mouthful into the cup when you get to the car. You better not be late to the doctors, drop of the samples and get whatever information from the doctor that you can.” Mom walked backed to her office, as I stood there waiting for the elevator. I noticed a man stopped her on her way; they both turned and were pointing at me. Mom grabbed the older man by his arm and started walking him back to me.

I starting cursing in my mind, “she knows I can’t open my mouth right now, what the fuck is she doing?” By the time I asked myself this, both my mother and this man were eye to eye with me.

The man looked me dead in my eye and then totally fucked me over. “Hey son, I am Mr. Morgan, your mom’s boss. You should pass by to see your mom more often, how do you like our office?”

I looked from his eyes to over his should at my mother. She was covering her laughing lips with both her hands from behind her bosses back. I gave her a look of pure anger as I went back to looking at her boss. He was still waiting for my answer, so I took a big gulp and answered, “Cough, cough… It’s pretty cool Sir.”

As soon as the last string of cum slid down my throat, the elevator door slid open. “We’ll son, see you next time!” With that said the boss made his way back to the office.

I stepped into the elevator and watched the door slide close. About one inch before it was totally shut my mothers hand appeared and opened it back up. She stepped into the elevator and waited for it to start closing again. Once it was halfway closed, with one hand she reached under her skirt and ripped down her panties. Simultaneously with the other hand she blocked the door again, so it jerked and slid open.

She threw these black lace panties at my face as she walked out backwards. As the door started to close again, she looked dead in my eyes and said, “Those should help you get another sample before five o’clock.”

As the elevator made its way down, I held the panties up with both hands. I tried holding it as if it were still on my mother’s ass. I inspected the inside of the underwear, and noticed where mom’s pussy would be was totally drenched. I brought the underwear up to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out hesitantly and slowly brought the panties to it. I was surprised when there wasn’t much of a taste, but more of a smell. It was the smell of a woman’s horny cunt. I kept smelling and licking; when I felt my dick come to life again, I realized I would have no problem jerking off before five o’clock.

(To be continued)

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