mr_ed0950 meets Angel Buxom


mr_ed0950 meets Angel Buxomthis is a dream or what id think would be if I were to have an encounter with mr_ed0950 who has the biggest cock and largest balls & ball sack in the world.Being a horny BI sexual cross dresser I was always very horny when I dressed ,my seven inch clit would constantly throb while dressed ,id usually dress very top heavy busty with huge tits that stuck out over eighteen inches in front of my flat boi chest and were so huge that they bulged out from my sides by a good foot ,then id wear a sexy top that stretched over the huge NNN cup bra and hugged it so tight the bra seams were quite visible and the material would stretch so taught it appeared semi see thru and id leave my sexy flat tummy just exposed enough to show of my pierced navel that had a golden cock on it ,and then over my large flaring hips would be a short sexy skirt that barely covered my bulging seven inch clitty that I kept in a pair of sheer gauze thin silk panties also semi see through ,I even loved to hold a mirror in front of my legs so I could see my hard little clitty and stroke it as my tits are so big I cannot see it under them ,id lay there stroking it through my panties watching it grow longer as it stretched across my thigh reaching over to my side it would pulsate with lust ,id dream of huge cocks they made me so wet and horny and I mean huge cocks that were much longer than twelve inches ,then I would wear sheer sexy stockings clipped into a sexy lace garter belt and finally id wear my knee high black eight inch boots ,being a short gurl of only five feet nine inches Angel needed a bit of lift ,she loved how high they had her stand to six foot five inches tall ,hung men seemed to go for tall busty sluts canlı bahis .this evening I was sitting at the club that catered to the bi sexual ,cd/tv/ts and gays hoping a hung sexy good looking man would wander my way ,walking through the door later in the evening a tall slim muscular fit man entered the club and was surveying the place when he noticed my huge 96 inches of tits the light over head was shimmering off my tight shiny black top ,he slowly strolled over to my table ,god he was sexy ,slim flat muscular abbs rippling the way I liked them and bare chested he only wore a leather vest that was open and exposed his chest I noticed his nipples hardening and it wasn’t cold in here ,my eyes then drifted down to his skin tight jeans that seemed to be having a fight with what appeared to be a third leg inside them ,my jaw dropped open and he heard me gasp looking back up into his face he smiled at me and introduced himself as MR Ed,im pleased to meet you Mr Ed I am Angel ,Angel Buxom as I stood and took a hold of his hand that he bent to give a wet kiss as he licked my hand and my arm up till his hand groped my huge breasts of course two can play that my hand was deep inside his tight jeans massaging that huge arm sized cock in his pants ,he said carful little gurl ,it may break out and violate you right here and now ,I eased up my grip as I stood tall looking down into my huge hung mans eyes with lust we hugged tightly his massive member thrusting right through his pants between my legs I could feel my hard little clit erupting Cumming hard as it was being crushed by the upper part of his huge stalk ,his face was buried in my huge massive boobs ,he completely disappeared in my mammoth breasts I could feel his excitement bahis siteleri in his fevered breath .We broke out of the passionate hug before we lost all control and we sat down in the both I was in and started chatting about each other the whole time we were both growing ever hotter for each other he leaned back in the booth and unbuckled his pants and out came his huge sixteen inch cock it towered up high in the air ,you like my big huge cock Angel he asked ,ohhhh I was trembling with lust as I could only nod yes as my little girlish fingers were shaking as I touched the huge shaft ,he said go on Angel its all yours my sexy huge busty slut,i managed to get both hands on it but could not reach even both hands all the way around his gigantic thick cock ,his hand was pushing my skirt down so he could get at my clit inside my tight sheer panties all seven inches was rock hard as he slipped his fingers inside my panties ,that were already soaked with several loads of my girlish cum ,Ohhh you naughty thing Angel you have cum already ,I said I came the moment you looked over at me then when you were holding me tightly your huge cock was crushing into my clit I went into a non stop multiple orgasm for five minutes ,I know he said ,I could feel your little clitty/cock exploding next to mine ,could you feel mine surging each time you came Angel I just stroked his huge sixteen inch cock making it harder than a steel shaft I slid over as close as I could get wedging my gigantic ninety six inch boobs around the massive tall cock so I could kiss and lick the huge g**** fruit sized head ,my mouth was getting so wet and sloppy he nudged my head with a gentle push and had the entire head inside my mouth tears formed at güvenilir bahis the corners of my eyes as it stretched my lips to past there limit he let me get used to the huge thick head and then pushed a good ten inches deep into my throat ,Ohhh oohhh fuck it was huge and I couldn’t breath ,I didn’t care I wanted this super hung stud to be pleased with me ,and then thrust my throat all the way down till my face was buried in the biggest ball sack I ever encountered ,I have been with other men with huge cocks and big balls ,but Ed blew them all out of the water ,I could feel the hulking cock throbbing deep in my throat as it pulsated with wanton lust as he told me later no one has ever sucked him this deep ever before I began to work my strong throat muscles on his huge arm thick shaft almost like a huge milking machine I could feel his massive balls responding as they began to swell huge and kept on swelling now they seemed gigantic full ,full of cum for Angel I worked my throat pulling up and down in full sixteen inch thrusts up and down faster and faster he skull fucked me hard till he began to wail and roar out loud his huge balls as big as a honey dew melon maybe even bigger began to contract and slam into my face as he held my head burying his cock deep inside me the huge torrent a tidal wave of cum roared up his shaft spewing deep inside me it felt like several gallons of his hot seed erupting into me the cum exploded out from the tight seal around my lips while he pumped me full of cum he had his long index finger deep in my ass pumping me first just one finger then two and three till he was pumping his entire fist deep into my ass my sphincter was going wild on his arm clenching and squeezing him ,we wisped into my ear as he was licking them too ,”you will be a very tight fuck Angel” this is the first part of many I will write for my best man in the whole world ,the biggest hung cock in the world mr_ed0950

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