Morning Sexcapades


It is mid morning when you finally rouse from your slumber, it was a late night gaming and you have slept in because you felt like it. You toss the covers off and stand up next to the bed, the room is cool but not unbearable, must have been a cold night outside you think to yourself.

It is at this point I pass your door and peer in to find your back to me as you saunter over to the curtains and open them wide to reveal the sun streaming in to warm you up, while the grass outside is still white with frost the sun still warms you up nicely. Reaching up you grab the top of the glass doorway frame that is in front of you and stretch out the sleepy feelings. I gaze at the sight of your body, drenched in sunlight that is outlining a silhouette of your body through your thin nighty just like you would see a shadow puppet, but much sexier.

This is too much to for me to hold back and I walk over to you and place my hands on your hips and lean in and start kissing your neck, gentle, slow kisses working my way up to your ear where I flick my tongue over your lobe before gently nibbling on it, my hot breath on your neck sending shivers down your spine.

My hands now start to wander away from your hips and up your sides, dragging your nighty with them, slowly lifting it up your body, past your tummy, up over your breasts to reveal your hard excited nipples, up over your head. you release your grip from the door frame long enough for me to remove your nighty fully and let it fall to the floor before you grab hold again so you can steady your stance and remain standing.

Gently running my fingertips down your arms, over your shoulders and down to your sides, I move them around to your waist line and then slowly up to your breasts, cupping them and gently squeezing them, massaging them. I circle my fingers around your erect nipples, closer and closer but never quite touching them, making them harder and wanting to be touched, pinched and sucked on. Your breath is getting heavier with all the teasing and your chest rises and falls with each deep breath, occasionally you lean forward a little and your nipples touch the cold glass of the door which just adds to your pleasure.

You lean back into wanting more and can feel just how aroused I am as well by kartal escort bayan the bulge that is pressing into your arse and twitching with excitement. While still cupping your breasts I gently start pinching and tugging on your erect nipples, rolling each one around in between my thumb and finger, watching eagerly as you gasp and bite your bottom lip with excitement. Your eyes are closed and your head is leaning back, I continue kissing your neck and nibbling on your ear while I play with your gorgeous nipples, teasing and tugging, rolling them around in my fingers.

Now moving my hands down your body they find their way to your skimpy black panties, tracing my fingers along the waist line, back and forth, then down the leg line, across the front of your pussy and back up the other side. The heat of your body is so inviting but I still have more teasing to do 😉

Back to running my fingers back and forth across the waist band of your panties, each stroke slightly getting lower until I dip my fingers under the fabric and against your hot skin. With the excitement building you spread your legs apart wanting me to delve deeper downwards and I oblige, moving my fingers over your trimmed pubic hair I slide one either side of your pussy just to tease you some more, stroking up and down gently massaging your sensitive areas as you start to rock your hips back and forth, wanting more and more.

The excitement is nearly too much for me as well, a sexy woman right in front of me, breathing heavy with excitement, moaning and wanting more, I drop to my knees and grabbing the waist band of your panties I pull them down to your ankles, I tell you to turn around which you do so you are now facing me but still holding on to the door frame, your hot body there in front of me waiting to be pleasured. I lean in and start kissing your thighs, licking and nibbling, moving up your legs, my hot breath sending shivers up your spine.

I reach up with my left hand and tease your nipples while my right starts stroking your pussy, gently teasing the full length and parting your lips, I bring my tongue up to your clit and flick it across it slowly making your hips buck with pleasure. I think you need to be pleasured fully now, I have teased you long escort maltepe enough, inserting two fingers slowly and deep into your hot wet pussy I start to rhythmically finger fuck you, building tempo and getting faster, my tongue rasping over your clit in long strokes and your hips buck and you struggle to hold on to the door frame and keep upright. Building momentum I release my left hand from your nipple and bring it down to your clit where I gently roll it between my fingers and continue to lick you faster and faster. Your breathing is now short, sharp and fast, excited whimpers escape your clenched teeth, your body goes rigid and you half scream half moan as you orgasm hard, your hips bucking uncontrollably with the pleasure of each stroke of my tongue on your sensitive clit.

After a bit I stop and you slide down the door to a heap on the floor, puffing and panting, you are well spent and thoroughly enjoying what just happened.

I give you a few minutes to settle, just until your breathing nearly gets to normal pace again then I stand you up and sit you on your bed, grabbing one of your scarfs from the night stand I cover your eyes and tie it behind your head leaving you with just your sense of hearing and touch to rely on. Grabbing an ice cube out of my drink I run it across your lips, small droplets of water trickle down your chin and drop onto your breasts, I trace the ice cube down the water trail to your breasts, circling each nipple in turn but not quite touching them, making them hard and ready, running the ice now over them getting them cold before leaning in and sucking on each one with my hot mouth to warm them back up again.

Your breaths are getting deeper and you are not the only one that is turned on, the sight of your naked body sitting there, erect nipples, biting on your bottom lip with pleasure. You hear me stand up and a bit of shuffling noises, then you feel my hand running through your hair as I guide your head slowly forward, something gently touches your lips, it feels warm, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue to taste what it is, it is slightly salty and instinctually you know what you want to do, leaning forward a little more you slowly take the head of my cock into your mouth, running your tongue pendik escort around and around before starting to rock back and forth, taking the length of it into your mouth and then all the way back out again, kissing and licking the head before doing it all over again. My left hand is reaching down and caressing your breasts and gently pinching your nipples while my right is stroking the length of my hard dick in time with you sucking on it.

God this is too much to bare, I have to have you and I have to have you now, I spin you around so that you are kneeling on your bed, your cute arse in the air just centimetres from my hard twitching cock. I grab your arse with one hand and my cock with the other, pulling you back on to me I slide my hard cock up and down your hot wet pussy, just getting the head wet with your juices and turning you on to no end, you star pushing back into me, wanting it inside you and I oblige willingly. Sliding just the tip inside and grabbing both your hips, I steady you slowly as the entire length slips out of view deep inside you, god the feeling is so intense, the pleasure ecstatic.

I start to build up a slow deep rhythm rocking back and forth filling you up, slowly getting faster and faster. High pitched moans of ecstasy come from your mouth with every thrust I make, looking down I can see myself being swallowed up in your sexy pussy. I reach down in between your legs and get some of your juices on my fingers before I start circling your tight little arse hole with my index finger, the circle spiralling inwards to a central point then gently pushing in, slowly, making sure both your holes are filled up so you are satisfied.

You bury your head in a pillow so that you can reach up with one hand and start to frantically play with your clit, I feel your fingers every now and then as they run across the shaft of my cock while you play with yourself, your hot wet pussy making me want to cum so hard, my finger buried into your tight arse hole giving you pleasure you have never experienced before. I tell you to play with your clit good and fast, cum for me, cum while my cock is deep inside you. You start to furiously rub your pussy and I can feel you go tight around me, long drawn out moans come out of your mouth as your hips buck and you cum hard and long. I am right on the edge so I withdraw from you, roll you over and start to stroke my cock, it is not long before I explode my hot cum all over your gorgeous breasts and making a hot sticky mess.

Exhausted I fall down beside you.

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