Mother of 5 Chained and USED!


Mother of 5 Chained and USED!Mother of 5 Chained and USED!The wife and her hubby are out one evening at a theater performance. She is a 32 year old conservative Catholic mother of five with sandy blond hair, 42 DDD breasts. She is wearing a long black evening dress with sexy thigh hi’s and garter. As the evening draws to a close her hubby got a page, calling him to his office. He kissed her as he dropped her at home and then drove away.As she walks inside the thoughts of how she wanted her hubby that evening transition to planning what she is going to do; home alone without the k**s. The unsuspecting MILF walks inside the house. She has no clue that it is being robbed. The robber has been checking out her pictures since he broke in.When inside she sits down on the couch to take off her black boots. The intruder, who is hiding, watches for his chance to escape. He realizes that she is alone. He decides to take full advantage of the situation. He takes off his pants and grabs his bag.He sneaks up behind her on the couch and grabs her. She is disoriented and surprised. He restrains her hands and blind folds her. Dragging her to the hallway steps he sees hooks for decorations. Immediately he chains her hands and feet to the 4 corners of the door frame. She is screaming, crying, and begging not to be hurt. The chains jingle and clatter as she fights to get free, but the chains don’t budge. She begins to calm as her attempts to get free are unsuccessful.The robber lifts her dress exposing her garter and her white string bikini panties. He admires what he sees. The poor helpless mother canlı bahis cries out, again telling him to stop, don’t, but this only makes it more exciting for the robber – turned attacker. He begins fondling her. First feeling up her thigh hi’s, then her panty line, front to back, then the cotton panty itself. He is feeling the outline of her pussy hair, lips, and ass. As she grunts and yells at him to “STOP, DON’T”, he attaches a panty vibrator placing it in her panties, up against her clit. Again she cries out this time begging him to stop and not to do this. He turns the vibrator on high.The frightened helpless mom of 5 begins to grunt and breathe hard. The robber pulls her dress of over her head. She screams out, “STOP NO”! Since she is not wearing a bra, her breast pops out of the dress. She stands there, chained in the door way, only wearing a pair of thigh hi’s and her white panties. With a vibrator in her panties, the robber starts sucking on her nipples. She tries to pull away from him to keep him from sucking on her big tits. This causes her tits to sway. This is futile, as he collars and leashes her to hold her in place. He continues to aggressively sucks on her breasts.The panty vibrator and having her nipples sucked takes its toll her. Her crying, screaming, and begging have turned to grunting, moaning, and heavy breathing. Her resistance is failing as her desires betray her. Her panties are soaked. Her nipples ache from his biting and pulling. She is still calling, no, no, stop, as she tries to resist him. She fears him, fears cumming for this stranger who has invaded bahis siteleri her home and violated her.Her will to resist has failed. Just as she is about to cum the robber turns off her panty vibrator and rips her panties off. The MILF screams out “NOOO” as the fabric falls to the floor exposing her naturally hairy pussy. The helpless mom is now naked, completely exposed only wearing her thigh hi’s and garters. The intruder, turned r****t, begins feeling her hairy pussy. He is licking it and finger fucking her. Again the conservative wife and mom of 5 tries to resist. She can do nothing to stop him from using her body like a puppet.Finally the poor helpless conservative wife and mom of 5 tired, sore, and her body sexually tormented finally breaks and begs to cum. She begs to be released, let down and allowed to cum. The r****t releases her chains. Her hands are still secured behind her back. He tosses her on the couch, pulls her legs wide, and chains her ankles to a spreader bar. He cuffs her hands in front of her, hands her a vibrator, and instructs her to masturbate.Still wishing to resist, the mother begs, please no….as he stares at the family pictures and commenting how hubby may like to watch them? He inquires, ‘How old is your daughter?’She begins to masturbate. He says “that’s better” and puts down the family photograph.While she is masturbating the intruder climbs on the couch and sticks his dick in her mouth. He forces her to suck him as she masturbates. Quickly, he cums in her mouth, forcing her to swallow every drop! Then he starts sucking her breast. Surprisingly güvenilir bahis they start leaking milk. He realizes that she is still breast feeding her baby. The robber starts sucking her tits more and harder. He is milking her while she is crying out. Finally, she cums.The robber then gets on top of her. She cries out “what are you doing” he responds fucking you. She says “noooo please no, I belong to my hubby he is the only one permitted to have sex with me. Please, I am Catholic, please don’t! I have done everything else” (She is in no position to resist or stop him). He smiles at her, saying, ‘Oh in that case let me take this thing off. He pulls the condom off, and says ‘then I guess I don’t need this condom. The helpless mom cries out again, “what are doing, please NO!” as he responds with a grin. “Please no” as the robber uses her torn white panties to gag her. She just lays there! Her legs forced open wide as she gets fucked by this stranger, barebacked (thinking about how she has betrayed her hubby) then she cums again as the robber also cums inside of her.He dismounts her, grabs the memory card out of the camera — he has been taking pictures of her all along. With his stuff in hand, he says to her “since you were so good that the only thing he was taking was the memory card from the camera.’ He leaves her there legs tied to the spreader bar, hands chained to her collar, fluids leaking out of her mouth, tits, and pussy for her hubby to find later that night.Pre-story: This is the roleplay story the my wife and I acted out this week on yahoo cam as I played the robber. The pics are posted on our profile.I want to thank diceman55 for helping me to proof the story since I am not the best writer.Please comment and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it almost as much as i did. Thanks!

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