Mother Shares Her Secrets


This is a story about family sex and sex between a mother and son. If this is not “Not Your Thing” please stop right now. Everyone in this true story is over the age of eighteen.

If you’re still with me, and I hope you enjoy it.

Feedback is always appreciated and I will always try to answer if requested.


I’ll be honest with you here, at forty-three years old my mother isn’t exactly a raving beauty but she’s far from being ugly. Really, I guess I’d have to say that she’s an average looking woman…the kind of woman you see every day, in the supermarket, or a drugstore, or just about anywhere. She takes good care of herself. She dresses well. Her makeup is usually a little underdone but natural looking. Her brunette hair is full and falls a little below her shoulders. She’s clearly a mature woman who knows herself quite well. She knows what she likes and clearly knows what she doesn’t like. Within the past two years I’ve come to the delightful realization that beneath her calm, motherly demeanor she’s a very, very sexual woman with an incredibly strong sex drive.

She has her secrets, and I suspect, even a few private sorrows—as all women do.

It was over ten years ago when her husband (yes, my father), decided that he wasn’t happy and his life wasn’t worth much. He packed a few clothes in a tattered suitcase and simply disappeared. Within a year his car was found abandoned somewhere in Nebraska with no clue to his whereabouts. After that mother gave up looking for him and seemed to concentrate on raising me. I like to think she did a good job. At twenty-one I’m almost finished with college, have some great employment offers and my future looks bright. I’m still living at home and as soon as I graduate I plan to move out into my own apartment.

I’m going to tell you a secret about the relationship between my mother and I. We have sex several times a week. Let me correct that…we have incredible, uninhibited, anything goes sex several times a week. I never would have suspected that my mother was such a phenomenal, almost insatiable, sex partner. Her small tits sag slightly, her pussy hair shows slight traces of grey hair and she has a couple of small scars, the result of a busy life well lived. She’s clearly not as slim as she was in her twenties; her middle-aged body has filled-out and for the most part, in all the right places. The bottom line…she’s an attractive, sexual, mature woman.

Okay, let me back up here to tell you how it all started.

Two years ago (I’d just turned nineteen) it was a Saturday night and I’d been out on a disastrous blind-date that my best friend Gary had set me up with. My date’s name was Diana and I have to tell you it was a match made in hell. Very early on it was clear that we didn’t like each other and the date went downhill from the beginning. She feigned a migraine and I took her home right after supper. Needless to say, I decided to go home early instead of staying out.

My mother wasn’t in her usual place in the den, reading but I didn’t think much of it. As I walked down the hallway towards my room I saw that mother’s bedroom door was open and the lights were on. I decided to say goodnight to her but when I got to her door I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw. Mother was on the bed with our next door neighbor Trevor. Trevor is a widower about five years older than mother and they were good friends but I never suspected they had sex.

They both were completely naked. It seemed so surreal to me as I stood there watching them.

Trevor was lying on his back and mother was kneeling between his legs and sucking on his cock. Her ass and pussy were pointed directly toward me and I could feel my cock getting hard and pressing against the tight material of my underwear. Neither she, nor Trevor, knew I was at the door watching them.

Mother’s would let Trevor’s cock slip from her lips as her closed fingers remained wrapped around his hard shaft; stroking him with rapid strokes before slipping the purple head of his cock back in her mouth again. I could hardly believe how erotic her upturned, exposed cunt and anus looked to me.

I stayed for as long as I could before I stepped back into the hallway and went to my room. I’d never been as aroused I was at that moment. All I wanted to do was get naked and jack off—the image of my mother’s exposed cunt was burned into my brain. I went to my room and quickly got undressed and lay on my bed with my hard cock lying on my belly. I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. I imagined myself looking down and watching my mother sucking my cock. I also imagined myself between my mother’s spread thighs—plunging my cock into her wet vagina as hard as I could as she softly whispered, “Fuck me baby! Fuck your mother’s pussy with your hard cock.”

Every time I was only a couple of strokes from cuming I’d stop jacking off—letting my pleasure subside for a few moments before starting to jack again. This method always gives me a huge bakırköy türbanlı escort orgasm when I finally let myself cum. With my most powerful orgasms I can shoot streams of my cum up to my chest, neck and on rare occasions, my own face. With this delayed technique I can masturbate for hours and my orgasm, when I finally can’t hold it back any longer is very intense.

I’d lost track of time when I knew I couldn’t delay much longer and I let my hand pound my cock faster and faster. The image of my mother sucking on Trevor’s cock was more than I could stand and a huge orgasm rushed over me as my cock began spurting out long streams of cum. The first strand hit my cheek and lips and I couldn’t help letting out a soft moan as more spurts of my cum continued to land on my naked chest and belly.

It was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had and I was drained. I just lay on the bed not wanting to move as my hard cock softened and my body relaxed. I wiped the cum from my face, chest and abdomen just before I heard my mother’s faint footsteps come to my closed door and hesitate. I listened for a moment before I heard her go back to her room. I was sure that Trevor had already left and mother obviously realized that I’d gotten home when she and Trevor were having sex. I knew she’d be embarrassed about it, and I didn’t know what she’d say.

I awoke about two a.m. because I needed to go to the bathroom. My mind was groggy and not fully awake yet the image of mother sucking Trevor’s cock was strong and clear. I was still naked so I put on my robe and as I crossed the hall toward the bathroom I saw that the door to mother’s room was still open and a light in her room was still on. After leaving the bathroom I walked toward her door and looking in I saw her sitting up in her bed reading. She was wearing a white negligee that was very sexy even though it didn’t show anything. She glanced at me over the top of her reading glasses as I stood in the doorway.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said. “I thought I’d get some reading done.”

“Okay, goodnight,” I said as I turned to go back to my room.

“Wait, can you come in? I want to talk to you about what happened last night—I didn’t know you’d be home so early and I think I owe you an explanation, it’s time to be truthful.”

I hesitated a moment before walking into her room and standing at the end of her bed. “That’s okay,” I said, “It’s no big deal.”

“No, I think I owe you an explanation. When your father left us it made things very difficult and I concentrated on being a good mother to you and, unfortunately, it meant that I had to close-off some things in my life.” She paused as she put her book down. “Sex,” she said softly. “Sex was one of the things I tried to ignore…and it’s been difficult and I haven’t always been successful. Before your father and I were married—” She paused uncomfortably before adding, “I’ll be honest with you…when I was young I was very active sexually. I was sexually adventurous; before I was married to your father I had many partners.”

I could tell by the tone of her voice that she meant more than two or three lovers.

“In those days loved the freedom of sex,” she paused as she looked at me. “I had strong sexual needs,

I’m a woman, and I love the attention and the security I felt during sex. I never would have brought all of this up if you hadn’t seen Trevor and I together.”

Our conversation, and the thoughts of my own mother having sex with many partners was having an effect on my cock and I could feel it starting to get hard.

I suddenly remembered having heard some bits and pieces of rumors about something happening between mother and her older brother David many years ago. I didn’t know the whole story, or if there was any truth to it. I thought I’d take a chance to see what her reaction would be if I mentioned it.

“I’ve heard rumors,” I said.

“Rumors?” She asked.

“Rumors—about you and Uncle Dave.” I said trying to look calm.

She reacted with a stunned silence for a long moment as she looked at me. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “You’re old enough to know the truth,” she finally said. “Yes, some of the rumors are true. You know that your Uncle Dave is only a little over a year older than me and we were always close. We spent a lot of time together when I was eighteen we were home alone and I don’t really know how it happened but things went a little too far…too far to stop… and we had sex and I lost my virginity. After that we started having sex, more and more, every chance we could get…I never knew that something could feel so good.”

I felt that there were more secrets, and that mother was definitely holding something back.

“How often do you and Trevor have sex?” I asked boldly.

“Not very often,” she said. “Really, tonight was only the third or fourth time.” She looked sheepishly at me as she added, “He’s not very good at it but–.” bakırköy ucuz escort

By now my cock was hard and throbbing under my robe. Just imagining my mother lying in bed with her legs spread and some man fucking her was an incredible turn-on for me. I could feel my heart pounding as I moved over and sat on the edge of the bed closer to her. In addition, the image I held in my mind from last night…of her exposed cunt and anus kept flashing through my mind. I saw her glance at the bulge in my robe a couple of times when she thought I didn’t see it.

“We kept our secret for a long time, at least until we got caught,” she said.


“My mother caught us having sex on an old sofa in the basement one time. We didn’t think she was home. David and I were both naked and I was lying on the sofa and David was on top of me fucking me. We were both about to cum so we didn’t hear her. I wasn’t sure how long she’d been standing there watching us but when I saw her she had a funny look on her face and then she just turned and went upstairs without saying anything.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing for a couple of months.” She paused and was silent for a long moment as if she wasn’t sure she should continue.

As I sat there looking at my mother I wasn’t surprised that grandmother might not say anything to grandfather about catching her daughter and son having sex; she’s a very sweet and understanding woman.

Mother took a deep breath and kind of sank into the deep pillow behind her.

“Let’s see, late one night David came into my room and he told me that he had a secret he wanted to share with me. He made me promise to never tell anyone. And I agreed, we’ve always trusted each other.” Mother paused again before she finally said, “David told me that he and mother had been having sex for about a month. He also said that while he and mother were having sex our father watched them and played with himself. I was so surprised I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at him. Then he said, there’s something else you need to know. David told me that they keep talking about watching he and I having sex while they watched.”

It was my turn to be silent for a moment. I never thought about my grandparents being sexual. Then I looked at mother and asked, “Did it happen?”

She took a deep breath and nodded softly. “It happened a lot after that. David and I would have sex while they watched. Usually everyone was nude and they would fondle each other as they watched us. Sometimes we would go into their bedroom and David would fuck mother as father and I watched—he played with my tits and pussy. Sometimes David and I would watch them as they had sex…we did everything.”

She was silent as she looked at me for a long moment and said, “It was fun. Everyone liked it, anyone could quit if they wanted to—no one wanted to stop.”

Then she answered the unspoken question I had in my mind.

“Yes…father fucked me. I especially liked it when mother and David watched us. Father fucked me differently than David. Father’s cock was larger around than David’s and it filled me more…but, Dave was gentler.”

Mother just looked at me to see how I was taking it. She smiled softly and said, “I honestly was afraid that there was something wrong with me because I loved sex so much. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed about it. But I was smart enough to keep it a secret from all of my friends; I never told anyone. All I wanted to do was have sex. For years after your father left us all I had was my toys.

That’s why I started having sex with Trevor…at least it’s something.” She paused. “That’s the truth.” She paused again. “Does that upset you to know your mother’s secrets?”

“No,” I answered honestly. “It makes me want you so much, I want to feel what it’s like to be inside you!”

“Are you and Uncle Dave still—.”

“No, not after he got married,” she said.

I stood up and my hard cock was clearly visible under the front of my robe and when she glanced at it I took a chance and opened my robe exposing my cock to her. It throbbed two times just from the eroticism of the moment. There was a long strand of clear pre-cum that went from the opening of my cock to my thigh. She looked at me as if she was trying to decide what to do. Then, she got out of bed and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stood beside her bed waiting for her to return. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to feel my cock inside her vagina. My hand was on my cock stroking it gently and I hoped she wanted it as strongly as I wanted her pussy.

When the bathroom door opened mother stood there completely nude looking at me with a very erotic look on her face. Because of the way she stood, almost as if presenting herself to me, it seemed as if this was the first time I’d ever seen her completely nude. She had a beautiful mature body, her tits weren’t overly large and had lost some başakşehir escort tone to them, and her nipples stood out from her pink areola, looking very erotic. Her hips and tummy had filled out, and her dark patch of pubic hair was larger than I’d expected.

I took off my robe and tossed on a chair as she came toward me and we embraced. I immediately felt the warmth of her naked body against mine as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my penis. I felt her body trembling in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“This must be our secret,” she said as she looked into my eyes.

“I promise,” I said with honesty.

Mother slipped down onto her knees in front of me and held my cock with one hand as the fingers of her other hand slowly slipped my foreskin down exposing the pink head of my cock. I felt her warm breath on my hard tool as she slowly took it into her mouth. Looking down I saw that some of my pre-cum was in her hair and on her face. I knew I was going to have a struggle just keeping from cuming too quickly. I watched her hair shimmering as she worked on my cock. The feeling was incredible. I don’t know how much time had passed but she sensed that I was very close to cuming and she stopped sucking on me and stood up. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she took my hand and led me to the bed; urging me to lie down on my back.

For several minutes her warm hands roamed all over my naked body being careful not to touch my cock or balls before she positioned herself above me. Taking my throbbing cock in her hand she moved up and began gently rubbing the tip of my cock on her right nipple. She closed her eyes and moaned softly each time the opening of my penis came in contact with her nipples.

After a few moments she said softly, “Your grandmother loves that. Her nipples are very sensitive.”

I suddenly wondered if she still had sex with her parents but I didn’t ask. I knew I’d probably find out soon enough.

Mother moved down and knelt between my legs facing me. She took my cock in both hands and stroked it slowly as she watched my foreskin covering and uncovering my swollen pink head. Her movements were slow and erotic. “Since this is the first time, I want you to cum inside me,” she said.” I want to have your young cum in my vagina.” Then she looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you close?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold it back.”

She moved over on the bed and lay on her back. Bending her knees she pulled her legs up against her chest completely exposing her cunt to me. Her lips were slightly parted and I could see the moisture glistening off of her pussy lips. Her wetness matted her dark pubic hair against her thighs and pubic bone.

Her pussy was very wet and inviting as I moved up between her legs.

“Fuck me baby,” She said softly. “Put your cock inside me and fuck your mother.”

“Oh,” she said as the head of my cock touched her labia just below her clitoris.

“Fuck me baby,” she whispered.

Mother let out a low moan as my cock parted her cunt lips at the entrance to her vagina. With a gentle push I felt my cock travel up the entire length of her vagina stopping only when my scrotum prevented me from going any deeper.

“Oh my god! She moaned. “Fuck your mother baby! I’ve waited so long!”

My hands and arms were on both sides of her shoulders holding my body above her as we fucked. Looking down I could see my hard cock, wet with her pre-fuck juices, as I pulled it almost completely out of her vagina before plunging it inside her again.

“Oh my god, are you close baby?”

“I don’t know if I can hold it back much longer,” I said breathlessly.

“Don’t hold it back any longer baby, fuck me…just fuck me and cum inside me.”

We started fucking harder and harder as we approached our orgasms. Mother was moaning and crying-out each time my cock slammed into her cunt. I felt her fingernails digging into my back as she bucked her hips up to meet my thrusting cock.

“Oh,god! Fuck me baby! You’ve been in here before! Fuck me hard and deep!”

Her words rung in my ears and suddenly my orgasm exploded inside me and I began spewing my cum into her vagina. She bit my shoulder softly as her body convulsed with her intimate pleasure. Her cries turned to a sort of soft sobbing as her body responded to her orgasm that was still pulsing inside her. A small tear ran from her eye as we held each other and caught our breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked softly.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time for an orgasm that powerful and emotionally fulfilling,” she whispered softly. “That was wonderful and I’m fine. These are tears of joy—joy that what we just did was so beautiful. “I’ve never had an orgasm that powerful. You’ve let me feel l something so wonderful.”

Her tears quickly gave way to sleep and I listened to her soft breathing as she lay on my shoulder. This was the beginning of something new for us both. Yes, we’ve have intense and powerful love with each other but she’s still my mother and I, her son even though at times it’s easy to only see her as a sexual woman.

We lay quietly in her bed holding each other. This time not as mother and son but as a man and woman who shared something that very few people in the world understand.

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