….more from the Cuck worries Part 2


….more from the Cuck worries Part 2….Nat was well up my tight slit and very much enjoying his possession, his crown jewels he said up his Princess. His hot hands slapping my ass, it was a bit painful and stingy with each slap, but I liked it as the pain of the slap was taken away by the pleasure of the monster dick sliding into me deeper and deeper. my G spot was being stretched wider and rubbed with a friction that intensified. Mick(hubby) was still moaning on about it and I could feel from the tension in Nat’s dick , the only way fucked woman can do that he had had enough of the shit from Mick!!!He suddenly ripped out his big hard dick from my open wet cunt and turned to Mick, I looked around and could see his shaft high in the air stiff and bulging and pointing at Mick! Now you useless piece a shit,he said to Mick, I told you to shut the fuck up when I am with your Lady and we need to fuck. Sit on that chair…NOW!! NOW I said. Mick just froze as Nat’s shouting thundered through the kitchen, the pans rattled on the wall! Mick was pushed down by a semi naked black stud onto the chair, he had no choice. Nat went to his pants and took a thin stylish belt, using it to tie Micks hands behind the chair, then he took my knickers from my ass and stuffed then in his mouth. Mick eyes screwed up at this as the nicks which had been only pulled to one side for Nat to enter me were filthy with a combination of pussy juices and a little of my lovers cum! Now, Nat said, if I hear another squeak from you I will blindfold you too, OK? Mick muttered in a very mumbled way ..mmmmaamww. His mouth full of my soiled panties x. All the time I watched my powerful negro lover canlı bahis perform I felt thrilled with him, a real man I had. His Big dick never went soft all the time he was dealing with my useless hubby, in fact a little spunk dripped from the end of his big shaft..mmmm.Ok my Princess ,he said to me, we can make sweet music in peace. He knows who is the Boss man for this Lady when I come knocking your door lol. Oh yes he does, I told him. I told him before, but he just goes on and on about it, I said. Lady if he say NO again you call me and I come to tell him the true story, OK?, Nat said. OK, yes please, I said. Then the big bell end was knocking again on my cunt lips, Oh I was so happy. That feeling when you know a huge cock is going to slide into you and make you feel a complete Lady…xxx.His big fat bell end wriggled about and helped itself to a nice wank in the entrance of my hot willing cunt. My cunt farted as it was still stretched from before the rude interruption. I think juice and cum shot out all over Nats shaft and balls as he just laughed ans said, Hey that my Lady, just fine. In he slid back to the hot spot I had kept comfy for him, but I knew I wanted and loved deeper. Nat loves to rub his bell end on the opening of my womb until she slowly opens for him. Mick was silent now at last, his eyes like frightened red balls, all bulging out! Nat was pushing hard, his big ass muscles shoving hi poker forward, his hands round my slim waist. I was trying not to tense up as he worked it harder, I could feel the end of the black rod pounding my uterus, like a man was fisting me!Then the tension relaxed a bit and he was sliding again, slowly and bahis siteleri he was moaning too, his cock stopped for a while, it was burning inside me and I could feel his shaft pulsing away! I relaxed some more and his pressure meant he slid deeper into my big open womb. Once inside the uterus shut tight again, he was clamped in and we were united…mmmm.He stopped for a breath after his well done hard work and I told him he was wonderful,reaching under between my legs for those 2 big full and swinging balls. I could feel that all the long shaft had made it’s journey into me x.He whispered, tell Mick how it is with you Doll. I turned to Mick and said, hey husband, you wish you could get this deep I bet…hahaha. You taking a good look? See what a black boy can do to your innocent wife…hahahhahah!Hey bruv, I hear no reply, hahaha, Nat said.Nat leaned over and said, let’s play a game shall we? I said ,OK? Was a bit confused though. Yeah, he said, you say fire and I fire, you get it? OK, I get it, I said. But tell Mick it your idea, he whispered.Ok, I liked this game lots….mmmm sexy one too.Oh you big handsome nigga boy you listening to your married slut here, I said loudly looking at Mick. Yes MAAM I hear you down there, Nat replied.I command you to fire your weapon on my command of fire, you understand?, I said.Yes Lady this weapon ready and armed, he said.What bullets you got in the cannon MR Nigga Man?, I enjoyed asking.I got one billion niggas ready to invade your cunt, he loved saying.You hear that Mick, I asked him.Mick was silent so Nat told him to reply.Yaaw…aaaw, arrrssss, he seemed to say?FIRE, I yelled and before I stopped the word and güvenilir bahis eager hot jet shot up me scorching my belly somewhere deep inside as Nats cock pumped and swole up.FIRE, again as eagerly this time the heat less intense but the pleasure more so in my womb.FIRE, this time I orgasmed strongly with Nat, who was shouting out loudly into the air obscenities.FIRE, I felt his big balls and knew he was still full, great I thought clamping onto them as I squeezed he shot a stream of cum for a long time, I could feel the pressure building inside me.I though to let him rest and no command for a minute, our organs needed to combine for a while, he was pulsing and I was relaxing the pressure of his filling seeds.I looked up and he was all sweaty now with the hard work., he reached down pulling my head side ways to tongue and kiss me, he was all salty tasting but I loved it.Nat stood up and turned me on his stiff cock, we still locked together. Mick got a nice view of my cunt stabbed to the hilt by this powerful man and my lips resting on his ball sack. Nat now was finishing himself off in his own time, one hand on the belly he was proudly filling. He just rode slowly up and down into me, not going far and still dipping into the messed up womb. my belly was poking out a little, very swollen now, but with Nats big hand on it I was coping with the feeling. Nat was moaning all the time squeezing my tits and holding my swollen belly at the same time pumping a mans contents into me. I was cuming too. Nat was finishing and as he did my womb spat him out and shut tight to lock in his hard work. His dick fell and swung down to the floor, still dripping. I stood and admired my NEW BELLY. It was like I was 3 months gone..WOW!I went over to Mick and put his hand onto it. I said WOW, feel how hard that is and look only a little bit of Nats spunk in my cunt.He fell forward with worry!

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