Mother in Law Nora Pt. 03


The next day, I saw my mother in law Nora and asked her, “How are you feeling after last night?”

She stood up from her gardening and arched her back, “I feel like a new woman,” she said.

I smiled, “I’m glad to hear that. You should be proud of how you responded to how I licked your pussy.”

She reacted a bit at hearing me use that word so openly. But I wanted her become comfortable with men complementing her on her sexuality. I added, “I enjoyed watching your passion build. It was a treat for me, too.”

Then I tipped my cap and said, “Good day.”

For that week, I decided not to visit her again in the evenings to give her time to settle down and think. I did drop by one afternoon and talked with her in her living room, “Nora, you’re a very exciting woman,” I told her, “What all that you have to offer, have you thought about dating?”

She smiled and said, “I enjoy my freedom now and I’m just not in the mood to get attached to someone.”

“Well,” I said, “there are ways to enjoy your passions with a man but not create a commitment.”

Then I told her how her daughter and I met at parties for couples and select singles. “Everyone was free to explore and enjoy, and there were no commitments. We just had fun.”

Nora looked thoughtful.

I continued, “Everyone was playful and friendly. You could explore your fantasies or just watch or simply talk and socialize. Your activities could be private or public. And when the night was over, it was over.”

I smiled and rose to leave, but stopped to ask her, “This Saturday we’re having a guest for dinner, and you’re invited to join us. Are you free?”

Nora said she was free and could be glad to join. “What can I bring?” she asked.

“Just yourself,” I said. “It will be informal.”

Neither Nora nor my wife knew that I had invited Big Bill for dinner. When I told my wife, she was pleased, but she wondered about introducing him to her mother. I said, “Ah, Bill is so friendly and kind of shy, I’m sure she’ll like him.”

“And,” I added, “maybe you can look forward to a little after dinner fucking.”

She smiled and said, “It’s been a while since I’ve had my hands on one that big.”

I also smiled, “Honey, whatever you want. I’ll let Bill know to plan to stay later.” What I did not tell her was that Bill was there to meet Nora so he could decide if he wanted to help her learn more about her sexuality.

On Saturday evening, Nora arrived early to help with dinner plans. She was dressed in a cute and rather short skirt that showed off her nice slim legs. Soon, the doorbell rang, and Bill came in to greet us. He was very well dressed, as usual, well groomed and handsome. Bill was tall but not a giant. He was well built, but not a body builder type. Most appealing was his voice and calm demeanor. Bill is Black, and his skin color is a deep rich black tone. How would one guess that in his pants was a cock of enormous size? He gently took Nora’s hand and said, “So nice to meet you, Nora.”

When he saw my wife, he hugged her and lifted her up and swung her around. She blushed and enjoyed his attention. “Wonderful to see you again,” Bill told her, and she returned the sentiment. As he twirled her around and held her close, I’m sure she could feel his arousal pressing against her.

Dinner was simple but delicious, and the conversation was engaging. Bill paid special attention to Nora, asking her questions, patiently listening, and showing genuine interest in her. Once reached over and took Nora’s small hand in his and held it for a moment.

At one point, Bill turned to Nora and said, “Did you know how I met your daughter and son in law?”

My wife looked alarmed and said, “Oh, that’s boring story. Let’s not go into that.”

Bill smiled, knowing that he was pushing buttons.

As we were finishing dessert, Nora asked, “Why do they call you Big Bill?”

Bill answered, “Well, I’m kind of tall, but not too tall. So it’s not about that.”

Before he could say another word, my wife jumped in, “Seconds on dessert, anyone?” She glared at Bill and at me, as if she wanted us to be quiet.

Bill, the ultimate gentleman, only said, “Sure, I would like more dessert.” And he dropped the subject.

After dinner, we stacked the dishes while Bill ushered Nora to her door to say goodnight. I wasn’t there, but he told me later that at her door, he shook her hand, then asked if he could give her a hug. She nodded, and he wrapped his halkalı otele gelen escort arms around her and raised her off her feet, pressing her to his body. All night he had been assessing the possibility of fucking Nora, plus knowing he would fuck my wife in a few minutes. His cock was puffed up to nearly its full nine inches as he pressed Nora against it. As he let her down, he said, “Maybe we’ll meet again.” And he said goodnight.

A few moment later, Bill was back in our kitchen and helping with the chores. After that, we retired to the bedroom, and without saying a word he undressed to allow his cock to breathe in the open air as we watched. Without asking me, he took my wife and as if I wasn’t even in the room, he unbuttoned her blouse and took off her clothes one item at a time.

Bill worked quietly and expertly. He was very comfortable with other men’s wives and was unconcerned about being watched by their husbands as he got their wives ready to be fucked. He knew he was welcome, and he had only the best intentions. And, of course, he had the magna cock that we all wanted to see in action. He was, after all, Big Bill.

That night, Bill have his usual performance. A long sensuous session, being sensitive to what the wife wants and when she wants it and anticipating her arousal rhythms. He could chat with me about baseball as my wife bounced up and down on his cock. Bill was the perfect house guest. He bent her over a chair and power fucked her from behind while he and I talked about work and politics. I think it drove my wife crazy to hear the man fucking her with such a massive cock, filling her and jamming it in and out of her pussy, while he seemed almost disinterested and talking with me. Bill knew how to use a pussy and how to please a husband at the same time.

He finally left us after midnight, and as I walked him to his car, he asked, “Did you want me to do Nora tonight, too?”

Surprised, I said, “Really, after that you could do her right now?”

Bill said, “Sure, she’s are really nice lady.” Then added, “And as a favor for you, I’d be glad to.”

I told him that Nora was in the process of being trained for a cock like his and that she needed more time. “Not tonight, Bill, but thanks. Perhaps soon.” I wondered if Nora heard his car engine start.

The next day, my wife was still in a pleasure zone, still feeling the buzz of a great fucking, and she was very happy. Nora came over for coffee and said, “Your friend Bill was so nice.”

My wife said, “He sure is.”

I said, “Yep, Bill is a pleasure to have around. He knows how to please.”

Then I surprised my wife by saying, “He asked if he could see you, Nora, and I told him that I’d ask.”

My wife’s eyes widened. She looked at her mother. Nora brightened up and said, “Why, yes, I would be pleased if he wanted to call.”

My wife shot daggers from her eyes as I said, “Okay, I’ll let him know.”

When Nora left, my wife almost shouted, “What were you thinking?! You know that Bill, nice as he is, and as much as I like him, is not the kind of guy that mom would go for.”

“Relax,” I said, “I’ve been watching your mom, and I think that she and Bill might be good for each other.”

“Good?” my wife asked.

“You like him,” I answered, “And your mother may like him for the same reasons.”

“What?!” she exclaimed.

“Think about he first time you had a large cock. Wasn’t it a pleasure? Weren’t you surprised by how much it made a difference? Didn’t you feel things you’d never known? Didn’t you enjoy touching it?”

My wife became quiet. She stopped objecting. Finally she said, “But mom?”

“Why don’t we let her decide?” I said. And that was then end of the conversation.

Later that day, I texted Bill that the coast was clear for him to contact Nora, and that it was okay with my wife if he fucked her mother. Bill, of course, knew that our permission was not important. It was Nora’s permission he needed, and he would be careful not to fuck her unless she asked to be fucked. After all, he is a gentleman.

A few days later, Nora told me that she was meeting Bill. She said, “Maybe you were right. Maybe I should be open to more fun in my life.”

I smiled, knowing that fun would soon fill her pussy to the max, if that’s the kind of fun she was looking for.

That weekend, Bill’s car pulled into the driveway, and my wife was nervous as she watched him go to halkalı rus escort her mother’s door. “Don’t worry, honey,” I told her, “She’s a big girl.”

“I know that,” she answered, “But I bet daddy didn’t have a cock like Big Bill.”

I laughed, “Honey, nobody has a cock like Big Bill.”

We could hear muffled talking through the wall. There is a connecting doorway that she can lock. My wife kept peeping through the keyhole. She couldn’t see much, and every so often we would hear laughing.

After about an hour, the talking ceased, and we could only imagine what was going on. I said, “I have an idea.”

Luckily, Nora had left her door unlocked. I walked over and quickly opened her door. “Hello,” I called out. I was going to pretend that I forgot she had a visitor.

There on the sofa were Nora and Bill sitting side by side. His arm was around her shoulder. Bill was stark naked, and his cock was standing up like a NASA rocket on the launch pad. Nora’s hand was wrapped around it in with about five inches sticking up beyond her little fist. Bill’s extra large purple-pink cock head looked shiny and happy.

Bill called back, “Hello to you, too,” while Nora quickly removed her hand. At that moment, his dick leaned to one side a little, falling over toward Nora’s lap.

“Excuse me,” I said, “I needed to get a pair of pliers I must have left over here.” I acted contrite and then said, “I’ll leave you two alone,” and backed out.

Back in our place, I told my wife, “Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.” She just glared at me and ran back to the keyhole.

About half an hour later we heard sounds of passion through the wall. We both knew Bill could last ten rounds, and then some, so we settled in for a long night of wondering how small Nora would take Bill’s non-small fuck toy.

I convinced my wife that all would be well, and as soon as we got in bed I buried my cock in my wife’s pussy.

But, ten minutes later I got a text from Bill. He and I had talked about the possibility that his size would be too much for Nora, and sure enough. Bill said while Nora was trying to settle down on top of his cock as he was texting me. He even sent me an image of her kneeling over his pillar of pleasure, but no more than an inch of it had vanished up into Nora’s pussy. “Hey there, SOS, I think she needs a starter dick first.”

My cock dancing around inside my wife’s pussy, so I had to reply, “Stall for time. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

I had to preserve my own erection, so I pulled out and licked her to a climax. Maybe the image of her mother with Big Bill had prepped her for quick release. She cooed and moaned and turned over. In a few minutes she was asleep, and I tip-toed over to Nora’s.

Bill was glad to see me. He had been putting Nora through her paces, teasing, touching, licking, and praising her, and she had tried over and over to inch him into her. Bill said, “We need you, man.”

Nora was naked and needy. She’d been touched, kissed, licked, and handled every which way, everything but fucked. There she was with the biggest dick she could imagine, but it couldn’t do the job.

Bill said, “Here, Nora, lay on the bed, and we’ll get you started.”

She lay across the bed while Bill leaned over her with his enormous cock hanging down close to her face. His balls swung back and forth each time he shifted his weight. The purple head of his dick was inches from her lips. Bill reached to grasp Nora’s legs and pulled them up as she held them tight together.

I was already naked and nursing my adequate but not immense cock, watching as Bill pulled her legs apart and bent her knees for my entry. “Okay, my man,” Bill said, “get her limbered up for me, please.”

I stepped up as her pussy was presented to me, its entire length and many folds on perfect display. Nora paid no attention to her son in law preparing to fuck her. She was watching Bill’s huge dick waving back and forth just inches above her face.

My entry was smooth and easy. She was beyond ready for fucking, but needed a smaller man to start the process. Even though she hadn’t been fucked for years and was extraordinarily tight, I slid into her with no trouble. My length is above average, but I’m no where as thick as Bill. His width is what makes him so filling for the ladies.

My mother in law’s pussy almost sucked the cum out of me. I had to struggle not to lose control too quickly. After halkalı türbanlı escort all, my job was to start the re-opening of Nora’s pussy so that Bill could try again with his pussy pleaser.

I pushed in and out, angled side to side, left and right, up and down, to create a path for Bill. After about five minutes, Bill tapped me on the shoulder, “May I cut in?”

I pulled out and walked around to take his place holding Nora’s legs apart for him. She watched as Bill added extra lubrication to his cock and used both hands to spread it up and down and over his cock head. Then he positioned himself between her legs. My dick was now dangling down over her, but her eyes were intently watching to see if Bill could make his cock disappear into her.

Bill had done this many times, so I was confident that he knew what to do and what not to do. He leaned forward to let his weight govern the thrust. As he slowly pressed, his cock divided her lips wider and soon the real fucking began.

Slowly, slowly, Bill inched himself in, then out, to give Nora time to adjust and relax. Finally, he was able to gain entrance and fill her with half of his length. Bill smiled at me, “I think you did it, man.” We reached across for a high-five as he pressed another inch into Nora.

“How does it feel?” I asked him.

“Son, every pussy is tight for me,” Bill said, “But this one is a challenge.”

“How does it feel?” I asked my mother in law.

As she had often told me before, she said, “I’ve never felt better.”

Bill continued to use all his skills to go deeper and deeper until he said, “That’s it.”

I looked at him with a puzzled expression, and he explained, “These last couple of inches are spares because I’ve hit her limit.”

Nora just smiled and nodded, “Thank you. I think you’re right.”

Bill then put her arms around her and lifted her up off the bed. With her impaled on his dick, he walked to the kitchen and, holding her tight with one arm around her waist, used his other hand to pour them both a glass of wine. “Here’s to you, lovely lady,” he said as he lifted his glass. With her legs wrapped around him and Bill’s dick more than half way up her pussy, she leaned back a bit and they toasted his success.

Bill took her to the sofa and sat down. Nora rose and slowly pulled herself off the giant cock that had been lodged in her pussy. Now she controlled the action, and the fucking really began. I watched as she explored new pleasures.

I couldn’t believe how thorough Bill could fuck this attractive older woman. On the sofa, back on the bed, on the floor, bent over, on all fours, her on top, him on top, every time she tried to move away, Bill grabbed her and buried that monster cock in her little pussy. His method was to not give her a breather until he felt she was on the verge of collapse. Of course, it was a collapse of pleasure.

I knew that my help was no longer needed, but to be polite I asked Bill if he needed me for anything else. I was stroking myself as he said, “No, brother, you did a good job.”

“Permission to jack off?” I asked him.

“Permission granted,” Bill answered, and in ten seconds my cum was flying.

I left them and snuck back into bed next to Nora’s daughter. She turned and moaned, and we both slept like babes.

The next morning, Bill’s car was still there. My wife made coffee, and I listened to her wonder if her mom was okay. “I’m sure things are fine,” I said. “Bill is a gentleman, and your mother is a grown woman.”

We heard sounds from Nora’s apartment, and I texted Bill to ask if they were awake and wanted coffee.

He replied, “Sounds perfect.”

Ten minutes later Nora and Bill came over wearing robes and gratefully enjoyed cups of coffee. Bill and I chatted while Nora and her daughter sat in the living room and listened.

I knew Bill and Nora had an active night, and assumed that they were in the mood to take it easy now. Bill was all smiles and still enjoying himself. He said to my wife, “I sure think you for introducing to your lovely mom.”

He refilled his coffee cup and walked back to join us in the living room. As he walked, his robe opened down the middle, revealing a plump half-hard cock that looked as if it was ready to start all over again. He stood with his dick on display for Nora and her daughter. As Bill raised his cup to take a sip, he watched the ladies as they stared at the swelling lengthening cock.

In less than five minutes, Bill was sitting on the sofa between Nora and my wife, his robe parted and his cock arched and looking for the attention of lovely ladies. I sipped my coffee and watched as my wife and her mom stroked Bill together, massaging his balls and moving their hands up and down his now-erect length.

Bill caught my eye and said, “You have a nice family.”

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