Mother and Son Survive Lockdown


Life before coronavirus, Craig and Selene’s last weekend together.

22nd February 2020.

Selene stared at her image, she turned slightly to check that her seams were straight. She fluffed out her tiny skirt, it barely reached the top of her stockings, it stood out from her waist, supported by a stiff white petticoat. On the hem, she had stitched a small layer of white lace that matched the lace on her panties. Her bodice was supported so she didn’t need a brassiere.

She was adjusting the ankle straps on her high-heels when Craig’s car pulled into the drive, he opened his door and switched off the light, he didn’t want nosy neighbors seeing Selene in fancy dress.

He always stopped to admire the house, architecturally designed, on a good size plot of land, down one side, there was a cul-de-sac, and in front of it, the main road leading into town.

She called out to him, “I’m in the den.”

He peeked around the door, “you look fantastic,” he reached out to kiss her.

“You’re early,” she glanced at the antique clock.

“Does that mean we’ve time for ….?”

She laughed, “of course, see, I’ve set up the stool, by the mirror.”

She turned her back to him but, before she bent over, she hooked her fingers into her panties and pushed them down to her stocking tops.

“Hang on,” he protested, “that’s my job.”

“Yes, I know, but I’m not going out with torn panties, I’m going as a French Maid, not a French tart.”

“I’m not that uncouth,” he insisted, and unzipped his trousers and grabbed his penis. Standing behind her, he looked into the mirror.

“Can you see alright,” she turned her head to him. “Perfect, it’s just a case of putting it in.” She pushed a hand between her legs and guided him. He pushed it all the way in, then withdrew so just the head remained inside her.

In the mirror, he could see his shaft, it glistened with her lubricant.

“How was the drive,” she asked?

“Sun in my eyes for the last ten miles, but it didn’t delay me.” He pushed it in and out, slow and steady.

“My ‘ex’, bought this house, partly because he drove west in the morning and east in the evening to and from work, he avoided the sun’s glare.”

“Huh, if he’s so smart how come he’s not stood where I am?” He countered, as he started to speed up. She gripped the barstool to keep her balance, he looked down at his penis. Craig loved nothing more than to see her inner labia gripping his penis each time he pulled back.

She heard him exhale heavily, picturing him with his back arched as he unloaded into her. He released his grip on her hips and let out a final groan as he pulled out.

After cleaning up, they went to the club, every eye was on them as they were led to their table by Sid, the manager and good friend of Craig.

“So, how’s my favorite Vice-President, Sid asked?”

“He’s certainly my favorite vice,” Selene answered.

“I’m not going to ask what you two have been up to, by the way, what’s happened to Stephanie?” Sid wanted to know.

“She’s staying home with Mike, he’s showing signs of improvement.”

“Good news, really good news, hope she’s coming back, you two were a great team.”

“Are we all set for the exhibition?” Craig wanted to know, he was not one for small talk.

“We have thirty exhibitors,” Craig replied, “did I tell you, we’re fully booked for Friday and Saturday. All thanks to you, Craig.”

Craig and Selene, enjoyed themselves, and when it was time to leave, Sid arranged a car, driven by one of his men to take them home. They sat in the back, linking arms, “I need to get home,” Selene told Craig.

Craig asked if she was feeling okay.

“Yes, I’ll tell you when we get home,” at this she noticed Freddie, the driver sit up, as she suspected he’d been listening in.

“Did you enjoy this evening Freddie,” she asked?

“As always, fancy dress night, wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“What do you do for Sid,” Craig asked.

“I’m in-house security, I drink the non-alcohol beers, that way I get extra work, driving.”

Craig nodded his understanding, “makes sense, I suppose.”

Once they were in the house, Craig discussed Freddie, “bouncer, driver, and eaves-dropper, what do you think?”

“You’re right, maybe he’s worried you are planning to take the monthly conference to a new venue.” Craig shrugged off that idea.

They went upstairs, and Craig unzipped her dress, it left her in stockings and panties, “what was bothering you in the car?”

In answer, she lay on the bed and pulled her panties off, and opened her legs for him to see her better, “I felt you starting to leak out.” He looked and sure enough, he saw white pearl-like beads of semen at the opening of her vagina.

“What are you going to do? You could always try to push it back in,” she suggested, holding her ankles, lifting her legs in the air. He quickly cast off his clothes and took her up, on her suggestion, he pushed his earlier ejaculation back inside and added as much again.

The next day, every time she beylikdüzü otele gelen escort stood up, she leaked semen, she dealt with it by inserting a white, seven-inch dildo inside her. She had only one appointment, a first time customer so she decided to wear seamed stockings, and a knee-length skirt, she had to maintain some standards.

“As it’s your first visit, I can do a check to see if there’s any dental work needed, it won’t cost any more.” She’d been making light conversation during the procedure, which put him at ease.

“I much prefer the idea of seeing a dental hygienist, it’s much less daunting than the actual dentist.”

“I’m pleased about that,” she told him, “my partner has a company which makes medical supplies, I have the latest equipment, and, it’ the most pain-free,” she told him, proudly.

“Well, to tell the truth, I’ve never felt so relaxed in a dental chair before in my life,” he laughed.

“Oh drat, it’s happened again, excuse me, won’t you,” and she lifted her skirt to reattach a suspender stud to the front of her stocking, while she was at it, she checked the other three clips.

“I never thought that when I started to wear stockings, I would wear out a suspender belt.” He looked on, amazed and delighted with what he saw.

“You don’t wear seamed tights, then? My wife bought a pair once by mistake, not that she ever wore them”

“Gosh no, seamed tights are absolutely useless, they very quickly drag round to the sides, your seams are all over the place, and they’re anything but straight,” satisfied that everything was in order she released her skirt, smoothing it, as it fell.

Craig tried to do the bulk of his work on the Friday and often came home late, nevertheless her dildo remained firmly in place until he returned.

“I went the bank today,” he bought her a new handbag every month, “and, as usual, it has money in, it’s unlucky otherwise,” the purse contained £900-00.

“Dinner won’t be ready for an hour or so,” she said, laying back on the couch and lifting her skirt, “how do you want to spend the time?”

Craig removed her panties, and looked, “what’s that,” he asked feeling around her labia.

Selene opened her legs wide, and Craig slowly pulled the dildo out, “I’ve had that in all day, I even wore it during an appointment.” Craig shook his head, he often struggled to figure her out.

“Selene, you are incorrigible, but you sure have a great way of giving a guy an appetite.”

Craig took his clothes off, “you’re very moist, thinking of me?”

“How can I not, I’ve two loads of your sperm swimming around inside me, are you going to add some more?”

Craig placed his penis inside her, he lasted long enough for Selene to reach orgasm. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, “now I’ve got three loads inside me.”

“You’re going to have to get rid of it soon, you can’t keep it in for ever.”

“I know, but I like it when we’re out and I know there’s millions of sperm swimming around, fighting each other in order to fertilize me.” Craig gave the customary shake of his head

Their relationship had been going on for six months, neither realized that this was their final tryst, but with the advent of the coronavirus, the monthly conferences were disbanded.

England, April 5th, 2020.

I phoned Mom on Sunday afternoon, “Hallo,” she sounded chirpy.

“It’s me, Tom, your son, remember me.”

“Tom, it’s lovely to hear from you it’s been a long time, to what do I owe the honor.”

“Good news, I’ve been awarded my Doctorate, but I need to vacate my rooms here at college, and to continue giving lectures from home, your home, hopefully.”

“Tom, I’d love to have you, and the internet up her works well, are you cleared to drive?”

“I have it in writing from the Assistant Chief Constable, no less.”

“I’m impressed, I’m cooking roast lamb.”

“I’ll arrive at about 8 p.m., see you then.”

When I saw her, I couldn’t believe how much she had changed, her hair was short and well styled, she’d lost about 10kg, and, she wore a skirt, she’d always worn trousers as far back as I could remember.

“Well, what do you think?”

“You look twenty years younger, I think Dad would regret the divorce if he saw you now.”

“Water under the bridge,” she said brusquely, I decided to leave Dad out of the conversation.

We ate our traditional Easter meal of roast lamb, we enjoyed a Spanish Rioja, a ‘vanilla-oak’ flavored red, I’d brought with me. We lingered over the meal, and by the time we’d finished, it was time to clear away the dishes. I noticed at this point she was wearing a skirt with a split in it.

“You look good in a skirt,” I told her, “you look sexy”.

She extended her leg, showing off the split, it ran halfway up her thigh, she had good legs.

The next day, over breakfast, we discussed the lock-down, I told her it wasn’t a problem for me as I received my full salary, “how about you,” I asked?

“Not good, dental beylikdüzü rus escort workers, we must be amongst the worst affected, I’ve no income until the furlough scheme kicks in.”

I shook my head, “no problem, I have my salary, I can more than pay my way, in fact, we’ll go into town and do a huge shop okay?”

On the way to the shop she cursed, “damn I’ve just snagged my stocking” she looked down at her leg, raised her skirt and pointed out a small tear, “good job you did it on the way to the shops, you can buy a replacement pair” I said and concentrated on the drive thinking no more of it.

At the shop, Mom gave me a list, it was for the non-food items, though I was somewhat taken aback to find she had added stockings to it, about six different types. I moaned inwardly. I visited the book section first, but the book I wanted, wasn’t in stock. I would have to go on-line.

At the hosiery department, I searched through the stockings, I received several looks from the women shoppers, some frowns amongst them, one approached me, “you’re not used to shopping are you?”

“No, and it doesn’t help when you’re new in town.”

“Well you’re in the stockings section, the tights are over there,” she pointed helpfully.

“Thanks, er but,” and I showed her the list, I’m shopping for my wife, this, is her list.”

“Well, lucky you, you’re going to have an enjoyable lockdown,” she smiled knowingly.

I gave her a feeble grin “better than most,” I replied, then as I walked away I noticed she picked up a pair, and put them in her basket.

I was glad to get the shopping over with though on the drive back, Mom fussed again with the tear. “Mom, please, you can’t repair it, and you’re distracting me”.

“My legs are very distracting,” she said proudly, “I look good in stockings, that’s what everyone says,” she raised her skirt to see better, I tried to keep my eyes on the road.

“By the way did you get my stockings?”

“Two pairs only, I’m afraid, here’s the list.” I’d ticked off the items I’d purchased, she was disappointed with the limited range available.

To make her feel better, I offered to help her conduct an online search.

“I can help you to make a purchase,” I offered, “I need to buy a book so we can search for things together.”

Once home, I powered up the computer, and she eventually joined me after putting the shopping away. “I take it you’ve not done computer shopping before?” she shook her head.

“It would be a great help if you taught me how to shop online.” she said.

“Sure, take the chair” she refused, it was a small room and it was the only chair available.

“I’ll sit on your knee if that’s okay that way we’re both at a comfortable height.”

I patted my lap and she positioned herself, squirming to make herself comfortable.

“Here take the mouse” I handed it to her and that’s when I noticed how high the split in her skirt was, attached to her stocking was a lilac suspender strap, clearly visible in the ‘V’ shaped space left by the split. It took only a few minutes to find an excellent site, it was close to where Mom had her house in the English midlands.

It had everyday stockings and also the more risque ones. She chatted as she went along, “I wear those fully-fashioned ones to the club every Thursday and Saturday.”

She gave me a rundown about the vocabulary of stockings, I was fascinated by her knowledge, I discovered the initials rht, meant ‘reinforced heel and toe,’ and there were Cuban heeled and pointed heeled ones. She purchased colored stockings, and spent well over one hundred pounds in fifteen minutes. When she leaned forward to see the screen better, I could see her suspender belt peeking above the skirt, the belt fastened at the back, just like a bra.

I had enjoyed the trip into stocking world as evidenced by an unexpected erection, I hoped my Mom hadn’t noticed.

The next morning, I was tidying the office, I opened the wardrobe door to put my unwanted files away, but stopped in surprise, in front of me was a French Maid’s outfit, a schoolgirl’s uniform, a nurse’s, also high heels with ankle straps, popularly known as whore boots.

There was a shelf above them suitable for my files but I had second thoughts about using the wardrobe, after I noticed a thick envelope, which on investigation contained colored photographs. They were of Mom wearing some of the outfits in the wardrobe. She was in a night club, there was a trophy on the table, no doubt ‘tart of the year,’ I gave out a low whistle, put them back and sat at the computer somewhat bewildered.

That evening, after supper, I decided to mention what I had seen in the wardrobe.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I opened the wardrobe in the office, and I er, found ‘fancy dress’ costumes.”

“Yes, unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to wear them since the lockdown. Here, come and see what I’ve done with the old den, come on,” she commanded and dragged me to my feet, today she was wearing a dress with a split beylikdüzü türbanlı escort either side, I wondered if she had any other type. I entered the room to a triumphal ‘ta-da’ from Mom, her exclamation was understated if anything, there was a dark wood bar, with port-red leather trimmings and racks of drinks on the wall complete with optics, a small table with two high-backed, comfy, leather chairs and a large mirror with a ‘belle epoque’ cancan dancer, as I glanced around I realized it gave the impression that the room was larger than it was, it had the atmosphere of a typical gentleman’s club.

“Can I get you a drink,” she asked in a coquettish barmaid fashion, I pictured her in her French Maid outfit, it was a pleasant thought, I sat on a stool, “I’ll try that whiskey I brought with me, it’s matured in old Bourbon casks, it’s not like most whiskeys, it’s not harsh, even you might like it,” at this she pulled a face, “I’ll stick to my tasteless vodka and tonic, thank you,”

There was a small fridge situated in the corner, she leaned over, her skirt rising at the back, the pencil straight seams of her stockings disappearing under her skirt.

We sat at opposite ends of the bar with a drink in hand.

“Do you use this much?” I asked.

“No, after the divorce I had an affair, I say affair because he was married and it couldn’t go anywhere. He only came to town on the last weekend of the month.”

“How did you meet, through work?”

“I suppose it was in a way, you remember Stephanie, Mike’s mother?” I nodded, how could I not, we’d joined the army together when we left school with our ‘A’-levels we took advantage of an army bursary which paid all our university fees provided we served five years. I continued to listen.

“Stephanie knew Sid, the manager of the local hotel, which had a lively club adjoining it which he also managed. He hosted a 50’s night, we have a thriving group of middle-age rockers in town. The ‘ladies’ wore stockings and big puffy net petticoats. Stephanie wanted to go and I agreed to with her.”

I took a good-sized swig of my drink.

“Sid found it so popular he decided to make Thursday a ‘Fancy Dress’ night, and Saturday a ‘Ladies’ night’ free entry and one free drink every hour for every lady wearing stockings.” She took a sip of her drink and I asked her, how did they know when you wore stockings.

“Easy, stand on stage and a quick flick of the skirt, you had to show the bit of thigh above the stocking welt, trouble was the women tried to outdo each other, and the last few times we went, we er, turned round and did the famous ‘royal flash’.”

I must have looked puzzled, she paused waiting for me, “what’s a ‘royal flash?” I asked.

“It’s a move in the cancan dance, you turn your back on the audience and throw your skirt high up over your back, you keep the pose for a few seconds only,” she added that comment as though it would make it alright, I was thinking, ‘Mom, it’s not that you keep the pose up for ‘just a few seconds’ but the fact you showed your panties in public, however, I said nothing.

“We had many requests for encores,” she smiled at the memory, “it was easier when the two of us did it together, I could kid myself they were looking at Stephanie.” We were both silent for a while, “try not to picture it too much” she blurted out and we both laughed.

“It was very successful, as a result the hotel became the venue every month for a convention of medical suppliers and manufacturers, it was held on the last weekend of the month, that’s where I met Craig.” She looked at me, “and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Our glasses were close to empty so I decided on a refill, I was beginning to get the picture but figured there was more to this story, the photos of my Mom in a French Maid’s outfit coming to mind.

A few days later the stockings arrived, Mother was delighted and wanted to show them to me, I didn’t have to feign interest, she asked me to check the original order, which I did, they had all arrived as promised, she took the colored stockings out of their packaging, “now I need to buy more suspender belts” she announced, “I’ve only got two and they’re wearing out, the straps keep detaching from the stocking when you least expect it.”

I offered to help her, as soon as I’d prepared an on-line lecture. Later that day, we got round to it. I had a message telling me that my position, as an assistant professor had been upgraded to full professor, this called for a celebration, but how to celebrate in lock-down, Luckily, my Mom would solve that problem.

I sat waiting at the computer when she knocked, “I want you to oversee my search for suspender belts, is it okay to start.”

I patted my lap and she sat down and looked into a search engine, she pulled several stockings out of a bag and set them down on the desk, “I want to buy suspender belts to match the colors of the stockings,” this took a lot longer than her original search for stockings, for one thing, she searched many sites, ordering one or two belts from each, two hours had passed by the time she had ordered nine suspender belts and entered payment details.

That night we were drinking at the bar waiting for the oven to ‘ping’ to say the food was ready, I looked at the mirror with the cancan dancer, “you’re looking quizzical Tom, what’s up?” She was smiling knowingly. I turned and frowned at Mom, then looked again at the mirror.

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