Mother Agrees She’s Mine


I had known since my teens that my mother was very biddable, but had never really given it any thought. I hadn’t considered turning this to my advantage. Until that fateful Thursday when I had my “lightbulb” moment.

Background: my name is Mike, generally known as Mikey, and I’m 24 and employed as a caretaker at the local secondary school. Currently without a significant female other (as I believe it’s called), I take what I can get when it’s offered. Most close female friends think I have a decent sized cock, and I believe them!

My mother, named Valerie and usually called Val, is (I think) 51, and like me is single, my father having disappeared from our lives way back in my early teens. She rarely dates but I’ve heard on the grapevine that when she does she is very quick to do whatever you want her to. Like I said…biddable.

Anyway, back to the “lightbulb” moment. That afternoon. after school, I had come across a senior male pupil and his busty female co-pupil fucking at the back of the assembly hall, and after watching them for a while I was decidedly horny. So, with no close woman friend I turned my thoughts, for some reason, towards my mother. A visit seemed to be on the cards, but first a visit to a certain backstreet shop that featured blacked out windows and a male-heavy clientele. Here I purchased the finest dildo they stocked, at some expense I might add, and headed motherwards.

Valerie opened the front door when I knocked, and was surprised to see me; I rarely visited during the week. “Mikey, how lovely, come on in.”

She was wearing a shiny green blouse and a grey skirt that finished just above her knees. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing stockings. I hoped she was. The blouse was open for a couple of buttons, just showing the top of her breasts.

I followed her into the sitting room, then she turned and smilingly asked if I wanted a drink. I refused and held out the brown paper bag containing my gift. Valerie took it and, opening the top, pulled out the fine pink dildo. The expression on her face was priceless – her mouth opened but no words came out. Beginning to blush she looked at me and managed to say “what….what is… this?”

I smiled at her embarrassment. “Mother, I’m sure you know what it is..” But got no further as she almost shouted “but why give it to me?”

Still smiling I started the same sentence, but again was interrupted: “of course I know what it is! But why give it to me?”

“You don’t go out too much so I thought you’d like something to, er, keep you occupied. Shall I explain what exactly to do with it?” Brandishing the dildo like a weapon she shouted, again. “I know what it’s for…. but.. but”

Ah, I thought, my cue to see if my idea is going to work.

“Mother, if you know what to do with it, show me.”

“Show you? You expect your mother to …show you what to do with a…dildo?” The last word was said very deprecatingly. eve gelen escort

“Are you embarrassed? I asked and took it from her hand. I can show you.”

My mother was clearly very taken aback by my suggestion, but she hadn’t actually refused to do as I asked.

“I tell you what,” I said. “I know you’re wearing tights. I’m going to the bathroom to wash my hands, you take you tights off, and when I come back you can demonstrate your prowess and then we’ll have tea.” I made it all sound so reasonable, and blow me, I could see her considering what I said.

“Mikey, it’s been a while since I…” her voice tailed off, and she reached out to take the dildo from me. “Just a quick demonstration. I’m taking no more clothes off.”

I went to the downstairs bathroom, happy to hear my mother going upstairs. I was unable to believe she would actually go through with this, but I lived in hope. I took my time, but when I heard her come downstairs again I returned to the sitting room. Naturally I was delighted when I saw her standing in front of the settee with the dildo still in her hand.

“Are you still wanting to humiliate your mother?” she asked, to which I answered in the positive. With a sigh my mother hiked her skirt up a little (not enough for my desires!) and sat down, then leaned back. Slowly she pulled her skirt higher, until I could see the crotch of her panties. She kept her eyes firmly on mine, as if willing me to call a halt. No chance of that!

Next she used her left hand to ease the crotch of her panties to one side and started to present the dildo to her cunt, a cunt, I might add, that was already glistening. The tip of the sexual device was millimeters away from entering her body when I had another brainwave: “stop!” I shouted, and obediently my mother paused her movement.

“Ask your son to do the next bit” I demanded, and was pleased to see my mother let a very quick look to cross her face before nodding at me. She licked her lips and said” please, son, use this dildo on your mother.” The look I had seen was of desire.

I reached forward and took the dildo in my right hand. Mother let her left hand remain holding her panties to the side and I bent right down till I was very close to her crotch, then I pushed the dildo so that its tip entered mother’s body. She opened her eyes wide and let out a sort of sigh; I meanwhile was inching the device further into her welcoming body. Her eyes never left my face and I watched emotions flicker across before she closed her eyes and let out a deeply felt “yes!!”

I could hold back no longer. I reached out to the buttons of her blouse and was about to start undoing them when mother lifted her right hand and wrenched her blouse open from top to bottom, buttons pinging in all directions and cloth tearing. This had the effect of displaying her bra-covered tits, a spectacular pair that fatih escort I’d often dreamed about. Wasting no time I quickly took the lower part of her bra in my hand and pulled it upwards, freeing those succulent tits to my hand – remember my other hand still controlled the dildo in her cunt.

As I took my first handful of titty, mother opened her eyes and again stared at me. Then she reached up and pulled me so that my mouth was hovering over hers, and I had the pleasure of seeing her open her mouth and lick her lips before lewdly flicking her tongue at me – it was blindingly obvious she wanted me to snog her. Always willing to assist a half naked woman I obliged by firmly covering her mouth with mine and seeking her tongue. I was not disappointed, my mother was letting her tongue fight with mine for possession of my mouth, and I allowed her to win. Whilst doing this I was fondling one tit and then the other, tweaking her nipples till they were boring into the palm of my hand and at this point I abandoned my manipulation of the dildo and used both hands on those wanton tits.

Mother cried out at this and I pushed myself up to see what she wanted. She was attempting to get a hand to the dildo, presumably to continue where I’d left off, but I had a better, more selfish, idea.

I managed to stand up and demanded as forcefully as I could “Mother, suck your son’s cock!”

She froze for a second, then pushed herself into a better sitting position and reached for my crotch. My trousers were stretched just there, my cock having achieved the longest and hardest erection I’d ever had. Mother pulled down my zip and plunged her hand into my trousers – my cock was practically fighting for release so she quickly managed to extract it and allowed her hand to wank it a couple of times before she leaned forward, I did the same, and her wet lewd mouth engulfed me. A blowjob from my mother! This was the best day, EVER.

Reaching for mom’s cunt whilst she sucked me was impossible so I sated myself by fondling her tits, stretching her nipples till she stopped sucking and cried out in pain and generally making those plumptious globes know who was in charge.

And at that moment I had another “lightbulb” moment. As I believe I mentioned, I already suspected that my mother was prone to submissive behaviour, now I set out to prove it.

I reared back so that mother had to stop sucking my cock and she duly looked at me to see what I wanted. “Stand up, mummy, and strip off.” I guess that was straight forward enough because mother struggled up from the settee, dildo still in place, and quickly removed what was left of her blouse, let her bra fall to the floor, and then undid her skirt. At this point she stood in front of me, wearing only very wet panties and waited.

“Unless you remove those panties at once I will put you over my knee and spank you till you cannot sit down for the halkalı anal yapan escort rest of the day.”

Mother blinked at my words, then hastily removed her panties as ordered and removed the dildo from her cunt. She stood before me, her son, totally naked and awaited my pleasure. I let her stand there as I looked her slowly up and down, then twiddled my hand to show I wanted her to turn around. Mustering what dignity she had left mother turned around, and stood, bum facing me, to see what I wanted next. Like her tits, her bum was a little large, but this made it even more fondlable, which I started to do, and I enjoyed the feel of that flesh as I fondled, gripped hard, and generally got to know that bum. And throughout my mother stood still, in silence.

I told her to face me again, and was obeyed instantly. This was the moment, and I stood up. forcing my mother to move a pace back. “It’s obvious to me, mother, that you are a veritable slut – do you agree?” She hesitated, then replied quietly “yes, I’m a slutty mother.”

“Good. Now, I’m now in charge of you – you will do as I say, you will wear what I tell you. No other man is allowed to touch you and if you err, forget my orders or generally misbehave I will spank you, just as I threatened you just now. Do you understand?”

My naked mother looked me in the eyes and answered. “Yes, son, I agree you’re my master. I will obey you, and acknowledge that my body is yours to enjoy.”

“Then there’s only one thing left for now. Kneel on the floor with your bottom pushed up.”

Without a word mother turned to the side and did as I asked. For my part I took off my trousers and underwear and knelt behind her, aiming my still rampant cock at her arsehole. However, it was her cunt I wanted, and I slipped my hand between her spread legs to check for wetness, She was soaking, a slutty mother indeed, and I pushed my cock into her with ease. Immediately I started to fuck her, allowing the juices engendered by the use of that dildo to allow me to pump her like a flat tyre. As I pumped so s he responded, meeting my thrusts with an abandon I had never seen in any woman before. My first orgasm must have filled her cunt with cum, and from now on our fucking was accompanied by her grunting and groaning and the slurp of a full cunt being shagged. Absolute heaven!

In truth I tired quickly, and after only three more orgasms I pulled out, allowing mother to collapse forward and lay on the floor, breathing heavily.

“May I ask a question, please?” mother huskily said. I nodded and she turned properly, to allow me full view of her tits. “Do you really intend to spank me if I’m…..naughty?” she asked, putting emphasis on the ‘naughty’.

“Mother, I do indeed. For minor infractions you will go across my lap. skirt up and panties down. Anything…naughtier… and you’ll touch your toes like a schoolgirl and be caned.”

At the last word she actually flinched. “Your father said the same, but never had occasion to use a cane. Can I tell you a secret? I’ve still got part of my last high school uniform.”

My cock twitched again. Much was being promised for the future, but for now I told my mother to go to bed; I’d had enough thrill for one day.

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