More Fun at the Rally


The shower had both cooled us off and refreshed us, we walked back to camp after a stop for a couple cold drinks at the bar under the trees. Mandy was a big hit, being very generous with allowing almost everyone a peek at her boobs in exchange for beads or beers. Her smile and easy laugh made it easy to be with her and she seemed to really like the attention. When we got back to our tent the main band was hitting the stage, a reconstructed rocker from the ’80s. We headed that way to join the crowd. Mandy had adjusted her attire, with a little help from me, and was now wearing a snug, pink tank-top style shirt that barely covered her assets! It was lucky we made it out of the tent at all; I was unable to keep my hands and tongue off her while she decided what to wear.

We found a spot not far back from the stage, but with enough room for Mandy to rock out a bit to the show on stage. My contribution to that was to stare at her, amazed by her energy and to occasionally join her on slower numbers mainly as an excuse to grind my hard-on against her soft curves. Not long into the show we noticed Rita not far away, also getting into the music and dancing her smaller ass off. She looked our way and headed over during a break on the stage.

“Hey guys, I was hoping I’d see you down here. Wayne it’s one of those nights, know what I mean?”

Well, yeah, I knew what she meant. We’d been friends and more for long enough for me to know that she was horny, ready and available. Mandy excused herself for a trip to the potty, leaving Rita and I to discuss what she meant.

“So what are you wanting to do about it? Need a wingman, or did you have something else in mind?”

“I think I want to take Mandy to kartal escort a quiet spot and see if she feels like a tryout for the other team. Seemed like she liked my hands on her before? Did she say anything about it to you?”

“She did mention that it felt good and turned her on when you touched her this afternoon. I wondered if you were thinking about getting her alone.”

“Don’t want to cut you out, what if we all go back to your tent and see what happens?”

Mandy returned and greeted me with a long wet kiss then turned to Rita and gave her a big hug, which she turned into a longer kiss than I had gotten. Looked like Rita would be getting what she wanted, all I hoped for was a chance to be a small part of the action. The kisses had made Mandy’s nipples like hard little rocks in the front of her shirt, Rita slipped a hand under it and squeezed each breast in turn and dropped her mouth down to suck them thru the fabric leaving large wet spots.

“Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable?” I asked.

Both ladies nodded and turned to head up hill to the campsite. Rita kept a hand on Mandy’s ass while we walked often reaching under the hem to give it a pinch or a light pat. I finally ended up on Rita’s other side and guided my hands to her firm small butt, she was wearing leather riding chaps and a pair of lacy red panties, framing it and making it impossible to resist. She wiggled her ass in response and at that moment I knew we’d all have a good time. Rita and I had never played together with another woman, so I planned to let her take the lead. If Mandy changed her mind or didn’t care for the direction things went I was sure Rita would be cool with her choice.

Rita maltepe escort bayan was ready to get started as soon as we got to our camp site. I sat in a lawn chair and reached for a cold drink when we got there. Mandy seemed ready to do the same except for Rita reaching for her and locking her into a slow, deep kiss. Both ladies were moaning and running their hands around each others bodies. Rita soon buried her face in Mandy’s large breasts, licking the taut pink nipples while she tried to hold one in each hand, not an easy task! Mandy reached around to feel Rita’s modest tits, and tugged gently at the rings hanging from the piercings. Rita freed one of her hands and reaching under the bottom of the tank-top stroked the soft brown hair around Mandy’s pussy. I could see how wet she had become as Rita withdrew her hand for a quick taste. Pulling her hands free Rita tossed of her chaps and panties, then slid her fingers wet with Mandy’s juice across her shaven mound and onto her clit. I knew from being there that there were piercings in that area, too.

“Sweetie, if we don’t lay down I’m gonna fall, you’re making we weak.”

Rita stepped back, stretched, probably for my benefit, and helped Mandy to find a seat on the edge of the picnic table nearby. This time it was Mandy who seemed in control, she slid her fingers thru Rita’s lips and came back soaked with her pussy juice.

“Want a taste, Wayne; I know you’ve had this flavor before?”

She was right, it had been a while but I remembered the taste and how wet Rita was when she was really into it. I licked Mandy’s fingers clean and then climbed up to deeply kiss her and share the sweetness. Rita moaned loudly watching this escort pendik and pulled me to her to attempt to get own taste of herself. Rita stood between Mandy’s thighs and was rapidly assaulting her clit with a thumb and forefinger; I didn’t think it would be long before she was cumming. Moving to stand behind Rita I dropped my pants and rubbed my rock hard cock against her ass. That position allowed me the unique pleasure of squeezing Mandy’s big soft boobs and Rita’s much smaller one at the same time.

“Hey, I know the feel of that dick! Been a long time, I think that’s the last one I fucked. No rear entry, Wayne, get that thing in my pussy.”

Adjusting my stance I did just that. As I began pumping Rita leaned forward and sucked on the bright pink nipples staring at her from Mandy’s tits. She was varying her pace on the pussy in front of her, apparently wanting to make the first orgasm from another woman to be a memorable one. As I watched from the perfect vantage point she eased Mandy down onto the table and buried her face in the wetness she found there. I was even more sure of the coming explosion and was trying to last long enough to be there at the same time. Not to be left out, Rita was using a free hand to rapidly rub her own clit and pussy, racing with both of us to get off, too. She hesitated, clamped her cunt down on my shaft and let out a scream.

“Oh ••••, oh ••••, I’m fuckinng cummmmmming!”

“Me, too, don’t stop, don’t stop. Lick it out of me. Yessssssssss!”

Well that was it for me, too. Watching two ladies cum that much and that close to me sent me over the edge. All I could manage was a loud groan as I dumped whatever load I had left into Rita’s spasming pussy. I fell back into the lawn chair and watched the girls hold each other as their orgasm subsided. That’s when we noticed we’d drawn a crowd of on-lookers; about 5-6 couples were standing nearby. The ones that were able to get their hands free gave us a small round of applause…

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