More of the Healing Process

Blow Job

After about four or five weeks had passed, it was time for Mom’s checkup to make sure that the bones in her arm and wrist were healing okay. This may be the last time I got to dress her depending on the doctor’s prognosis. She selected a nice sweater and despite the cold, and a longer pleated skirt. I chose some sheer white pantyhose for her because they seemed a little thicker just to keep her dainty legs warm. One thing was certain, I was going to miss sliding those silken hose up her lovely legs and over her shapely rear. But that paled in comparison to how much I would miss fucking her on a daily basis.

Ever since our first time in the shower that fateful day, we had spent the following weeks trying to cure an almost insatiable, pent-up sexual appetite with one another. Everyday seemed to involve an amazing display of an almost animal-like sexual encounters. There was no kissing on the lips, or any type of romantic maneuvering. She was still my Mother after all. Just pure, untamed, savage, daily fuck sessions. We didn’t limit ourselves to once a day either. It seemed the more of those mind altering pain pills she took, the more she ached to have my cock deep in her.

It didn’t matter when or where we fucked. Sometimes it was early in the morning or the middle of the day. Our sexual escapades took place mostly when we settled down for the night after dinner to get comfortable. We would be on the couch innocently watching TV and I would feel a gentle pawing between my legs as I rubbed hers. Seconds later, Mom’s robe would come undone and I would simply tear out the crotch of whatever pair of pantyhose she had on. Mom would get herself into an entirely new position for me to commit the raunchiest acts of incest ever imagined with her.

Mom and I had a strange affinity for sex in the most unusual places. For some reason the bedroom seemed a little too intimate so we avoided it as best we could. We weren’t “making love”, we were just two people with a lustful need to expel a lifetime of sexual frustration. It had been many years since either of us had any type of sensual release, so we went at it with no holds barred. Mom preferred the many facets of the couch. Personally, I had an affinity for spontaneously filling her void in unconventional areas of the house. On one occasion, Mom was in an especially good mood one morning as she attempted to make me breakfast with her casts still on. But I could tell it was still a bit more of a challenge for her. Aroused, I simply got behind her, lifted the back of her robe and penetrated her right there as she held on to the counter-top.

The both of us knew at some extent that what the two of us were doing was wrong on many levels. In the beginning we still felt that small sting of shame. It wasn’t too long after a few mutually satisfying poundings that all inhibitions were tossed aside like a pair of Mom’s nylons. It was like we couldn’t get enough. We never really left the house and sometimes all it would take was a sudden glance to get our motors running. Before we knew it, I had my Mother’s ass spread apart directly over my throbbing cock. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many gallons of my seed I shot up into her hungry pussy. Bath-time became more and more frequent and you can bet I was balls deep in Mommy’s little snatch before I even touched that purple soap. The sex was incredible. We never wanted it to stop.

As we got into the car and headed to the doctor’s office, the feeling was bitter-sweet. Finally, Mom could get those stupid casts off to do things for herself again and go back to her regular routine. In light of all the fun they provided, she would inevitably stop taking those accursed pills and things would go back to normal. I had no doubt that she would probably never have any memory of the events that took place these last few weeks. I was a little saddened to see that version of my Mother go. I would have to repress those memories deep down as well. I knew for certain that I couldn’t go on having these crazy sexual romps with the same woman who gave me life.

I esenyurt otele gelen escort helped Mom out of the car and proceeded to the correct office to fill out a gob of paperwork as we sat and waited our turn. Mom’s good hand was stroking my lower thigh and was randomly squeezing my knee which i just blamed on nerves. She looked happy to be here, almost relieved. The nurse called out her name as she motioned for me to go inside with her. I followed the both of them to a stuffy exam room and Mom was instructed to remove her sweater and wait for the specialist. She was given a loose fitting white gown that tied in the back but covered the front of her body and I helped slide it on. Minutes later there was a knock on the door and a female voice asked “All dressed?” We agreed and the nurse came back inside again.

“Unfortunately the Doctor is a little tied up with other patients and won’t be able to see you right away, there’s a bit of a wait, If you would like you can reschedule for another day?” The nurse said calmly.

“Hell no, I want these things off me today so the sooner the better darlin’!” Mom said assertively but with a bit of humor in her voice.

“I understand, would you like a magazine or anything to read while you wait?” the nurse chirped.

“Nah, we’re all good in here.” Mom said “But could you shut the door good and tight? I don’t want the rest of the world looking at my goods here.” she joked.

The nurse chuckled and closed the door behind her. Mom just sighed and began to look around the bright, sterile room taking it all in. I could tell she was getting antsy to shed the casts after waiting all this time. I sat next to her on the long examination bench as we waited. After a few minutes of silence, I spoke.

“Are you excited to get those things taken off?” I said like an idiot knowing damn well she was.

“I’m alright. I just hope they don’t tell me I have to keep them on any longer.”

I tried to reassure her. “I don’t think that will happen. You need to just relax. We’ll be home pretty soon.”

“I am now, that’s why I took a few more of those pills before we got here.” Mom stated.

“You did what?” I asked slowly.

“I keep a few in my purse and I took two just to take the edge off. You know I don’t like places like this.” She said smirking.

Mom took a few more of the psycho-horny pills just now? I was hoping to wean her off them completely by now. Mom was now starting to case the joint, studying every inch of the room as if she was planning a break-out.

“Ya know what would REALLY take the edge off don’t ya?” Mom said with a huge grin as she grabbed my ass.

At first I thought she was kidding but she wasn’t. I tried responding silently. “Are you serious? Now? Right here?”

“C’mon baby, ain’t nobody gonna be in here for a while. I could really use a little ‘check-up’ right now.” Mom chuckled.

“You want me to fuck my own Mother right here in the doctor’s office…right now?” I whispered back.

“Well you don’t gotta say it like that.” she whispered angrily back.

Then I started to think about it. Normally, this would be the strangest, and most unsettling requests I had ever heard. That’s when the thought of getting away with it started to sink in. Or worse, getting caught! It was kind of hot and exciting. What if we did got caught? I really didn’t announce who I was to this woman to anyone here. If we did get busted, we would just be some random couple with very little self control. We couldn’t be the first. They would never suspect I was her son. Seeing Mom in that easily removed, loose white gown barely holding her breasts down was a bit of a turn on for me. At that point I almost wished someone would come in and catch us in the act. I would be proud that this woman was seated on the end of my dick.

“Yeah baby, help me get these nylons and stuff off.” Mom demanded. “But leave the dumb gown on, just in case.”

It didn’t take much after hearing that and found my esenyurt rus escort self turned on like never before. Not only was I undressing my Mother for another fuck session, but this time there was a thrill of danger. I pulled her skirt down to the floor around Mom’s feet. Now she was wearing only the gown and her white hose. I had to take a step back to admire what I saw and told her to keep her shoes on.

Mom had one knee on the cushioned exam seat and pulled her long hair to the front of her as she bent completely over the table.

“C’mon baby, let’s play doctor.” She said with a seductive grin rubbing her awaiting pussy with one finger.

As corny as that was, I started removing my pants and began to stroke my own cock as they hit the floor. This was incredibly hot and all I could think about was how to keep Mom from crying out in agony so no one would hear the crazed fucking that was about to take place. I fumbled around and found a tool to pierce through the crotch of her pantyhose in order to form an entry point for my increasingly swelling length that dripped with pre-cum. With great success, I started to tear the nylon apart exposing a good portion on my Mother’s sopping vagina. It hung there in anticipation just aching to be fed.

I grabbed hold of her good shoulder and thrust myself into her as deep as I could go. Mom gasped aloud as she looked back in almost disbelief. She had a look of amazement on her face as if she could hardly believe what we were doing. Mom began to bite her bottom lip and smiled greatly as I continued my barrage of unceasing insertions. I could tell she wanted to scream so I decided to instigate some quiet dirty talk instead.

“How does that feel Mommy? Do you like it like this?” I said softly as I drove myself into her glistening cunt.

Mom was trying to respond through her gritted teeth but the constant motion of me stuffing her made her almost inaudible.

“Yeah baby, I love your hard cock in me. Don’t stop, don’t stop fucking Mommy!” she seethed.

I can’t remember ever seeing Mom this wet before. Her juices were flowing so heavy that they began to soak the opening I tore in her nylons. Thanks to the intense lighting I was getting a hi-def view of seeing my Mother’s incredibly durable vagina receive my rigid cock like never before. I slowed down and gently eased myself in and out of her opening. I could see every vein of my cock being devoured by her pretty pink lips as she oozed with moisture. It was easy to tell by her tightening walls that Mom was loving the slow but steady insertions. I didn’t ever want to stop fucking her.

I flipped Mom completely over on her back which was now on the padded table. I slung both of her white, silky legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock back inside of her. Mom began to quietly moan in unison with every thrust. I popped one of her high heels off and began licking her painted, pantyhose covered toes and foot. Mom couldn’t stand it any more. I had never tried the foot thing before and it proved to be the final straw. Her eyes closed and she let out a high pitched moan as if she had already reached climax.

The same knock was at the door again.

“Everything okay in there?” the nurse asked.

We both stopped abruptly and panicked. There was no way out of this one. I was clearly balls deep in my Mother’s blazing red cunt in her shredded stockings, holding her by her ankles and licking the one foot with no shoe on it. It wouldn’t take a genius to tell what we were doing had anyone walked in.

We both blurted out “Yes, we’re fine!” Mom added “Don’t come in here, I’m changing!”

A few seconds of silence passed as we were still perfectly frozen in position.

“Okay, just let us know if you need anything.” the nurse said cheerfully as we heard her walk away.

Still holding our breath, Mom and I just looked at each other and started laughing.

“Whoo, that was close!” mom said aloud as we both continued panting. I agreed.

“Should we stop?” I esenyurt türbanlı escort asked her.

“Are you kidding? That was amazing! I like that toe licking thing and I still got one shoe left.” She chuckled.

I didn’t realize but my cock had still been sheathed in Mom’s pussy the whole time and happily started pummeling her crotch with mine again. As requested, I removed Mom’s other heel and performed the same tongue moves on that foot. Both of her legs were straight up in the air and I tongued both of her ankles while I still kept smashing my cock deep inside her sticky canal. She began to pant wildly as she swung her head from side to side. With that, Mom began to arch her back. Her head fell behind her. She slowly closed her eyes. Her mouth fell open and let out a quick series of gasps. I could feel the walls of her pussy clench around my cock as it became increasingly warmer. I looked down to see that I was coated in a layer of thick fluid not unlike my own. Clearly Mom had officially reached orgasm.

The sight of this sent me into over-drive and it was time to follow suit. My sack began to prepare itself ejaculation and it was time to release. I had to make sure Mom got every drop of it this time so there would be no evidence. This was a sterile environment and any nefarious gobs of semen left behind would void that.

Mom knew I was about to explode and began to coach me. It was such a turn on for the first time looking into her eyes and hearing her say it.

“Yes baby, cum in me, cum hard in Mommy’s pussy. I want you to cum in me!” She said discretely.

I was trying too hard not to roar but it felt more amazing than ever before. Maybe it was due to the potentially dangerous situation, or the fact that I ad just witnessed, and caused, my own Mother’s orgasm in a public place. Either way, it was very intimate and intense. Almost like I was trying to push it out, I once again delivered a deluge of my seed into her tiny body. I pumped her so full of my sticky wad, I thought I almost saw her belly get bigger. Mom’s puffy, beaten snatch could barely hold it all in and it began to seep back out of her even with her legs still over my shoulders.

Part of me wanted to just shove my cock down her throat and let her swallow the load. We had never really touched on oral sex before. I relished the thought of sight of seeing my rod disappear into my Mother’s ruby lips but I wasn’t sure how accepting she would be on the idea. I dreamed of tasting my Mother’s juices since I was young. There was a time where I thought of swirling my tongue around her pussy lips on a daily basis but it seemed unlikely at the time. I guess I should have instigated this back when we first started fucking around.

We destroyed Mom’s pantyhose in the process and she had no way to cover her crotch to keep it all in. We tried to clean up the continuous flow the best we could with one of those sterilized towel things we later hid in their own haz-mat hamper. Mom would just have to put the skirt back on over the demolished hosiery like nothing happened.

Shortly after we dressed and Mom slid her heels back on her sexy, yet moist feet. The doctor made an appearance. He performed his evaluation and decided that both casts could be removed right now but Mom would still have to take it easy, no heavy lifting and such.

In more ways than one, Mom looked relieved as we headed back to the car. She was smiling ear to ear all the way home. I couldn’t tell if she was glad to be rid of her confines or the fact that we just had the best fuck session of our lives. It was a little depressing to know that it would be our last. We just talked like normal Mother and Son the entire ride. But I just had to know one final thing.

“Well at least you don’t have to take those stupid pain killers anymore.” I said almost inquisitively. ” Those two you took on the way here should be your last, right?”

“Oh baby, those weren’t my pain pills, those were antacids. You know I get heartburn when I’m nervous.”

Mom continued. “Honey, I stopped taking those damn things weeks ago.”

“So this entire time you haven’t been high, or whacked out of your mind because of that medication?” I asked.

“No baby, I didn’t even need them after two days. They made me feel funny. And besides, I had YOU there the whole time. Why?” she said puzzled.

“Oh, no reason.” I said with a seductive grin.

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