Morris / The Dangerous Jade Pt. 03


Morris Micklewhite and The Dangerous Jade

A Fanfiction

Based on the character Jade Dragon

created by Battlestrength

Part Three

The Author wishes to express his deepest thanks to Battlestrength for his permission in writing this story, and to Destodes 777 for his edit.

Morris Micklewhite

Hi. My name is Morris Micklewhite. You’ve met me before. The first time I said my life sucks. A lot, a fucking lot, happened since.

My life still kinda sucks, but it’s gotten so far into the rabbit hole, I can’t tell what suck is anymore.

Here’s a summary of how I got into this mess:

First, my stepbitch of a sister (by marriage) forced me to naked cater her party ’cause I lost a bet.

Then, my asshole of a dad exiles me to my Uncle Harry, ’cause some of the party goers plastered my naked ass all over the internet.

Next, I find my Uncle Harry’s living with a shit hot blonde, and they’re both all kinds of strange, and keeping all sorts of secrets.

Then, me and Liz (the blonde) get our asses kidnapped (after she injects a bunch of weird shit in mine), by a mad pervert scientist who looks like Paul Shaffer.

Next, we’re hooked up to a weird fuck machine, and I find Liz is some big shot super scientist, and Uncle Harry is a top secret hit man for the secret squirrels.

Then, while the machine is literally fucking us to death, a hot assassin-looking lady with green hair, bursts in, kills the guards, and dehooks us.

Next, I find the stuff Liz put in me is supposed to change me somehow, and we have to leave her behind, ’cause the locks keeping us to the benches are top of the line, and the green-haired lady can only free one of us before Hazard and his goons get back.

Finally, the green-haired lady drags me to her badass (and I mean badass, damn!) car, and seconds later I’m hunched down in the front seat speeding out of, what I later found out was, Fleming Key.

Did I tell you I was also naked, covered in cum, and the green-haired lady was looking at me like I’d just shit in her seat?

We sped across the bridge into Key West. She didn’t say a word, except “fuck” and “shit” a few times. I don’t know but the vibe she gave was a lioness cheated out of a buffalo in favor of a gazelle.

She slowed as we drove through Key West and turned down Flagler Avenue. We stopped at a Salvation Army thrift store.

“Unbuckle your seatbelt, crouch down, and keep out of sight.”

I did as she said. It was kind of like Uncle Harry’s rules. Do as you’re told. Besides, I had a very strong feeling she was the only one keeping me safe at the moment, so I wasn’t going to piss her off with bratty teen behavior.

She took a pack in with her. Ten minutes later she came back with a couple of bags. She’d also changed into a Tee and daisy dukes. She tossed a black T-shirt and khaki green cargo shorts to me.

“Put those on.”

I hesitated. I was a little . . . sticky.

“Look kid, I’m not driving to Marathon with a naked teen in the car. It attracts attention. You can clean up when we get there.”

Made sense.

The drive from Key West to Marathon took forty-five minutes. She drove fast. Her radar detector kept an eye out for speed traps.

I figured the drive was a good time to get to know this Jade Dragon lady.

“Just a . . . specialist,” she answered.

“Uh . . . like Uncle Harry?”


“So you kill people.”

“Yes I do, but only the bad ones, and sometimes I do rescues.”

“Does . . . uh . . . Uncle Harry kill people?”

“So eryaman anal yapan escort far as I know. We don’t talk business.”

“How do you know him?”

“He trained me. Well, he was my first real trainer. Introduced me to the business. We had some . . . interesting times.”

“Oh.” I decided not to ask for details.

“So you’re Harry’s nephew.”


“You don’t look like someone related to Harry.”

“I take after my Dad and Grandpa. Uncle Harry took after Grandma. She was from Cyprus.”

“Makes sense.”

She fell quiet for a few minutes, then spoke.

“So how did you end up mixed with Harry and Liz? You don’t look like a Lifer.”

“I’m not. Whatever this ‘Life’ you’re talking about. It’s . . . complicated.”

“We have plenty of time to uncomplicate it.”

It didn’t seem much point not talking about it, so I told her.

She had a laugh at stepbitch beating me at Call of Duty.

“Never, ever underestimate your opponent, kid. I made that mistake with Doc Hazard once . . . once.”

Then I got to the party and the nude catering.

“I think you should be over your embarrassment by now kid. It looks like you’ve been nude a lot.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I told her about Dad exiling me to Key West. What Liz did when we first met. The quiet period, and then the kidnapping and fuck machine.

“Geez kid, what’s this with you and nudity?”

“I don’t know. Swimming nude was Liz’s suggestion I admit, but ever since the party it always feels I wind up naked all the time.”

“Well, from what Liz told me, your life’s about to get weirder.”

“Yeah . . . what’s going to happen?”

“We’ll find out when we get to the safe house.”

“Are we going there now?”

“No, we’re holing up in a motel for a few days, until I get a handle on our current situation, and arrange transport.”

“You think they’re coming after us?”

“Maybe. I think I covered my tracks well enough, and Liz was the prize, not you. I don’t think she’ll talk. Plus, motels are kind of low key. Not too many people pry into those places.”

I thought that was a good thing but it still felt bad leaving her. I didn’t like to think what Doc Hazard would do.

We pulled into Marathon just after sunset. The motel was the Kingsail Resort. Out of the way and cheap, but not seedy.

“Stay here.”

She went into the lobby and checked us into a two bed for two nights.

It was good as motels went: the two beds, a kitchenette and, most important, a bathroom with a shower.

Jade smiled, approving. She nodded towards the bathroom. “Well, get to it. I’m getting my gear.”

I had few things to be happy about, that day. A nice hot shower was one of them. It was also the craziest, and kind of a game changer, but I’ll get to that in a few.

At the moment, I was just happy to be out of my clothes, and under hot water, with soap and shampoo on my body.

I thought of everything that’d happened since that morning; all the things I’d found out since I came to Key West. It was all so nuts. Dad would never believe it, nor Mom, certainly not the stepparents, or Stepbitch.

What was going to happen? What did Liz put in me?

I was kind of pissed back at the warehouse, but in the shower, I noticed the anger was gone. I didn’t even feel numb, just . . . curious.

What happens next? I wanted to see. Thinking it over, I realized another thing: I didn’t want to go back, and I don’t mean the warehouse. I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to go forward, into whatever mysterious future came towards me.

A moment later, part of that future came into the shower.

She didn’t knock, or ask if it was okay to come in. The door ankara escort opened and a second later, I was staring, jaw-dropped, at Jade Dragon.

“I’m feeling muggy so I decided not to wait. Comes from wearing that cat suit in this weather. Hand me the soap?”


“Red, the soap.”

I fumbled the soap to her. “You’re . . . you’re naked!”

“No shit Sherlock. What’s your problem?”

“You’re naked!”

“You spent the better part of an hour watching one of the hottest bodies ever get pumped full of your cum.”

“That’s different!”


“I didn’t have a choice. She didn’t either, and we never exactly . . . uh . . . did it. The machine did it for us.”

“So what’s a few semantics?”


“Would you like me to go?”

Now this was the moment where the game change happened. An earlier me would have said yes, like a month ago before stepbitch’s bet put me on this path. This was me now.

A green-haired woman with a killer body (she shaved like Liz, and her tits, wow!) was asking to shower with me. So what else could I say?


“Good, then you can wash my back.”

I’d never touched a naked woman before. I’d never seen one before Liz; not on this side of a magazine or a porn site.

I didn’t know what to do exactly. I mean . . . I got her upper and lower back with soap and washcloth but, I think she expected something more.

“Sigh! I shouldn’t be surprised. Virgin up the ass. Turn around, Red.”


“Turn around so I can wash your hair and back.”

“Um,” I did, even though I’d washed already.

It was different from when I tried it.

She started with my hair and slid her hands down to my neck, and then she went to my shoulders and under my arms.

She slid down my sides, to my hips, and my ass.

“You know, you’re pretty tense.”

And I was. Her hands were so warm and strong, and I was trying hard not to get hard.

A part of me struggled to treat this as non-sexual. I think the block came from years of teasing or laughs from some prick or another, over a physical issue, like my freckles, or hair, or slender body. Erections paint targets on me under those circumstances.

I talked earlier about building a hard shell against bullying. That doesn’t mean something seeps in. There was still a part of me afraid of embarrassment.

Anyway, I’m digressing, I guess. The next thing Jade did was anything but embarrassing.

“This’ll relax you,” she said, and pressed her body to mine. Her boobs were up against my shoulder blades. She was a little taller than me.

She reached around my waist, took my cock, and started to stroke it. “Geep!” That was me when she grabbed it. I very much wasn’t relaxed.

My feelings, I can’t describe them as tense. They were more . . . electric. Like a hyperawareness of everything, from her nude body against my back, to her warm hands on my cock, to the water coming down on us.

I moaned and I gasped and when Jade told me to “Turn around Red,” I turned and faced her, hard, with my eyes wide, and mouth open.

“You really didn’t think it was just about a shower, did you?” she smiled, and then she gave me a deep tongue kiss.

It became . . . I can’t say a blur . . . more like time slowed, I guess.

I was still hyperaware; her tongue in my mouth, the warm syrup engulfing my cock, as she drew it inside her pussy.

She took me in all the way to the hilt, until her mons came right against my groin. Her hands were on my ass, two of her fingers went into my anus.

She broke off the kiss and put her lips to my ear.

“You know, I shouldn’t have to do all the work,” she whispered.

“I . . . don’t . . .”

“Don’t etimesgut escort worry. I’ll teach you.”

And that’s what she did. Jade Dragon taught me how to fuck. How to use my hips to thrust; how to use my hands the same way she used hers. Where to place them, what to do with them, which parts of the body gave the best response. How to kiss, how to suck, how to lick.

I came, and I came hard, so many times. She came too. It was real, she said later. She told me I had natural instincts.

I produced a lot of cum, probably a lingering effect from Doc Hazard’s stimulant. It poured down our legs, and down the drain, along with a bit of hers.

We couldn’t stay in the shower forever. When I turned the water off, Jade said, “Fuck the towels. We’re not done.”

We went to one of the beds and fucked there. Then we went back to the shower, rinsed, got dressed and ordered pizza.

We ate, then took our clothes off, and fucked again. She taught me even more; how to sixty-nine, how to suck my own cum from her pussy, what a blow job felt like, how a pussy grinding against my face felt.

She dominated almost everything. She only let me get on top once, to teach me how to thrust in bed.

Jade said she was submissive mostly when on a job, as a move to get her mark to relax his guard.

We fucked well into the night. At some point we had to stop and go to sleep. She was more tired than me.

I drifted away. Jade was spooned against my back. I thought about the whole irony of the day. My cum had been pumped into Liz, yet technically, I didn’t fuck her. I lost my virginity to the woman at my back.


Jade Dragon

I wait until the kid falls asleep, then quietly unspoon and sit up.

I get off the bed and stand, watching him. Fucking the kid was pretty fun.

So was watching you fuck him. I knew you had the jones for Liz. When did you decide on the kid?

Right before we got to the thrift store. I knew he was a virgin. I’d never deflowered anyone before, and I like the idea of being someone’s first.

Asleep, the kid looks pretty fine. The people I fuck, typically, are either fat and ugly, or pumped up and macho, or Abercrombie and Fitched, all with overdoses of ego and narcissism. Toss in more than a few women, some with the same flaws as the men.

I see no ego in this one. Physically, he’s good looking; slender, not athletic, but toned. He doesn’t have the arrogant look I see in so many others. He’s nice and normal. The first “normal” guy I’ve fucked since my teens. My first virgin. That’s something to check off the list.

Congratulations. I suspect the reader offers the same.

There’s another difference between this kid and the others . . . at least most of them.

Oh? What’s that?

He’s still alive.

Oh. Yeah, there’s still that. So what are you going to do?

Get him to the safe house of course.

You’re going to have to check for trouble first.

Why do you think I’m awake?

I get the laptop, hook it up, go to the dark web to get an idea of our situation.

My personal site has several job offers. Those’ll have to wait. The Feds, spooks, and locals are quiet. Latest news says ARF’s cleared out of Key West. No rewards offered for Morris Micklewhite.

Still up for Liz though. Technically, it’s a failed job. In reality, the target shifted. I just wanted to be sure Doc Hazard didn’t know that.

It looks like he doesn’t. The patterns from the messages and info look like Hazard has no interest in Red. Doesn’t look like anyone else is either. His father probably doesn’t even know he’s missing.

From what Morris said, he probably wouldn’t care.

So it looks like we’re in the clear for now. The next task is to arrange transport. I know a guy. He rents out planes.

Right now I need some sleep.

To be continued.

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