Mother’s Seduction

Big Tits

I had known that I wanted my mother since I first became sexually aroused. I would look at porn mags and think of what a woman must look like in the flesh. I would pretend to accidentally walk in on her at different times, seeing her body and recording it in my memory.

I suspected as time went on and I grew older that she knew they weren’t all accidental occurrences. I also noticed that she seemed to at times allow this to occur. Whether this was the case or not I could never bring myself to do anything about it.

The social taboos and feelings of a mother son relationship were more than I could rationalize or overcome at an early age.

After I went to college and started to experience the world my understanding of what I had felt for her became clearer. I loved her and felt close to her. We had a bond that I wanted to take deeper. I also started to see her as an unobtainable goal, making my desire even greater.

When I received the news in my first year of college that my mom ,Brenda, and dad had decided to get a divorce I was not surprised. I had felt for some time the resentment that they felt for each other. In fact I felt a resentment from my dad that he was staying with my mother for my sake, and this was hampering his life in some way.

During spring break of my junior year I decided to forgo the usual hedonistic route and go home to help my mother with some things around the house. She had related to me in recent phone calls that there were some things that needed a mans abilities.

Mom as far as I knew had dated a time or two but nothing serious or lasting. I started thinking if this might be the time to answer some long standing questions. I also started to formulate a few scenarios that might open the door to the answers. Little did I know that things would work themselves out.

When I arrived home on Friday evening mom had supper cooked. She had fixed one of my favorites, chicken burritos and taco salad. She also had another of my favorites, Corona’s, which was strange in that my mother never drank much or cared for beer.

When we sat down to eat she said “I know you probably wanted to go with your friends to Mexico for the break. And I appreciate you coming home to help so much that I decided to try and at least give you a taste of the border.”

I said “You know you mean more to me than my friends and I’m the man of the house now so to speak so for this week relax and I’ll take of you.”

With that said mom got up and turned on a CD of south of the border guitar music. We ate and drank and talked about all manner of things, some of which I had never thought of to discuss with my mother before.

I was starting to feel like I was with a good friend or on a date. I looked at Brenda and took her features in. Her hair was shorter than when I had grown up but still shoulder length. She had it pulled into a ponytail and this seemed to give her a more youthful appearance.

She was wearing a sleeveless top that was tight enough to show her nipples as she was wearing no bra. Her breasts had always been large for her size but now seem fuller hanging free. Her faded denims were not to tight but accented her full hips. She had put on some weight but just enough to show her maturity, not detract from her sexuality.

After dinner we went to the den and started watching a movie she had rented. It was not the best I had seen lately but ok. Mom got up and returned after a while with lemon and lime slices and a bottle of Tequila.

Shocked I said “What has gotten into you, first beers with supper and now Tequila. What’s next, rock music and strippers?”

She just smiled and said “I just wanted to make you feel like you weren’t missing anything. I’m sorry but I don’t have the strippers. You’ll just have to make do like with your old magazines, I left them between the mattresses in your room.”

I said “Mom, you knew about those?”

“I knew about a lot of things but never said anything. I know what its like to be young and have a libido. I never wanted to deny you innovia escort of your attractions. That might have lead to you looking elsewhere. You might have gotten involved in other things with other people.” She said

I wondered if she meant about how I was always trying to see her naked.

To my surprise she sat down next to me and poured out two shots of tequila. She said “Bottoms up, were on spring break tonight.”

We both had a couple of shots and the movie finished. I turned on the satellite and when I thumbed through noticed that the Erotic channels were paid for.

Mom said nothing so I made another pass and stopped on one for a few minutes. It was soft in nature but was showing a man and woman having sex in different positions.

I said “No strippers but this will do.”

Mom said “Oh this came when I ordered the whole package. I just left it on to have something different. Better than your magazines Uh.”

I said “Yea I just can’t take it to my bedroom and lock the door.”

We laughed and she said “Well if its that hard on you maybe I need to leave until you get things straightened out.” And she stared right at the huge bulge in my pants.

I said “Your the pot calling the kettle black.” and pointed to her nipples which were protruding a good half an inch out of her blouse.

She reached down and rubbed her palm across her left nipple and said “I guess we both might have to lock our doors this evening.”

“You don’t have to on my account. “I said feeling the effects of the liquor “Its nothing I haven’t seen before.”

She said “Well I knew you used to like to see me naked but I didn’t think you’d ever caught me doing that.”

I laughed and said “I didn’t but since your so willing to admit to it anything else you want to tell.”

She said “Why you little…I should have known you never saw me, I only did it while you and your dad were out of the house.”

“Its ok.” I said “You’ve got needs like everybody else and its just natural for a beautiful woman like you who doesn’t date much to fulfill those needs somehow.”

I couldn’t believe how this conversation was going. Was she wanting to take things in the same direction I was? Or was I reading to muck into a liberal conversation between a grown man and his mom?

She said “Matt your mothers not dating much because I’m 46 and men just don’t find me as attractive as those younger girls. Same thing that happened to your father. You know the saying about trading one in for a newer model.”

I said “Mom you are still the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I wish I had the chance to be with a woman like you.”

She said “I wish I could find a Man like you. You know how to make a woman feel good.”

I knew that we might never come this close again and I had to make a move. I looked her in the eye and said “I would love to make you feel good mom.”

I slowly reached out and placed my hand behind her neck and drew her to me. She didn’t resist and our lips met and parted into the sweetest kiss of my life.

Her hands ran across my chest and down to my crotch. She broke free of our kiss and said “I need you to make me feel good.”

That was all I needed to here as I stood and pulled my shirt over my head I felt her breath on my chest as she licked and sucked my nipple into her mouth.

She then traced her tongue down to my navel and started to undo my pants. I let her kiss and lick me until she had pulled my pants down far enough to release my aching cock.

She said “My you have become the man of this house.” as she slowly stroked my 8″ of rock hard meat.

I grabbed the back of her head as she engulfed my member. She sucked and licked her way up and down my cock until I thought I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Mom sensing I was close looked up into my eyes and took more of my cock down her throat. That look of lust drove me over the edge and I emptied years of pent-up cum down her throat.

I moaned as she milked my cock for every istanbul escort drop. She stood and we kissed. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. It was heaven.

I said “Now let me show you how good I can make You feel.” Pushing her back on the couch I slowly pulled her top off her shoulders, freeing her pendulous breasts.

Each nipple was bigger around than a coffee cup and standing a good inch erect. I bent and sucked one into my mouth while mom gasped in pleasure. She said “Yes baby suck momma’s big hard nipples. Get all of that you want.” She didn’t have to say it twice as I fondled and sucked each one for 5-10 minutes.

I started undoing her jeans and slid them down and off of her ankles. Mom had on sexy pink panties and the wet spot on the huge mound of her cunt spoke volumes as to her feelings.

I knelt down and started licking the fabric, tasting her sweet juices as they soaked through. My tongue traced the outline of her slit and pressed the fabric into her slit.

Mom moaned and twisted as a applied greater pressure with my tongue and mouth. She said “Yes darling yes, momma’s got a big wet pussy and needs you to treat it right.” I was turned on like never before by my mom talking dirty and the lust in her tone.

I slowly pulled her panties down and exposed her cunt. Her lips were plentiful and full, a thick patch of hair covering her whole cunt area.

The tip of her clit peeked through the top of her labia. The whole thing framed by her ample creamy thighs.

I lowered my mouth and sucked in her outer lips, tasting her sweet juices. She pushed out against my tongue with each stroke it made through the deep slit to her cunt hole.

Moaning she said “Oh Baby don’t tease me shove that tongue up momma’s cunt.” Doing as I was told I stabbed my rigid tongue into her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and ground her pussy into my face.

I licked and bit at her engorged clit. It stood out from her cunt now like a thumb, begging for attention. I was going to give it all I could.

I reached up and drove two fingers into her swollen hole and she bucked off the couch against them.

I worked a third finger into her cunt and buried them knuckle deep into her sweet hole. Keeping a steady sucking motion on her clit she dropped over the edge in a multiple orgasm screaming “Oh god…yes …yes…Work my pussy baby. Eat momma’s hot cunt.”

After 2-3 minutes of nonstop cumming she opened her eyes and told me to “Put that hot cock in momma.”

I knelt between her outstretched legs and placed the head of my cock in her entrance. Moving forward with a single hard push I dropped my cock into her hot pussy.

She shuddered her approval and grabbed the top of the couch over her head as I fucked my mother for all I could.

She came again as I could feel her cunt walls contract around my cock. I said “Oh mom you have the best pussy ever. I could fuck you all night long.” She said “Just save some for the rest of the week.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot stream after stream of cum deep into her cunt.

She came again as I could feel her cunt walls milk my cock. We fell together after a few moments and embraced with a deep kiss.

We lay together sweating and recovering our breath. Saying nothing but thinking of the pleasure we had just brought to each other.

I turned to her and said “I hope you are ok with what we have just done?” Hoping that she would not regret the most incredible experience of my life.

She smiled saying “I have never been more ok with anything. I want you to take me in every way.” With that she reached between her legs and dipped two fingers through her slit and brought them up to her lips. She said “I think we taste great together.” She dipped her fingers into her cunt again and said I think this would serve to lube up my ass if you think you’re up for it.

I smiled and grabbed my already swelling cock. She rolled over and pushed her ass into the air. I got behind her and ran kadıköy escort my cock through her wet cunt lips again and placed the head of my now stiff member against her puckered asshole.

She said “I have never done this but I want you to have me every way.” With that she pushed back against my dick and the head popped into her ass.

She gasped at the intrusion but seemed to relax after a bit.

I slowly pushed inch after inch into her warm cavity. Finally I was in up to my balls. I waited here for awhile until she started moaning and I realized she was fingering her cunt.

I pulled back until the head was just in and pushed back. The tightness and feel of her ass walls was incredible. I could feel her fingers as they now were pistoning in and out of her pussy. I started fucking her ass with more fervor and she started screaming “OH…Oh…OH… fuck my ass. Yes fill my butt with your hot cum.” Her big tits swaying and panting she came “YESSSSS…Oh god Yes.” I dropped my seed into her ass with a final deep thrust.

I pulled my cock from her ass and told her to lick my dick clean. She greedily sucked my cock into her mouth and cleaned my member.

She pulled the clean dick from her mouth and stood up. She said “Wait here I think I’ve got something for both of us.”

She left the room while I sat and took a swig of the tequila. When she returned I couldn’t believe my eyes. She held a small butt plug in one hand and a dildo that had to be 10″ long.

She said “I think if you’ll let me I can bring us both to another great orgasm.” She told me to bend over and spread my asscheeks.

She started licking my asshole and driving her tongue into me. She was running the butt plug in and out of her cunt and saying “God I love this. You are going to really like it.” I couldn’t believe that my mom was into things like this but I wasn’t going to question a good thing.

She pulled the butt plug up to my ass and slowly started pressing the tip of the plug in. With a pop the butt plug slid in and my anus grabbed the tapered end holding it tightly in my butt.

She then came around and sat back on the couch. She spread her legs and said “Now lean over here and give me that big cock of yours.” She grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting mouth.

She reached over with the other hand and picked up the dildo. She put it in my hand and I knew just what she wanted.

As I knelt beside her on the couch, with her mouth sucking away at my dick I placed the head of the dildo against her cunt hole.

The dildo was big enough at the head and got bigger as it tapered to at least 9 or 10″ around at the base.

I started slowly pushing about 6″ into her meaty pussy. Mom was sucking my cock and bucking against that dildo with greed in her eyes before long. She was using her other hand to massage her clit. I couldn’t help but be consumed by what was happening. My mother was not only up for having great sex with her son but she was also one kinky lady ready to get off on almost anything.

After a few minutes I felt the growing tightness in my balls. I picked up the pace and depth and started telling her everything I’d fantasized for so long. “Mom you’ve got the best pussy in the whole world. I want to fuck and please every inch of your body. I love your meaty juicy cunt and your big tits. I want to shoot my cum in every hole you’ve got.”

She moaned her agreement and sucked my dick even harder. Her pussy seemed to crave more of this monster dildo and I finally gave her every inch in one final shove as I Exploded with the best orgasm of the evening.

That final thrust must have felt good because mom pulled my still cumming cock from her mouth and let go with a yell “OHHHHHH…yes. yes. yes…”

My cum was shooting onto her face and chest as more dripped from her lips. My ass spasmed around the butt plug intensifying my orgasm.

Mom placed her hand on mine refusing to let the dildo slip from her hot cunt. Her orgasm seemed to take a full 2 minutes to subside.

I removed the plug from my ass and sat down beside her. We kissed for and fondled for what seemed like hours readying ourselves for what was to come next. I’m not sure we knew what would happen but we were ready.

The week that followed was the best and we have tried many times since to recapture it.

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