Mom’s friend


Mom’s friendI was doing odd jobs in our small town to raise money before going off to Uni and took a part time job as a grocery shop delivery boy in the days before big supermarkets and their delivery vans. I would load up the groceries and deliver at the end of the day to peoples’ homes.One of the customers was a friend of my mother’s Sandra who was quite tasty looking she had a good pair of tits I had always noticed especially how they were forced into her tight tops, as if they would be glad to freely burst free. I was very keen to know how those things felt. She caught my eyes many times looking at her chest and she would say look-up or you’ll go blind. I was embarrassed and would go home and imagine them while I tugged at my cock and cum.I arrived one day and she opened the door wearing a T shirt and it was obvious she did not have her bra on, as I could see her massive nipples straining against the T shirt. She must have noticed me gulp at the sight and she said go on put the groceries away and she’ll get me my tip. So she went back into her dining room where she was working.I finished tuzla escort quickly because I had arranged to see my girlfriend later knowing that I can satisfy my stiff cock with her as this woman never failed to make me have a hard-on. Already my cock was getting tight and I will need to concentrate on something else to get out before I exploded. So I called out to her that I had finished and ready to leave and she called me into the dining room and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands, so I did and suddenly in my hands I could feel something smooth, warm and soft and as she moved my hand I felt her massive nipples and opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful pair of tits and the nipples were the size I could not believe which were firm. I was so overwhelmed and began kissing and sucking at those nipples. I thought I must be dreaming. I was in my own world sucking and pinching those buds then I felt my hard cock being pulled by her hands out of my pant but I could not stop kissing and sucking those nipples. She finally pulled it free from my lips and she went down sancaktepe escort to suck and relief my painfully hard cock. I was beginning to cum and she sucked and I kept playing with her nipples rolling them between my fingers and those tubes were hard. She wiped her mouth from the cum and as I was still hard she sat on the edge of the table and pulled me to her wide open legs and I pushed my two fingers in and felt they were wet and dripping so I slipped my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was not as tight as my girlfriend and so it glided in and out which was so beautiful to float in and out of a very wet pussy. So I was able to really fuck her side to side instead of just in and out and she leaned back on her elbow and I saw those pink nipples all pointing at either side of her chest so I lift each one and sucked while I was still fucking, which made her go wild and I slammed my cock into the lovely woman and we both came.She then asked me to drink her pussy juice and so I licked her cunt clean and later we kissed again which set my cock twitching again and üsküdar escort this time she sucked me clean.She handed me my tip for the groceries and I gave her breast a quick feel resting my palm on her less hard nipples before I left.My girlfriend was slightly angry I was late, but without telling her why I went straight into foreplay and we ended the row with a good fuck which pleased her and I fell asleep with my cock buried in her pussy for later. My mother does not mind me fucking girls in my room.But the next day when I came home from college I saw Sandra who I had fucked the previous evening eating and chatting calmly with my mother, when my mother left the room to get some items upstairs, Sandra came over to the table where I was doing my homework and she flashed her breast at me and asked me to quickly suck which I did and she then asked my mother later if I could drop her home and check on her light bulb. I dropped her home as requested and we had a steamy repeat performance of the previous evening. She later told me I reminded her of her son and that she missed him around the place. I enjoyed myself with Sandra most evenings for months until I left for Uni. My mother later told me she was moved south of the country to be closer to her son. She had a giving nature and taught me to appreciate mature women’s cunts as the best training ground for cocks.

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