Motherly Love…


Brad’s house was my second home. Brad and I had been best buddies since high school and both found jobs at the local appliance manufacturer’s plant. Brad worked in shipping and I on the clothes dryer assembly line.

Life around our house was less than perfect. Mom and Dad were always squabbling about insignificant things. Pop was hitting the bottle pretty good and we did our best to stay out of his way when he got ornery. I usually sought asylum at Brad’s.

Brad’s parents were the opposite of mine, real “Leave it to Beaver” kind of mother and father. The atmosphere in the Nelson household was one of love and happiness.

Brad had a younger sister who had just turned eighteen. Sarah was cute, a freckle face redhead like her mom with a bubbly personality. Sarah was a bit of a tomboy choosing to hang out with Brad and I rather than other girls.

Although we were less than two years older than Sarah she looked upon us as her heroes and tried to please us in any way she could.

Brad’s mother Kathy is a good-looking woman. In her early forties she still has a good figure, large breasts and slightly flared hips from childbirth with radiant red hair and iridescent green eyes. Brad and Sarah had inherited many of their mom’s genes.

Brad’s father Stan was an area manager for a large auto exhaust chain and spent a lot of time on the road.

It was a Thursday afternoon and Brad and I had finished work and were sitting in Brad’s room listening to music and sharing a joint.

While we were vegetating Brad’s mom entered the room with some of Brad’s laundry.

“You better not let your father catch you smoking that.” Kathy warned her son.

“Do you want a toke Mrs. Nelson?” I asked.

Brad looked at me terror stricken, I had just asked his mother if she wanted to smoke weed!

“No thanks Gordon.” Kathy politely declined.

“C’mon Kathy, I bet you toked in high school?” I persisted.

Brad was really confused; I was trying to get his mother to smoke up while calling her by her first name.

“O.K., just a drag.” Kathy Okayed.

Brad sat amazed as his mother took a deep drag on the joint.

It was no hard to get Kathy to take another drag and then another, holding each one in her lungs to get the maximum effect. In no time she was buzzed.

As Kathy begin to mellow her body started to sway with the music.

“Do a dance for us Mrs. Nelson.” I urged.

As Brad watched his mother transformed into a writhing seductress.

Kathy was wearing a conservative housedress covered with ting green flowers. It had a high neckline and fell to below her knees but the way her hips moved beneath the smooth material was sensuous.

Kathy pinched the skirt of her dress between her thumbs and index fingers and saucily raised the hem enough to reveal the hem of her slip and nylon covered legs.

Brad watched in disbelief as his mother entranced us with her body.

Gradually she raised her dress and slip higher and higher until her well-filled white panties were visible. She wore thigh high nylons held by an old fashion garter belt. Her long shapely legs reminded me of the Vargas girls of the sixties.

“Mom!” Brad moaned in embarrassment.

“Don’t be such a prude Brad!” Kathy esenyurt anal yapan escort scolded flaunting her silk covered womanhood before us.

Getting up to join Kathy I took her in my arms to dance. While Brad watched I slipped my hand inside his mother’s panties and filled it with the soft flesh of her buttocks. I squeezed her supple ass as she begins to gyrate against me.

It was a surrealistic marijuana induced world as I held my friend’s mother in my arms while she grinds her womanhood against my throbbing bulge.

Kathy continued her dance as my other hand went up and I slid her panties down over her generous hips. She was a natural woman and continued to push her hairy crotch against my trousers while her son watched.

Letting her panties fall around her ankles I busied myself freeing my raging hard on from my pants. With her son watching Kathy’s cunt consumed my cock.

We fucked as we moved slowly about, a few feet in front of her son. Kathy was cock starved and her pussy mangled my cock with endless contractions and spasms.

Firmly imbedded in her my hands unfastened her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. The loosen garment fell to her waist revealing her very well filled bra. The bra popped as I released the tension and carefully freed her massive breasts.

Her breasts must have been 38C or D, pale white covered with a sprinkle of orange freckles. Her three inch pink aureoles were the bases of large pencil erasure shaped teats rising temptingly out. My hand cupped her huge mammary as if weighing it.

Kathy’s dress fell to the floor leaving her naked save for her nylon stockings and garter belt. Brad could not take his eyes off us as I fucked his mother in the dance of love.

Kathy was so swallowed up in her joy she showed no reserve in fornicating n front of her son. Brad just shrunk into his chair as his mother squirmed on my cock.

“Cum in me Gordie!” Kathy begged as she approached her orgasm.

I grabbed my friend’s mother firmly by her ass and began transferring sperm into her.

“Oh yes, soak me!” she cried feeling my hot jism invading her.

In three gigantic spurts my balls emptied into Kathy’s womb.

Kathy was flush and had to sit down after her orgasm. Exhausted she plopped down on the couch beside her son. Her legs were spread apart and my cum could be seen leaking from her freshly fucked cunt. Unexpectedly Brad’s hand went down t his mother’s crotch. Cautiously Brad’s finger touched his mother’s wet slit.

Brad had confided in me that he had had fantasies about fucking his mother but thought she was far too conservative for it to ever happen. Now he was sitting with his fingers in his mother’s freshly fucked pussy.

“Do you want to fuck your Mommy too Bradley?” Kathy asked her son.

It was Brad’s moment of truth; did he have the nerve to fuck his own mother?

Kathy’s hand tunneled into Brad’s trousers and pulled out hit cock. Her mouth went down on him to make up his mind.

I could hear the slurping sound of Brad’s cock being licked by Kathy’s tongue. In no time Brad was hard as a rock and ready to enter his mother.

“No, Bradley! You…. unggh…. you don’t have to lick Mommy’s pussy! esenyurt escort Unggh! Just fuck your mother, Bradley. I now that’s what you want!”

Bradley didn’t answer. He held his mother’s pussy lips open with his fingers, allowing him to thrust his tongue deeper into her wet, fragrant hole. The fuck cream kept running out of her cuntal depths, and her clit was very fat and swollen, protruding at the top of her fur-fringed cuntslit.

Bradley moved his tongue higher, proving his skill as a pussy licker as he began swabbing his mom’s clit from side to side. His naked mother squealed, clutching his head with both hands. Then she urgently started thrusting and fucking her hips off the bed, urgently fucking her wet pussy onto his face.

“Yes, Bradley,” she cried hoarsely. “Unggh! Mommy needs sucking now! Mommy needs sucking bad! Unggh! Lick Mommy’s clitty, Bradley! Oh, suck it, suck it good, make your mother cum!”

Bradley kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub his face on the dense, ginger colored curls that covered her lower belly in a rich moss. Now he straightened his fingers, pushing them into the narrow clinging interior of his mother’s pussy channel. Kathy shuddered as her son started jacking off her throbbing cunt, licking directly on her clit at the same time.

“Suck it, Bradley! Oh, please!”

Bradley took her clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt. Kathy felt the cum welling up deep inside of her, making her nipples and asshole tingle as the pre-orgasmic sensations violently pleasured her whole body. Then she was cumming, cumming uncontrollably, while her very own son sucked her cunt.

“Eat it, Bradley! Unggh! Lick it, lick your mother! Cumming, cuummmiiinnnggg!”

Kathy’s throbbing pussy spasm and spewed, giving her child a mouthful of pussy juice to lick and suck up. Bradley kept sucking her clit and jacking her off, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. It was nearly a minute before the spasms subsided. By then, Kathy had an aching need deep, deep inside her pussy that she’d never felt before. She desperately need to feel her son’s fat, meaty prick pounding into her cunt as fast as he could shove it in.

“You…. you can fuck your mother no, Bradley. I know that’s what you really want. Go ahead, Bradley. Shove it in. Hurry!”

Bradley mounted his naked mother, crawling up between her thighs with his giant, dripping cock pulsing over his stomach. Impatiently Kathy reached down, grasping the cock shaft and directing his cock knob to her pussy. She whimpered and bit her lip as she felt the meaty prick boring into her and stretching her pouty pussy lips to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock.

“Unggh! Oh, you’ve really got a fat one, Bradley! Unggh! You’re really going to have to stuff it in, aren’t you? Go ahead. Unggh! Shove it up Mommy’s pussy, honey. Hurry, hurry!

Bradley spread his knees apart, to put his hips in the best position to hammer in his cock. Then he started stroking in and out, fucking his organ deeper into his mother with every stroke.

Kathy raised her head, looking down, watching the veined cock shaft gooshing in and esenyurt eve gelen escort out of her clinging pussy. The sight was violently exciting. She started humping and wiggling her round ass, thrusting her throbbing pussy onto Bradley’s huge cock.

“You…. you can fuck me deeper, Bradley,” she panted. “Go ahead, Bradley. Fuck Mommy’s tight cunt just as deep as you can!”

Bradley started stroking harder, making his mother grimace and shudder as he really started nailing his immense cock into her clinging, throbbing pussy. At last it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in her cunt. Kathy had never felt so stuffed with hard cock in her life.

Her pussy was sucking and spasm uncontrollably now, constantly nursing around the huge, belly-probing stiffness of his cock. Bradley lay motionless on top of her for several seconds. He let his elbow bend, crushing her huge tits under his descending chest.

“Fuck your mother, Bradley!”

The intensity of her incestuous desire becoming more apparent, Kathy cocked her legs as high as she could and locked her calves together across his back. Then she started wiggling and humping like a bitch in heat, frantically fucking her tight, wet pussy onto her own son’s cock.

“I said fuck me, Bradley! Mommy’s awfully horny now! Fuck me, fuck me good!”

Bradley pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated, dripping hard-on distended his mother’s pussy lips. He shuddered as he came down hard again, again spearing every inch of his giant fuck organ into her pussy. By then Kathy was humping like a sex-starved machine, her huge tit mounds bouncing and quivering as she piston her pussy onto her son’s prick. Bradley met his mother’s rhythm, slamming his cock deeply into her buttery, sucking cunt.

“That’s right, Bradley! Unggh! Oh, shit, do it harder, fuck Mommy’s cunt as hard as you can!” Kathy wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight, gasping and squealing as her pussy spasm uncontrollably around his big cock. “Fuck me, Bradley! Fuck me!”

Bradley panted on her shoulder, and then he started fucking his mother as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked his hips between her thighs, grunting as he rammed his giant, arrow-like prick into the gooey depths of her sucking pussy. Already the horny mother could feel the second series of spasms welling up in her loins, making her ravished, cock-filled fuck hole suck even tighter around Bradley’s prick.

“Mommy’s cumming again, honey! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! Unggh! Cumming, Bradley! I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy burst lusciously into orgasm, oozing out fuck cream, the narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around her son’s tremendously huge cock. Bradley collapsed on top of her, ramming his cock in to the hilt. Then the second load of cum cream gushed out of his prick. Kathy felt it spraying and spewing, erupting deep inside her pussy, deluging her womb with a hot, soothing load of jizz.

Hornily she flexed her fucking muscles around the erupting cock shaft, helping her child drain the reservoir in his balls completely in her pussy. But she could already feel her guilt, shame and disgust returning now that she’d succumbed to the craving to give her pussy to her own son. This would be the first time, she thought, and also the last. She simply couldn’t live with herself if she continued to relieve her own son’s cock every time it got achey and stiff.

“You boys are to tell no one what happened here today!” Mrs. Nelson warned.

“No Mom.” Brad promised.

I smiled knowing we had pussy whenever we wanted it!

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