More freaky flight attendant tales


More freaky flight attendant talesSo two weeks had passed since I fucked Sara at the pool while Allie watched and pleasured herself from her balcony. Me and Sara had many more wild romps during those two weeks but the time had come for her work trip. This time she would be gone for 4 days instead of her usual 2 days. I was so excited to fuck Allie that I practically had a hard on as I dropped Sara off at the airport.This time I would be staying at the girls house so I could look after things since sara was gone for longer than usual. I had to water plants and do some bitch work. I didnt mind since I would be in the same house as Allie. The other 2 roommates were hot as well.I get back to the house and Allie is having breakfast. I burst in and give her a look like “okay lets get it on already”. Im eager to talk to her about the pool incindent from the earlier weeks. She acts casual and says that she’s going hiking and that Im welcome to join her. Are you fucking k**ding me?? Last week she was masturbating while watching me fuck her roomate and now this bitch wants to go hiking!!!!Okay I’ll go. The girls lived on a hill that over looked the city so there were trails very close to the house in the wooded areas. We’re on the trail and Im bored and horny and Allie is just talking about normals things. I cant understand whats going sarıyer escort on. We finally get to this lookout at the top of the hill. Great view. Allie looks over at me as we rest on a large rock formation and say “I’ve always wanted to get fucked up here”. Finally. This is what I was waiting for. “well youre about to” I tell her. She leads me to a more secluded spot. And I begin taking off her sports bra and tights. Allie has such a nice toned athletic body. Like a track runner. I peel off her underwear and begin kissing and licking her body. She sucks my cock and we fuck. Pretty standard and nothing really life changing except that it was outdoors and it was my girlfriends roommate. As we descend back to the house we have a more sex drived conversation. Allie asks me if me and Sara have done anal. I tell her once or twice but that niether of us are really that into it. She confesses that she really likes it and that Im gonna fuck her in the ass at least once while sara is gone. I feel like I hit the jackpot with these two!!.We get back to the house and have some water. We make out in the kitchen and Allie suggests we hop in Sara’s bigger shower, Im all for it.We turn on the water and soap each other off. Allies body is really nice so toned and athletic. esenyurt escort Complete opposite of saras curves fat ass and tits. The warm water feels good on our bodies as we make out. My cock starts to get hard and poke allies stomach she laughes and is amused that im hard and she hasnt even touched my cock yet. She lays me on my back and starts to strok my cock with some body wash and a sponge. She tell me how hot me and sara’s pool romp was and that she has been masturbating all week while thinking about it.She says he favorite part was the 69 as she climbs into position and takes my cock in her mouth with her shaved pussy in my face. Here we go again I think. I go to work on allies pussy like usual, licking her and sucking on her clit. Allie stops and asks me to like her ass like I did to sara. Sure why not were in the shower i think. I slide my finger in allies pussy ass I like her asshole. You can tell she’s loving it because her body is so tense and she’s having trouble keeping mycock in her mouth. Im rubbing her clit with my thumb while my tongue is in her ass. It doesnt take much of this before allie strts to cum. Allie is not a laod moaner like Sara is but she let out a scream that could have got us caught if the roommates were home. She crawls off me and positions her self avrupa yakası escort in reverse cowgirl. She grabs the base of my shaft and slides my cock slowly into her tight ass. Wow shes tight. Allies ass is so tight that it almost hurts my cock as I slowly slide in. She starts to slide slowly up and down my shaft as things loosen up a bit. Allie bites down on her hand as she goes faster. She turns around and is now ontop of me facing me. I rub her clit with my thumb as my cock slides in and out of her ass. Her breathing and moaning increase as she’s about to cum. She covers her mouth to muffle her screams as she cums and her whole body tenses up.She stands up and pulls me into a standing position by my cock. She looks me in the eye and says ” I want you to fuck me hard and rough like you did to sara that day by the pool”. “dont hold back” She bends over and slides my hard cock back into her tight little ass hole. My pace is slow at first because its so tight but as things start to loosen up Allie gets wilder. “fuck me hard like sara”. Harder harder harder she yells. Im ramming allie as hard as I can in her ass in my girlfriends shower. Life is good. Pul my hair she yells. With 2 fist fulls of hair I pump allies ass as hard as I can. Im about to cum and I ask her where she wants my load. She tells me to cum in her ass. I Pull her hair really hard and fuck her as hard as I can tell I finally pump my load into her tight asshole. My orgasm is so intense that i have to lean against the wall so I dont colapse. Allie playfully sucks on my dick for a bit. We both rinse off and take a nap in my girlfriends bed looking forward to the next 4 days of sex.

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