Mrs. Edwards: Helping Out Mum


Authors Note: This is a request for an incest story between a loving but frustrated son and his unknowing mother.

For Danny, I hope this is how you envisaged the story and your dreams playing out.


Everyone who knew her or came across her in any way said that Mrs Edwards was a very elegant and classy lady. Though she wasn’t blessed with a great deal of money she always dressed stylishly and to perfection, even when just popping down to the shops in a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt. Her hair was always perfect, never a strand out of place. She never wore a lot of makeup, just a hint of eyeshadow to emphasise her eyes, and the merest touch of pale pink lipstick, to brighten her sensuous lips.

So everyone was mortified when she became a widow at the age to early age of forty, with a twelve-year-old son to look after.

The trouble was although she was only twenty-eight when she had given birth to her son Danny, she was at least five years older than the mothers of his peers and had no real connection with them. It wasn’t age, it was generational. She was at the end of one generation with different tastes in music, fashion, politics, morals, everything in fact to the other mothers, who were at the start of a new generation and ways of thinking. She had no close friends, just a few passing acquaintances, but no proper friends to talk of.

So Mrs Edwards was alone, but not lonely, she had her music and books to occupy any free time she had after working, looking after her son and various charities and ‘good causes’ she was involved in.

After a few years as the pain of the loss of her husband eased she tried dating again, but nothing serious and she just couldn’t seem to connect with the men she dated. All they seemed to want was sex, and she wasn’t into casual sex, she needed an emotional connection first. So she decided that she would live her life as a single woman, her days of sex and loving over.

All in all a very classy, refined and elegant lady, so that made what happened later all the more shocking and unexpected and would have amazed anyone who knew her.

Aged twenty-two, I had reluctantly moved back in with my beautiful mother after my relationship with my girlfriend Ellie came to an abrupt and bitter end, both of us knowing we couldn’t live with each other any longer. The final spilt was hard and vicious.

I was both devastated yet happy at the same time; devastated here I was a twenty-two year old, being forced to move back in with mum, happy; because I love her and what she has done for me. Also in my view, she is incredibly beautiful and sexy in an elegant and understated way.

I was making my way to my bedroom after having a shower when I thought I heard sobbing coming from my mothers’ bedroom. The door was closed, but I knocked softly and walked in. The sight that met my eyes nearly blew my mind.

Mum was naked, laying on her back, long, slim, shapely, toned, legs pulled back and spread wide, one hand fingers pushed inside her while the thumb frantically played with her clit, the other hand was occupied massaging her still firm boobs. Standing there silently, I could see her pinching her nipples. She was engrossed in a porn film showing on the TV. Not only that, it was a hot girl on girl scene that was showing. Mum wasn’t sobbing, she was moaning in sexual excitement.

I should have quietly left but was mesmerised by the sight of my mother’s naked body and what she was doing. I stayed where I was, captivated by the sight of mum frantically rubbing her clit, moaning in pleasure.

Then mum uttered the words that would irrevocably change things between us.

“Danny, if you’re not going to leave, make yourself useful. Come here and lick me out.” I was that shocked I wasn’t sure I had heard her correctly.

“What?” I stammered hoarsely.

“You do know what oral sex is don’t you, please lick my pussy.”

I still stood there unsure what to do. Wanting to obey with every fibre in my body.

“It’s a lot to ask I know, but I’ll do anything you want after if you will. Will you please, please lick my pussy,” begging and pleading with me.

I stood there a look of shock obviously coming over my face as mum continued, “Danny I’m begging you, it’s been so long since I’ve had a mouth on my pussy, and I love it so much. I just love oral sex. Please Danny just this once, please.”

I stood there drinking in the sight of my beautiful and elegant mother, playing with her pussy as I processed what she had asked of me.

She’d just asked me to perform a sex act on her. An incestuous sex act. Would I lick her pussy?

Oh yes I would, without any hesitation, because for more years than I can remember I have secretly admired and lusted after my mother. I had just been given an invitation to one of my greatest desires.

I quickly moved to the bed and got on it, laying with halkalı ucuz escort my head between my mothers’ wide open legs, staring at her pussy which was glistening and already leaking her precious fluid as she continued to rub it frantically with her fingers, pushing one knuckle deep. As I continued to stare I savoured the musky aroma of sexually excited woman that was emanating from her. I could see her lubricating juices leaking from her, they looked thick and slimy, and I couldn’t wait to taste them.

“Please Danny, I’m almost there.”

I lowered my head and pushing her hands away, placed my mouth on her pussy, then made one long, slow, lick, all the way from the bottom right up to her clit, flicking it gently. Mum let out a soft moan of pleasure, “Oh, I’ve missed that so much,” she whispered to half to herself. Knowing I was doing as she wanted and liked I continued my licking, tongue probing deeply into her.

She was hot and wet, a slimy mucus coating her pussy and leaking out of her. Mum continued to moan and groan and then started to give me instructions of what to do, getting me to lick her harder, or to slow down, or to push my tongue deeper. I complied with her every demand, happy to please her.

If she wanted a sex toy, I was happy to be that toy.

Then I took over of my own accord as I sensed mum was approaching her release. Her moaning increased in intensity and her body started to shake, I increased the rate of my tongue on her as I drove her wild. Then I stopped, mum groaned in frustration, pulling my head towards her but I resisted.

“If you want your pussy licking, well I’m going to do that, but for a long time, you’re going to wait before you can cum.” Mum moaned in frustration.

I let mum calm down for a while, stroking and caressing her body, staring longingly at something I’d wanted to see and touch for so long. When I felt she was ready for more, I began my oral assault on her once more, again driving her wild with lust, but yet again I held back from allowing her the release of orgasm.

For a third time, I started to lick her. Mum was both loving and hating the interruptions, she was loving what I was doing to her, her body responding instinctively, and she must have loved and missed oral sex, because she responded so quickly, hating the fact that every time she was ready she was denied release.

Mum was arching her hips up to meet my mouth and tongue, legs drawn up and back, slender and silky firm thighs next to my head and over my shoulders, heels drumming a tattoo of delight on my back as she rose higher and gave herself over to the pleasure she was enjoying, rising remorselessly to an orgasm. An orgasm I was happy to help her too.

My cock was throbbing and hard, but as yet couldn’t get any relief, my balls were aching and screaming for release. I was moaning as much as mum as I kept my face pressed against her pussy, tongue lashing furiously, as mum instructed me again.

Then it hit me! A sudden spurt of thick, sticky, cum squirted out of mum and splashed over my face and chin, some finding it’s way into my mouth, which I swirled around savouring the taste and texture before swallowing. Mum was a squirter, and she continued to fire shots of cum at me as she orgasmed. An ear-piercing shriek, that got higher in pitch escaped from mum’s mouth until it turned into a silent scream as her climax continued to course through her.

Her body was bucking as her legs clamped tight around my head, pinning me in place so that I was getting every squirt right on my chin and in my mouth.

As I looked up I could see the nipples on her boobs were rock hard, small and tight, and her eyes, although open were unfocused as her head framed by her ash-blond hair, thrashed from side to side.

Mum’s legs gradually released their deathlike grip on me and I was able to free myself. I stood up and dropped my boxers so that now I was totally naked. Mum was still experiencing the aftershocks of her orgasm. Not wanting to let her recover, I reached a hand out and down to her, helping her to her feet.

She looked quizzically at me as I kissed her deeply, tongue exploring her mouth as she returned my kiss. I turned her around so she was facing away from me, bent her over so that she was taking her weight on her dressing table and stood behind her, rock hard and impatient cock pressing into the crease of her bum.

Mum instinctively spread her legs, giving me easier access to her pussy as I positioned my cock so it was just pressing into her hot and wet opening. I pulled her head up so she was looking into the dressing table mirror. I wanted to see the look on her face as I entered her fully.

I stood with my cock just inside her, as our eyes met in the mirror and I pushed fully into her in one quick and fast motion, not hard and rough, but certainly quick. I stopped then, relishing halkalı üniversiteli escort the feel of her pussy on my cock, aware that it had expended and then closed around me as I entered her.

As I looked at her, I didn’t see the look of horror I half expected to see as she had just been penetrated by her son, but a look of primal lust and desire, the look of a woman who needed sex, who hadn’t had any meaningful sex in years, but with an undercurrent of love as well. She stood there, not moving her body, but her pussy gave away her lust, rippling up and down my cock as she stared back at me in the mirror. Pussy clenching and releasing.

Then the slightest nod of her head as I pulled back and then thrust hard and fast into her, fucking her as quickly as I could. This time there was no love, that would come at another time, if there was another time, this was lust and sex in its most basic form. We were fucking and I was getting something I had secretly desired for such a long time. Mum was getting something she needed.

I was ploughing into her, as fast as I could, if she hadn’t been so wet and lubricated I’m sure it would have hurt both of us. Mum wasn’t pushing back on me she was doing something far more erotic, she was gyrating her hips on me.

I was hammering her that hard her tits were bouncing around, flying in every direction. All the time mum was letting out little squeaks and grunts, then she changed to shouting out instructions to me, imploring me to “Go harder: and harder; faster; faster; don’t stop; don’t stop; please don’t stop.”

For my part, I was panting and grunting like a rutting animal, and I suppose that’s what I was. But I was getting my hearts desire, I was having, hot, hard, consensual sex with my mother. There was only one thing I needed now, and that was going to happen soon, but not before mum came again. Again squirting as she did.

As mum came again her pussy clenched tighter on my cock than anything I have ever felt, then it rippled up and down it all along the shaft. I couldn’t resist what happened I as so close. My balls seemed to contract and I felt the cum surge from them, along my shaft and fire in a hot, wet, cascade of molten hot, thick liquid deep into mum’s pussy. I was that sensitive I could feel it flow around my cock as it filled her hole. Mum let out another scream as she also felt it fill her.

She didn’t move for an instance then with a look of shock on her face pulled off me as quickly as she could. She collapsed forward onto the dressing table her body covered in cooling sweat, her normally immaculate hair, tangled and mussed up. Panting in relief.

“What the heck have we just done?” was her question as she turned her head to face me, a blank look on her face. I was too shocked and delighted to answer her. I had just had hot hard sex with my beautiful mum. I’d have preferred to have made love to her but hard sex was just as good.

“What you’ve needed and what I’ve wanted,” I honestly replied.

“We shouldn’t have, you took advantage of me.”

“No mum, I did what you begged me to do, of I’ll admit I’ve wanted to for ages, but you begged me.”

As this exchange was going on mum had slightly recovered her composure and was now standing up straight, I made no attempt to turn my eyes away from her letting her see I was admiring her naked body.

“Well, what do we do now?” She asked.

“Well, the genies out of the bottle, we could do some more,” I whispered to her looking deeply into her troubled eyes, at the same time reaching out a hand to hers, pulled her unresistingly towards me and then to the bed.

I kissed her for the first time as we fell on the bed, arms entwined, mum was reluctant to return my kiss at first, then broke away as my hand squeezed her right boob, “Just tonight.” I nodded my head.

This time the sex between us was slow and loving, all urgency gone, we could relax and enjoy things. I took my time caressing and kissing all over mums body. Her neck and shoulders, slowly making my way downwards until I sucked one of her enlarged and sensitive nipples into my mouth, suckling on it as I had done years before. My hands were wandering everywhere, just enjoying the feel of her skin and body and the way it was reacting to my touch.

Mum wasn’t holding back during this, her hands were everywhere rubbing my chest, scraping down my back cupping my cock and caressing my balls. She knew what she was doing and was a very skilful and sensitive lady as she took over control of what we were doing. Raining a torrent of hot kisses all over my face as she pulled my head back to her face.

Mum flipped me over so I was on my back, smiling as she then began to kiss her way down my body, going inextricably lower with every second, not stopping until her head was opposite my groin, her face fractions of an inch from my throbbing haramidere escort cock. I hope I knew what she was going to do, but in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine it would happen, but it did. Her hot wet mouth slipped over the end on my cock lips sliding along the shaft until I was at the entrance to her throat. Mum moaned and purred in delight sending vibrations rippling along my cock. The sensations it caused and the idea of who was causing them almost tipped me over the edge. Mum sensed the effect she had had on me and eased off. Lifting her mouth from my cock, she looked up at me and smiled, then bent her head and blew a stream of warm breath over my cock and balls.

This time it was mums turn to show how talented she was at oral sex as she tormented me by denying me release just as I had done to her, every time she stopped there was a glint of torment in her eyes, that and pride, by now I was begging her to make me cum, but she just shook her head in refusal. Smiling enigmatically.

Mum kissed her way up my body again, this time quicker and with more force, rubbing her full and mature body with those generous boobs grazing me I could sense the urgency welling up in her once more. When she was lying fully on top of me, her weight bearing down, she pressed downwards with her hips and gave a little wiggle, rubbing my cock between us.

Without warning she sat upright raised her hips, reached down took my cock in her hand, positioned it once more at the entrance to her gloriously hot and wet hole and with a deep sigh of contentment sank down on it, enveloping me to the hilt in the soft folds of her womanhood. This time it was my eyes that opened wide in delight at the intimate moment of our coupling, mother and son.

Once again mum surprised me with her sexual prowess, alternating between sliding up and down on my cock and gyrating her hips, grinding hard on me. All the time she bent lower to allow me to feast and suck on her nipples.

Every time I licked a nipple it sent a shudder through my mother, culminating in a squeeze of her pussy on my cock and a sigh from mum. Needless to say, I did a lot of sucking and licking.

I let mum set the pace and rhythm of our lovemaking, and this time it was that the desperation and urgency of earlier had dissipated as we took our time, each intent on trying to please the other, both aware and lost in the intimacy of what was occurring between us. Both adults knowing the taboo we were breaking, the intimacy between us so much more intense because of it.

We were rocking back and forth on each other, my cock burying itself as deep as it could go with every increasingly desperate and lust-filled thrust as I rapidly approached my climax.

Mum was in exactly the same state as me, her face blank of emotion, as she hammered down on my cock, loving now forgotten once more, as the urgent need for release took over in her once more.

“Hold on, I’m there,” mum gasped as her body shook, her pussy clamped tight on me and she squirted on me again. Her mouth opened in a silent cry as her orgasm wracked her body, making it shake and shudder as she held herself off me.

I was nearing the end as well, thrusting becoming more and more impatient and urgent, just as her own orgasm ended mum pulled off me and so quickly I didn’t have time to realise I was no longer in her pussy, dropped down sucked my cock into her mouth, rolled her tongue around my sensitive glans and finished me off in her mouth. I fired copious amounts of hot cum into her welcoming mouth, I didn’t realise I could cum so much and for so long. Cum just kept pouring out of me, and mum kept on drinking it down until eventually she pulled off and let the last drops dribble down her chin. It looked so hot and so slutty at the same time.

She was red faced, hair a mess, panting and cum dripping down her chin, in total contrast to her normal immaculate persona.

I was astounded mum had just done the thing that I think is so loving in a woman, and takes so much love and commitment, she had willingly let me cum in her mouth, and from the look on her face as she licked the spilt cum off her chin she had loved it as much as I did.

I pulled mum close to me and we kissed, happy in each others embrace and the loving intimacy that we had just shared.

Somebody had to break the moment and it was me.

“Mum, what has just happened was unbelievable and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I know this must only be a once-off thing. You had a need, and I was happy to help you, but I know it can never happen again.”

Mum looked at me waiting for me to continue, nodding her head, “but if you ever feel the need for a mouth on your pussy again, please just ask me, I’d be happy to help you out, and you wouldn’t have to do anything else.”

Mum gave me that beautiful smile of hers that wins every heart that sees it, “I’ll think about it, thank you. I’m not going to say, or even think about what we have just done, I don’t want to think about it, but I may very occasionally ask for your help again, as you so gallantly offered it. Danny, I never ask for something I can’t pay for, and I think I know what you should get in return,” licking her lips she smiled, then continued, “now, I need a shower.”

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